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Outside forces bring Kim and Brett back together.

She quailed and held still as he slit her panties, first from one side, then the other, until they just dropped away.

While he was doing this, Wedge had shifted his grip so both of her breasts were in his hands, and begun to maul them and squeeze them. He pinched her nipples cruelly, and molested her and took his liberties with her. She felt him groan occasionally in her ear, and she could feel him desperately trying to rub his cock against her leg, but the angle wasn't quite right. He shifted, bringing his body directly alongside of hers, and suddenly she was almost fully in his arms. She wrinkled her nose at his male smell -- thankfully it would seem the army at least made them keep clean.

Biggs reached between her legs and stroked her pussy lips, running his fingers through her soft blond hair there. She was, of course, dry as a bone, and he chuckled. "We'll take care of that. But first, your punishment."

She felt him stand up. She couldn't turn her head because Wedge was blocking her view, molesting her tits still, but soon enough she knew what was happening as she felt the sting of his belt buckle against her left hip, the opposite side from where Wedge was. She yelped.

"That's just one, Celes."

He swung back and hit her again, and again. Even in the pain she sensed he wasn't hitting her with full force, but it still stung. Probably to have something over me for later, she grimaced, and as if in answer to her thoughts after five smacks he stopped. "Now that was just a taste. I'd much rather fuck you than beat you, Celes. But I'll do both if I have to. Now on to the real punishment. Hold her tight, Wedge, she's going to squirm."

"I got her, Biggs. I got her good." He certainly did. When she looked down she could saw handprints on her breasts. He was obviously having a great deal of fun, and she bruised easily too.

She heard him drop the belt, then do something, and then she felt him right behind her. His hands gripped her shoulders and pulled her against him, and she felt his hard cock up against her ass.

Pushing her forwards until she was leaning against the wall, he put his hands on her ass and spread her cheeks. "Ever taken it up the ass, General?"

She was horrified. She had kept her control until now but that awoke her. "What? No! No one's ever been there. Please don't."

He laughed again, that insultingly sensuous laugh in her ear. "Wow, so I get to be the first, eh? If you shut up and don't fight me I might even be nice about it. Fight me, though, and I'll tear you open." At the end his voice dropped into a sinister octave.

She was fighting tears now. "All right. I'll be good. Just don't hurt me."

She heard him spit, and then without any preamble, felt something pressed against her asshole. "Like I said, General, shut up and it -- well, it's going to be bad no matter what. It might not be as bad though."

He began to press against her. The pressure was enormous, and rather painful. She sensed it had only just begun.

He gripped her hips and suddenly pushed even harder. She whimpered, and then finally screamed as his head popped in. He panted in her ear, "Goddamn, General, you were right, you are a virgin back here. You are incredibly tight." She didn't answer. Tears formed in her eyes, welled up, and spilled loose, hot and burning, down her cheeks.

Wedge spoke up. "She's really hot, Biggs."

"Hang on, Wedge, you'll get your chance."

The next few minutes were torturous to Celes. Biggs determinedly pressed forward, slowly impaling his full length into her. She felt he would never come to the end. He kept to his word, though, and went slowly and didn't ram it up there in a second as she had expected.

Soon enough he was embedded to the hilt in her. The pain was incredible, and she was crying softly. She couldn't help but be grateful to him for going slow, though, as she could just imagine how painful it would have been the other way.

"All right, Wedge, I'm in. Damn, she's tight."

Celes had shut her eyes tightly, and so only felt Wed

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