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Settling in to a new job and town brings some surprises.


Another lash rained down on my ass and I wanted to crawl away but I knew I deserved it. I held fast and let him deliver his punishment.

"Count them for me slave."

"One.." I said uncertainly and felt the hard crack fall on the small of my back.

"Two." Another on my thighs.

"Three." This one landed directly on my cunt. By the time I'd counted to twenty my ass and thighs were bright red and developing bruises. My pussy was drenched though and he knew that. He tugged on my collar and I stood up, looking at my feet. He put his arm around my shoulders and walked me to the full-length mirror.

"Turn around pet and look at yourself." I faced my back to the mirror and looked over my shoulder, my usually porcelain skin was slowly turning purple. I looked up at him and he smiled, his green eyes looking down at me laughingly.

"Will that teach you to behave yourself?"

I nodded slowly, "Yes Sir, it will. I'm sorry Sir."

"You're forgiven pet." He pulled me to him in a hug and lightly slapped my ass, I gasped and pressed against him, his hard cock pushing into my stomach as my tits melded against his chest. He tilted my face up and kissed me forcefully, his tongue flicking against mine as I struggled to remain in control of myself. My arms slid around his neck as his hands caressed my waist and hips, dipping down every so often to run his fingers over my bruised thighs and ass, coming torturously close to my aching pussy before sliding back to my hips.

He broke the kiss and picked the chain connecting my nipple clamps leading me across the room to the bed. I sat down and leaned forward to suck him off again, as his fingers expertly rolled my nipples making them throb more. I guided his cock into my mouth letting my tongue wash over it and flick teasingly against the tip. He pushed his hips towards me and I began to deepthroat him before sliding back to just the tip and sucking hard. I knew he wouldn't last much longer if I carried on so I began to lick up and down his length as he stroked my hair.

"Stop now pet." I licked his balls a little hopeful he'd let me carry on. He smiled at me and pulled away. I wriggled back on the bed till I was lying in the middle. He climbed onto the bed and straddled my waist, tugging the chain a little, making my breath come faster. I arched my back pushing my tits out for him to use. He ran his fingertips over my breasts, teasing my nipples, twisting the clamps a little. I was practically delirious with need. My hips writhed in search of something to give me more pleasure. He pulled away and spread my legs, settling inbetween them his cock pressed against my wet entrance.

"Sir..." I moaned, not wanting to wait any longer.

"Yes pet?"

"Please..." I was getting impatient and needy.

"Please what?" His deep voice was infused with humour.

"Fuck me Sir, I need it."

"Beg me pet." He was rubbing his cock against me and it was sending little sparks of pleasure throughout my body.

I moaned and pushed against him, "Please Sir, use my body, fuck my tight cunt and make it yours, screw me till I beg you to stop. I need you inside me, it's all I can think about, please?"

He chuckled and pressed against me again before suddenly ramming into me. I couldn't help it and I screamed, pushing back against him sending him deeper. He picked up the chain in his teeth and pulled on it and he began fucking me hard and fast, rubbing against my g-spot with every stroke.

I tightened my muscles around his cock and he growled at me, a sound that sent shivers of pleasure racing through me. The mixture of my nipples being pulled on and his hard cock inside me sent me to the edge and my fingers wrapped themselves in his silky dark hair pulling a little as I gasped a plea to come.


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