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Lithana and Gaius learn of plans against the Empire.

"Roger I can't take this anymore, I want you to move out."

She grabbed her purse and as she headed for the door, she told me to be gone by the time she came back. I sat there in a daze, but not wanting to face her rage I packed my stuff from the bathroom, some underwear, and socks and whatever clothes I could fit into my gym bag then I left before she returned. I rented a room in one of those fleabag joints near Main Street because I was sure Sara and I would have things patched up soon. I called her all morning Sunday but she refused to pick up so I left her alone the rest of the day.

Sara and I had met at work and in fact, we still worked together so I knew Monday would be strange but at least I'd see her and I hopped we'd be able to talk. When she wasn't at her desk, I went to look for her and soon I found her in the warehouse. I could see she was openly flirting with one of the bruisers who work there. She looked and saw me staring at her but that didn't stop her from giggling, then leaning over and whispering in his ear. I turned and fled the warehouse in shame. The next day was even worse for now he was at her desk and pawing her as if she were his plaything. I could see the whole office staring at me staring at them and I knew they would be laughing at me. This was all too humiliating and so I quit my job without a thought and left the office that day.

The next week she answered when I called and I told her I needed to stop by and pick up some of my clothes so I could go out job hunting.

"Well about that, you see I talked the boss into giving Jack a chance at your old job and of course he had to dress nicer. The funny thing is even though he looks so much bigger than you do, he's still the same size so I just gave him you old things. I'm sorry, I just thought the way you left them here you didn't want them."

"Wait a minute, you mean this guy has my wife, my job, and all my clothes? What's he want next the heart out of my chest?" Then I slammed down the phone in disgust.

"Sorry I'm so late have you been waiting long?"

I looked up in surprise, I started to give her a snide answer but then thought the better of it, "No not for long," I lied. God she looked beautiful and so sexy in a low cut dress that I didn't remember ever seeing. I could feel my face turn red when she caught me ogling her cleavage but she made a joke about trying to get the tax- man to give us a break.

As we left the office, Sara told me she'd walk me to my car and I had to tell her I'd sold it.

"Roger do you mean to tell me you still don't have a job?" I just sheepishly shook my head no. "Well come on I'll take you home."

In the car, she offered to buy me lunch and I didn't have enough pride left to turn her down. She stopped at a small bistro with al fresco dinning we use to go to, and as we sat down I mentioned how much I liked this place. Sara said she remembered but also because Jack hated the place was another reason for choosing it. We had a glass of wine and we chatted as we waited for our meals, then she put her hand on mine,

"So tell me about your love life, are you seeing anyone?"

"Are you kidding, with no car, and no money how do you think I could meet a woman who'd go out with me?"

"Do you remember Sue Ellen, I don't think she's seeing anyone, you want me to try and fix you up?"

There is a Sue Ellen in every office, too fat and too desperate to ever get a date, besides what I wasn't telling Sara was that I'd lost all confidence with women and was afraid to try intimacy with anyone even Sue Ellen. Mainly to chance the subject I blurted out,

"So how's your love life, is Jack everything you dreamed for in a man?"

"Well, he sure can fuck if that's what you mean.

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