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A continuation of Nina, Amy, Amanda and Carlos FFFM fantasy

"Since I saved your lives, I feel you owe me, no?" she said, lust burning through her at the thought of what was to come next.

Taicoss grinned wickedly. "We do. How can we repay you, Narlissa?"

She stepped towards the druid and ran a finger down his chest. "I have some ideas..."

Then she kissed him, pulling the druid against her and feeling his hard body. Already her magic cunt was dripping wet with the promise of a threesome with these two gorgeous men. Taicoss returned the kiss ardently and she felt his arms encircling her waist. Then she felt a second set of hands on her shoulders and she moaned into Taicoss' mouth as Eavu started to kiss her neck.

Breaking the kiss, she pushed herself back against Eavu, enjoying the feel of him holding her. Taicoss took advantage of that to reach for the knots of her bodice and soon she found it loosened. He peeled it from her body and her big tits spilled free, his hands instantly on them.

Eavu meanwhile had kissed slowly upwards to her ears and she moaned as he lightly nibbled on the tip. Leaning back she met his lips with her own and they kissed as Taicoss sucked one her nipples into his mouth. She remained that way a moment and simply enjoyed the feel of the two men's lips upon her.

Then she decided she wanted to see more and she broke the kiss with Eavu to reach for his shirt. Still Taicoss caressed and kneaded her breasts and she allowed him to do so as his statuesque blonde companion peeled off his leather armour. Eavu's sword had already been discarded by the door and now his rock-hard chest was revealed. She had already pressed her fingers into that chest as she rode his cock but that did not mean she didn't delight in the thought of doing it again.

Turning back to Taicoss she found the druid reaching for her pants and slowly tugging them down her long slender legs. She allowed him to and then when he was done she reached for his own clothes. Moments later he was as naked as she was leaving only Eavu with his pants on. She reached for them, kissing the blonde warrior as she pushed down his clothes until he was naked, too, and then she grabbed their hands and pulled them towards the bed.

They came with her willingly as she thumped back onto the mattress, eagerly drinking in the sight of her gorgeous naked body. Both men were erect and proud and her magic cunt yearned to be stuffed full of their magnificent cocks. She grinned at the thought.

Leaning back she saw Eavu and Taicoss look at each other and a silent thought seemed to flit between them. Their understanding was almost telepathic, so long had they adventured together, and Narlissa wondered if she were the first woman they had shared. That thought set her lust off even more.

Then Eavu climbed onto the bed, leaning forwards to kiss her and grasp one of her big tits. She enjoyed the feeling and kissed him back, then she gasped as she felt Taicoss' hands on her thighs. He pushed them apart and she felt him kneeling down in front of her and seconds later his tongue was running along her folds.

She moaned into Eavu's mouth but he only kissed her harder, squeezing and gently playing with her chest. It felt amazing, even more so as Taicoss' tongue started to sweep in great circles around her clit and soon Narlissa was pushing her hips down against his face. The sensation of his mouth on her cunt and Eavu delicately fondling her tits whilst kissing her was enough to push her quickly towards the edge.

She broke the kiss to cry out as she came, bucking her hips against Taicoss' face. She felt her juices smearing across his cheeks but he did not care and continued to lap at her eager cunt even as she climaxed.

The orgasm seemed to continue for a while at his expert ministration but it eventually passed and the red-haired druid stood with a grin. He wiped a forearm across his face to remove the sheen of her cunt juices from his chin and she smiled wickedly as he climbed onto the bed.

Narlissa pushed herself further up the mattress, letting Taicoss climb on

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