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Awkwardness, turning into...

Our fingertips gently rubbed against one another as we turned our heads back to the TV screen.

After a few minutes I decided I wanted more. I leant slowly in her direction and slid my hand up her thigh, enjoying the warmth and smoothness of her sweatpants beneath my palm. She drew in a deep breath and inched closer to me, reaching for me with her heat and longing. Suddenly the sound of the TV show diminished in my ears and I could almost hear her pounding heart.

Her arm crossed mine and slid along my inner thigh. I saw stars as she came to rest on my warm pussy. Her palm vibrated gently and pressed into me without force. I kept my eyes on the TV and rocked my hips up to meet her. I felt her finger probing me and moving down to the bottom edge of my shorts. Her hand felt like silk as it edged under my shorts and she fingered where my panties cut into my leg.

I reminded myself to focus on her as well. Gently, I prodded at the waitsband of her sweatpants, pulling the elastic away from her taut stomach. Trying to look casual, I turned my hand and slid it down inside. She was not wearing panties. My heart began to race. I felt her soft down and gently stroked it. I wanted to jump on top of her right then, but with Denver there I had to contain myself.

Her fingers had pulled up on the elastic of my panties and were probing my swollen lips with the greatest of hunger. I wanted her to fuck me - to take her fist and enter me with passion and lust. I wanted her to make me scream and moan and buck against her wildly. I wanted her so much. I looked at her again and saw that her eyes were fixed on the TV screen with that gentle curve of her lips even more pronounced in a secret smile.

I moved closer to her and draped my leg over hers. Pressing downward, I ran my finger between the lips of her pussy, feeling her wetness. She shifted and I could smell her lust as warm air wafted up from under the blanket. Keeping an eye on the back of Denver's head, I leant over and kissed her lightly on the neck. She shivered and turned to me, her hazel eyes burning with lust. My own clit was throbbing to be touched, licked, sucked and brought to climax. I looked deeply into her eyes and tried to tell her what I wanted in the silence of the TV show.

She rose from the couch and padded off to her bedroom. Denver barely looked up from the lurid sex scene on the TV screen. I knew this was my chance to get what I wanted. I slid out from behind him and followed Michelle to the bedroom, shutting the door behind us.

Her lips were on mine before I even heard the latch. Hungry and warm, her tongue probed my mouth. She smelled and tasted like the summertime. I melted into her and submitted to her rough caresses, moaning. She stopped, pressed her finger to her lips in a warning gesture, and pulled her tank top up over her head. She wore no bra and her nipples were dark and hard against her pale skin. I drank her in, imagining for an instant what I was about to do.

Cupping one of her breasts I took the other into my mouth, feeling its supple smoothness and pointy nipple. I could hear her heart beating beneath my lips and I ran my hands down her sides, pressing off her sweatpants with one motion. I stood back then, admiring her in the waning light from the bedroom window. She seemed to glow.

She pulled me to her and down onto the bed, grappling at my t-shirt in an effort to get me as naked as she was. I pulled it off and she removed my bra with one hand, freeing my large breasts to sway in her face. She pressed them to her mouth and tounged between them. My body felt light as she rolled me over and laid naked on top of me. I could feel her hands again going up my shorts and rubbing my clit through my wet panties. I arched my back and let her bring me up, breathing into her ear as I felt my orgasm rip through my body.

Smiling, she slowly moved downward, pulling off my shorts with her teeth.

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