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He was a good man until her cheating turned him bad.

Then they went back to the dressing room and it took about an hour for them to come back out.

When they finally emerged they were dressed to kill and my mouth dropped open. Elena had on a sequin covered sliver mini-skirt with a small matching halter top that barley covered her breasts. The back was fully opened except for a small single tie to hold it in place. She also had matching silver spiked heels covered with brilliant stones that sparkled. Chu wore a low cut metallic pink mini cocktail dress with tiny straps holding it up on her petite frame. Her heels also matched the outfit perfectly. They looked so damn hot.

"Where did you come up with these gorgeous outfits?" I asked.

"Compliments of the house" said Elena,

"Besides, its not the outfits, It's what's in them that makes them so hot." added Chu.

"That's a fact!" I laughed and said, "Man, you guys are killing me. Especially after watching you guys work here today".

Elena was always getting free designer dresses and sexy outfits from various modeling agencies to borrow or keep and I loved it.

We took a cab to an upscale bar at the end of Market Street. I was surprised when they introduced me to Chu's boyfriend, Hendrik. He was a black guy and wore an expensive looking business suit. I had just pictured someone different.

Chu gave him a big kiss and he wrapped his arms around her tight body. I could tell he was muscular and he told me later that he used to be a linebacker for some college down in Southern California. We had a nice dinner and told Hendrik all about the hot photo session.

"Man, wish I could have checked out that hot action, brother," he said.

"You have no idea how these girls worked it in front of the camera." I told him and grinned wide.

Throughout dinner, Hendrik seemed to pay more attention to Elena than Chu. And I sensed that Chu was getting a little jealous.

We went to a club a couple of blocks away and Hendrik got us in to a VIP booth. He ordered a bottle of expensive champagne and then left the three of us alone as he walked around and mingled. He seemed to know everyone in the place. Chu watched from a distance as he flirted with some pretty girls. I don't really know why he did it when he had someone as hot as Chu.

Chu, Elena, and I went out and danced together while Hendrik did his rounds. The girls were feeling very frisky and playful and I has having fun as they both pressed against me. The other guys were looking at me like I was the luckiest man in the world. It felt so good to have their hard bodies and tits rubbing against me from both sides. At one point I lifted Elena's dress slightly and noticed that she had nothing on underneath. I had the urge to drop to my knees and suck on her pussy right there.

Elena stuck with me the whole night and didn't dance with any other guys for a change. I enjoyed having her at my side. Around one a.m. Hendrik announced, more like commanded, that it was time to go so he went out to the dance floor and pulled Chu away from another black guy she was dancing with. We then took a taxi to his apartment down in the Emarcadero.

The place was definitely upscale and had fantastic views of the Bay Bridge and Alacatraz Island. He walked around showing me all his household possession's and kept making a point to tell me how much everything cost. He sounded very pretentious but he seemed like a generous guy and he served me a glass of whiskey that he said cost $300 a bottle.

But a couple of times he got on my nerves when he said something like, "How does that Mexican pussy taste, pretty good I bet."

"Elena is Colombian," I answered.

He just ignored me and continued, "Always wanted to stick my dick into some hot tight Mexican pussy. I bet Elena's tight as hell."

I just ignored him and assumed that he was getting drunk.

He put on some R&B music and as usual the girls got up and danced while we sat on the couch and watched them, sipping our whiskey.

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