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Continuation and end.

"Oh Fuck, fuck me, fuck it fuck it fuck it... oh YEAH!" She's shouting. I don't talk, just grunt and moan as I shove my stiff prick into her.

I can feel the stewardess behind me, her tits tickling my back, and realize that her hands are holding Chloe's thighs apart so that I can fuck her deep without any resistance. Meanwhile Cathy, in one sweep of her arms, takes her own shirt off and tosses it aside, revealing round tits with bright pale tan lines in two triangles over pert pink nipples. She leans to me, pressing her pussy down on Chloe's mouth while thrusting her boobs out for me to lick. Cathy is a true multi-tasker; all this time she has a hand on Chloe's pussy as well, rubbing her clitoris in rhythmic circles even as my cock thrusts in and out of her.

The busty brunette is feeling all the sex pouring onto her. I fuck her hard, my face shifting from her immense, jiggling breasts under me and her friend's more modest but delightful tits hovering in front of me, and I can feel her pussy grip the shaft of my prick as it slides back and forth. Then I can feel a shift -- her moans get louder and more strained and her hips buck back and forth against me. "Ohhhh... oh god oh god oh... shit... fuck fuck fuck...FUCK! FUCK!" she's screaming, and suddenly her pussy releases and I can feel her juicy cum slathering all over my stiff dick as it pumps her. She starts laughing hysterically, "Ha ha ha... oh fuck...oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah... whew!"

"You better, baby?" Cathy asks her.

"Woo hoo!" Chloe answers. "Yeah. Fuck, that was good!"

"But..." I start to say. Cathy cuts me off with a wicked smile.

"Oh, don't worry, my fuckmuffin. We know you're not done yet..."

"I think he deserves a reward for his... medical assistance," the stewardess says behind me.

"Oh god, me next," Cathy groans. "Chloe's got my pussy so wet down there."

"Get in the aisle on all fours," the stewardess tells her, still the boss even though her uniform is half off and freckled tits are popping over the top of her bra. She pulls me out of Chloe's streaming cunt and turns me with my back to the wall again. My dick is still swollen but getting a little loose after the brunette's pussy relaxed on it. The stewardess drops to her knees and gets a good taste of pussy juice as she starts to suck my cock again, giving it just the right pressure of teeth and tongue until it stretches up to full glory again. Meanwhile the blond has climbed off of Chloe and out of the row of seats to the aisle. She wriggles and slips her skirt and panties, tosses them onto her prostrate friend, and shimmies down in the aisle, facing the front of the plane with her ass in the air towards me. Her pussy gapes wide and eager to be filled.

The stewardess looks up at me with a mouth full of cock. "You ready for more, stud?"

"Let me at her," I tell her. The redhead steps back and sits in the empty aisle seat on the left side of the plane, across from where the two girls and I had been sitting. I drop to my knees and massage Cathy's smooth rump as she looks back over her shoulder at me, smiling.

"You want something?" I ask her.

"What are you waiting for?" she barks back. "Fucking tease. Gimme some cock already, before I get bored!"

"Oh... are you sure?" I tease her.

"Fuck me already!"

"Well... if you insist..."

"She has her seat locked in the upright position," the stewardess giggles, "Ready for takeoff!"

"OK, then.

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