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He runs into Black Master again.

After dating Maryanne for just 12 weeks, she asked me to move in with her. Being 22 years old and still living at home with my mother, I was keen to move out, so I agreed. Just a week later, she asks, "Why don't we get engaged?" So like the desperate fool I was, I stupidly agreed. The following weekend we go out and spend my entire savings on an engagement ring. Just a few days later Maryanne claims to have lost her ring, but couldn't explain where she found the money to spend a small fortune on new clothes. For the next several weeks I spend every penny I earn trying to keep her happy, buying her whatever she asks for, but getting very little back in return.

I finally come to my senses and realise things will never be right with Maryanne. My main concern being that our sex life was about as dull as dish water. The fact was, Maryanne was about as much fun in bed as a blow up doll. I finally stand up for myself and tell Maryanne that I'm not happy and if things are to progress further between us, then things need to change.

Thinking that our relationship had come to an end, with nothing to lose, I tell Maryanne there are things she needs to know about me. I confide in Maryanne and tell her about my satin fetish and that I enjoy cross-dressing. Her reaction to my confession takes me by surprise, keen to see me dress up in female clothes; also very keen to dress up in satin herself, for my pleasure. Having retrieved my stash of women's clothing from my mother's house, I dress up in a pretty satin blouse and pleated satin skirt, complete with satin panties and a nice satin full-slip. Seeing me dressed in women's clothes, Maryanne is like a different person, she pounces on me and we end up having sex. The next few weeks is interesting to say the least, our sex life is totally transformed; I wouldn't describe it as mind blowing sex, but Maryanne participates and even initiates sex, rather than just lay there with her legs open like a sex doll. She is keen for me to dress in female attire as often as possible, but refuses to explain why it turns her on so much to see me in women's clothes.

One night in bed, after having sex, with both of us dressed like school girls, in black satin pinafore dresses and frilly white satin bow blouses, we start talking about fantasies and confessions. Maryanne wanted to know how many sex partners I'd had, how old I was when I lost my virginity and the most shocking thing I had ever done. Things were going so well, I made the huge mistake of confessing to having lost my virginity to my sister, I also admitted to having fucked my mother a few times. Maryanne jumps out of bed, calls me a sick pervert, then screams at me to get out, saying she never wants to see me again. That night I moved back to my mother's house and never saw Maryanne again.

A few days later I get a phone call from Karen, Maryanne's best friend, someone I also now considered to be my friend. Karen says she needs to see me urgently, so we can talk. She tells me she is not happy with the way Maryanne treated me since we first met. Karen tells me that Maryanne is spreading vile rumours about me to all her friends. I ask Karen what sort of rumours, but she says she is too embarrassed to repeat such things, that nobody believes anything of what they have heard; she tells me she is ashamed to call Maryanne her friend. Karen also tells me that Maryanne's daughter (Michelle) is the result of her being gang raped by her three older brothers. I tell Karen I didn't even know she had three brothers. When Maryanne finds out Karen has betrayed her trust, Maryanne is so angry she moves away and breaks connections with everyone she knows.


Chloe now stood in my bedroom trembling from fear with tears streaming down her pretty face.

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