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Coed finds a fun way to study with the professor.

The second game was more evenly matched and Jake and Evelyn came out the victors. Afterwards they sat at a table outside, enjoying refreshing lemonade as they discussed the events of the upcoming week.

Evelyn and Rose were planning a shopping trip to LS Ayers to search for something new to wear to the formal dance being hosted at the country club next Friday. Rose had pointed out that she had the new frock that had been a gift from Millie's mother, Aunt Dora, last Christmas but Evelyn wanted to see if Ayers had anything that Rose might like a little better. Marion asked Jake if he was planning on attending the event and Jake said that this was the first that he'd heard of it.

By this time the Colliers had returned from the links and all parties retired to the newly installed shower rooms to freshen up and change clothes. Marion inquired if Jake would like to take a steam bath and Jake responded, with an ironically humorous tinge to his tone, that he'd been taking one ever since he'd arrived in Indiana, which prompted both of the older men to chuckle appreciatively. After a quick shower, the men toweled off and Jake mentioned the upcoming dance to his uncle.

"Oh, of course. Certainly, we plan to attend, it just slipped my mind," Bill Collier said, running the towel over his stomach. "I've just been distracted a bit, what with Trudy harping about that new dining room set that she feels that she can't live without."

Marion Thornton knew that his wife and Gertrude "Trudy" Collier were best friends, but he sometimes felt irritation towards the woman who was, in his words, a "pouter" if she didn't get her way.

"I tell you, Bill, I know we've discussed this before, but there's nothing wrong with your wife that a good, old fashioned spanking wouldn't take care of," Marion said, after taking a quick look around the bench area to make sure they were alone and could speak freely.

"I'll tell you, after this last week, that idea holds a definite appeal," Bill said, whipping the towel behind his back and grasping the ends with both hands as he vigorously buffed the water off. "She's decided to withhold certain...marital rights until I come around to her way of thinking."

Jake listened to the exchange with more than a little interest, having been unaware of any tensions between his aunt and uncle. However, it was Marion Thornton's next statements that piqued his curiosity.

"That would never happen in my home. Eve and I don't disagree on much, but there are times when she knows that she's being unreasonable and knows that if it continues, she'll end up taking a trip across my lap" Marion said, emphatically. "I know that many look at it as an old fashioned notion in this day and age, but it's worked very well for us over the years."

"I can't imagine even trying that with Trudy," Bill sighed. "She'd scream like a banshee."

"Let her. Before you start, tell her exactly why you're doing it and then turn her over your knee. Don't stop until she's bright red and too sore to sit for a while and is completely repentant. Although, I suppose it's easy for me to say," Marion said, thoughtfully. "Evelyn's father discussed his feelings about it with me before she and I were married, and then she and I talked about it. We both decided that it was the way we wanted to resolve conflicts in our marriage as it keeps anger and hurt feelings from dragging out for weeks. Her father had told me that he delivered his wife's first spanking on their wedding night, so that she would know what to expect if the situation would arise in which he felt it was needed. His children also knew if they misbehaved that there would be consequences to pay, no matter what their age. It set the pattern for their life together and, therefore, it was infrequently needed. I thought this was an excellent idea so Eve and I followed suit on our wedding night."

"Well, a wedding night spanking is hardly the same thing, now is it?" Bill said with a bit of a lecherous grin on his face.

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