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Daniel Toke's secretary leaves him a present.

" She gestured into the gloom that had descended in the room.

He suddenly noticed that the late Spring light had faded and the only illumination was the glow of laptop screen and the yellow glare of the street lights from the road outside.

"Wow! What time is it?" Rick glanced at the mantelpiece above the old blocked off fireplace and could not quite make out the dial on the old fashioned wind up clock.

"It's just after 8 Rick." He noticed that she had leaned into the glow of the laptop and checked the time there. Pia looked up at Rick standing in the almost darkness of his living room, his hand slowly pumping his hard prick, attention totally focused on her. "Why? Do you have somewhere else to be?"

Rick knew that nothing short of an armed intervention would make him abandon this wonderful woman. "No, absolutely not Miss Pia."

"Good. Right answer Rick." She almost disappeared into the darkness as she sat back into the couch. "First I want you to switch on some lights in here, then fetch our drinks and the materials for the joint, and then, and only then, may you close the blinds."

He desperately looked around the room trying to find a solution to the panic he felt when he realised what she had just said. Rick was a typical slacker, not really interested in interior design, let alone where to place the lights he had in his room. He knew from previous experience of popping out to the local shop during the evenings, if he left any of his lights burning without drawing the blinds what the result were. From the small front garden of his building all the way across to the other side of the road where a row of almost identical buildings stood, one had a good view of various parts of his living room.

The road outside was not the busiest, but enough people walked this road back and fore to their own homes, to the park, or bus stop at one end to make it very possible that he would be seen. Naked and hard.

"What's the problem boy? Afraid of being seen?"

"Yes Miss Pia, it's my neighbours... or some passer by. If they should see..."

"Does it scare you Rick? Or does it excite you, which is it?"

He was talking into almost darkness now, the laptop screen, now in screen-saver mode, flashing various hues and shades of light onto Pia's knees and calves as the program cycled through his normal tourist shots stored in it's file.

"I think that it's both...but it's more..." Rick knew the answer. He had known the answer to that question for several weeks now. Ever since that evening when she had ordered him to remove his rubber shorts, then led him onto the dance floor of the Freakers Ball where all the dance crowd and some of the fetish people watched, as Miss Pia punished him. The slave girl from the photo had brought a chair into the centre of the dance floor and Pia had sat and given him an over the knee spanking.

It had not been a particularly hard or prolonged spanking. Just hard enough to leave some rosy red hand prints on his ass for a few hours. But it was the almost public display of nakedness, his exposure, and the humiliation that he felt combined with her total control over him that gave him a sexual high that manifested itself physically in the rock hard erection he displayed as he rose from off her knees. Some people ignored what was happening and continued their dancing, some cheered, some clapped, some even went out of their way to give him a few slaps themselves when Pia led him of the floor using his hard prick like a handle to pull along a toy. That had not important for him.

"It's more...exciting."

"Right answer again Rick," Pia's voice was lower than before, husky, as she continued, "so now that you understand that what are you going to do next?"

"Some lights, beer and the joint Miss Pia, and then the blinds."

"Good boy."

He moved around the room turning on the three floor lamps that were placed in the corners, and as he turned each one on he experienced a mixture of increasing euphoria and fear.

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