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She rejects him for the job so he gives her a hard lesson.

He stopped outside the door and listened. From within he could hear faint noises; moans and soft cries. My God, he thought, the stupid bastard is fucking the randy little bitch!

He tried the doorknob and to his surprise it wasn't locked. He quietly entered the room and by the light of the gas lamp he saw them. They were both naked and on the bed in the 69 position. Francois was underneath with his head between Helena's thighs, noisily eating her cunt and sucking her clitoris. His mouth was full of her sweet pussy juice. She was on top of him, her head bobbing up and down as she greedily sucked his prick. He groaned as he shot his cum into Helena's mouth; there was so much that it trickled out and onto his balls.

"What the hell is going on here?" Rotenberg thundered. "Get off him girl before I pull you off!"

"I haven't finished", she gasped, looking up at Rotenberg with sperm dripping out of her mouth.

Francois struggled to get up but Helena still lay on him, grinding her hips and rubbing her pussy over his face. Then she came, crying out as wave after wave of an intense orgasm swept through her body. Francois pushed her off him and stood up, his flaccid dick hanging down and glistening with her saliva. "I'm so sorry sir," he stammered, "I can explain everything."

"There's no explaining to do Francois," Rotenberg yelled. "You've been fucking one of our students. You know it's against the rules and you know the consequences. This is the second time in one week that I've had to fire a member of my staff for sexual offences. Are you insane? Pack your trunk and leave the school by tomorrow morning, your check will be waiting for you at the secretary's office. As for you madam," he went on, "You will be severely punished for this, go to the punishment room immediately!" He picked up her clothes and threw them out into the corridor. Two girls were passing by and they had heard everything. Soon the whole school knew that Mr Francois had been fired and Princess Helena was going to be punished.

Helena was waiting outside the punishment room when Rotenberg arrived. She was naked under her bathrobe as school rules stipulated. She had been here once before for a similar offence but she was trembling with fear as she looked around at the various punishment implements. There were straps and chains, hanging from the ceiling and bolted to the floor. There was a couch and a contraption like a wooden saw horse with a padded top. Canes and other items lay on a table.

"Take your robe off princess," he instructed her, "You are guilty of an extremely serious offence and you will be punished accordingly."

He lifted her arms and attached her wrists to an overhead beam with leather straps. Then he spread her legs wide apart and attached her ankles in a similar fashion. He took a leather belt from the table and buckled it round Helena's waist. She wondered what he was doing to do to her and felt scared. She knew that whatever happened it was going to be very painful. There was a hook at the front and back of the belt. He next took a flat rubber strip and attached each end of it to the hooks. Pointed metal studs were embedded all along the inside of the strip. He adjusted it until it was tightly pulled up between her buttocks and her pussy lips. He stood in front of her and pulled the rubber strip out about a foot and then it go, rather like an archer releasing an arrow from a bow. It smacked back sharply into Helena's cunt, the pointed studs piercing her delicate pink flesh and making her scream with pain. He repeated the action at least twenty times until her pussy was bleeding.

He went behind her and pulled the strip from between her buttocks.

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