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Self-imposed training session.

Lacy knelt next to Henry who ignored her as Valentina knelt next to Lacy.

Blake came in the door. He saw Lacy sitting on her heels a smug smile on her face. Valentina had her head down, her hands in her lap. He ignored Lacy and kissed his wife. Helping her up Henry handed him a leather collar and a leash. Blake put the collar around Lacy's neck and attached the leash.

"We are going to the Danger Zone for about an hour, Henry we will have dinner after." Blake said and led Lacy on her hands and knees to his playroom.

"You did as I asked" Blake said to Lacy after he closed the door, "but next time, I want you with your head touching the floor and your arms outstretched. I promised you that I would let you cum and I will keep my promise" Blake said as he pulled Lacy up to standing.

Lacy stood in front of him her breasts out and her nipples hard. Blake felt down Lacy's body and grabbed her leg. Before she could move he fastened one leg to the cuffs on the floor that Lacy hadn't noticed. He then fastened the other leg. Lacy was naked and spread open. Lacy shaved her pussy leaving one strip down the front. Blake pulled on it. "OW!" Lacy said.

"Tomorrow Valentina will take you to get a Brazilian. I want all the hair gone." He said as he told her to put her arms up.

Valentina pressed a button on the wall and from the ceiling chains came down with cuffs attached. Blake attached the cuffs to Lacy's wrists and Lacy smiled at him. Her smile was one of pride about her body. She knew that Blake wanted to fuck her.

Blake went to the drawer and took out a vibrator. Blake kissed his wife. "Wait for me in the bedroom. I will be there shortly."

Valentina kissed her husband and kissed her sister on the cheek and left.

Blake ran his hand down Lacy's side. "I see that you like to show off your body. How many men have seen you naked?"

Lacy grinned, "Just three."

"Me and two others or three" Blake asked as he walked around Lacy stroking her body.

"You and two others, but no one has touched my naked body. I showed off my body. I let two guys touch my breasts." Lacy said staring at him.

Blake pinched her nipples and Lacy licked her lips and threw her head back. The pinch wasn't hard but sensual. Blake walked around to Lacy's ass. He bent down and kissed her behind. He opened her cheeks and took some lube from his pocket. Blake was dressed in his suit and he took off his jacket and threw it on the bed in the room.

Blake rolled up the sleeves of his shirt and put on some gloves. Putting lube on his finger he opened Lacy's ass and slid one finger inside her. Lacy pulled on the chains above her head. "Oh, that hurts." She said as Blake pushed in further. Blake moved his finger in and out. "Relax" he said and Lacy tried to relax.

"Your ass is tight. We will take care of that soon enough." Blake said as he took off the glove and threw it away. He took out a vibrator and turned it on.

Blake licked Lacy's pussy and she moaned and then he brought the vibrator to her pussy. He started the vibrator on two and Lacy moaned. Blake stood and sucked her nipples as he turned the vibrator up to four.

Lacy groaned. Blake kissed her and she sucked on his tongue as he turned the vibrator to six and Lacy screamed as she creamed. Blake continued kissing her, then sucking her nipples as he used the vibrator on her clit.

Soon her clit was so sensitive that she begged him to stop. Blake ignored her and bit her nipple. Lacy screamed again as she had another orgasm and then another. "Please Sir, please stop. I can't I can't."

"You can't cum anymore. Don't you know my dear that you don't decide how many times you get to cum, that is my decision. Let's see if I can pull a big one out of you." Blake said as he turned the vibrator up.

Lacy couldn't take anymore, her arms hurt, her clit was throbbing and her juices was running down her legs.

Blake turned off the vibrator and unhooked her arms. He massaged Lacy's shoulder and arms. He then undid the cuffs on her legs and picking her up took her to the bed.

Blake opened her l

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