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Betty's Thurs. night with Denise and Fri. night with Sara.

I'm a sexually adventurous girl, but I actually haven't been with all that many men. Not many can handle my aggressive stamina. Those that can are too wrapped up in themselves to stick around very long. So what I'm wanting to do is something for our little group. I want to film my own fantasy."

Duncan looked over at Mark inquisitively.

"I'm game," he said, answering the unasked question.

"We're in," Duncan joked, drawing a giggle.

"You idiots haven't heard my fantasy yet..." she protested.

"Well hurry up," Mark said, snapping his fingers. "I wanna taste your pussy."

She giggled and slid upwards on the bed. "If you can listen while you eat, I can talk while you eat."

Mark grinned and leaned forwards to her spread legs and pushed his tongue gently into her folds. She moaned softly as he pulsed against her clit for a moment.
Kara set the camera down and propped herself on her elbows, looking down at Mark.

"I've never been fucked... liked really, really fucked... like... really hard. I'm talking... oh..." she moaned, as Mark lapped obediently between her thighs. "I'm talking like... no-limits fucking. I want to be used and abused by you two. I've never been with two men either, so this will kind of roll them into one fantasy."

"How hard do you want us to go?" Mark asked. "Because I'm pretty sure that you have a limit, and I don't want to cross that."

Kara grinned. "I've never felt threatened or in danger during sex, so I highly doubt that you're going to reach my limit. If you do, I'm sure we can handle whatever happens. I mean, I'm not asking you to make a snuff film or anything," she said, wiggling her hips seductively back and forth as he slurped at her cunt.

"I want you two to be putting me where you want. I want you to fuck me how you want to fuck me, where you want to fuck me. I want you to use me like a human... oh God, Mark..." she moaned, her head falling back.

"... Flesh-light. Use me as if you don't care about my pleasure, and you're only out for your own."

Duncan grinned. "Okay, but we'll need to use a safe word. We don't want to actually hurt you."

Kara smiled and giggled excitedly. "I've never gotten to use one of those," she said.

"How about red?" he asked.

She smiled and nodded. "Only stop what you're doing if I say or yell red," she said. "Got it?" she asked, looking at Mark as he continued to noisily slurp between her thighs. She moaned again as he gave her a thumbs up. "Oh... fuck...," she moaned, her head falling back as he brought her to an orgasm.

"Are we putting this on a tripod?" Duncan asked, grabbing the camera as she reached down and grabbed a handful of Mark's hair, dragging his face across her pussy forcefully and crying out in pleasure. A few seconds of intense orgasm later, she looked up and asked him what he said.

"I said, are we putting this on a tripod?" Duncan asked with a grin.

She smiled and shook her head, lost in ecstasy. "It's in the bag. You two can take turns holding it, too, if you want."

Duncan quickly powered it on and moved it to a position that was close enough to the bed to see the action but far enough to actually capture it all. Turning it on, he pressed record and held up his thumb.

Mark stood then, kneeling on the bed and grabbing a handful of her hair. She looked up at him excitedly as he bent his cock down a little and shoved it in her mouth. She moaned loudly as he pushed, his cock sliding all the way into her mouth and into her throat. She gagged, but he didn't release his hold on her hair, pulling her hard against his crotch as her lips tried to widen to get more of his flesh in. Extricating him quickly, she pulled her head back and looked back at him, fire in her eyes as she gasped for air, a long line of drool from her mouth to this tip of his cock. He pulled her by the hair and dragged her off the bed to the floor. Releasing her hair, he reached down and pulled her by the back of her head, forwards until his cock had entered her throat again.

She began to make the Gluck, gluck, gluck gagging noise, and Du

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