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Naughty teacher seduces a mom and administrator.

We tussled and fought for the plump dickhead, sloppily tongue kissing each other as Tyler's long cock was caught in the crossfire. His dick flexed again as Sheryl licked down the long dong, and I followed, sliding my mouth down the other side. We sloppily slurped up and down his dick, our heads moving in an alternating motion as we all moaned in harmony. His cock grew even bigger, and began to harden before our eyes as we worshiped that thing like a couple of pros.

"Mmm! We're making this baby grow!" I said, looking up at him as he held his t-shirt up near his chest, exposing his slender body.

"How long does it get? Damn!" Sheryl said as she smooched and slurped along Tyler's growing monster with me.

He just smirked.

We licked our way down his shaft, meeting the enormous set of balls that sat between his thighs. "Fuck..." was all I could I utter. I tugged and slurped on one nut, and Sheryl took the other. His balls mimicked that of two full size lemons, containing only God knows how many fluids of cum.

His face grimaced as Sheryl and I worked the studs huge bare nut sack. His long dick bobbed in mid air on its own, reaching its apex as it hardened and grew even more as we slurped our way back up the shaft, blessing it with long worshipping licks.

"Y'all trying to make me nut, damn!" He said as his knees buckled for a quick second.

Sheryl and I giggled. "What's the matter? Donkey dick can't take it?" I asked with a chuckle as we slobbered all over his huge, throbbing cock.

"F-fuck!" He groaned, his face grimacing harder.

"Mmm...Bust that nut baby," Sheryl purred.

Sheryl and I grabbed his long, hard cock with both of our hands, and pumped it together, flicking our big tongues at the plump head. Our hands twisted up and down the champion cock, each of our fist stacked on top of one another's in a row. Two sets of hands wasn't enough to cover the length of his dick, as there was room for another pair, or even two.

"Shit! Fuck!" He groaned as we stroked his big wet cock, our hands pumping and twisting up and down on it faster. Our tongues went into a frenzy, lapping and flickering against the pulsating slab of meat as he was seconds away from erupting.

We took it up a notch, going at that big white dick like two savages. We jacked his dick like a piston, leaving his huge dick a sloppy mess. His cute face became beat red, as he tried to fight back the oral blessing that Sheryl and I were performing on his dick.

Then he erupted, shooting long, thick ropes of cum one after another as we kept stroking him, milking his huge cock for everything it was worth. Those massive balls were slowly deflating as that super cock blasted its load across my living room as our jaws dropped.

"Yesss!" I moaned, our tongues swirling sloppily around his massive cock as he came.

"Damn that's a lot of cum!" Sheryl said, gliding her tongue under the giant cock as it spurted out the last thick ropes.

"Holy shit," he said, panting for air, "That was insane. Y'all got me. I have to admit it...damn."

"I told you," I said with a chuckle, "And damn, you're still hard!?"

Sheryl gazed at the massive cock as Tyler held it above our heads wagging it. "That's crazy! And look how big it is!"

He grinned arrogantly. "You said you wanted to put this dick to good use, right? Well there's a lot more where that came from." We gazed at his long cock dumbfounded as he pumped it with long majestic strokes. "Now it's my turn...let's see some ass around here."

Sheryl and I nodded and stood to our feet. We hooked our thumbs in the waistband of our bottoms, and yanked them down over our bodacious curves, letting our booties wobble out with a big bounce. We turned our backs to him, displaying our asses side by side, looking over our shoulders at Tyler as he played with his long cock.

"Damn...we have to measure that dick! We just have to!" Sheryl said as we watched him stroke it. She was in complete awe.

"Your ass is almost as big as Ms.

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