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Young wife is relieved by her boss.

It's up in a bun and curly,' Nathan said, laughing as the other guys joined in laughing with him.


Busted again.

I moaned in annoyance and put my head down.

'Guys stop... ' I whined.

'Oh come on, we're only messing with you. Whoever the guy is, I'm sure you both had a good time,' Nathan said.

'Mhmm... ' I groaned.

'How about a head rub?' Nathan asked.

'Those are good, or maybe a neck rub would be good to break up that hickey,' Johnny said, giggling with the guys.

I rolled my eyes. They are always laughing with each other and all and that's fine, but they don't know what exactly happened to me...

The bell to the start of first class rang and everyone hurried to their class. I still had my head down. I heard the chair beside me being pulled out, and being sat in.

My heart thumped faster. I know exactly who that is.

That's Lizzy.

I lifted my head to see Lizzy sitting beside me. She was looking down at her lap, playing with her hands. I sat up and looked as the teacher walked to the front of the class.

'Alright, good morning everyone. Hope everyone had a great weekend,' Mr. F said.

The guys giggled, looking over at me.

I looked away from them, trying to focus on Mr. F.

'Guys quiet please. Today we are starting the last unit. So if you could please take out your notebooks and pens that'd be great. We will be taking a note,' said Mr. F.

My elbow brushed up against Lizzy's as we both reached for our notebooks. Many heart leaped in my chest.

My teacher turned on the projector and turned off the lights. The note appeared on the blackboard.

'Okay, so if you could write from paragraph one to paragraph three please,' Mr. F said as he pointed out what to write down.

Everyone started to right down the note.

Minutes into writing the note, I felt a grip on my thigh.

I stopped writing immediately, looking down to my thigh, to see that familiar hand rested on my thigh.

I looked beside me at Lizzy, and she was writing down the note; one hand writing, the other, on my thigh.

My breathing automatically started to pace, and I tried writing down the rest of my note.

Lizzy rubbed my thigh soothingly up and down for a few moments.

I bit my lip, holding back a gentle moan.

She then slipped her fingers inside my kilt, finding the waistband of my panties.

I immediately jolted in my seat, trying to contain my sexual excitement.

She slipped her fingers past the waistband and was met with my dripping slit, and she ran her fingers along me.

'Mmmhm... ' I let out the moan that I had been trapping in my throat.

A few faces shot back at me, looking strangley at me.

I cleared my throat. 'Sorry, I was thinking of what I'm going to have for lunch. Mhmm macaroni salad... ' I faked a moan, but in reality, I was in pure bliss right now because of Lizzy's fingers.

I saw Lizzy smiling from the corner of my eye.

I bit my lip even harder as she slipped her fingers into my hole and began to ease her fingers in and out of me slowly.

I slouched in my chair, grabbing my binder and holding it close to my mouth.

I moaned as quietly as I could into my binder. Lizzy started to finger me faster now.

She leaned over to whisper in my ear.

'Are you close?' she asked in my ear.

I managed a nod. I was so close.

She continued to finger me while she reached her other hand down and slipped it into my panties as well, rubbing my clit while her other hand fingered me.

'Oh my gosh!' I yelled aloud.

My teacher looked at me.

'Something the matter Katie?' he asked as he looked away from his computer.

'Umm... No sir, I just remembered that today isn't macaroni salad day, it's actually taco salad... ' I said, hoping it was believable.

'Ah, right,' my teacher said as he looked back at his computer.

I continued to bite my lip hard while Lizzy continued her amazing work.

'I'm so close... ' I moaned.

Again, those same faces shot back at me.

'Ummm... So close to finishing this note!' I improvised.

The faces turned back around, continuing their wri

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