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Biography of a cum drinker.

She took his pointer finger into her mouth, wetting it with her saliva and her whipping tongue. And as she sucked-fellating his finger like it was a cock-she pirouetted around, turning so her head was twisted over her shoulder, her body facing away from him.

She bent over, drawing her mouth off his finger with a slurp, using her hands to pull her sweatshirt over the dimples of her back. Suddenly, Mags could see her ass. As pert and spry as the rest of her young body, with little markings of tanlines where a very scant thong had gone. It wasn't plump or bootylicious, but more like some small, ripe, piquant fruit. Just looking at it had a tart taste, a sweet taste... it whetted his appetite.

He extended his hand, his spit-slick finger catching the cool of the air conditioner, and cupped the center of Ariana's buttocks in his palm, his finger extended inward. Ariana was bent over the coffee table now, her hands locked around its edges, the bottle under her face like some glass phallus. She teasingly blew on the bottleneck as she waited...

Then she winced forward, jumping a little as she felt Mags's finger prodding in between her buttcheeks. Ariana now knew he would go through with it, and she wasn't quite sure how she felt about that. All of a sudden she felt obscenely naked, unprotected, her whole body the strained skin around her tiny asshole that was being pulled open. Then-

She thought it would hurt, but it didn't. There was pressure, an intensity, but no pain. Instead, there was a sensation of muted heat... good heat... that swelled inside her.

Mags, too, had expected her to cry out in pain, been prepared to yank his finger out, but instead, Ariana quaked with excitement. Actually squeaking like a cartoon mouse or something, she began wiggling to take his finger deeper inside.

"Do you like it up the ass, Ariana?" Mags asked, wondering how he would get his finger out. Her ass seemed to actually be getting tighter.

"Oh yes!" Ariana squealed, affectionately clenching her cheeks on his hand. Despite himself, Mags enjoyed the pert, firm feel. A nice juicy grape, that's what she was. Just needed to be plucked off the vine...

Mags moved his finger around in the tight hole, fucking it in and out, widening her more and more. He was surprised how arousing he found it to make her expand, stretch her out, turn something so tight and virginal and new into something that fit. And Ariana liked it too, wiggling her hips back against it, her nails clicking on the underside of the coffee table. Apropos of nothing, Mags forced a second finger in. Ariana winced aloud from the pain and tried to bounce further down the coffee table, mounting it so she was on her hands and knees, his hand right behind her like a slow-motion spank.

"Oh!" Ariana gasped. "You... you daring me to take two fingers?"

"Yeah. Let's go with that."

Ariana gasped again. Crawling forward had made her brush against the bottle of Grey Goose, its cool mouth tingling down the hollow of her throat.

Mags misinterpreted the sound. "Does it hurt?"

"No, it feels good!" Ariana responded.

As naughty and taboo as the idea had seemed to her before she'd done it, it seemed even dirtier now that it was actually happening. The minute he'd put his finger in her ass, she'd felt misty between the thighs, the sleek liquid layer of a spray of perfume...

She affected a profoundly innocent voice, reminiscent of her character on Victorious. "Do men really put their cocks up there?"

Something about the question made Mags's balls feel like they were full of molten lead. "Sometimes," he said softly, "when the girl likes it. Would you like it, Ariana?"

"I think so," Ariana teased haltingly. "I have a lot to learn-you'll teach me, right? Teach me how to take it up the ass..."

"Oh yeah, baby girl. Here's lesson one!"

Mags lowered himself to her kneeling body, putting his other hand on her shoulder and pinning her down.

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