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An absolute goddess stepped into the bar.

That night when Ray returned home, he took my hand and led me to our bedroom. He undressed and lay beside me. "I'm horny baby, take me and then I'll take you!"

"I'm a little tired Ray; I've had a really busy day. Can't this wait until after dinner?" I cooed.

"But I would really like you to suck my pussy before I fix dinner; that should calm you until I suck all that stress out of you grand dick," I lied.

He smiled and licked his lips. "I'd lover to lap your juices before dinner just like hors d'oeuvres," he whispered into my neck as he nuzzled me there.

I lie on the bed and spread my legs wide again and he buried his face there. His tongue licking deep and finding the essence of Jim. "You always taste so sweet baby!

The following week, we left for our cruise. I wanted to stay home with Jim, but I didn't want to let Ray know about us.

So I spent the next week with him and his mediocre prick. I did convince him to lick me and introduced him to how I liked my clit licked so that I received a good bit of sexual stimulation while we were on the cruise.

His prick was just the right size for ass fucks though and that really stimulated me. He fucked my ass as I masturbated. My orgasms were explosive that way. And I was teaching him how to please me.

One night after a few drinks, he snuggled up to me and pressed his stiff prick at my butt hole and whispered, "I think it would be exciting to see you with another man. I'd love to look into your face as he spilled his seed into your pretty cunt. "I know that I can't please you like you should be, but I do the best I can. But I would love to see someone give you a big cock and watch your body shake with the pleasure he could give."

"Oh really? Why do you say that baby?" I asked.

"I don't know; I've just been fantasizing about you with another man. Where I could watch your face glowing from the excitement he could give you that I can't."

"Do you have a preference of whom you would like to see me with?" I asked.

"Yeah, someone younger and strong and with a bigger dick. I have dreams about this," he whispered as though he thought someone other than me would hear his request.

I smiled, "But I love you just the way you are, Ray; why would you want to share me?" I asked as my heart beat quickly at the possible opportunity of telling him about Jim and me.

"I would just love to see the expression on your face as someone gave you more cock than I ever could. I know you would be blissful and beautiful." he smiled.

"And afterwards, maybe I could scoop out what he left behind. Sort of a treat, ya know?" he had a goofy smile on his face and his eye twinkled with joy.

"Well, baby, find someone and let's try it out!" I smiled.

"I think you should pick someone. I think you should have the right to choose the man who will be sticking his dick in your sweet juices," he blushed.

"Let's do this," I suggested; " Let's walk around the deck and see if we can find a man that appeals to both of us."

My heart was pounding quickly and I thought about Jim and wished he were there. But I had to find someone suitable on the boat. It didn't take long. I found a very fit and beautiful black guy that I knew would have a dick that could satisfy me perfectly.

I pointed him out to Ray and his smile was brilliant. "Good choice," smiled and headed to the man.

I stood by the railing and saw them talking and Jim nodded my way. The black man smiled and nodded as well. Then they came towards me.

"Baby, this is Ken Johnson. He is married but his wife is sick. He said he would love to meet you and see if you would take him for your lover for the afternoon and he has no problem with m watching; is that okay with you?"

I smiled and said hello to Ken. He looked like a lawyer. Clean cut and well dressed. I smiled and said hello then thanked him for his services.

The three of us headed for our cabin. Ray helped me out of my clothes and Ken sat there watching me as my clothes came off.

"You have a very beautiful body, ma'am, and I am pleased to be able to share my

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