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Where everyone has drinks about feelings.

She knew her full breasts were visible to the world, and everyone could see their two hands working in between her legs as she stood on high heels in the middle of the dance floor with a complete stranger. Surprising herself, she realized she wasn't embarrassed at all. In fact, she liked watching the eyes of people watching her desire. She liked it a lot.

"You're not shy," The Chameleon whispered in her ear.

"I guess not," she managed, feeling herself getting closer to the edge of pleasure.

He slipped a wet finger inside her pussy and pushed it deep. She gasped and gripped his arm, digging in her nails. "I want to fuck you in every room in this place."

"How many rooms are there?" She closed her eyes, barely able to stand as he thrust his finger deep into her over and over again.

"Seven. Seven rooms in seven nights. Are you up for it?"

Lavender's hand moved behind her back and gripped at his pants. "Absolutely." Her boldness surprised her, but no one knew who she was at Prism. She could be anyone. She could do anything. She could be free of the monotony and boredom of her daily life. If she wanted, she could take multiple partners a night, or all at once, and no one would care or even know.

"Pleasure for pleasure, an even trade. I'll pull out, but you're on the pill, right?"

She nodded, her head rolling back against his strong chest. He put a second finger inside her, but didn't cease his hard thrusting, and she was about to lose her mind. "Then we're agreed."


"Good," he said, and pulled his fingers from her and pulled back from her, turning her around to face him.

He wore a mask covered with colorful gemstones and a rather phallic nose, but she could see his eyes were blue and his hair, blonde like hers, hung a little long. That night, he wore a purple button-down shirt and black pants. Though he didn't stand much taller than her, he was solidly built and obviously worked out to attain arms like the ones he'd had locked around her.

Gently, he kissed her lips and then pushed her down onto her knees.

"Don't worry," he said, putting his hands on his hips. "No one will step on you. And they keep the floors here very clean."

Not sure why she was obeying a strange man, but knowing she desperately wanted him back inside her and would do whatever he asked, she undid his pants. He wore no underwear, which made pulling him out of the pants easy. Her fingers couldn't reach all the way around his thick cock, and she grew excited about how it would feel when he put it inside her. More people watched as she licked her lips, and then began to run him over her lips, feeling the hardness of his member against the softness of her lips. She spit on his cock and rubbed the wetness into the tip. Squeezing her lips together, she pushed her mouth against the tip, letting it push into her mouth slowly. Once she'd taken as much of him in her mouth as she could, she looked up at his face and saw a naughty grin watching her closely.

Lavender felt charged by her own arousal and the attention of the people around, and put her hands on his. She began to move her head to and from him, letting him have all of her mouth. Moving one hand, she took hold of his balls and began to knead them at the same time, to the same rhythm. Remembering the older man behind her, she stuck her ass out and pulled up her kimono the rest of the way, revealing her round ass and her purple thong to him especially, but to anyone else who might have liked the view as well.

The Chameleon enjoyed how she sucked him off. He threw back his head and closed his eyes. When he looked back down at her, he took hold of her hair. Holding her head in place, he began to thrust himself back and forth in her mouth, and she dropped her hands to her sides to allow it. He was forceful, but it didn't hurt, and she imagined him doing the same action to her pussy and hoped he wouldn't wait too long to do just that.

"Fuck her!

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