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Anduvar rescues Shalia from being sacrificed.

"Not me sweetie. I'm with Julie. Those things are ridiculous!" Everyone laughed as the other woman raised their shirts and showed me their harnesses.

"I don't understand." I said, with real disbelief that all these woman would bind and hid their tits like that. I looked down at myself to see if there was something I should be doing differently. My hands were massaging my free and naked breasts with firm playful tugs. It felt good to let them out and play with them in front of everyone. Nothing out of the ordinary as far as I could tell. Maybe all the woman in the room were hypnotized after all.

"So. You don't find it strange? Holding your lovely naked tits and pulling on your hard nipples?" Jim seemed fixated and almost salivating at my chest as I took my nipples between my fingers and pulled gently.

"Nothing comes to mind. I think it's weird though that you have everybody else all covered up." I said, looked out at the group feeling sorry for the girls that they had been convinced not to let their tits out to play with.

"It feels good to play with yourself in front of all these people. You like to be watched while you fill your body with all that pleasure don't you?" Jim asked the question and it suddenly accrued to me that I was getting sexually aroused pulling on my tits. That wasn't me. I didn't get wet and half naked at parties. This was unusual for me to act so natural. Normally I would be more like everyone else. Top on and not moaning with pleasure as I pulled my nipple out until it slipped through my fingers.

"I...I'm hypnotized to be...I'm hypnotized." I didn't know how my behavior wasn't normal but deep down I knew it wasn't.

"Yes Julie. Your hypnotized. Do you feel hypnotized?"

"No...Yes...I...Uhggggggg." I was so confused and overwhelmed by how good my tits felt in my hands. The heat of the hard pinching I was giving them was spilling up into my shoulders and my cheeks. I knew I shouldn't be fondling and stroking my own tits in front of everyone. Somehow though, I couldn't bring myself to stop as if my hands had a mind of their own. I knew that somehow I was under Jim's control and that realization was making my pussy ache with excitement. Losing myself to my arousal as everyone looked at me I was adding another layer to the sensation bubbling through my body.

" pleasuring your kids in front of all these people is really making you hot. Isn't it?" I opened my mouth as if to answer Jim's question, but I could generate enough thought or breath. " that's OK sweetie, you don't have to answer. I can see in your eyes how hot you are. Your pussy must be swimming and juices in those panties of yours." I was suddenly conspicuously aware of my cunt. My lips sliding together swollen and sensitive as I ground and wiggled my hips against the chair cushion. I was so aroused by my uncontrollable fingers at my tits I could hardly think of anything else.

"Julie. Let's go ahead and connect the sensations and your nipples that you like to pinch so much, to your swollen and excited clit. Age pension your nipple you feel fingers pinching your clitoris. Rake your fingers over those luscious mounds and you will feel them sliding over your labia. Slide your fingers between your tits and you will feel them enter your pussy. Do you feel that sweetie?" I could hear Jim's voice as a dim echo in a far away space in my brain. At his suggestion I felt my fingers materialize inside my panties and rolling and raking over my excited, trembling cunt.

"Uhggggggg." I blurted out a moan as I felt the pressure I incessantly put to my breasts manifest on my sex. My fingers felt the soft of my tits while at the same time slipped through the wet mucus of my arousal coating my pussy. My eyes flicked up to scan the room and saw everyone standing quiet and transfixed. I was mortified at how much heat rushed through my body as I became aware of them watching me pleasure myself.

My mouth hung open and my eyes watered.

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