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Carrie and Cassadee continue the tour.

"Ouch!" Blaine yelped, trying to escape Dottie's pinching fingers.

"Can't have you getting all hard on us, honey," Dottie said. "The three of us together couldn't put it back in your pants if you got a boner."

Blaine knew there was no need to worry about that. He'd learned a year ago to control his erections. It started in high school when the hot redhead, not unlike Angie, that sat next to him decided to tease him a bit then squealed when she saw the result in his pants.

The teacher came to investigate and Blaine was sent to the principal to deal with his impudence for stuffing whatever it was that was down his pants. Mrs. Dennison, the principal, sent Blaine along to the school nurse when he insisted that what was in his pants was all him.

It fell to nurse Shirley Valenti to have Blaine lower his trousers so she could investigate what was hidden there. She had been as shocked as everyone else when the black boy walked into her office with that enormous erection poking at the front of his pants.

There was no doubt the boy had told the truth. It was an incredible cock. After sitting for twenty-five minutes in her private office with his pants around his ankles, Blaine's hard on showed no signs of softening. Nurse Shirley took matters into her own hands, literally. She jerked Blaine off.

Blaine met regularly with the school nurse over the next few months until he learned to control what happened with his cock. During those sessions, Nurse Shirley gave him numerous handjobs and even a few blowjobs. It was how Blaine got his love of older women.

"Damn it Dottie!" Blaine shouted, grabbing her hand and pulling it out of his fly. "I'm not taking my cock out in the middle of the store." Dottie's nipples had hardened noticeably and Blaine grabbed the nearest one and squeezed hard. "There, how do you like being pinched?"

Dottie had to close her eyes and bite her lip to ward off the pain in her breast that quickly morphed into pleasure as the young black kid twisted her flattened nipple before letting go. Angie swore she could see Dottie's nipple throbbing in rhythm to her heartbeat even through her tight blouse.

"Mmmm, you sure know how to warm a girl up," Dottie purred sincerely.

Angie was beside herself. All those pictures of big black cocks with beautiful white women flooded her brain. She wondered what it would feel like to have Blaine pinch her nipple. If there was anything those pictures had taught her, it was that she had an irresistible desire to submit to a big black dick. She was so wet it felt as if she'd pissed her panties. She wondered if her jeans were beginning to soak through. What if the pair of store employees saw a wet spot in her crotch?

"Probably just as well," Dottie said, turning back to Angie.

"Why's that?" Angie wondered aloud.

"He doesn't fuck white women anyway, only lets them suck his cock."

"You don't like fucking white women?" Angie asked Blaine, talking directly to him for the first time.

"It's not that..." he answered.

"Then what?"

"They don't like fucking me."

"I-I'm sure some people are still a little racist..." Angie stammered.

"It has nothing to do with racism," Dottie answered, retaking control of the conversation again.

"I'm confused," Angie said.

"He's too big," Dottie told her. "It's too big. Women are frightened of it."

"I don't believe...that sounds preposterous."

"So you've never had one too big..." Dottie said.

"Never!" said Angie adamantly. "And I doubt he's too big either."

"Sounds like she's challenging you, hon," Dottie told Blaine.

"She's full of shit," Blaine replied.

"So you don't want to fuck her?"

"I already told her she doesn't want to fuck me."

Angie couldn't believe this couple was talking about her as if she wasn't even there.

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