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Rank has its privileges.

She nuzzled Xee and breathed in - and smelled something that made her smile.

"You wet?"

"U-Uh, I was in the ocean," Xee mumbled into her arms.

Dey grinned and then shifted her face down. Xee's thighs spread and Dey's nose bumped against where her sex would be. She didn't know how Huntresses fucked. But it seemed they, like humans, need copious amounts of lubrication, and their women showed their desire in the same way as humans. She slid two fingers up, pressing them against the smart fabric. Something in Xee's suit knew what Xee wanted before the alien did: The fabric drew taut enough against her sex that Dey could see it. There were a soft pair of pussy lips. But there seemed to be two nubs, thrusting out above and below her pussy.
Dey grinned. She made the devil horns.

Xee jerked her head up, her whole spine bending into a U shape, her radiators flaring out.

"Deeeyyyyyyyyyy!" she squealed.

"Well, it looks like your back feels better," Dey purred. "Does this feel good."

"Nnhuahh!" Xee laid her body flat, writhing as Dey's thumb and pinkie pressed to the bumps, alternating pressures by wiggling her wrist. "Ah! Oh goddess, oh goddess, oh-"

"Try fuck," Dey grinned. "It's a good english word for situations like this."

"Ahh-unnnh fuck!" Xee shuddered, her facial emotion making it clear what she felt.


Dey grinned and drew her fingers back - watching the damp spot spread across the inside of Xee's thighs, puddling along her belly. She wished, oh how she wished, that she could drink that juice up and see what a Huntress tasted.

But she was pretty sure the brain freeze would be killer.

"O-Oh, wow," Xee panted. "I-I've never gone past one."

"I guess going from making out to being finger banged by another girl is a big leap," Dey said, sitting up. Her hands went to her tank top and she skimmed it up and over her head, tossing it aside. Her breasts glistened with sweat. The heat and humidity of the room only added to the heat and the pleasure. Her nipples were hard enough to cut glass. She licked her lips greedily as Xee looked back over her shoulder, rolling onto her side.

"What? Oh, bases?" She sounded like she was reading something from her HUD. "N-No, I've never...we have..." Xee coughed. "We have five."

"Five clits?" Dey asked, her eyes widening.

If Xee's emoticon added more backslashes, Dey was pretty sure the girl would melt from embarrassment. "T-Two external, and then t-three inside. Um, when a Huntress mates with another Huntress, the level of commitment is determined by the length of the, um, crystalline attachment, harvested...from...the wilds." She coughed. "S-Stimulating three is for close friends. F-Four is for people who are married. A-All five?" She shrugged. "Well, um, that's how you make, um, babies."

Dey arched an eyebrow. "You lucky cunt."


"You have three clits in your cooter?" Dey scoffed. "If I don't find a guy who can find my button, then I might be outta luck." She grinned. "Fortunately, my darling Lok is really good at handling multiple stimulations at once."

Xee gulped loudly.

"In fact," Dey said. [Loki, you've got the specs on her suit, right?]

I'll need to interface with her computer. But it's a fine looking computer. High end quantum system.

Dey grinned wickedly. Her hands went to her hips and she paused the moment it took for Loki to query Xee's suit, then to begin to spoof her camera. It was not hard to simulate some things - not when you were an AI. And that simulation filled both Xee's cameras and Dey's body as she pushed her pants down her hip. A massive cock - thrusting from between her girlish thighs, the same olive brown skin as the rest of her. Pre swelled from the tip and dripped along the underside of Dey's cock.

"Oh...fuck," Xee whispered.

Her hand reached out, tentatively, her fingers widening, then closing around the shaft.

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