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Taking a break from the holiday rush.

It was a shady area with a lot of trees. I wanted to smoke before I went in so I just peaked in to see where my mom was.

My mom was in her usual place behind the racks, there was this only one corner from where I could see her fully. The shop was empty as usual. So I snuck to the side and lit my cigarette. I was puffing casually, with one eye on my mom. I didn't want her to catch me.

I had reached halfway when the owner of the shop Mr. Nathan came out of his cabin. He was a friendly man and wasn't usually there, as my mom looked after the store alone. He came out and stood behind my mom. She was writing something and he was standing behind her and saying something to her. I was still very relaxed till Nathan put his hands on my mom's shoulders. Now this was very odd. My mom was such a pious and innocent lady and she was being touched by her employer. I was watching with my mouth open as Nathan started giving her a shoulder massage. His fingers were going round and round on her shoulder and neck. Slowly the circles became wider and Nathan was slowly going for her boobs. Now I thought my mom will scream out but she closed her eyes and was apparently enjoying it. Nathan slowly inserted his hands in to her blouse from top and, the tight blouse bulged out more as he cupped her boobs. I felt as if I was on fire, also maybe because the cigarette had reached my finger and was burning me. The burn by the fire wasn't as painful as was seeing my mom get her tits squeezed. I was aroused too at the same time, I wanted Nathan to do more and I wanted to see.

Nathan removed his hand from her blouse and told my mom something. She closed the book she was writing into and walked behind Nathan into his cabin. I couldn't see anymore. I just waited for sometime and slowly crept behind the shop from where I could look into Nathan's cabin. I looked in to see my mom sitting on Nathan's work desk and Nathan standing in front of her. He put both his hands on her side and lifted her sari till it was caught under my mom's ass. She lifted her ass up so he could pull up her whole sari above her waist. I could see my mom's fleshy fat thighs, also the streak of black panty which was showing like a line between her big thighs.

Nathan let the lower portion and went for the boobs, he wasn't so much of a boobs man I think because he just opened a few buttons on the blouse and let the bra be. Still my moms boobs spilled out from the small bra and Nathan kissed the bulged out tits. He squeezed the boobs over the bra, while he licked her neck. All this while he never tried to kiss my mom, I was glad about that. In some way I felt that was good.

Nathan then motioned her to lift her ass again so he could slide her panties off. My mom complied and lifted her ass and Nathan swiftly pulled off her panty. I still couldn't see her pussy because of her big thighs, till Nathan parted her thighs. Now I could see her clean shaven cunt. This surprised me. I would have never imagined my mom having to do anything with her pussy much less shave it. Nathan got down on his knees and held her thighs apart as he started licking her pussy. My mom had her eyes closed, enjoying being eaten. Nathan was an expert as he rubbed his whole face into her big cunt, licking her pussy lengthwise and then tickling her ass hole too. My mom was moaning now as she held his head with both her hands and pushed him more into her cunt lips.

In a few minutes she was writhing and she started Cumming.

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