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A good day turns into a bad day and a fight.

A warm feeling came over me. Ann seemed so secure in who we were together. My statement could have been taken any one of a hundred ways. Yet she apparently didn't see anything negative in least, not enough that she was worried. And when I thought of how I might have reacted had she said that to me...well, I doubt I would have been sitting there so calm, with a loving smile on my face like she had. And that warm feeling of love reached across the table and embraced me as I sat there. I smiled back at Ann, and moved my foot forward, grazing her pussy again.

Ann's eyes opened wide again as I pressed my toe against her labia, spreading her lips apart a second time. "I...I thought you wanted to talk!" she stammered.

"We still have about 1,700 miles left to talk, Anna," I said with a wink. "Right now, we're starting over, just like you asked. Take off your shirt."

"Take it off? I thought you just wanted me to lift it up?"

"I did before...but you lost that privilege when you didn't do it the first time. So...take it off. I'm going to make you cum right here, and I want to see you naked while I do least from the waist up."

Ann moaned as she crossed her arms in front of her and grabbed the bottom of her little cropped off shirt. She started to glance over her shoulder, and I shook my head. "Don't worry about them, Anna...or anyone else, for that matter. The windows are covered, so I'm the only one that's going to see you. Just take it off." Ann quickly slipped it over her head and placed it on the table next to her food. I nodded toward her dessert, and said, "Grab the Frosty and start eating it."

I picked up the camera, and took several pictures of her eating the cold treat, including one of her reacting to both my toe jamming into her pussy, and the brain freeze she got from the big spoonful she had in her mouth. Her body shivered a little, and the heel of her hand went to her right eye, pressing against it as she felt the sharp pain behind it.

"I hate that feeling," Ann said as she shook her head.

"What about this one?" I said as moved my toe to her clit, and started moving it back and forth rapidly.

"OH!" she yelped, her voice traveling across the room. I looked over her shoulder and saw the elder gentleman look past what was presumably his wife, glancing towards us. But he went back to his meal as I lifted the camera again and took another picture of Ann.

"Rub the cup against your nipples," I said to Ann as I kept playing with her clit with my foot.

"Holy shit...that's cold!" she exclaimed as she did what I asked her to do...this time, on the first request. But just a couple of photos later, Ann had to put the dessert down rapidly. Grabbing the edges of the table like she had before, her body went rigid. I wiggled my foot, trying to rub her clit harder, but I was already doing just enough.

"Neil...I'm cumming!" Ann whispered faintly, her voice a high pitched squeak as I felt my foot being coated with her warm, wet fluid. She spread her legs wider, and I was able to go a little deeper. Ann sucked in her breath and held it, letting the pleasure of what I was doing flow through her. Finally, she exhaled with a low "Unnnnnhhh!", and she slumped down in her chair.

The other couple got up right after Ann's orgasm, never bothering to see what was going on behind them. He took the tray of food and dumped it, and returned to help his wife by pulling her chair out a little. They walked hand in hand out the door, and I couldn't help but smile at the image. Of course, the one in front of me was a pretty nice sight too.

I pulled out my foot, sticking it back into my sandal still very wet.

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