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Estranged woman finds passion when she least expects it.

So naturally, I felt nervous as his hands began to grab at my ass, and tried to move away.

He didn't allow me to move, instead moved my legs so that they were resting on his shoulders.

Moving his head between my legs, I squealed as I felt his tongue flick against my clit.

"Shh!" He whispered against my skin, his warm breath teasing me with the absence of his tongue. I stuck my index finger into my mouth and sucked on it in an attempt to stay quiet, to try to ignore the urge to announce to everyone the pleasure I was receiving. His tongue continued to attack me, tasting my wetness and spearing my depths.

I reached up with my other hand, stretching down my shirt so that I could pinch my nipples. I could tell when Ethan knew what I was doing, as his smoky laugh vibrated against my thighs and his hands tightened against my ass, almost painful. I pinched my nipple harder and bit down firmer, loving how the pain made the pleasure more surreal.

Standing up, Ethan helped me into a sitting position, and kissed me firmly again. I could taste myself on his lips and tongue, and licked at his lips, trying to taste more.

When I was younger, I had become more involved with another girl, a good friend. I had learnt that I liked the taste, the touch, the intricacies of women, as well as men. To taste myself on Ethan's lips turned me on more, and he could tell.

I stood up so he wasn't leaning down to kiss me, and gently pushed him back into a chair. Kneeling between his legs, I grabbed his cock and started to move my fist up and down.

Clearly eager for something more, Ethan grabbed my hair and pushed me down onto his cock. Willingly, I took him into my mouth, sucking him as I looked up at him.

Gazing down at me with heavy-lidded eyes, he smiled at me, encouraging me to continue. I did, bumping my head against his stomach, my arms resting on his thighs as I bobbed up and down.

Pulling my shirt up over my head, he threw it onto the floor beside me.

"I want you on all fours." He said, glancing around to make sure the doors were closed. I obeyed, stretching my legs back until I could arch my back, showing off my ass.

"Turn the other way for me," he commanded. Obeying him, I heard his moan as he saw my naked ass for the first time

I felt his thick finger probing at my pussy, and I jumped a little as he pushed it into me. Moaning at his touch, I pushed back against him, wanting more. Ethan started to finger me, one finger feeling huge in me.

I hadn't had sex in a few months, and was really starting to miss it. My ex had left me for his ex several states over, and I knew that he wasn't the biggest -- but it's about how you use the tools you're given, right? Not -- I figured that out as Ethan's finger invaded my innermost space. No, I came to the conclusion quickly that I had missed a decent sized fucking, to put it crudely.

Fingering me deeply, Ethan pulled my hair with his spare hand, stretching my neck back almost to the point of pain. I moaned and submitted deeper to his dominance, stretching myself back deeper into his hold, allowing myself to feel the line blurring between pain and pleasure.

"Let me in," he begged me, pushing against me harder. His thumb reached for my clit and started to stimulate it, sending me further towards my orgasm.

I shook my head, not sure if I was ready for it. He really was much bigger than I'd ever had before, and I was a little scared.

"Please? I'll just put it in, and take it out -- you could lick me clean of all your juices." He whispered in my ear, the deep rumble of his voice vibrating through my neck before he bit it firmly.

He must have known it was one of the things that always turned me on -- to taste myself on the cock that's just pounded me to submission.

Sighing into his hand, I groaned as he added a second, pressing his thumb harder against my clit.

"Please, baby?" He whispered into my ear.

"Oh fuck please!" I ended up crying out, pushing back into his hand harder.

He withdrew his fingers, much to my dislike, and flipped me over onto my back, using his strengt

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