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Flora with a twist.

Oh, baby, you really are precious getting all red like you do. Maybe you better have a little more scotch. I wouldn't want you going off too early now.

Here. Drink this down. Then we'll get busy.

Oh, my! That was fast, eager beaver. Well I've got an eager beaver, too. So come here stud. I want to get my hands on you. And my lips.

Oh my, what a good kisser you are. Let's do that again.

Wonderful. Now, let's get this shirt off you. That's the way. Just let it drop. What a fine chest you have. Not too hairy, just the way I like it. Are your nipples sensitive? Hmm? Does it turn you on when I tweak them like this? How about if I suck on them.

Mmm. Yeah. You like that.

Let's take this to the bedroom. Come on. That's right.

We need to get those pants off you. You look very uncomfortable. There. That's better. And I see you are not wearing underwear, just like I asked. It's good to see you can follow orders, sweet thing. Very good.

What a fine cock you have there. My but it's hard. Let me just wrap my warm hand around it and see just how hard it is. Ooh, yeah. Very hard. You have a beautiful cock. I'm going to enjoy putting it through its paces, darling.

But first why don't you help me out of my dress. Let me turn around and you unzip me. Don't be shy. We can't very well get started until we're both naked, now can we? There you go. Now pull it off my shoulders so I can shimmy out of it. Oh, your hands feel so good on my bare skin.

There we go. Are you ready for me to turn around? Here I come!

You like what you see? You're perspiring sweetheart. Oh! That's so cute! But it's OK. Here, give me another kiss.

Oh yeah.

Why don't you feel my breasts. They are 38 D's you know. Lots of men think they are my best feature. I don't particularly agree. I think it's either my dark eyes or my jet black pussy hair.

You don't have to be so gentle, honey. Come on. Rub them. Squeeze them. Roll the nipples around between your thumbs and index fingers. Ooh, yeah. Damn that makes me so hot.

You know what I want now, baby? I'm going to get on this big, soft bed then I'm going to spread my legs. I want you to climb up with me.

Ready, lover. Climb up here between my legs. See my hot, wet pussy? It's calling to you. Get on up here and eat my pussy. Come on. You know you want to. Get right in there.

Now kiss it. That's the way. Doesn't that look good? It's all ready for your sexy mouth. Eat me, baby. Eat my hot pussy.

Mmm. Yeah. Work that tongue around. Ooh, that feels so good. You know just what I need, don't you, lover? Come on. Make me...Ooh! Mmm!...oh, darling. That's the spot. Keep going right there. Yeah. That's the way.

You really like that, don't you? You like eating Layla's wanton pussy. Do I taste good? Hmm, baby? I must. You sure are going at it. What a pussy licker. Maybe I'll keep your face right here to sit on every night. Ha ha ha!

Oh, yeah. Mm, hmm. Yeah, baby. That's the way I like it. Ooooh! Shit! That's good.


Get that tongue in there. All the way, baby. All the way. Ooh, yeah.

Now put a finger in. That's right. Get it in there. Work it around.

Keep your tongue going. Keep your tongue going.

Give me another finger. Stick them in, lover. FInger fuck me. Oh, yeah. Do it. Oh, baby, do it! Do it!


Work that tongue. Jam those fingers in there. You do that so well, baby. You want me to cum on your face? Huh? Do ya, lover? How about if Layla gushes her juices all over your sweet pretty face? Yeah. I bet you'd like that. Having my love juices running down your cheeks and chin, getting into your nose and eyes while you're trying to lap it all up.

Well you can stop now because I'm not going to do that. No. I want to cum with your big hard cock in my pussy. So come on up here and let me see if you're ready. That's right. Come on up.

Ooh, look at that rod of yours. Nice and big and hard. Let me stroke it a little. Do you like that? Does my hand feel good wrapped around it, stroking it up and down? Yes. I can see on your face that you do. Oh, my.

I bet you want me to put tha

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