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A meeting between two online lovers.

I decided to put my saliva to good use.

"Lie down," I commanded brusquely.

She complied quickly. She sat demurely on the edge of the bed, with her legs together in front of her. She lay back into the pillow, keeping her feet planted on the floor. I noticed that the panties were still dangling incongruously from one calf.

I reached down to grab her slender ankles and lifted her foot into the air. I pulled the panties from her leg and brought them to my face. The soft cotton was sodden with her juices, but I did not spend much time savoring it. The piquant aroma only inflamed my hunger for its source. I reached down for her other leg and lifted it off the ground as well. Using her long lean legs as levers I pivoted her rest of body onto the bed, spreading her legs wide in the process.

Kneeling at the side of the bed, I quickly stripped off my shirt and cast it away. I placed one hand on her leg and the other on her nearest tit, squeezing the rigid nub of her nipple. I slid one hand along the impossibly smooth surface of her leg, up her soft warm thigh and directly onto the leaky furnace of her pussy. I immediately slid two fingers into her wet hole, causing Janine to gasp and moan. She was incredibly tight. I twisted my fingers, churning her molten core and after three quick rotations immediately withdrew my hand, producing a whimper of disappointment. Without touching her clit, I slid my hand up her torso, leaving a faint snail trail on her flawless flesh.

I circled her engorged teat with my greasy fingers, smearing the last of her slick juices on her hard nipple. I fastened my lips around the stiff peg and sucked hard, feeling it swell to bursting inside my mouth. Swiping my tongue around the tender point, I tasted her tart musk. It was delicious. Tangy, sweet and slightly bitter, like unflavored yogurt.

I began to trace the snail's path back down her perfect abdomen. I stopped briefly to circle her tiny navel, producing a noticeable squirm. I continued on, and as I approached her pubic region, I observed her hands clutched tightly in the sheets. She was white-knuckled, like a schoolgirl at the fair as the rollercoaster crested the top of the first hill.

I ran my nose through the light thicket of downy hair. I hovered over her steaming core, feeling the vapors waft across my face, and exhaled slowly onto her dripping hole. But then, just as quickly I passed on, swiping my tongue across her marble-smooth thigh.

Janine let out a sound -- somewhere between a moan and a pant. I went on. I lifted her leg up high in the air, bringing my caressing breath and swirling tongue to the sensitive spot behind her kneecap. I enjoyed the view of Janine splayed out before me. Her head was thrown back against the pillow and one arm lay across her face, filling her mouth but also concealing my view of her face. This did, however, have the effect of thrusting her chest out and making her tits and rigid nipples stand out like little tiny missile silos. With one leg in my hand and pointed at the ceiling, her thighs lay wide, with her sweet pink pussy open and upturned.

I began to nibble my way back down her leg, but this time across the ticklish underside of her thigh. I could taste her excitement and could feel her tension mount as I approached her needy pussy a second time.

I couldn't tease either of us any longer. I plunged in tongue-first. It was heaven. The sweetest, warmest, muskiest, -- softest -- place on earth. She was as slick as a buttered ice cube, and as hot as August. I started lapping away at the luscious river of dew and could see and feel her abdomen clench with every pass across her swollen lips and engorged clit. I set up a steady rhythm: lap, lap, lap, swirl. Lap, lap, lap, swirl. Faster. Harder. Lap, lap, lap, swirl.

Her hands moved to the hair behind both my ears. Her grip was powered by a winch, attached to the rising tension of her pleasure. Lap, lap, lap, swirl. Her abdomen clenched and her grip constricted another notch tighter on my hair.

Suddenly the pain became intense as sh

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