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Rajani's hand was still on Suhail's tool as they stared at each other. Suhail was mesmerized, his hand still inside Rajani's sari, looking at Sonali, standing there in her naked splendor, her petite boobs with pointed nipples and her delicate pussy sprouting with short pubes. Rajani caught her younger sister's gaze fixed on Suhail's cock and abruptly removed her hand from his tool. Rajani was the first to regain her composure and covered her boobs with her sari. Suhail also zipped up his erection with difficulty. Sonali picked up her towel and ran off to her own room.

Suhail left immediately, disappointed that he could not complete whatever he contemplated. Rajani on the other hand was cool and approached the situation objectively. After rearranging her dress she went to Sonali's room and had a brief chat. Both sisters vowed to keep this event a secret when Rajani hinted that she too knew about her younger sister's shenanigans in the college.

Priya, surprisingly, was not shocked but was getting excited. An itch had started developing in between her legs and she could sense her panties getting wet. She sat down on the bed and squeezed her legs together to control the nascent itch. But squeezing had the opposing effect of increasing the itch manifolds. All this action was not hidden from Sonali who gave a sly smile.

Priya: Are you telling the truth? Was that boy Suhail? Perhaps, that's why he touched me when he was dancing with me that night.

Hearing this, Sonali became confident that she now had Priya under her control.

Sonali: Has he also been able to get into your pants sis?

Priya: No, no. I do not like all this. I had barely started dancing with him when he started touching me. I stopped dancing with him then and there and never danced with him again.

Sonali: (smiles mischievously) hey sis, where did he touch you? Didn't you think about him after that!

Priya: Shut up! And listen carefully. Rajani never overstepped her limits. She never lost her virginity and you have given it all away. You do whatever you want but at least do not allow boys to fuck you. If you get pregnant then there will be a lot of problems.

Sonali: I know sis that I made a mistake. But what could I do. I had got so excited that I could not refuse. Let me tell you sis, it was so enjoyable!

Priya: Ok, forget about it now. But be careful in future.

Sonali: I will be. Tell me sis, I can't understand that you are the most beautiful and sexy of us three sisters. How can you live without making out with the boys?

Priya: This is none of your business. And I am warning you that if I come to hear any adverse thing about you then I will tell our parents. This is your last chance. Understood?

They ended the conversation here and start preparing to sleep.

Sonali didn't know that her Priya was masturbating every night and even now when they had been talking about Rajani and Suhail. When Sonali was describing Suhail's cock, Priya's pussy started leaking in her panties. Priya felt an urgent need to masturbate. She wanted to go to the toilet and release the pent up sexual energy building inside her.

Priya recomposed herself. She did not want Sonali to have any inkling of what was going inside her. She was already wet inside her panties and wanted an immediate relief. So she pretended normal, took her nightwear and went to the attached bathroom to change for the night.

But once inside she leaned against a wall, hurriedly pulled up her skirt and pushed aside her already wet panties.

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