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Clarissa begins to understand Catherine's game.

They gave each other soft kisses while continuing to chat. Every now and then I saw her rub across his bulge with her fingers. It was a sly movement of her hand that was hardly noticeable to anyone but John and I. You could see it had the same effect on him that his fingers had had on her earlier.

It was now Lydia's turn to excuse herself. I chuckled to myself when I saw John trying to slyly reposition his aching hard-on to a more comfortable spot. The poor guy was hurting, but I didn't feel sorry for him. Lydia was going to take care of any discomfort he had once they got to the house.

When Lydia returned I noticed she had something in her hand. She stood between John's legs instead of sitting down. She pressed something into his hand and as he opened his hand to look at it I saw it was her soaked panties. From where I sat I could see the glistening of her juices in the crotch, then he put them in his pocket. She leaned forward to kiss him and his hands went down to her ass. He was kneading her ass cheeks until their passionate kiss was finished.

Lydia decided to give me a little show. She remained standing between John's legs, but turned to face me. She placed one of her feet up on the railing and allowed her skirt to ride up her legs. I had a full view of her wet, naked pussy. I could see her juice starting to run down her leg. Her labia were puffy and opening up as they always do when she is ready for action.

She held that pose and leaned back against John's leg. His hand went back to her thigh not realizing what she was doing to me. I noticed his finger gently rubbing against her protruding clit. My cock was getting so hard now that I was actually empathizing with his discomfort.

I gave Lydia a nod, our signal that it was time, and headed to the door. When I got home I headed straight for the bedroom. In the large walk-in closet was a chair and camcorder. I could easily see the bed through the slats in the door while remaining hidden so I sat back and relaxed while waiting for the lovers to get home.

The front door opened about 10 minutes after I got home. I heard sounds of passionate kissing as soon as the door shut, then I heard Lydia say, "In the bedroom."

When Lydia led John into the bedroom I saw his pants were really tented and I could see pussy juice running down the inside of my wife's thigh almost halfway to her knee. They had definitely worked each other into a frenzy.

They began tearing each other's clothes off and I gasped as John's huge cock sprang out of his pants. It was at least 10 inches and very thick. Lydia dropped to her knees and proceeded to lick and kiss it before taking the head in her mouth. After only a few minutes of Lydia trying to take his whole shaft into her mouth, John started to stiffen and shot his load into her hot, wet mouth. I could see his cock spasming as jet after jet of hot spunk went down my beautiful wife's throat.

When she was done feasting on John, Lydia pulled him on top of her on the bed. They kissed deeply while their hands explored each other's bodies. John pinched and rolled Lydia's nipples while she filled both hands with his muscular ass. I could see their tongues dancing together in rhythm with the caressing.

Lydia was breathing heavily and I could tell what she wanted. Her Legs went around John's back and she told him to fuck her. As his cock never did soften after he came, he was both willing and able. He reached down and rubbed the head of his cock along her lips, teasing her as she used the leverage of her legs around his back to try to thrust into his cock. Since he had had his release, John was in a great position to tease a little and wasn't letting Lydia off the hook. He allowed just the head to pop inside her and then would pull back a little, his cock never losing contact with her pussy.

Lydia was thrashing around underneath John, but he had her arms pinned over her head and there wasn't much she could do.

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