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The first experience with the gorgeous blonde.

ers have got to look really hot on her firm ass don't you think?"

"Jeez, Mark, you're talking family sex here. Do you have lust for your Mom?"

I laughed. "Don't you? What's the difference, brother or Son? It's better than have her go out with the girls for a cheap thrill and end up in a bad way isn't it. I mean, just until my dad gets back, but that's another year and a half. Wouldn't you love to suck on those tits and eat that pussy to give her some relief -- rather than have her over come by a stranger?"

"Fuck, Mark! I've been lusting after my sister since you were a little kid. Damn right I'd love to eat her pussy and fuck her brains out. You know your dad used to encourage me to feel her up once in a while when he was drinking, but if he ever found out about both of us fooling around with her I don't know what he would do."

"Who says he's going to find out about anything? I don't know about fucking right now. I'll have to find out if she is on the pill, but maybe we could get her hot enough to do something else. You know she talks about you all the time. If you could her tit's out in front of me maybe you can convince her to let me have a feel so we both can take a tit each and once we do that she might let us do more. Hey it's worth a try, isn't it? After all, I got her to take those pictures for you with her sexy new dress."

"Yea, no shit! That was no small feat. Ok, it's a deal. Tomorrow I'll see how she is responding to my advances. If I can get those tits out in front of you it should be down hill coasting from there. I'm so hard thinking about it I have to go jack off. Okay, wish me luck. Hey, by the way, Mark -- I never shared a woman with another guy before; you're not gay are you?"

I laughed out load. "You have to kidding. I'm strictly a cunt hound and Mom really turns me on."

Gary laughed. "Ok, buddy, you're on. You take one end and I'll take the other."

"Hey I hope you have a big enough dick to impress her."

"Don't worry kid, seven inches and thick as my wrist, and you?"

"Nine inches and thick enough."

"Okay, see you tomorrow and thanks for the pictures, Man, she's hot."

I turned back to Mom and she had a big smirk on her face. "Thick as his wrist huh? I better get those pills quick."

We both laughed. "Well, we are on the way to fulfilling some of your naughty thoughts. Now don't forget to act sexy, but make him keep trying to open your dress, and dress just like you did tonight. You will be a knockout. Now lets get some sleep so you will be all refreshed for tomorrow."

Mom giggled like a little girl. "I'm sleeping here with you tonight. You don't mind, do you?" she asked in her coy little voice.

"Not as long as you let me sleep. And you better take your nylons and heels off so we can cuddle up; it's a small bed."

Minutes later we were in each others arms and she laid her head on my chest as we went to sleep.


Eight-thirty the next morning I woke. Looking at the clock I sighed. Wow... ten hours. I had slept over 10 hours. I must have needed that after yesterday. What a hell of a day. I stretched and realized something wasn't right. Mom! Where was Mom?

I walked through the house still naked, looking for her and calling her name. I looked everywhere. She wasn't there. The coffee wasn't made and the car was gone. I sat in the living room with my head in my hands. Fuck! I feared that she panicked about the reality of it all and ran.

I went back to my bedroom to put on my shorts, then uploaded the last pictures I had taken last night. I looked at those pictures of her standing at the desk. Jeez, mom looked hot! I started to feel bad thinking I may have pushed her too far about Uncle Gary and now she panicked. I should have given it more time but she seemed so excited about the whole thing.

"DAMN!" I said out loud, then went to have a cup of coffee, hoping to wake up and be able to think.

As I entered the kitchen I heard the car pull up. My heart skipped a beat as I waited for mom to come in.

As she entered the back door to the kitchen I saw her face beaming and eyes glittering

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