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Liz and Harry bond with their colleague.

While he still was not about to win a contest for muscularity, looking at him she saw that he must have been extremely well built when he was younger, and despite his scant silvery hair he was not an unattractive older man.

"Jennari, I know you must feel like I am prying to come up here and check on your work, but I didn't want you wasting your time again like you did the last time you tried to get a spectrum for your work. I truly only have your interests at heart."

It was nice of him to come up and make sure I was not wasting my time, she thought. For a grad student telescope time was a precious commodity and to waste a clear night like tonight would have been a tragedy she could not afford again. She felt herself warming toward the older man as the calvados warmed her inside. Momentarily she wondered what the professor would be like in bed. Being an older man he would probably be a considerate lover she judged. As quickly as they had come to her, she tried to banish the thoughts of sex with her professor.

"Well, thank you for coming to help me professor. I really do appreciate it. And thank you for the calvados. You're right, it does keep one warm on a cold morning."

"You're welcome."

"So what do you usually do while you are waiting for an exposure to finish?" she asked.

"Most times I bring something to read. I am sure you have something to read for your classes."

Silently Jennari cursed herself for leaving the journal article that she had been reading on her desk in the teaching assistants office. I must look like an idiot to him, she thought, what can I do to distract him?

"Maybe we could go down to your office where it is warmer and wait for the exposure to finish, I am sure we can find something to do there," she said licking her lips coquettishly.

"Sure," he said uncertainly, and then quickly getting up from his chair he walked toward the observatory door.

I cannot believe what I just said, thought Jennari. What am I trying to do? If I fuck him, maybe he won't have problems with my spectrums anymore? She laughed to herself. Taking the last of the calvados in her glass down in one swig, she got out of her chair. After checking the telescope and making a small adjustment, she followed the professor out of the observatory and down the stairs on the hillside to the door of the faculty offices.

Taking a key ring out of his pocket, the professor opened the glass door to the building and then held it for Jennari. Leading her down the hall to the door to his office he opened it and held it for her. She entered his office and sat down on his cluttered desk.

Like most faculty offices Professor Laigle's was a study in chaos. Every surface of his desk, computer table and bookshelves was filled with papers, Xeroxed articles, journals and books, placed in random order. Although he could find anything he needed in seconds to a neutral observer the place appeared to be a shambles. Sitting down on the desk, facing his chair, Jennari pulled the two heavy woolen sweaters she was wearing off over her head, leaving only a white T-shirt covering her small breasts. She had not put on a bra when she had left her apartment, not expecting to run into anybody at the telescope.

Professor Laigle stood in the doorway watching Jennari as if he did not want to enter his own office, afraid of what might happen.

"Why don't you sit down here professor, and let me take care of you," she said looking back at him in the doorway and smiling, her hazel eyes sparkling in the fluorescent light.

Tentatively he entered his office and absent mindedly, without taking of heavy his ski jacket, he sat down in his chair, which after he sat down Jennari's legs were straddling.

"That's better.

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