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A WWII tale of siblings and their lost spouses.

My mind had blurred the distinction between reality and fantasy and though my open eyes were taking in the sight of another guy fucking my girl, it was in reality me in there, somehow allowed to witness the act I was doing with her.

The couple in front of me were thrusting wildly now and my hand was bobbing up and down my own hard shaft. I was so close to orgasm, Nadine's soft cries of passion were ringing in my ears and my vision was filled with her beautiful face contorted in an expression of exquisite torture, her eyes shut tightly.

Nadine's cries escalated to a continuing moan as Justin's grunts intensified in volume and frequency. My hand was rushing up and down my rigid cock when Nadine finally climaxed with a cry.

"Justin... Justin... Justin... Ohhh my God!" she blurted through tight lips as her nails bit into his back and her body went still for a second before she wrapped her legs around Justin's thighs, her heels clasping him to her.

Her orgasm caused me to reach my own peak as I came with a force which almost blew me away. I shut my eyes so tightly that tears formed behind my eyelids and I had to bite my lip and swallow past the lump in my throat in an effort not to cry out my pleasure. My knees gave away and I sank down into the soft earth outside the window.

"Justin, that was incredible," floated out of the window in Nadine's breathless voice as I was struggling back to normalcy.

"Yes, love. It was great," Justin said.

When I was able to, I raised myself up to the window to peer inside and saw Nadine cuddling with Justin on the couch, their lips locked in a leisurely kiss, their content apparent in the afterglow of great sex. I had had enough. I moved away and walked back to my own house across the street, my resolve for what I was about to do solidified.

Back in my bedroom, I started accumulating the things I'd need in a small bag and a little while later I heard the roar which signalled Justin's departure. I was almost ready and with a last minute check, I picked up my bag and left the place. Arriving at Nadine's house, I hid my bag in the bush beside the door and rang the bell. Nadine opened the door and smiled when she saw me standing there.

"Hi Cole. Come on in," she said, moving to give me way.

"Hi Nadine." I walked past her into the living room and went directly to the couch which was the setting for her adventure today. One of the cushions was slightly off the couch and I settled it properly before sitting. Nadine had come in right behind me and avoided my eyes as she saw my action, perhaps remembering what had caused the cushion to get out of place.

"So how was your day Cole? Find anyone today at least?" she asked me. It was a joke between us that she would find a girl for me if I didn't do it myself, and I had initially gone along with her to amuse her.

"Nope. Looks like I am not the girl's type," I replied seriously. She looked at me intently, trying to judge whether I was joking. "I guess I'll just have to look harder," I hurried on with a smile to ease her. She relaxed and I continued. "I actually dropped by to get that book you told me about a few days back. Have you finished it?"

"Yes, I'm done. I'll fetch it for you."

She disappeared out of the room and up to her bedroom. I moved rapidly to the front door and yanked it open, grabbed my bag and ran to the solid block of wood that served as a table in the far corner of the room. It was a good hiding place where I could keep my bag for a few hours and I dropped it there, secure in the knowledge that it wouldn't be found. Next, I rushed over to the window through which I'd witnessed the action earlier on and opened the latch, pushing the window open to test it if it would make any noise. Satisfied that it wouldn't, I closed it, making sure that the latch remained unfastened. Just as I went back to the couch and resumed my seat, Nadine walked back into the room with the book.

"Here it is.

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