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Steve and Angela continue the hunt for his wife's killer.

If I have to keep listening to their inane comments, I can't be held responsible for what I might do."

"Try not to kill anyone. I don't have enough bail money on me."

She laughed, and Dylan grinned as he got back in the elevator. "You're hilarious. Just hurry up."

"On my way."

She gave him directions to the garage and he put his phone back in his pocket after the call ended.

The drive to the garage gave him time to consider how happy he'd been to see her calling him. Sure, he'd woken up annoyed and frustrated but he couldn't lay all the blame at her feet. He hadn't said anything he really wanted to up to this point either. Some of it was because of his own reticence with women, and some of it was not knowing how she'd react. All he knew for sure was that he didn't think he could wait until after the wedding.

He pulled up in front of the garage and hopped out of his truck. He couldn't see inside, with the sun shining down in his eyes, but he could hear raised voices from inside the open bay doors and stopped when he heard Cassia's raised over the others.

"I said drop it, jerkface."

Dylan covered his smile with one hand. Jerkface? She must be referring to one of her brothers. And holding back.

"If I have to tell you one more time, your face is going to look like this grill, understand?"

"Why don't you get your hockey boyfriend to beat me up instead?"

"I don't need to. I know how to kick you in the balls just as well as anybody."

Dylan barked out a laugh at the image that sprang to mind. He knew, without a doubt, that she'd have done that very thing growing up, at some point or another.

At the sound of his laugh, the argument ceased and something clanged before footsteps sounded and Cassia appeared.

"Dylan, thank God you're here."

Behind her, two identical men walked out, wearing identical scowls. Dylan grinned as Cassia came closer.

"You weren't kidding."

Her jaw clenched as she shook her head. "Seriously, you are saving me from spending the rest of my life in prison."

"I'd break you out."

His comment made her smile and he smiled back. She had a spot of grease on her cheek and her hair was coming loose in wisps from her ponytail. With her grey coveralls covered in paint, grease, and other assorted stains that had distinctive smells, she looked like she'd been working for several days straight. And she'd never looked more appealing. Dylan had to shove his hands in his pockets to keep from reaching for her, figuring she wouldn't appreciate the display, not with her brothers twenty feet away. He shouldn't have worried.

She glanced over his shoulder before moving closer and reaching up to pull him close. Her expression went from determined to uncertain as she touched his face. She hesitated at the last moment, her eyes questioning, and Dylan knew what she wanted. When he felt her hand slip, he didn't let her pull away. He jerked his hands out of his pockets to pull her close, pressing his mouth on hers. He swallowed her surprised gasp and held her head still while he took the kiss as deep as she would allow.

He was sure they lost some time while they stood there, and he didn't care. When he finally let her stand straight again, she was flushed, her lips were pink, and he wanted to do it again.

"Do you have to do that in front of us?"

Cassia's expression went from dazed to irritated and she whirled to face her brothers. "No one said you had to stand there and watch, Kent."

"Someone has to look out for you."

"Oh, please. I look out for myself, thank you very much."

Dylan grinned, slipping his hands back in his pockets. He had to admit he loved listening to her sharp tone.

The twins faced them both, scowls still in place. "Well, are you going to introduce us?"

"Kent, this is Dylan Samuels. Dylan, Kent is the one on the right, with the mouth, and Kurt is on the left."

"Nice to meet you. Cassia talks about you guys all the time."

Kent's scowl deepened while Kurt started to look nervous.

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