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But, choose wisely, you will be forever linked to this person, until their death." He said with a wry smile.

"So, when do I have to decide on this?" I asked.

"Take as long as you need, search for the right one."

"How will I know."

"They will come to you in a dream. They will tell you, even if they don't know it when they're awake, the mind does things when the body sleeps, they will reveal themselves to you." He said. I smiled and stood.

"How long will it take?" I asked. I knew I was asking questions that they didn't have real answers to, but I had to ask them anyway.

"As long as it takes. Could be tonight, could be next year. We don't know." He said with a smile. He got up and came to me and shook my hand. "It's a pleasure to have you within our ranks Thomas. I look forward to being able to talk to you at great length." Joseph said as he stepped towards the door. Teresa was there waiting with them. "Teresa, stay with Thomas for right now, answer any questions that you can, and the ones you can't, write them down and get it to me. I'll do what I can." He said and walked out the door.

I thanked each of them for coming. I gave Sofia a wink and a pat on the ass as she was the last one to leave. She turned and smiled at me. She opened the rest of the buttons on her blouse and showed me a magnificent pair of tits that would rival anyone half her age. I smiled and blew her a kiss.

Back inside, I sat down on the couch and laid my head back. Andie came over and sat with me while Teresa perused through her book. Andie looked at me, she could see that I was drained. Not from the intended attack on my brain, just the stress of the whole thing.

"Tommy, can I give you a massage or anything?" She asked. Normally, I would have just shrugged my shoulders, but since she didn't call me Master, I opened my eyes. I peered into her head and saw that she was hoping she was the one. She really was taken with me, like I was the Messiah or something. In fact, for Telepaths, I was.

"If you like. Teresa, if you don't mind, I would like to ask you a few questions before you get to engrossed in that book." I said. Andie went to the closet and pulled out a sturdy folding massage table and prepared it. When it was ready and I was laying naked on my stomach, Andie placed a towel over my butt and finished her preparations.

"Go ahead Thomas." Teresa said as she lay down on the floor, her face below mine.

"Well, you said something about a bigger house. What did you mean by that?" I asked as Andie poured warm oil in the palm of her hand. At her first touch, the sensation was indeed warm and I felt some of the tension going away.

"You are the Mishanna. I know that for sure even if they are skeptical. The Mishanna must have a palace. We can't just build you one, it would take too long, but you must have a home, a castle, something big enough to hold at least a hundred subjects to do you're bidding." She said as she flipped through the pages of her book. She found the page she was looking for and flipped it over and upside down to her so I could read it correctly.

(The Mishanna shall be treated as a King. Royalty. All will bow before him and serve him as their Master.) The page showed a great palace with people lined up outside it's doors with gifts.

"So, where will we get such a place?" I asked her. She smiled.

"I know of an estate in New Jersey that's for sale?" She said.

"I don't want to live in New Jersey!" I said with a groan. She giggled.

"We can find you something fitting Master!" She said with a smile.

I lay there, letting Andie do her thing. I was feeling the tension just melt away as she massaged up and down my legs and my lower back. She was very professional about it at first, then she started taking liberties. Massaging my ass cheeks since Teresa was laying under me, she couldn't see.

Andie, put some pressure on my left leg, wanting me to scoot it over and then the right.

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