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The honeymoon. Ethan is suspicious... Two worlds crush.

We walked arm-in-arm along the quiet boulevard after we closed the restaurant and headed back towards the hotel. By this time, we were both well into the cups and were feeling a little frisky. As we passed a park bench, I turned suddenly and, placing my hands on her waist, lifted her up on the seat. As a result, we were face to face and I leaned forward as I cupped her soft cheeks in my hands to kiss her gently on her lips. I could taste the spices for our shared dinner as well as the recently imbibed wine as she pressed her lips against mine in return.

I felt that time had stood still as Mac moved into my arms and her tongue pressed against my lips until I opened them to welcome her in. We both moaned slightly as we felt the heat of our mutual need and arousal rising. I pulled away from her breathlessly and asked her "Would you spend the night with me, my love?"

"Oh yes, please! It has been so long for both of us"

I helped her down from the bench and we hurried back to the hotel. As soon as the elevator doors closed and we were speeding up to my 12th floor room, I pulled her upwards into my arms as kissed her deeply and fervently. I could feel her swinging slightly and I looked quickly in the mirror just before the doors opened to see that her feet were actually off the ground as she wrapped her arms around my neck! For some reason, this really excited me; it was like I was making love to a child but she was definitely a woman who knew what she wanted.

Rushing hand in hand and giggling down the hall, I fumbled to get my card key into the lock; finally we fell into the room and I backed her against the door raining kisses all over her face. She pushed me back until we were standing in the middle of the room with only the city lights providing illumination through the large windows.

Placing a finger across my lips to signal silence, Mac stepped back a few steps and, reaching up to the shoulder where the gown was clipped and with a deft twist of her fingers, the gown rustled into a pool at her feet. She stood before me as if bewitched; she was totally nude except her sandals that she kicked aside. Her small breasts were tipped with dimpled aureole and small pink nipples that were growing hard as I watched. Her flat tummy led to a tuft of reddish hair pointing down to her slightly protruding outer labia.

"My God! You are perfect!" was all I could manage to say. At that she smiled, came forward and lifted her hands to my face and pulled me down to her lips as we kissed long and tenderly. She then, without a word, proceeded to undress me until we stood close together feeling the heat of rising passion flow between us.

I fell to my knees to worship this goddess who was giving herself to me. As my lips found her turgid nipples, she twisted her hands in my hair to pull me harder into her. My mouth almost was able to swallow her tiny breast as I sucked and tongued every sensitive surface. My hands cupped her perfect tight bum and I pulled her body tightly against me. As I did, I could feel the dampness and heat emanating from between her legs and I slipped my finger between the crack of her ass to slide against the slickness of her excited pussy. She cried out my name as she rode my fingers.

I stood and lifted her easily into my arms - she couldn't be more than 100 lbs! I felt so blessed that this woman was to be my first in so long. I carried her over to the bed and, throwing the sheets aside, laid her in the centre of the king sized bed. I found some candles in the bedside table (blackouts were so common in this city that all hotels supplied several candles and holders along with matches in case of emergencies) and lit them to better see this glorious creature.

She stretched her arms out to me and purred, "Come here, darling!"

With dispatch, I climbed into bed beside her and we wrapped ourselves together in a close embrace with her legs w

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