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Drunk Jenga.

I was insane with lust, with need like I have never known before.

We fucked each other's bodies letting the passion build and build. It was unbelievable. She moaned: "Hurry! Hurry Bud! Fuck me faster make me cum again! Oh fuck hurry! Hurry please! Fuck me!!! Fuck me baby! I want it so fucking bad! Oh god come on! FUCK ME!!!"

She felt like she was on fire as the shaft of my cock slammed into the center of her pussy hole. As I felt the head moving in and out between those wet pussy lips I didn't worry about anything but fucking her and cumming. She cried out: "Oh yes!! Oh god yes!! FUCK ME BABY!!"

I moaned : OH god!! YES! This feels so fucking good!!"

I slammed and slammed into her giving her everything I had been saving and wanting to do for these many months we have been together. It was magic it was witchcraft it was holy it was heaven and it was evil all wrapped together. As D pumped her body hard into me as I rammed down into her cunt, she hissed out at me: "Oh yes! Fuck me Bud! Oh god yes! Fuck meeeee! I'm cumming! OH FUCK YES!! CUMMING! CUMMING!! CUMMING!!!!! CUMMINGGGGG!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! GOD!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!"

She screamed: "Put it all the way in baby and hold it there!!"

I did. I had my cock all the way in her body and held it there as she went wild under me. She was fucking herself on my cock like nothing I could ever imagin. I was so fucking worked up, I was holding my cock deep inside her pussy and she was fucking her body like some animal against me. Finally I just couldn't hold back and longer. I began thrusting my hips into her hard and fast! I couldn't fuck her fast enough! Again and again our bodies slammed into each other as our fucking now turned into a plane diving to the ground out of control and crashing. It was so intense!! Wave after wave of passion hit me as we fucked harder and harder and harder. Our speed continued to get faster and faster as I both move closer and closer to orgasm! My nuts had been tight since we got in the plane and she started to play with my cock under the blanket and she had whispered to me: "I'm not wearing anything under my skirt, feel!"

My fingers had been playing with her pussy for almost the entire trip and I wanted to cum so bad on the airplane I moaned almost all the way to Florida! Now my cock was screaming for relief! I wanted to cum so bad in this woman it hurt! As we fucked I got closer and closer! And then, she began to orgasm again! Her body took over and began to fuck away on my cock, which I pumping into her now as fast as I could go. She wrapped her legs around my back and pushed the heals of her feet down on my ass trying to push me deeper inside her. She humped up into me moaning out: "Fuck me Bud! Oh yes baby! Fuck me! OH GOD YES!!!"

It was only seconds later before I began to cum. Load after load shot deep inside her wonderful wet warm and very tight pussy. We were both grunting and groaning now as we moved through our climax. It seemed to last much longer than usual. My cum was pumping into her and then began to run out her hole and splash all over our bodies. Finally, my back arched and I pushed every fucking millimeter of my cock as deep into her pussy as it could reach. Her back arched and her ass came up off the bed elevating both of us as she reached the peek of her orgasm too.

We hung there just trying to hold that feeling as long as we could hold it! I worked hard trying to shove my cock out her back and she pushed up into it trying to get it deeper into her cunt! As we hung there in the air, her phone rang and rang. But, we didn't move. The pure sexual pleasure was still holding our bodies together and stimulating us. It was like no other fuck I have ever had. It was that intense. Finally she lowered her body back on to the bed and moaned in my ear: "Oh Bud!! Oh god baby! That was so good! So fucking good! Mummm! So good."

I moaned back telling her: "I know baby! I know! God I love making your body cum and loving you!"

We held each other for a long time before her phone rang again.

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