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A power realised. A line crossed.

I don't hesitate and come out from my hiding place and sprint across the road. Everything was fine except I didn't count on one thing. My tits. I usually wear a tight jog bra when I run. I obviously didn't have one on tonight. My tits were flopping all over the place, kind of hurt actually. When I had 15 yards to go I had to grab them with one arm to stop their movement. Had I misjudged the cars and could their headlights allow me to be seen? I made it across and continued to run a few yards into the woods. I stopped and looked back to see if any cars were stopping. It didn't look like it so I bent down and grabbed my knees breathing hard. I'm in shape but with all the excitement I was out of breath. I was sweating and I am sure my pussy was wet too.

I was this far and felt great so I started down the trail. There was just enough light to see the trees and path. The trail led to an open area in the woods. Kind of a meadow about 30 yards across. I walked to the center and stopped. I raised my arms up enjoying the feeling of being out in the open in the nude. This was the best feeling in the world and it made me oh so horny. I kept walking and reached the pond. The trail led around the back of the pond and I followed it. As I made it around the back of it I stopped. I looked around and saw that I was in the middle of a group of nylon dome tents. What the hell? I must have walked into somebody's campsite. I saw a bonfire about 50 yards away and a group of adults and boys sitting around it. I don't think they could see me because the light of the fire blinded them. Very quietly I made my way through the tents. I heard some snoring coming from some. I had made it to the last tent when I stopped. I heard the zipper of that tent being opened.

I was only about 12 feet from the tent, but in total darkness so I don't think they could see me. Some one crawled out of the tent. It was a man about 6' 2". He took a few steps away from his tent. I didn't move an inch. I recognized him. He was my next door neighbor. I figure him to be about 35. He must be camping with his son. He was dressed in a t-shirt and boxers. He reached in his shorts and pulled his cock out. I guess he had to pee. I looked at his cock. It was really big. Bigger then any I had ever had. About 10 inched long and very thick with a large knob end. He let go his stream of piss. I was really horny and felt my pussy get wetter looking at his cock. This would be a one time chance if I was willing to take it. Would he keep quiet?

He finished peeing and shook his big cock a couple of times. He pulled on it for awhile and that's when I made my move. I silently walked up to him and took his cock in my hand and gave it a tug. I whispered in his ear, "If you want to have the fuck of your life be very quiet and follow me."

I let go of his cock ready to sprint down the trail but he just stood there and said, "OK" I had him follow me down to the pond where there were some picnic tables. When we reached one I knelt down and removed his boxers. His big cock came free and was stiffening quickly. I grabbed it and started licking it and tried to get it in my mouth. His head was so large that I could only get that in my mouth. I sucked on him and stroked the rest. He had a set of large balls that hung down low in his big sack. I played with those as I sucked.

He moaned some and I said to "shhhhh".

I new he would come if I continued so I stopped and stood up.

I whispered, "Now be quiet so no one will hear us."

I turned around and bent over the picnic table and presented my ass to him.

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