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Two lovers enjoy each other.

Most importantly, though, Holly hadn't run into Amy or Franklin. That had caused Holly the most amount of worry - there would be no comfortable way of explaining her presence at the hotel, and she winced at the thought of attempting it. But thankfully, she was now safely and secretly tucked away in one of the Lehigh's anonymous rooms.

Three hard knocks on the door to Amy's room startled Holly out of her reverie. There was a pause, then two more knocks, and then the rattling of a key in the lock.

Holly gingerly lifted herself from the bed and stepped slowly toward the locked door cut into the shared wall of the two rooms. Taking a deep breath, she quietly pressed an ear against the narrow space between the door and its frame, and listened.

"Is it still necessary, sir? I promised last time that I wouldn't try to pull your mask off." It was Amy's voice, thin and uncertain.

Whoever Amy was addressing did not respond. Instead, Holly heard a strange, metallic sound, like that of a ratchet turning.

"Ouch!" cried Amy. "Please, not so tight!"

Holly momentarily backed away from the door, confused and alarmed. This was not what she had expected. Nervously, she approached the door once more.

"Don't you want me to use my hands?" Amy pled.

A man's deep, raspy voice answered. "No, bitch, it's not your hands I want."

Holly nearly cried out - whoever had just spoken was not Franklin. Her mind scrambled unsuccessfully to match the unfriendly voice to anyone she or Amy knew.

There was the rustling of motion, followed by the sound of a creaking chair.

"It's good to see you again, sir," said Amy, apparently ignoring the man's coarseness. "Will you let me suck you off today?"

The man answered with a snort, followed by the clinking of a belt buckle being undone.

"Oh, my! You must have had a good day at the office," Amy said. And then, after a pause, "You smell like girl."

Holly was repulsed, but found herself unable to pull away. What a horrible man, she thought.

"Rebecca ain't worth a damn as a secretary, but that little girl sure can fuck," he snickered. "Likes it, too."

"Do you mind if I lick her off you?" Amy asked hesitantly.

The man mumbled something in reply, but the sound of Holly's rapidly beating heart rendered his words indistinguishable. A few moments of silence passed before she heard a series of wet, slurping noises, punctuated by the man's occasional groan. This continued for several minutes, during which time the sucking sounds became louder and rhythmic, and the man's agitation grew.

Suddenly, something - probably the chair - crashed into the door Holly was leaning against. She leapt back in surprise, and heard Amy shriek. The man barked something at Amy, and his angry words were followed by the sounds of struggle. As quickly as it began, however, it ended, with the muted thud of someone falling to the floor.

The next sound that reached Holly's ears was that of ripping fabric, followed by Amy's gasp.

"Good, you little slut, you did as you were told," the man said, huffing. "That pussy looks nice bare."

Cautiously, Holly crept toward the door again. From the other side came a sloshing sound, accompanied by vigorous motion of some sort.

"Well, look at that, wet as a prom date," the man chortled. Amy was breathing heavily, and moaning.

"Oh! Please put more fingers in, sir, you know I can take it," she whimpered.

"You show this little thing to your husband last week?" he said, and the cadence of the squishing sound quickened.

"No," Amy replied, panting. "You said not to."

He grunted his approval. "How 'bout that big-dicked lover of yours?"

"No, sir. Oh, god, that feels so good!"

Holly was taken aback - Amy had told her that she had been with Franklin only a few days ago. Had Amy lied to her, or was she now lying to the brute on the other side of the door?

"Oh, that's a good girl," he said, and there was again the rustling of movement. "Yeah, get on that dick, baby."

"It's yours, darling," Amy said. Holly heard the squeaking of bedsprings. "Yours alone."

Holly recoiled from the

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