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The lessons begin

"We've given the whore enough pleasure," the man with the giant cock said. "Now it's time we gave her some pain. STRING THE SLUT UP!"

As manacles were attached to my wrists, a rope descended from the darkness with a hook dangling from it. I soon found myself hanging with my legs dangling a foot above the floor.

"Put weights on her cunt," Big Cock ordered. "Stretch the lips until they are long enough to tie around my cock when I fuck her." Two slave girls rushed forward and screwed weighted clamps on my labia. Pain shot down my legs as the tender flesh was crushed. When the weights were dropped, my lips stretched like rubber bands.

Big Cock approached wearing an evil grin and waved a fiendish whip known as a Cat-of-Nine-Tails in my face. At the same time, one of my Mistresses came forward with a smaller version of the Cat known as a Tit Whip. As Big Cock delivered a merciless stroke to my beautiful round ass, his enormous cock swung across his body from hip to hip and flung pre-cum onto my ass. Nine red welts blossomed on the alabaster globes. An instant later, my tits received the same treatment. The crowd cheered, whistled and applauded. My agony was genuine at first. As I thrashed about in a futile attempt to escape the blows, the labia weights swinging in all directions stretched my pussy out of shape. The stimulation to my clitoris caused me to lubricate so copiously that my juices trickled down my thighs. When the blows began to give pleasure, I had to begin acting. "PLEASE, STOP, I CAN'T TAKE IT," I screamed even though I really wanted to shout "BEAT ME HARDER, MASTER!"

While I was being whipped, various sex acts and tortures were being performed all around me. I knew that they were just window dressing and that everyone's eyes were on the Slave Princess. I looked out into the audience and was pleased to see that all of the men were openly masturbating. Many of the women had their hands stuffed down in their panties. As I watched a man in the front row ejaculate onto the floor, I had the first of many orgasms. The whipping stopped before I had had my fill.

"RAPE THE BITCH!" a woman shouted from the audience.

"SPREAD HER PUSSY FOR ME," Big Cock ordered. Two slave girls rushed forward and pulled my pussy-weights to the sides until my pussy looked like a red butterfly. The sadist came forward with his enormous cock in his hand.

"Remember this big fucker, bitch? I'm going to drive it all the way up into your belly."

While Big Cock was penetrating me, I noticed a slave girl greasing John's thick cock and knew what was coming next. I felt the feverish bulb press against my anus and an instant later it was buried in the warmth of my ass. The crowd cheered as the two men plunged their cocks into me. I sank onto the sturdy prongs until they would go no deeper. I was in ecstasy. I knew very well the joy of having one cock in me, but had never experienced the thrill of having two. I began to wail as my body was racked with an intense orgasm.

"You're enjoying this far too much," John whispered in my ear. "These people want to believe that we are raping you. Help them believe. Resist, struggle, beg."


The fucking ended much too soon for me. Both men demonstrated flawless control and pulled free at the same instant. "TAKE THIS, BITCH," Big Cock said. Thick ropes of creamy jism shot all the way up to my tits. While he was soaking my front, John was showering my burning buttocks with a copious quantity of fuck juice. The audience howled with delight. Moans and groans were mixed in with the applause as some of the voyeurs, either intentionally or accidentally shot their loads onto the floor.

I was lowered to the floor after John and Big Cock raped me.

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