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How I started my escorting.

"After the car passed, I told myself that this was not such a good idea and I started to head home. But I stopped. I kept thinking about the stock boy looking at me in the store and how desirable it made me feel. And it was pretty dark out. And if I saw anybody I knew, my shirt was long enough it wouldn't matter if I had on my shorts or not, you wouldn't be able to see them anyway."

All of this came pouring out of Kim in one long quick sentence. She was excited and nervous. I guess she was not sure how I would react. She didn't have to worry, I was loving this.

"So I kept walking toward the store, my shorts and panties in my hand ... just in case. But I started thinking about how exciting it was being out there almost naked. What made it exciting was the chance of getting seen by someone. Since I could just duck behind a bush and put my shorts and panties back on, there was not much danger in being seen. So I had an idea. I stashed my shorts and panties under a bush and started walking to the store in just my tee shirt. I could get my clothes on the way back. Now if someone came, I had to stay like that. It was weird; I was so wet thinking that someone would find out that I was almost naked."

This was getting complicated. I wished she would just take off her clothes and run naked down the street. But Kim exposing herself has long been my fantasy and I was not going to ruin it by ridiculing her. She could take it as slow as she wanted. I just loved that she was doing it.

"I walked that way for another block," Kim continued and didn't see any other people or cars. And I just wanted to see what it felt like, so I quickly pulled up my shirt over my bare behind and walked that way for a few seconds. It was thrilling to be exposed like that. I quickly looked around, afraid that someone might have seen. There was no one around. I guess I got a little bolder and pulled my shirt up over my breasts and walked a few feet completely exposed."

Her breathing was very ragged as she relived her experience for me.

"I still can't believe that I did that," her breathing was quick and ragged and her nipples were as erect as I had ever seen them.

"Are you ready for bed or..." I let the invitation hang there for a second.

"Or what?" she asked, looking at me suspiciously.

"Well, Petey looks like he could use another walk. And I sure like your choice of walking outfits." I was hoping that she was still feeling adventurous. Then I added, "It is pretty late and I doubt that there will be anyone out at this hour."

"I guess I could stand to stretch my legs a little," she replied, standing up and stretching. Her tee shirt pulled up as she stretched, letting her soft curls peek out from under the cotton cloth. "But I think I should change though."

My heart sank, as she walked into the bedroom, I was hoping for a replay of her pervious walk. After a few minutes, she came back out wearing one of my blue dress shirts. She had it buttoned up to just between her breasts and the bottom of the shirt hit about six inches above her knees. She was barefoot and I could tell by the movement under her shirt, she was also braless. When she walked, the bottom of the shirt parted at the buttons and flashed just a glimpse of her bare thighs.

"What do you think of this walking outfit?" Kim asked doing a quick twirl. This caused the bottom of her shirt to flair out, exposing her naked ass. This was going to be interesting. I hugged her from behind, pulling up her shirt and pressing my erect penis between her bare cheeks. "I think someone likes it. But save it for when we get back."

With that, Kim opened the door and grabbing the dog leash, stepped out into the humid night air. I followed Kim and Petey, admiring the sway of Kim ass from a few steps behind her as she put a little extra wiggle in her step for my benefit.

We crossed our yard and headed up the sidewalk.

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