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A second date for strange pussy.

The date and day of the week had been censored as was the article. All dates and traces of them were excised. The story however made Beverly's jaw drop.

She read, "Police are focusing their investigation on Theodore Holland, husband of the missing woman, Beverly Holland. Police have retraced Mrs. Holland's steps that day. The lack of any physical evidence of a break in, struggle or ransom demands indicates to the police that Mrs. Holland was not abducted. It is also not believed that she has run away, Mr Holland has been cooperating with the investigation but police are unhappy with his answers to certain questions which they have not revealed to the press," The rest of the article was blacked out.

"Oh my God!" Said Beverly

Master roared with laughter. "That police force consists of Officer Wiggum types. They will build a case out of thin air and, perhaps, apply enough pressure that he confesses. If not that, harass him to the point where he has to leave town. I can't imagine the money he has already spent on lawyers!"

"You see slave! You see woman! Any dreams on your part for rescue are just mind farts. NO ONE is looking for you best settle in and make me happy, "

Master produced a photograph. It was of Beverly's daughter Maria. "I had this printed off where they don't know me. I took it recently, God is she gorgeous. When I look at her it is not hard to imagine mother and daughter sharing a cage."

"No!" Screamed Beverly.

"Then you had best be a very good slave. No hesitation. No holding back. We are going to have an experiment tonight. For the first time you will be permitted to share my bed for the entire night. You will fuck me like its your honeymoon. You will hold me close. You will smile ALWAYS. I want a little ray of sunshine in my cabin. You have been obedient but unenthusiastic that changes or you will watch as I strip your daughter and fuck her brains out. Starting now you will SMILE when I fuck you up the ass. You will purr with contentment when I fuck your vagina. Your blow jobs need to be more enthusiastic. I want a VERY happy woman from this day forward. I bought some lingerie when I was in town a HAPPY woman MAY get to wear it from time to time . .. Do you understand?"

Beverly was nothing if not smart and resourceful. She put on the biggest smile she possessed and said "Yes Master!" She approached Master and said. "Your woman would be honored to give her master as blow job."

Master smiled and said "That's more like it, proceed woman."

Beverly knelt before her captor and opened his pants. As she sucked him off, something she must have done at least a hundred times since her abduction, she made kitten like noises and gasped appreciatively. When he came Beverly raised her face towards master, and obviously swirled his seed about her mouth before swallowing.

"I see that my slave is trainable. That is good. Tonight in bed your only desire should be driving the image of your daughter from my mind. 'Smile always, Obedience always and a wildcat in the sack', that should be your new mantra, woman. Repeat it to me.

"Smile always, obedience always and a wildcat in the sack."

"Very good."

For the next several hours Beverly helped her master stow away all the goods he had purchased. There was one package from Victoria's Secret but master quickly took it away. Beverly repeated her mantra and her face always wore a smile. "At least he won't expect me to smile in my sleep" she thought to herself.

When it was time for bed Master wiped her after she peed and crapped. He presented her with a toothbrush and some floss and let her attend to her dental hygiene. While looking in the mirror Beverly psyched herself up. She knew exactly what she had to do.

Master led her to his bedroom.

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