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Ms. Jiggles gets a friend to join in.

Mandy turned and hugged George in return as they kissed and than George pulled Mandy's wedding rings out of his pocket and slipped them on Mandy's finger.

George took Mandy's hand and lead his wife to the bed where they sat down as George said. "I want to be here and be part of everything that you do with Abu."

Mandy looked at her husband with a confused expression on her face and asked. "You don't mean that you want to watch me with Abu do you?"

George said. "No. I didn't mean it like that at all. I just wanted to be here and see what you have to do before you have sex with him. Do you just go into his room naked and tell him you're ready to screw him?"

Mandy sat starring at the floor as she hesitated answering George's question and than she said. "Well. I did buy a black teddy that he likes to see me wear so I put that on and he usually gets turned on when I wear it for him."

George looked at Mandy and said. "Why don't you put it on for me so that I can see how it fits on you?"

Mandy nervously stood up and took the teddy out of the dresser drawl and walked into the bathroom as George watched her shut the door. Several minutes later Mandy returned wearing the sexy little black teddy and modeled it for her husband.

George sat watching his wife turn around as he asked. "Do you plan on going over there with him tonight?"

Mandy looked at George for a moment before replying and said. "I never really gave it much thought to be honest with you." George replied. "Mandy. I want you to get this stuff over with as soon as we can so maybe you should go over there but I need a drink first to settle my nerves or something."

Mandy walked over to the refrigerator and brought out a bottle of whiskey and some soda and said. "I brought this back to my room in case I needed it myself. Let me fix you a drink."

George sat with his wife for over an hour having several drinks as they talked about Mr. Coleman's plans to make them part of his inheritance and what George had done while he was away at the cabin for those days.

Neither one talked about Mandy screwing Abu at all as they lay on the bed kissing and fondling each other. George had his clothes off and Mandy was playing with his cock with the chastity tube on it and said. "Don't worry Honey. It will be off you in a few days."

It was eleven and they were feeling fairly high as they both slurred their words when they tried to speak to each another. They heard a knock on the door which connected Mandy's suite with Abu's suite and Mandy placed her glass on the night stand and said. "I better go and see what Abu wants."

George took a sip of his drink as his hand rubbed against her ass when she got out of bed to answer the door. George watched Mandy's bare ass wiggle in the tiny black teddy she was wearing as she opened the door.

George could see Mandy talking at the door but she only opened it about a foot and George couldn't see for sure if it was Abu she was speaking to at the door.

George was feeling relaxed and tired as he tried to focus his eyes on his wife and said. "Who is it Mandy?"

Mandy replied. "It's Abu."

George said. "Tell him to come on in and join our party."

George watched Abu enter the room as Mandy walked back to the bed with Abu following right behind her as Mandy slurred her words and said. "Abu is here to see me."

George replied back slurring his words just as bad and said. "Get him a glass so he can have a drink with us first."

Mandy got him a glass and poured Abu a drink and gave it to him as George poured himself another drink and said. "Why don't you sit down here on the bed with Mandy so we can talk about this baby thing?"

Abu sat on the edge of the bed and sipped his drink as Mandy sat down near her husband as George said. "Mandy. Go sit with the man so I can see how he treats you."

Mandy got up and scooted down next to Abu and sat on the edge of the bed next to Abu and looked at her husband as if she was waiting for him to direct her

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