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Tom leads Eva down the rabbit hole...

A cute guy named Rick quickly invited me to sit in his "favorite spot." I couldn't say no, him being so friendly and all. I followed him back to a darker area near the pool tables. Tom told me he was a bit of a pool shark and liked to sit at this particular booth so he could scope out his competition. He sat down first. I surprised him and slipped in right next to him. I hiked my dress up so that my pussy was showing and then said, "Rick, I think I dropped my napkin under the table, would you look for me." I slid over a bit and he leaned his head below the table. I spread my legs wider. He reached down on the floor, picked up my napkin and placed it on my lap, letting his fingers brush my wet pussy.

He invited me to play a game of pool after I finished my burger and beer. I accepted his offer I told Rick I wasn't very good and told him I would appreciate any help he could give me. He stood behind me, showing me how to hold the pool cue. "Bend over a little," he said. I did, and as I bent over, he did also. I could feel his cock through his shorts as he was still showing me how to hold the cue and shoot the ball. He started slowly rocking his hips into my ass.

Then it was his turn to play. I leaned back on the railing and watched his tight ass. I checked him out from head and toe and decided he would look damn good without clothes on. I promptly moved my action plan into the next gear.

I leaned over the end of the pool table, hiked my dress up just a bit so about half of my ass showed. "Ricky, I'm not sure I remember how to do this," I said in a soft voice, "Could you show me again."

"Sure," Rick said. He walked around to the end of the pool table where I was and took a deep breath. I smiled to myself, knowing he was standing back there eyeing my ass. I moved my hips just a little. "Rick, what are you waiting for?" I teased. He was on me in an instant. This time he pressed a little closer and when he released his hands from showing me how to hold the cue, he let his hands brush my breasts and then ran them down to rest on my hips. He held me firmly by my hips, telling me step by step how to shoot. I rocked my hips a little more deliberately now and pressed back into him. I ground my ass against his cock. Then I stood up, turned around, and said, "Rick, you are a great teacher, is there anything else you'd like to teach me."

He leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Follow me to the beer gardens and I'll teach you some new tricks." I quickly followed. He opened the back door onto a little patio with about ten tables. There was a privacy fence all around. I stepped out and said, "So, got tricks to show me?" He slipped his shorts off and revealed a very large hard cock. "Baby, I'm going to teach you how to take all this in your ass."

Rick grabbed my shoulders and spun me around. He laid me over on the picnic table. "Spread your legs sweetstuff," he ordered. I spread my legs and could feel the juices already running down my thighs. He slapped my ass over and over until I was squealing with pain and delight. He then lubricated my tender ass and begin slowly slipping the tip of his cock into my anus. My clit was throbbing with excitement and anticipation of 9 inches of hard stiff cock. "Baby, ride me hard," I begged. With this, he held back no longer and the remainder of his cock was buried into my ass. He slipped his fingers into my pussy to give me double the fuck. I quickly came but he was still humping away. All of a sudden he let out a yell and pulled his cock out and shot his load all over my still-tender ass. He then pulled me up off the table, spun me around and ordered me down on my knees. "Time to clean me off sweetstuff," he chuckled and then slipped his still hard cock into my mouth.

My tongue rapidly danced over his stiffness and found that he was humping me harder now than he had when he had been in my ass.

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