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Florence goes to visit William's grandfather.

He is sure if Ross had caught him he'd be dead right now. It is a good thing he had taken Track in high school, it did come in handy after all.

"There is no escaping me," a voice comes from behind.

The young sailor turns to find Ross standing over him with a large pipe wrench. Thoughts surge through his mind. How did he get in front of me? He must have taken a short cut. He brushes aside the thoughts; he doesn't have time for them now. Run! His mind screams. But by then it is too late. The pipe wrench crashes down with amazing force splitting the sailor's skull and splattering brain matter all over the corridor.


Bryan Chan is dragged up to the command bridge. He barely registers the journey there. At some part of the trip he ceases to remember what part of the ship they are in or even how to escape from it is he had the chance.

His Chinese escorts curse and tell him obscenities, though much of them he doesn't hear. It feels like his senses were beginning to leave him. He is dragged to entire way as the feeling in his legs seems to have already left him. They feel numb and if not for seeing them with his own eyes he could swear he had lost them.

They enter the bridge and he is overwhelmed by the activity. Sailors are engaged at their stations and none of them even turn their heads to glance. The only one to take interest in him or his escorts is Delun Tong, the captain of the Gang Jun. He is deposited at the captain's feet and his escorts take a step back.

"So, you are the one responsible for damage to my ship," Tong states. "And a traitor to Mother China."

Chan struggles to lift his head to look up at the captain. After a moment he is successful though his head swim briefly. When the dizziness leaves he says, "My allegiance lies with something else entirely."

"Which is why I will be your executioner," he says with a wry grin. Tong holds out his hand and one of Chan's escorts steps forward and hands him a pistol. "This really is too quick for you, but seeing how I have a sea battle to win this has to be done quickly."

Chan has already lowered his eyes to stare down at the deck. His head spin from dizziness. Blackness is threatening to take over his vision. He just sits waiting for the inevitable. As the pistol presses against his head, he breathes out a sigh. He has already accepted death the moment he left for his mission. His acceptance is set in concrete the moment he failed his mission. His only saving grace is he created hopefully enough havoc.

He fights through the darkness to once again look at the captain and smile. Emotionless, Tong catches and holds Chan's stare and then he pulls the trigger. The gun shot rings through the bridge bringing a momentary hush throughout. The only sound is that of Chan's lifeless body hitting the deck.

"Dump the body overboard and get this cleaned up," Tong commands as the noise returns to the bridge. He hands the pistol back to the sailor, "Make a final swept through the ship. I don't want any more surprises."


Bridges tears through the jungle. He runs as fast as he can, jumping fallen logs and ducking low branches. Vines whip at his face striking him hard and drawing blood. He ignores them and continues his escape. Hell Hounds are right behind him. He can't shake the feeling of them anymore than he can their pursuit. He can hear the shouts from the soldiers but can't make out what is said.

Finally his trek comes to an end as he slides to a stop short of flying off the edge of the cliff that now sits in front of him. "Whoa," he says out loud. He peers over the edge to see the dark, deep blue of the ocean below. Then suddenly he spins around as a low growl emits from behind him. Stepping slowly in a low prowl is one of the Hell Hounds. From the howls still filtering from the jungle, Bridges knows the others aren't far behind.

The creature stalks him in a semi-circle, not once taking its eyes off him.

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