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She's shared by two men and loves it.

She just kept sucking until I was dry, looked up at me, grinned and gulped down the entire load. After that she sat up in the seat, and realized that she had been giving the car next to us quite a show. She just gave the driver a mischievous grin, blew him a kiss and waved as we drove by.

Kim then said "I'm so HORNEY I can't wait to get home and give you a good proper welcome home FUCK!"

She then raised her skirt so I could see her moist snatch, put two fingers into her mouth to get them good and wet, and proceeded to masturbate right there next to me!

It was so hot watching this I could barely stay on the road, Kim had never done that in front of me before.

She had those fingers going in and out of her wet pussy so fast, they were a blur. She was moaning and groaning, her face was flushed, and her nipples seemed like they were about to rip through her sweater. Then she started yelling


Then she started to shake, and she exploded in an orgasm, shooting pussy juices all over the inside of the car. She took the fingers she had be masturbating with, and sucked her juices off of them, then dipped two more fingers into her sopping cunt and offered them to me. Boy, she tasted sweet

We were about at our freeway exit when Kim looked at me and said


When we pulled into the driveway of our house, and before the car had even stopped completely, Kim was out of the car, running to the door, and shedding clothes along the way. By the time I caught up with her, the sweater was off and on the lawn, she was running up the walk with her huge tit's bouncing like crazy!

We got into the house, and I laid Kim on her back across the dinning room table.

I dropped to my knees and dove my face into her still dripping pussy. Kim's legs were flailing around in the air as I stuck my tongue deep into her cunt and jabbed two fingers deep into her ass. She was grabbing my head, trying to pull my head deeper into her. I came up for air, gave her a sloppy, juicy kiss, still working my fingers deep into her ass, she had tears of joy running down her face, she was gorgeous.

I went back to work eating that sweet wet pussy, and started taking my clothes off at the same time. About five minutes later, Kim was deep into her second orgasm, and was yelling loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear "OH GOD, I'M CUMMING, I'M COMING AGAIN!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME NOW!!"

I stood, gave her another messy kiss, rolled her over onto her stomach and asked her "Are you ready for a god hard COCK NOW?"

she answered, again screaming "FUCK ME NOW, DAMN IT, NOW!!"

So I did, I drove my hard cock all the way into Kim's sopping pussy in one hard stab. I pulled all the way out and did it again and again. Kim wasn't talking now, she was just making noises, grunting, groaning and oh'ing. I took the two fingers that had been up her ass, and offered them up to her mouth. She hungrily sucked them like a little cock.

Once they were good and wet, I stuck them back up her ass while still slamming my hard cock deep into her cunt.

She started to yell "I'M CUMMING AGAIN, OH GOD YES, I'M CUMMING" and she flooded my crotch with her juices. Since she had sucked me dry in the car earlier, I wasn't done yet.

So I pulled my fingers out of her ass, and while still pumping her spasming pussy, I leaned down and asked "Kim, How would you like my cock in your ass?"

Her response was just what I had been hoping for.

She had never been into anal before, but tonight she said "Yes, God yes, Please do my ass!"

So I left her right there. I quickly went to the kitchen and returned with some vegetable oil. I spread some on my cock and rubbed some into Kim's ass. Then I slowly started my cock in, just the head at first.

Kim groaned a bit, then whimpered "More, give m

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