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She's exposed in an erotic game.

A good time was had by all, as they say! Jose surprised me by inviting himself to spend the night, not that I'm complaining. So that explains the strange man in my bed.

OK, so his name is Jose, he doesn't speak much English, he's a good looking guy, and I don't know if he's gay but he definitely showed me a good time last night. I looked over in his direction to see if he was awake. He was lying on his side, with his back to me, so I couldn't be sure. Either way I didn't think he'd mind if I woke him up to have sex. I slid in behind him, letting my cock brush against his ass, and put an arm around him. He gave a little moan, so I knew he was at least half awake. When he took my hand and guided it to his cock, there was no doubt. He was just as hard as I was. We snuggled a little, I played with his cock a little, and soon we were both ready for more.

Jose reached back and took my cock in his hand. He gave it a few strokes, then shifted his body and held the tip of my cock against his asshole. The invitation was clear, so I took a timeout to get a condom and some lube, then got back into place. I pressed my lubed, jacketed cock into his ass, nice and easy. As far as I knew we had all morning, so I was in no hurry. I pushed in until I felt some resistance, then pulled back and started again, pushing in another fraction of an inch, then again, and again. Little by little I worked my way into his ass, until his sphincter opened up and the head of my cock was inside him.

I held still, waiting for his body language to tell me he was ready for more. After about a minute he moved back against me, taking me deeper, and I thrust my hips forward to meet him. When I had given him a few short, gentle strokes, I withdrew completely and got more lube. He said something that I think meant "Don't stop," and I entered him again. This time I slid into him more easily, and went as deep as I could reach. We fucked like that for a while, lying spoon fashion with my cock pumping lazily in and out of his ass and my free hand slowly stroking his cock. In that position there wasn't much friction, and I felt like I could fuck him all morning.

In time, though, I was ready for a change. I turned him onto his back and ran my hands over his body. He has almost no body hair except for the black tuft surrounding his brown, uncut cock. He was still hard as a rock, and I couldn't resist sucking him, just a little. I put a little lube on his cock to make it slide down my throat more easily, then ran my lips all the way down the shaft, until I felt his pubic hairs tickling my nose. He was getting more excited, but I didn't want him to cum just yet.

I put his legs up over my shoulders, pointed my cock in the right direction, and pushed it into his ass in one long, smooth motion, not stopping until my balls were pressed against his butt. I was deeper inside him than before, and he made a sound that could be a moan of pleasure, or a groan of pain. The look on his face told me it was pleasure, and when he put his hands on my ass and pulled me into him, I was sure. I began thrusting into him with long, deep strokes. Meanwhile, he was stroking his cock in rhythm with me, at first just playing with himself and enjoying the sensation. Before long he was stroking himself faster, his face was flushed, and his breath was coming in quick, ragged bursts. I felt his sphincter tighten around my cock, and the first shot came flying out onto his chest. I pushed my cock in as deep as it would go and held on, while he pumped semen all over the place.

I was afraid he would want me to stop fucking him now that he had cum, but he said, "You cum too.

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