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A loving mother introduces her son to a new man.

Tanya had her legs pulled open and her knees up beside her chest. She was beyond any conversation and only moaned and kept repeating, "Shit, shit, shit, fuck, fuck, shit, shit."

Samantha pulled her mouth off of the nipple and leaned back to watch her sister cum. Moving her hand in and out she used her other hand to rub the clit making Tanya open her mouth taking fast breaths, "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit." Pushing her hand in one more time Sam could feel her cunt contract onto her fingers. She pulled out but kept rubbing her clit, "Cum for me Tanya I want to see you squirt. Spray me baby, hose me down," she moved over directly in front of her sister's crotch getting her face just inches from her pussy.

Tanya froze pulling her legs as far back as she could the stream she squirted was the biggest one she had ever done. It caught Samantha directly in the mouth. Sam struggled to drink all the pussy juice she could catch in her mouth. Caught up in the moment Sam followed the diminishing spray down to her sister's cunt sucking and licking as much as she could get in her mouth. With her face shoved into her sister's pussy she started to lick and suck it like it was a last meal.
"That feels good baby, lick me clean honey, god that feels good." Tanya rubbed her tits while her sister sucked the last of the pussy juice from her crotch. She heard her brother grunting next to her on the other lounge. Looking over her eyes sprang open to see him ramming the biggest cock into Rose she had ever seen and they were looking rite at her and Samantha.

Nudging Sam with her knee then gently pulling her head out of her crotch she said, "Well I guess someone enjoyed the show."

Samantha couldn't believe it, her own brother fucking his girlfriend rite next to them and they didn't even notice.

Rose and Ken had been watching ever since they got out of the sixty nine they were in. Wanting to get into the house where they could really fuck and suck both of them saw Tanya and Samantha at the same time. Ken reached down and started to jerk off without thinking. Rose caught it out of the corner of her eye and trying to watch both Ken and his sisters at the same time got her hot as hell. Her pussy was just getting warmed up while Ken sucked and licked juice now started to drip down her leg again.

Reaching down she ran her fingers through the folds of her pussy and brought them into her mouth sucking all the juice off. She thought it would be nice to have her pussy done like that while she sucked Ken off to shoot in her mouth. Reaching over she grabbed his cock head before he came all over the walkway instead of where it should be, in her cunt.

Ken was caught off guard but only grinned. Leaning down he whispered, "I didn't know we were going to have a show. Lay back, let's fuck and watch at the same time. That has got me feeling real hard, can you feel it? I think it makes you hot too doesn't it? Watching my little sisters finger each other makes me real hot. Has it got you all juicy and horny baby, huh?" Ken reached down and ran his fingers into Rose's cunt, "Yeah I think you feel it too." He stood back up leaned in and ran his cock towards her mouth where she rubbed the pre-cum all over he lips then sucked just the head into her mouth.

Grinning ear to ear Rose laid back on the lounge pulled one leg up leaving the other on the floor.

Reaching down she stuffed two fingers into her pussy then pulled them into her mouth sucking her juice off, pushing them in again she held them up for him to taste. "Yeah I think it makes me hot too baby. How about putting out this fire for me, real hard and real fast."

Ken pulled her hand to his mouth and sucked the juice from her fingers, "That's what I need a little incentive." The pre-cum was dripping off the end of his cock onto her stomach. Getting in position he pushed into her pussy slow about half way. Pulling back out she moaned and started to rub her clit.

"That's not funny you shit.

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