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Dr. Brown requires Dawn's after-class participation.

She looked down as my knob end nudged her wet hole. She raised her hips slightly attempting to get herself onto my cock. But I had a little surprise for the randy Amanda. I flipped her over onto her tummy, she let out a squeal of protest. Before she could say or do anything else I gave her half the length of my cock in one trust, taking the breath out of her

"Jeeeeeeesus" she screamed

I withdrew almost completely before trusting deeper into her again

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh, jeeez"

Now I settled into a swift long rhythm.

Amanda had caught her breath "Christ your big"

I watched my cock slid in and out of her pussy. I wondered for a moment how many strokes it would take for her to cum. I counted to 11 before I felt her pussy tighten around me. Amanda`s hands gripped the sheet tightly. Six powerful strokes sent her into ecstasy.

"I`m, I`m oh god I`m cummmmmmmmming" she screamed.

When her orgasm subsided I turned her onto her back. Her legs on my shoulders gave me perfect access to trust deep into her. Twenty six strokes to orgasm number two, her hands racked my back then down to my buttocks forcing me deeper into her. We fucked for almost an hour before Amanda arse up in the air, head thrashing into the pillow had another orgasm that sent my spunk surging into her, deep into her. Producing her biggest orgasm. Not bad for a first screw with a new bird. My record for any shag was an hour and ten so I was pleased with this performance. Judging by the look on Amanda's face so was she. I lay next to her, looking at her, stoking her dishevelled hair. Her make up slightly smudged. She opened her eyes and smiled.

"You asked me over for a chat" I said somewhat smugly "Anything important?" I went on "Something about me and Nikki was it?"

She looked confused not knowing what to say.

I went on "I bet you were going to say you couldn't see what your daughter could see in me"

She regained a little composure "Well I was going to say"

"Don't say anything" I interrupted taking her hand and placing it on my hard again cock. "That's what your daughter can see in me"

"Oh your" she seemed surprised "Hard again?"

"Yes, all yours Amanda" I said as I eased myself up offering my rampant cock to her mouth.

Amanda swallowed, licked her lips before taking my cock into her mouth without further encouragement. She performed well. I let her have her way for a good ten minutes before I sensed she was getting tired.

Removing my cock from her mouth I pushed her onto her side with her back to me. My cock nudging between her legs. I held her arse cheeks open her brown puckered anus inviting. I placed my knob end against it I felt Amanda stiffen. Her hand reached between her legs and grabbed my cock and guided it to her pussy.

"Your far too big for that hole" she stated as I slipped a good way up her very hot pussy.

"Gently big boy, slowly, slowly," I slid deep into her, "Mmmmm nice, very nice."

I abided to her instructions slowly entering her then almost a complete withdrawal of my cock before sliding in to the hilt. As our passions rose so did the pace until I was banging her as hard as I could. My cock hardened as I approached my climax this sent her over the top again into a massive cum. I gave her a second jet of spunk before collapsing onto my back.

We must have dozed for a while, we awoke when Amanda said "John darling it's almost five"

"So what"

"My husband and Nikki will be home by half past."

"Just time for a quickie then," I suggested placing her hand on my growing cock.

"No, no, no, young man I am far too sore for anymore of that today," she did have that I`m well fucked glow on her face I must admit, "And before you suggest it my jaw aches too."

Shame I thought. She kissed me gently, lovingly. before she spoke again "You know John I was quite a girl in my youth before I met my husband."

"I bet you were," I teased, "bet you had plenty of cock."

"I did make a bit of as pig of myself at Uni I have to say, so many hunky guys. They were randy all the time, I was the same."

"Well shagged eh?"


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