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After prison, the boys find things have changed.


"You want me to leave?"

"Hell no. I want you to assist him with the pack. You and the group I am sending can only take a month away, and of course need to attend the wedding."

"Alpha I..."

"She's out of surgery and it won't be long till she will be waking up. Thorn I assume you'll want to be there when she comes around." Rose called out as she walked through the door.

Before she made it far into the room she came to a complete stop. Stared at the stranger in the room then turned to leave. Before she could take the evasive action a load growl vibrated in the room and a wolf charged her. Rose was knocked down and her wolf came forward whimpering. She sent to her pack "NO, No please no."


"Oh Fuck this is so not good." Thorn stood still and ordered his pack to stay back even though Lucas had already changed at the first sign of attack. "John, please change back. You are scaring my twin sister. If you change back I will make sure she doesn't leave."

"You would force me to mate when I still love my mate?"

"Rose. Of course not. I will however make you listen. To not let this escalate to a full on war with my future father-in-law."

"Fine if you can get this slobbering mutt off me I'll change back. Wait did you say father-in-law?"

"Yes I did. Meet Luna's long lost dad."

"Fuck Thorn this is not a joke, get him off me."

"Well I'll just ignore that although you are denying it, your wolf is almost begging him to mate you. I can smell your excitement, everyone here can."

"Shut up Thorn. I am not interested in a mate."

"Dad, fuck have you got any control at all?" Damon groaned as his father continued to growl at them all.

"John change back now please. Rose has agreed to talk with you."

John slowly changed back but stayed very close to Rose. "Sorry. I was caught by surprise. I never meant to frighten you."

"I'm not scared of you." Rose said as soon as she changed back. "I'm just not interested in a mate. Nothing personal."

"Look Lucas can you deal with this? I'm sorry. I promised him Rose wouldn't run, but I need to be with Luna."

"Yeah I can mediate this one. Rose can explain why she feels the way she does, then we can take a break so John and Damon can come and see Luna too."

"Yeah well he needs more bloody clothes, so I'll go grab him some. Maybe we should put the collar on him so he can stay dressed for a few hours." Damon rolled his eyes.

"You use those collars here?" John glared at Thorn, "And I thought you were better."

"Damon arrived in a collar. It is the only collar we have here and will never be on a member of my pack or my family. At the moment you are neither, but I would still rather not have to collar you."

"Alright. I'll put on some clothes. Listen to Rose. Then meet my daughter."

"Great. I'm going to go see my mate. You all play nice. If I have to put my alpha hat on and miss my mate waking up, heads will roll."

"Based on what I've seen I doubt any of your pack believe that threat."

"My pack respect me enough that they know exactly when to believe me." Thorn said calmly as he left the room.

"You really are clueless. You are going to need help for much longer than a month. You may have to mate him Rose just so his poor pack don't suffer forever." Gem looked at Rose who scowled, "Guess that isn't on the cards John, so you better sort your shit out fast." John decided not to even respond this time.

"I'll get the clothes. Dad go sit down so poor Rose doesn't have to keep avoiding your junk."


Thorn sat beside Luna waiting for her eyes to open. She had moved a little and he had heard a small moan from her lips but she was yet to wake.

"I'm here baby."

Her eyes were flickering but hadn't even opened when she huskily asked "Thorn?" She licked her dry mouth, "Did he change me?"

"No baby. He didn't."

"I need you to do it Thorn. I need you to do it tonight."

"There is no way Luna..."

"Thorn I am telling you we are

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