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A Friday night in on the sofa takes a far naughtier turn.

But was it really pity?

Was pity the true reason I was willing to engage into sexual intercourse with her? I was...Starting to wonder now.

Rosa's breasts smacked against my hands with her slow, controlled movements, with each of her bounces.

I think she was nervous, and was trying to adjust to riding on a man for the first time.

"Ooh..." Her tone was soft.

Her smile was expanding upon her face, moans flowing forth from her lips while she bounced herself up and down on me, taking me deeper into her sex.

It was so odd.

Rosa was so innocent. She was different from most girls I'd dated.

She wasn't cussing, nor was she being physical, she really did make it clear that this was her first time doing any of this before.

Her manners made it clear she truly was from a different time.

She was indeed more of lady than most modern women.

"Oh..." She murmured softly again; pushing her hips back onto me.

I squeezed her breasts in my hands, and Rosa let out a loud, piercing yell that was nothing short of pure pleasure.

"My breasts." Her words trailed off.

"I never knew having them touched...Could divine."

I just smiled at her words and her reaction to having sex.

She seemed to enjoy me playing with her boobs, so I rubbed harder on them, playing with both nipple and flesh.

Her sounds of pleasure only furthered by this, even if she was still staying remarkably quiet as far as the tone and volume of her heavenly moans were concerned.

"Your penis is so hard, my darling."

She pushed herself further into me.

She bounced back up into the air, then coming back down, only to bounce back up again.

"Oh, my love..." She fought a gasp.

I pushed against her nipples; my thumbs gently pushing them around in circles, enhancing Rosa's sexual experience, and bring forth yet more soft moans.

I let go of them, and took her hands into my own.

After moments passed, Rosa had finally seemed to let go of her nervousness, and she was no longer restricting herself to slow and mellow love-making, but was actually starting to become rougher; freeing herself, and allowing herself enjoyment.

"Oh, yes!" She said, her moans louder, no longer soft murmurs.

Smack, smack, smack.

Rosa bounced up and down harder on me; her boobs bouncing quicker, flapping with her movements.

I found my breathing intensifying, and I increased my grip on her hands; focusing my eyes on her face which was filled with immense pleasure.

Grinding herself over my cock, Rosa purred.

"Ooooh! Oh, oh, oooh!"

She leaned down and let her hips do the work while she engaged into a heated kiss with me, ardently kissing my lips with her medium, lacerated, blue lips.

I returned her kiss; gently stroking her palms with my fingers while we did so.

She pulled her lips away, then went back to bouncing on me.

She bounced up, then came back down, but much harder then before, taking me by surprise, and actually moving my body back and forth with the amount of energy she was using.


I fought through heaving breaths, almost, but not quite, moaning her name.

"M--my darling, d-d-darling husband! Ah!"

I released one of her hands, and let it wander towards her clit, rubbing on it with my thumb.

This drove her mad with pleasure.

Rosa grew more aggressive; her breasts flapping quick back and forth off her chest with each quick bounce she made on my cock.

'Bap, bap, bap'; the sound of wet flesh hitting wet flesh filled my ears.

She was screaming, screaming a lot louder than I expected her attractive, soft, gentle voice could muster, and she was screaming my name, saying it over, and over and over again while she pounded down on me with every bit of fury.

"Oh, OOOOH!" She grew louder.

"I--I feel it." She cried. "I'm coming."

Just as she announced that, as I fought for air, I felt myself releasing inside her yet again.

Spurt after spurt, I filled my beautiful corpse bride up with hot semen, feeling sweet relief.

She lost herself to pleasure, and just pounded away on my organ; screaming and yelling without pause.


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