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Brexit provides opportunity to TV presenter and entrepreneur.

This sight sent shivers down her spine, and although the water was alluring and almost magical, she decided to leave. As she got out of the bath, her bikini shorts hugged her bottom, going right into the crack of her ass. Her nipples were visible through a wet stretchy fabric of the bikini top. Water run down her clean smooth skin, from face to shoulders and back, through the curves of her bottom down to her silky legs.

At that moment, two elder men in long white robes came out from small doors on the side of the bridge. Without a word, one of the men handed her a bowl of drink. His small colourless eyes sat deeply on his worn wrinkled face. She felt their silent dominance; it terrified her. She could not disobey. She took the bowl and drank what seemed to be sweet syrupy water. A warm, pleasant tingling sensation went through her body, in an instant washing away her fright, nervousness and shyness.

The other man came nearer to her and she felt his old but firm hands removing her top, exposing plump velvety breasts. Her large defined nipples and dark circles around them were pointing directly at him, shamelessly and proudly. The loud sigh swept through the room. She looked around: both men and women in the pools were moving slowly to the bridge to take a better look at this young beauty. They were all naked, their frail old bodies shaking with anticipation as they got closer.

The same pair of hands removed her shorts, revealing her smooth labia and a round bottom. The group edged closer to the bridge. She could feel their old foul smells. But she didn't want to move; she stood there, exposed, vulnerable, spectacular.

Two men on the bridge got out loofahs and started to wash her. The influence of the sweet narcotic started to wear off, bringing back waves of terror and disgust. Old hands were touching her, washing her, like it was normal. Their actions were slow and mechanical, giving the rest of the group a good look at her bare wet body. But she was still subdued; unable to move, she let them exploit her body.

Waves of cold and warm water were running down her body. Soon the movements of her washers got more insistent, fingers going into her most intimate places. They played with her large nipples and slipped their fingers into her pink warm pussy. In spite of herself, she could feel her nipples growing taut and erect. She was flushed and breathless. Hungry eyes of old men were following her body contour, staring openly and lustfully and her breast, her open pussy, her asshole.

She tried to fight back, but was too weak. The washers bent her over, one standing facing her, and one at her back. She was terrified at what was going to happen..

The men dropped their robes off. She closed her eyes, tears of humiliation and anger running down her face. The man at her back started caressing her ass with his rough hands, squeezing her buttocks, stroking them. The strokes are deliberate and soft, following the curves of her juicy ass - they were not unpleasant, almost pleasurable. He smacked her with a wet towel, leaving slight red lines across her perky buttocks. She squirmed and tried to squeeze her buttocks together hoping to regain control - instead a slight moan came out of her mouth. Everyone was watching her humiliation, her pleasure and pain. Most men were masturbating, while women were enviously watching her.

The man in front moved closer, poking her face with his erect cock while holding her by her shoulders. She would not open her mouth, and he started slapping her face with his cock. She could feel his warm caustic sperm on her cheeks, her lips. At the same time the men behind her went on his knees, hungrily licking his way towards her vagina. He thoroughly explored her pussy with his tongue, smacking on her juices.

It was maddening: waves of shame, embarrassment and pleasure running through her body.

A fat man got out of the pool and walked wobblingly towards her.

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