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The final act.

She was already precious to him and he wanted to take good care of his property. He began massaging her shoulders as he soaped her back. She sighed and seemed to lean back into him. He methodically worked his way down her spine and hips before turning her round. Pulling her close he kissed her hard and then slid one soapy hand down to her pussy where he slid them inside and stroked them over her clit. Ducking his head he licked and sucked on her gorgeous nipples. Biting and teasing them till she gasped from a mix of pain and pleasure. He pushed her up against the shower wall hearing her give out a little shriek at the cool marble on her warm skin.

Pinning her against the wall he began to furiously finger fuck her tight cunt. His soap covered finger slick between her lips as he fucked her pussy mercilessly. "This belongs to me slut, as does your mouth and every other part of you..."

"Yes Sir!" she gasped.

Nick fingered her until she came, practically screamed and clutched his shoulder. If he hadn't had her pinned against the wall he was certain she would be in a puddle of orgasmic pleasure on the floor. He slowly drew his fingers out of her wand watched as the shower washed the last of the soap and her juices off them. Detaching one of the shower heads from the wall he ensured that her pussy was completely clean then he pushed her to her knees and handed her the soap.

"Make sure Sir's cock is clean slut..."

She lathered it up and slowly began stroking and soaping the length of his shaft. She soaped his balls and between his legs and Nick leant back and enjoyed the feelings of his sub working her magic on his shaft. Suddenly he knew what he wanted from his slut next. Taking a fist full of her hair he pulled her to her feet and kissed her hard.

"Every one of your holes belongs to me slut - and there is one I haven't claimed yet." He watched her eyes widen with a mixture of fear, lust and curiosity, spinning her round he pressed her to the wall again.

Nick grabbed the soap and lathered up his hand again. He pinned her against the wall with his body pressing her pert breasts into the cool marble. With one soapy finger he teased the tight puckered bud of her anus. Slowly pressing his finger into her, stretching her open and listening to her breathing become heavier.

"Relax slut... This will be easier the more you relax." He whispered in her ear as he kept her pinned and pressed kissing the side of her neck.

He slowly began to slide his finger in and out of her ass, patient, stretching, beginning to get her used to this new intrusion in her virgin ass. Adding more soap he also added a second finger opening her up slightly wider. She let out a little whimper and a tear rolled down her cheek. Nick's cock couldn't have been harder as he slowly removed his finger and added a lot of soap to his cock.

"Reach down and spread your ass cheeks for me slut..." He murmured in her ear and grinned as she obeyed instantly.

He looked down at her, pinned against the wall; her ass check spread wide, and slowly gripped his cock guiding the head to her ass. Using his weight and her being pinned he slowly began to press his head against the tight ring, splitting her open and slowly inserting his cock into her ass. She cried, gasped and whimpered but never once asked him to stop; he stroked her hair and told his slut well done, heart full of pride as she took his cock into her ass. He slowly pushed deeper and deeper until he was fully inside her ass. His cock gripped tighter than anything he had experienced before. He had originally thought her pussy was tight but this was incredible. He slowly drew himself back slightly and added some more soap before sliding in again. He kept repeating this, drawing back further each time, adding more soap then working his cock back into her ass.

Before long he was building up a rhythm and not adding anymore soap.

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