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Emily at the Batting Gage.

"I'd prefer not to say yet, Susan. It's not a bad thing, it's actually pretty good. But I know if I tell you right now, I'll get it wrong, and it might come off bad." She thought for a bit. "I should probably take you through it in stages, and I can't think of how to even start. If you insist, Susan, I know I'll tell you everything as best as I can. I don't think any of us are even capable of lying to you. I've never tried, and I'm pretty sure the others haven't, either. Just... you're having a strange-enough day as it is. Adding to that would not be 'being here to help.'"

"Hmm..." I hmmed. "Sue's idea is 'run and hide,' and you have something you don't feel ready to tell me. Maybe the Clockwork Orange motif wasn't random this time. Seems there's been some very LARGE talk behind my sleeping back." I looked over at Suzy-Q again, saw the hurt look on her/my face, and changed my tone. "Ok, Suzy-Q. You've never asked anything like this before, but I know you'd never do anything to hurt us. It's something important to you, and because you are part of me, logic would only follow that it's also important to me. So, I'm going to do the thing that everyone says not to and blindly trust a voice in my head, here. Please don't make me regret it, Suzy-Q."

"I won't, Susan." She said, smiling back at me with my own smile. "I love you. I wouldn't waste this on something that didn't matter. And as soon as I can figure out how to express it, I will. Just, you know, not right now with everything going on."

"Ok, dear. You're right about it being a strange day, though. Even in here. I think this fucker's got you two even more 'not yourselves' than Julie right now. Hell, let's complete the trilogy." I turned to Suzy-Ho. "What're you thinking right now, Hon?" I asked her.

Suzy-Ho looked up from the activity of trying to figure out how to get her fingers under the codpiece that the Groovy Young Malchick outfits we were wearing all sported and looked up at me.

"Hmm?" She hmmed, distracted now from her task. "Oh, this is about that Whyte guy, right? Yeah, let's kick his fucking wrinkly old ass."

I stood up and almost hurled my drink on the floor in frustration, but dammit, my old waitressing instincts forbade me from harming cups, glasses, or plates; or through my action or inaction, allowing them to come to harm. So, I set it down on the table, instead.

"Ok, weirdness in here..." I calmed down and thought for a second. "Beyond agreed-upon parameters, let's say; can't be happening while it's going on out there. I can't go from all that, to a place where Sue wants to run away, Suzy-Q has a secret, and Suzy-Ho is the one who wants to go kick some ass. Those two set me up for some kind of twist, but I thought yours would be something like 'Let's fuck Velasquez' instead of Helen. Would you care to expand on that, Suzy-Ho?"

"Sure. And since you brought it up, you saw Velasquez's bikini! We've never had Latina before, and she is completely fucking edible!" She said, standing up as I sat back down. She managed to get the suspenders off and caressed her/my breast with her right hand while her left still tried to figure out the codpiece.

"Troy and Julie Equals are not just our family, Susan; not just our friends. They are the suppliers of our orgasms! You know I'm a connoisseur of orgasms, and I've always enjoyed your solo work, Susan, but I've grown particularly fond of Equals Brand Orgasms. This bastard has made Julie sad twice now, and I like it better when Julie's happy, because sex is more likely to happen then. As for Helen? My opinion is well established. Yes, I want her. And Velasquez, and maybe a couple more of the other Ultimados, too. So, this asshole threatens four or more people whom I either fuck or want to fuck, so yeah, I have a problem with this prick, and I say we deal with him so we can get back to that 'mutiple and multiple times a day' schedule I enjoy so much!"

I walked over to Suzy-Ho and kissed her.

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