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Seventh heaven with two girls.

I reset the tape and sat on the end of my bed, just staring at the monitors, not really seeing them, just looking. I guess I was trying to figure out if I should do something about it, or if I should chalk it up to a horny teen. That's when I saw him moving on one of the other screens. The one leading to the bedrooms. He was standing just outside my door, listening. I looked at my door, was it shut all the way? It didn't really matter, not with those huge keyholes. I looked back at the screen and he was kneeling down trying to peer through the hole. I froze! I knew he was there I could see him, but on some level if freaked me out. What the hell, was he expecting another free show, or what? I just laid back and stared at the ceiling fan spinning. My mind was racing, but there was something heart was pounding, but I could feel the heat between my legs starting to grow.....shit, I was getting turned on by him being there, but he's only a kid, my mind was telling me, granted a kid that looks the part of a 25 or something, but still!

I got back up and closed the doors to my closet, maybe if I didn't see him there, maybe the mental vision would go away as well. I needed sleep, but knew it wasn't coming anytime soon. Maybe if I just turned out the light and went to sleep, he would get bored and go back to watching porn on the tube. Turning from the closet, I slowly turned my head to the door.....the door where he was kneeling and also the door by which the light switch was. Again, I was overly aware of my heart pounding and I could now feel my wetness. I wanted to do so many thing right then. I wanted to run over and throw open the door and bust him......I wanted to drop my robe and let him see me as I walked to the door, opening it and taking his face and pushing it into, I just wanted sleep, to go on my trip and have fun and come home with my tan.....what I found myself doing is letting my robe fall open, which exposed most of my breasts and fully exposed my newly shaven puss, and walking slowly to the door. Boldly, I stood there only inches from the door, knowing he was till there looking straight at my pussy.......lingering.....flipping off the switch and walking back to the bed. I fell back onto it and covered my head with a pillow, trying to control the urge to run back to the door and grab him. I closed my eyes tight and tried to push the mental vision of him away. I dozed off this way and fell into sleep there after, not waking until the alarm went off. I sat up quickly kind of stiff from having my legs dangling off the bed all evening.

I noticed something door was slightly robe.....I wasn't wearing my robe. I didn't remember taking it off. I must have, but what about the door. Surely he wasn't bold enough to open it and come in.....I looked at my closet, I slipped over and shut my door, locking it quietly. I gently open the closet door and hit rewind on my bedroom camera tape.....oh myyyy. I rewound it until I saw myself turning off the light. About twenty minute later a crack of light came from my door and James stepped through...completely naked! He slowly walked over to where I was laying. I watched him standing over me, naked, stroking himself. He then gently and slowly spread my legs open so he could have a better look.....I can't believe I didn't wake up, the last thing I remembered, was falling onto my bed. He then leaned over and pulled my robe completely open....standing again and jerking off some more. It was almost like he knew that I wasn't going to wake up or something. I didn't take a sleeping pill before I took a shower but, I never was "that" asleep.

He then stopped jerking himself and climbed onto the bed straddling me, I could almost feel his balls rubbing against me.

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