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The final gift; freely given.

Why do men do that?" She was looking right at me.

I answered, flippantly, "Just the dumb ones, Auntie. The smart ones get permission first."

That caused Grandpa to blow beer out his nose. Tending to him kept Maria from following up, but oh, the looks she was giving me.

Dinner was an assortment of hearty soups, with big pieces of french bread to sop everything up. I had a serving of each type, trying to keep my mouth full and avoid the looming discussion.

Maria finally cornered me during dessert. "What did you mean about getting permission? Do you and Patti...?"

Mom was watching from across the living room, a bemused smile on her face. I got myself into this, and no way was she going to rescue me from it.

I nodded. "She and I have a similar philosophy on love, Auntie. We both believe that the heart has an infinite capacity for love, and we accept that we are not the only ones capable of bringing each other happiness, so we don't get jealous about it, so long as we're being honest with each other."

"Have you...?" she half-whispered.

I chuckle and whispered back, "Done it? Yes, usually we've added another person or two to our bed and made love to them together, but we've also made love to other people on our own. Do you want all the salacious details?"

"No, no, that wouldn't be appropriate, would it?" Her face was flushed, and from her eyes I could tell she really wanted to hear more, but thought she shouldn't. Her nipples were poking through her well-filled blouse, so she'd obviously heard enough to get turned on.

"Does your Mom know about this?" Maria asked.

I nodded, saying, "She's aware of it. We've actually had some pretty good conversations about the emotional aspects of it, that I think she'll apply in her own life going forward, as she dates more."

Maria sighed, before saying, "Gawd, if some guy came to me saying he had his wife's permission, I'd never believe him."

"Ask to talk to her, then. Any guy who actually has permission won't be bothered by you checking on it, because he already knows her reaction to the question and her answer. And who knows? You might get a threesome out of it."

Maria's cheeks went deep red, and a shiver went through her, and she hugged herself to me, and I felt her abdomen ripple against mine, while her breasts pressed into me. Holy shit. Did I just make her orgasm, just from talking about my sex life? Or was it talking about hers? Either way, she was quietly cumming in my arms.

We had the attention of the whole family by that point. Maria jerked away from me, whispered, "I'm sorry," and dashed to the bathroom. Mom followed her, throwing me a questioning look. I could only shrug.

About 15 minutes later, they came back, and Grandma and Grandpa just ignored the whole thing.

We did our gift exchange. The only notable gift was a tool set I got from Grandpa, an exact match to one he'd gotten Dad five years ago, that was sitting in the garage, and could be considered mine now. I had just used it a couple days before, in fact, to repair a picture frame. Well, we had a second garage now, so the tools would have a home. But I couldn't figure out if the duplication was intentional, or accidental, and didn't really feel a need to ask.

We said our goodbyes, and headed home, me driving.

On the way, Mom said, "I almost told her."

I asked, "Aunt Maria? About you and me?"

"Yeah. You rattled her tonight, and she was feeling really guilty about getting turned on by her nephew. She tried to play it off as she was visualizing some women she knew and their husbands, but if imagining you and Patti in a threesome with her weren't in the mix, too, I'd be amazed. I was really tempted to admit to her how much you turn me on, so she shouldn't be surprised at having the same reactions to you, and that it was okay."

"Would you actually tell her?" I asked.

"Maybe," she answered.

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