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He has a formula that makes him invisible.

"Are... Are you...sure, I mean it's not that...."

"I want you, my boss...Don't worry, If there is going to be a baby, so be it... Its the wrong time of the month for me anyway"

I shifted my one leg in cast painfully and asked," But, Sari, I am handicapped now with this leg in cast! How can I manage to make love now?"

"Don't worry, my darling Boss," she said lovingly hands cupping my face and her tongue out licking me on the lips , searing me there.,

"Have trust in me, as always. I always fix things for you, remember? I got a plan" She said in a mysterious way and winked.

Listening to all this and her towel clad bath-fresh body tied below her hanging tits close to me and the anticipation of what she was going to do next made my cock spring up and down inside my bathrobe in unbridled excitement..

My hands held the big soft cheeks of her ass apart and my fingers slowly roamed on the outer soaking labia of her fairly large pussy covered with curly black down..

To which she gasped. "MMMMMMMMMMMM...OHHH Boss! My sweet darling Let Your caring secretary relieve you of all pains and give only pleasure you today, Come honey!!...At last, today..."she mumbled on with her eyes partially closed, lost in her own wonderful world, as her inhibitions slowly melted and after years of forced celibacy after becoming a widow, hidden passions were in full bloom today.

She bent down to open my bathrobe and this allowed me to see her really ripe womanly breasts, which sagged just a little .I buried my eager face in those black skinned milky melons enjoying the soft cool yielding flesh against my cheeks.

My mid finger eased a little inside the juicy folds and buried up to the first knuckle in the soft moist cave therein. Which made her gasp like,

"AWWWWW...ooooooooohh...UNGHHHHHHHHHHHH," and she almost pulled my bathrobe away recklessly even as I raised my waist and hips facilitating the same.

The robe managed to fall only in a heap over the injured leg in cast.

Sarita's eyes now found my inflamed eager torch of passion bobbing eagerly in her face. I removed the mid finger from her soft wet pussy cave and held it to my nose to smell the maddening aroma of a wet cunt of a woman in heat.

Its fragrance smelled heady and heavenly, and my mouth licked the finger clean, slurping in unbridled passion. Seeing this rousing spectacle in front of her own eyes, made Sarita so wanton that she held my majestic pink tipped 9 inch cock in her soft black hands,

"Oh, this beauty is mine from today, not just Amita's...Your sweet love-sword.... Stab me in the pussy with it and but its effect goes up all the way to my heart" She concluded wistfully as my enraged cock throbbed in her soft palm and my fingers explored the depths of her now leaking wet pussy and her rosebud like hidden clit bud. She mewled like a teenage girl on the verge of losing virginity.

The smell of my pre-cum and her own juices filled the air and made for a heady giddy mix.

"Today, I won't let this payback of gratitude slip away from my hands..." She said with an air of finality that made me choke back any argument to the contrary, if at all.

With this she buried her head in my lap and soft wet hot mouth enveloped my fevered manhood in a swoosh. I could not hold back my own gasp of unexpected bliss as I sang out " sweetie"!

She gave me head, like I had never endured before. I was in seventh heaven in two minutes flat after she started slurping my upstanding prick in the warm cosy cavity of her mouth, twirling the tongue over the sensitive head again and again licking the orifice at the tip and I threw my head back and moaned with rising passion and approval.

Her palm softly cupped and rolled my nuts around in the sac of my scrotum and she raked my sensitive knurled skin there with her fingernails sending electric sensations running up and down my spine to nerve centre.

I wrenched her up, so her juicy pubic mound was right in front of my face.

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