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Polyamory and psychic powers in Vegas.

She remembered her catty comments earlier and how he'd told her she'd pay for that.

Jenny gulped inwardly. His kneading of her tits went on relentlessly, despite her obvious pain and discomfort. Richie kept the camera rolling, his limpness perking up again and Jenny knew that before she left, Richie and probably Omar would want seconds. She'd resigned herself to the fact that she would, once again, be subjected to further unwanted intimacy and humiliation.

The creep removed his tool from her and re-entered her, each time without lubrication and, each time, with a great amount of pain. Jenny was almost screaming in pain now and the creep kept the pace going.

"Listen to her screaming, lads..." he shouted joyfully, "......she's really loving it!"

Omar and Richie ignored this creep. They were paying him large sums of money and they were happy to accept it but they didn't necessarily approve of his approach.

He pulled his plastic tool from her and thrust again, his knee slipping on the bean bag and the vinyl penis rammed against her rectum, entering her with force. Jenny yelped like a puppy dog as the rugged tool entered her, again without lubrication and she looked down at the bean bag. She saw blood but at this stage, couldn't decipher if this was from her arse or her tits. Either way, she was in fucking agony.

Omar stepped up as the creep went to re-enter her arse.

"Keep to her pussy if I were you" he said. The creep stared at Omar.

"Why don't you keep your fucking nose out of it?" he replied. The creep was a mere 5'6" or so, Omar and Richie both in excess of 6' but the creep felt brave, mostly because of his bank balance.

"If you're brains were the size of your dick, you'd know you were hurting the poor lass" Omar replied, sizing up to the little squirt.

"And who's paying your wages today?" the creep announced. Omar's blood began to boil and Richie stopped filming.

"You stop now or I'll make you" Omar barked. The creep went to thrust back into Jenny's arse but the big black porn actor pulled the creep off of her, throwing him across the room and into a tripod holding a light. The structure toppled and fell, the bulbs exploding like a fire cracker.

"You fucking scum" the creep said, rubbing his side which had impacted on the tripod. He looked and noticed his toy penis was broken, the rigid plastic not ply-able enough to withstand the impact and severing. A severed penis, albeit a dildo, made Richie wince at the thought and he drew in breath sharply.

"You can kiss goodbye to ever working in this industry again" the creep shouted as he stood, picking up his toy cock and stoking it, almost as though the action would give it an erection and become whole again.

Omar approached the creep and towered over him in an intimidating manner.

"You reckon?" he wagered. "I don't care how much fucking money you've got, I aint stooping to your level........" he barked. ".....and, if Richie and I don't get paid, then we'll just have to take it out on you."

"Oh yeah?" replied the creep. "Like how?"

Richie smiled.

"Like this" Omar said, grabbing the creep and forcing him to the floor, Omar's power and weight advantage was too great for the creep to deal with. Richie knelt behind him and the creep could feel the size and heat of Richie's throbbing erection against his own arse.

"How'd you like to experience what the girl experienced?" Richie said, his deep Jamaican accent making him sound really sinister.

The creep begged for his own arse to be spared. He promised them double, no. Treble the wages he'd promised. They teased him for a bit before frog marching him upstairs to the control room, making him open his attach__ case and paying cash there and then.

Richie then took the DVD which had been burnt and asked the engineer to delete the files on the hard drive. The creep would have no evidence of what had happened.

Jenny was still crying when Richie and Omar returned.

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