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Burglars aren't gentle, one man discovers.

He was not a stupid man but his wife knew how to play him like a harp. "What opportunity?"

Telledice then explained to Phoroneus that simply immediately castrating a shipwrecked sailor privately who happened to claim he knew Io would not do much to inspire fear, and thus compliance, from the population. This needed to be advertised. People needed to see what was going to happen to traitors, and thus think twice about being traitors themselves. Explaining that every man in the room subconsciously had held his crotch in mock defense when it was revealed that Demetrius would be made into a Eunuch, perhaps it should be advertised for a while before the sentence was carried out. The sight of a poor teased prisoner, marked for eventual neutering, humiliated day and night for a week before losing his baby-makers would certainly be quite memorable, and NONE who witnessed it would ever want to chance having a similar fate befall them.

Grinning, Phoroneus liked it. Stroking his wife's face he said "Darling you are a such a cruel bitch, but I think you are right. Plus, I like the idea of having this traitor build up an arousal, having his balls filling and filling with need, only to have them cut off without release. I think that will not only serve to make a stronger statement about how traitors are dealt with, but will add to his punishment, his last memory of his balls being the ache they had wanting to release, but having his release denied PERMANENTLY by the axe of my castrator!" Grinning, Telledice smirked. He was so easy.

"Take him to the center square, right in the middle of town! Place a sign above his head, explaining his crime and his punishment. My wife is right, this will ensure that NO traitor ever rise against us in the future. Sentence of castration will be delayed for one week from today."

The guards tied a rope around his neck and began to take him through the gates out into the main town. As she watched his gorgeous hot ass walking away from her, she smiled. Her husband was so foolish.

"Who should we hire to tease him for this next week?" he asked, and as the words left his mouth, every female hand in attendance eagerly shot up.

His wife, again stroking his face said "Don't you worry about that, you leave those details to me."

Meanwhile flying over Anatolia, Artemis peered down at the desolate landscape searching for the path that led to Hecate's palace. Thinking to herself of the irony of their meeting, she giggled. She herself was largely treated as a pariah among the Gods of Olympus, and the only Goddess avoided more than her was actually Hecate. Being the mistress of all things dark and evil, she was a last resort for either man or God, only consulted when no other option was viable. Now here she was herself, seeking out the dreaded Goddess of Black Magic. Looking down she spied the stony path leading straight into the dark mountains of the Caucus, right on the very edge of the civilized world. Floating down she decided to walk the rest of the way as it would be easier to follow the trail on the ground than it would be in the air.

Artemis, known for her bravery, was shocked as even she shivered at the sights around her. Not a living thing was in sight for miles, only grey jagged rock cliffs, burned out lifeless woods and dull brown earth. Oh what she wouldn't give to be back on Arcadia, so teeming with life, completely opposite from this hellish place. After walking a few miles up the winding path, she spotted Hecate's palace, as evil a looking place as ever existed. Made entirely of black granite, it was all hard and sharp edges, nothing soft or appealing at all appearing anywhere on the building. Approaching the closed gates, she paused, amazed at her own hesitation as she never feared anything. From deep within the heavy black iron door a harsh crackling voice emitted. "Welcome Artemis, I have been expecting YOU!"

On the opposite side of the Greek World, Talos, bronze servant of Hephaestus had truly begun his mission in earnest.

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