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Piper and Cait have some rough, lesbian fun.

We still hadn't finished playing on the recording. I let go of his cock and quickly found the elastic of his training pants, shoving my hand inside them. Oooh! His shorts were all wet - that much?! - where his cock was holding them away from his body.

Before the music stops, my hand is inside his wet shorts. He lets me, humming. My fingers find the head of his cock, all slippery. I am touching a man's cock! I want to hold it again, like I had before, but the music stops, and he pulls my hand out of his pants. My fingers pull loose skin up around the head of his cock. One like that, I think, recalling images from the videos.

He draws my hand up to his mouth and licks my moist fingers. Oooh! He wants to taste it, has he tasted it before, when he did it to himself? I guess that I look very surprised. He remarks:

"Tastes strange, but when you do it ... That was real good."

"Never tasted myself."

The music stops, and he drops my hand, murmuring:

"Tell me if you liked it," and moves to stop the recorder.

Of course, I liked it, what I had done, but understand that he is asking for a comment about our playing. I grin - he isn't looking - and reply:

"I think we need to do it again."

"Me or you?" he asks.

"Think you could do it better."

He is reversing the tape and grins at me, replying:

"Yeah, maybe. I think you played very well; I was a little too early a couple of times."

We grin and he restarts the recording. He joins me again, behind the closed door. I'm already holding out the front of my slacks, sort of like the way I pulled up my sweater, just an unconscious reflex to invite him to do something. Do something? I wanted him to rub my pussy!

He grins, and his hand immediately slips in and then slips into my panties. "I'm all wet," I murmur, very superfluously. When I put my hand inside his pants and underpants, he just snorts, as my fingers reach down and find his soft cock. It isn't for long, and then I can rub his skin up and down on it.

Oh, I think we didn't both do it like that that time, think it was the last time before Easter. Yeah, just he made me come that time, taking turns, like we did the next time. But then before Easter, we did that: making him come and then both coming. Shit! Were we horny, risking doing that?!

Even though I was still undecided about really doing it, I was considering what it could be like - a cock in my pussy. I didn't use those words when telling my diary: rather something like: "how it would feel with him in me." Till then, I was getting off - as best I could - mainly by rubbing myself. Oh, I sometimes had a finger in me, liking to feel it being squeezed, when my other hand was making it good. But if we were going to do it, or if we didn't, but whenever, shouldn't I be ready, know it would fit? It didn't seem like, from what I knew from holding him.

I didn't need to embarrass myself again by looking at videos; that time I had seen a couple with girls doing something by themselves. I experimented with two fingers. They fit, but sure weren't as big as his cock, but felt good. After that, I always used two fingers. Use something else, like in the videos, my highlighter, one of those oval ones? It couldn't be a problem, not bigger than two fingers, but I could put it in further than my fingers reached. How long was his cock, could it fit all the way in me? The handle of my toothbrush could, right up to the bristles.

The highlighter also fit, of course, but when I put the thicker end in, enjoying twisting it and rubbing myself, I almost lost it when my pussy began to squeeze, wanting to draw it in. That was a nice new recognition, however, that my aroused pussy would squeeze his cock like that, but it wasn't as big as his cock. Had I admitted to myself then, that I wanted to do it with him?

Easter vacation at home, more thoughts about whether we should really do it.

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