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Laura's friend Karen has a weird day.

For the life of her, she could not decipher it. She turned to Luc to ask him if he could make sense of the writing, but a gruff whine came out of her wolf mouth again. Damn! I keep forgetting that I'm not human anymore. She grimaced inwardly and hoped that she could adjust fast to this shit.

Noticing that Luc seemed to be engrossed on the writing on the wall, she sat her hairy butt beside him. After she deemed that he had enough time to puzzle through the graffiti, she nudged the leg nearest to her with her snout.

"Any clue as to what all this writing is about?" she finally remembered to mind talk.

"Hmmm? Oh!" Luc was startled out of deep thought. It seemed that the perv responsible for this desecration of his Regina's home and for the murders were one and the same. It was another crumb of clue to the mystifying murders. The writing on Alex's walls claimed responsibility for all the murders and the destruction wrought in her home.

Although written in an obscure ancient text familiar only to scholarly shifters, Luc had no trouble deciphering it. It was to their benefit that he was highly interested and had extensively studied everything arcane and ancient that he could get his hands on.

"It is written in one of our ancient writings. I have translated it as closely as possible to the literal meaning..."

"And?" interrupted Alex, hearing the hesitance in the beta's voice.

"It doesn't make sense to me. It's like the rambling of a crazy person."

"Well, duh! Who else in their right mind would come and trash my house but someone crazy?" Alex pointed out. She huffed out a breath and tried not to be overcome by fury again. She had no idea what might happen next if she did. She could become one of those monstrous looking werewolves depicted on t.v. and might start eating any human in sight! Eeew gross! She shook off that nasty thought.

Apparently she was not thinking quietly enough, since Luc shot a look of disbelief her way. The amused twinkle in his eyes belied his cool tone when he spoke. "Ah, we don't normally go around eating humans. But yes, you can shift into your hybrid form. Mostly we reserve it for battle. And for your information, I haven't eaten any humans... yet." He winked.

Alex was about to deliver a witty comeback when she heard the screech of tires outside her house. The sudden opening and closing of car doors made her jump up and walk in front the closed front door.

She sensed Rance before she even heard his deep, rumbling voice. The fast clatter of footsteps heralded the men as they burst inside. Rance was at the very front, followed closely behind by a dangerous looking man and Troy. When Rance saw her, he stopped in his tracks. Alex tried to glower at him, but did not think she quite pulled it off in her wolf form.

Casting a wary eye on his mate, Rance evaluated how Alex was feeling. He could not clearly tell how she was feeling in their bond. She was getting better at masking her emotions from him. He felt rather proud of how fast she was mastering her new abilities. Although a little ambivalent as to how she would receive him, he still approached her - slowly. Goddess she's beautiful! Rance thought. She was a stunning wolf. He had never seen coloring like hers, ever. The fading light outside made her fur shimmer luminously and cast mystery to her grey eyes. She stood majestically before him, unafraid and emitting an aura of dignified aggravation. He wanted to howl proudly at how regal she appeared. He eagerly looked forward to running with her in the woods -- he couldn't wait to show her his world.

Rance felt humbled by Luna's gift. Alex was everything he could ever need and want from a mate. How he needed to hold him in his arms, to show her how much of a blessing she truly was to him. Right. Crazed stalker, mayhem, and destruction first, nuzzling her all over and taking his mate in their wolf forms later.

"Hello Alex," he smiled down uncertainly at her.

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