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Mom visits campus for threesome with daughter.

Kat briefly wondered what Marie could have been nervous about, before she realized that she was staring at Marie's beautiful and toned calves, folded under her firm and long thighs, partially hidden by Marie's green skirt, the red tank-top she wore which concealed her pierced navel, a teardrop contrasting perfectly with Marie's pale skin, her perky breasts hidden behind the straps of the bra Kat saw poking out from underneath the tank top.

Marie snapped her fingers at Kat. "Hey, Kat, did I break you there?" Kat started, and blushed as she realized she had been caught staring.

"Um, hun, would it be horrible of me to say that I... want you to think you were coming onto me?" Kat said, barely able to hear what she was saying between the throbbing of her heart and pussy. Kat had no idea how Marie was going to react, but just saying it to Marie felt like the most right thing she had done with her life in god knows how many years. Marie simply raised an eyebrow, never turning her attention from the TV. How much it made Kat ache with lust to be so out of control, Marie would never know.

Marie put her coffee cup down, exaggerating her slow and precise movements, and calmly reached over to Kat and took the other cup of coffee from her and set it down on the table, the electric contact of Marie's fingers on Kat's causing Kat to jump a little. Marie looked Kat in the eyes, and smiled sweetly as she pushed a lock of Kat's hair behind Kat's right ear, Marie's fingers gently gliding along the outer edge of Kat's earlobe. Kat shuddered as pleasure surged through her body, the dampness in her panties threatening to stain her jeans.

"Not fair. I told you about that spot in confidence." Kat said, her breath coming quick and shallow. Marie giggled. "So I take it you're okay with me wanting this?" Kat asked. Marie smiled, and pulled Kat to her and kissed her deeply. The kiss felt like fire to Kat, and Marie tasted like sugar, and earth, and flowers. Marie parted her lips and softly licked around the edges of Kat's lips, trying to press Kat's mouth open. Kat whimpered, and allowed Marie to enter her mouth. Marie's tongue shot forward and licked behind Kat's teeth, eliciting a surprised shriek from Kat. Marie pulled away, laughing softly.

"Oh my god, that felt so weird!" Kat said, giving Marie a little shove. "Why would you do that?" Kat asked.

"Oh come on, you were enjoying that way too much. I didn't want you to finish so soon." Marie said, looking at the now visible wet spot on the crotch of Kat's jeans. Kat shoved Marie again, and crossed her legs.

"You bitch! This is all new to me and you're going to mock me?" Kat said, outraged at her friend's mockery. Marie looked surprised, and quickly reached out to her Kat. Kat swatted Marie's hand away.

"Kat! I'm sorry, I like teasing people that I love. I just wanted to make you--" Kat snapped her hand in front of Marie's mouth, fury lining her features.

"Say that again." Kat demanded, removing her hand from Marie's mouth.

"Say what? I like teasing you?" Marie said, confused.

"No. The other part."

"I love you?" Marie said. Kat leaned back on the couch, and sighed, the anger draining from her face.

"Since when?" Kat asked.

"Since... since a long time, Kat. I don't know how long." Marie replied, unsure of where this was going. Kat leaned forward, and grabbed Marie's wrist with a little more force than was strictly needed.

"Why did you never tell me?" Kat asked.

"Because you had a husband! You know I refuse to be a part of breaking couples up!" Marie cried, tears shining in her eyes.

"Hun, intentional or not, you broke us up." Kat replied, pulling her best friend- no, not anymore- her lover toward her. "I didn't want to admit it, but I've been in love with you for years. I can't even remember the last time I fantasized about anyone but you." Kat pushed the hair out of Marie's eyes, and flicked the tears hovering there away. She pulled Marie into her lap, wrapped her arms around Marie's shoulders, and pulled Marie into another kiss.

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