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Dave and Kat meet for the first time.

Her outfit was even skimpier than normal and after an intense hour, she spun around and faced me. Her blue eyes had a look I had never seen before. I think that she was fairly pissed off.

"Adam, I appreciate all of the hard work that you've put into our sessions and the fact that you've been courteous and professional, but I know for a fact you've dated a few of the clients here," Rita told me, letting her eyes roam over my body appreciatively. "So don't you dare tell me that you don't date clients! What does a girl have to do to let you know that she's interested? Do I need to make a sign or jump you in the locker room?"

"Well, that would let me know for sure," I chuckled. "Seriously, I didn't want to make a move on you because I know Vanessa values your business. Whenever I've gone out with one of the women here, it has almost always been the woman who's approached me. May I assume that you are approaching me?"

"Yes, yes, you may assume that," Rita laughed. We moved off of the floor so that we could talk and not be overheard. "Would you be willing to take me to dinner and then go for a workout that tests all of the muscles?"

Whoa! Rita had just put all of her cards on the table and the once-shy young woman had vanished in a puff of smoke. I had a few days off coming to me and nothing planned with any of my lady friends, so why the hell not? I smiled and nodded and told Rita to go and shower and that I'd meet her out front. I had a new car that I was driving, the first one of my own. My brother had made me a nice deal on a late model MG.

I made short work of my shower and got changed. I ran out front and waited for my date. I almost did a double take when I saw her. I hadn't seen the dress Rita had worn when she came in to the club and it was a good thing that I hadn't. There was no way in hell that I would have been able to concentrate on her workout if I had. It was blue, skintight and shorter than ... well, let's just say that I have seen postage stamps with more material. She was wearing matching blue heels and now her hair was arranged and her always-tanned skin on full display. She swung those incredible legs of hers into my car, flashed me a smile that hundreds of guys would have fought to see and we were off.

Sensibly, I chose not to take her to Roxie's. While Erin and I are cool, you never know. I also didn't want word getting back to Sharae in case my date with Rita didn't go well. I wanted to enjoy the ride and see where things might lead. We had pasta and talked and every time she talked to me, Rita kept touching my arm. She was giving me her full attention and I was behaving myself - to a point. I kept it to one glass of wine over dinner, as I wanted all of my faculties. I sensed that I was going to need them in the very near future and boy, was I right about that!

Rita had the home of a much older, much more successful woman. I knew she had a number of jobs, she had appeared in a few videos, shot for a few catalogs and there was a rumor she had even tested for Playboy. Still, her apartment had two huge bedrooms, a lavish living room and nice furniture. I was expecting her to give me the grand tour, but Rita evidently had other things in mind. My long-legged lovely yanked me down the hall to one of those huge bedrooms and wrapped herself around me like a snake. She practically jammed her tongue down my throat as she kissed me forcefully. Rita was letting me know that she intended to take no prisoners. Fine with me, I could be aggressive. The two of us played around a little while and made short work of each other's clothes. Underneath the dress, there was pure, sexy Rita - not a stitch of underwear. "I'm not the modest type," she purred, belying the shy-girl image she sometimes projected at the gym.

"Fine with me, you sure don't need to play coy as far as I'm concerned," I told her. "I've seen most of you over the past few weeks anyway."

"And now you're seeing all of me," Rita purred as she stretched out on the b

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