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The Pompatus of Love.

We asked how old he was, and he replied that we would never guess. We all laughed a bit at that.

We sat and talked as Ral and Din told us about their lives. They had never been able to have children and that was one reason they were exiled. If they had had children, the children would have been caring for them. Ral left briefly and returned with three more cups of tea. She said it would help us sleep. We drank it slowly while we talked.

I slowly began to feel a bit strange, a bit lightheaded and dizzy. I noticed that we had all stopped talking and that we had stopped for several minutes. I noticed Ral and Din moving around the room, arranging things and getting things from their bags.

Gary was sitting on the sofa next to me. Slowly I was able to turn my head and I saw he as staring off into space, with a blank stare. I tried to say something, but could not speak. My mind seemed to be working, but the rest of my body was paralyzed.

I looked at my wife. She was sitting in a chair across from me, wearing the same blank expression as Gary had, just staring off into space. I began to panic slightly inside. What was going on? Why couldn't I move or speak?

My eyes went back to Ral and Din. They now seemed to be mixing up something in various bowls. They hummed and smiled as they poured powders and liquids into small bowls and stirred them. I tried to speak out again, but could not.

Din grabbed a match and lit one of the bowls. There was a flash and then smoke slowly began to pour out. She took the bowl and moved it under my wife's nose. At first, there was no reaction, and then my wife began to slowly inhale the smoke into her lungs deeply, like she was out of breath. Her eyes got glassier and glassier as she did.

The smoke gradually stopped and Din put the bowl back on the table. Her and Ral then moved to either side of my wife and slowly pulled her to her feet. My wife stared off into space as Ral and Din began to undress her. I wanted to scream, but was helpless.

Ral and Din slowly removed my wife's clothing. She was wearing her bathing suit under her top and shorts. They had to lift her arms over her head as they pulled her top off. They undid her top and let her breasts fall free. Ral smiled and softly touched each one. Then they undid her shorts and pulled them down along with her bathing suit bottom. They lifted each of her legs slightly as they slid them off. She was now nude.

Ral slowly pushed her down on her back in front of Gary and I. My wife stared at the ceiling as Ral and Din went back to the table. I watched helplessly as they began to paint my wife's naked body with the mixtures in the bowls. They made circles around her breasts and lines and other markings all over her naked body.

I was able to move my eyes to my left and saw Gary staring at my naked wife and what was happening. I also noticed a huge bulge in his shorts. I did not know how catatonic he was, but knew at least he was enjoying what he was seeing.

Ral then went to the table and got a large bowl. He smiled and nodded at Din and she moved in front of Gary and knelt down. She reached forward and undid his shorts. She reached in and pulled out a large semi hard black. She stroked it slowly and said smiled as she said something I could not understand to Ral.

Ral kneeled next to my wife and poured the mixture from the bowl onto her. It appeared to be thick and syrupy. He began to rub it into her skin. Din leaned forward and took Gary's growing cock into her mouth. Gary moaned and pushed slightly up into her mouth. I watched as the old woman fellated him to full hardness.

Ral now was rubbing the mixture into my wife's breasts. Her nipples were hard and I saw her breathing began to get shallower as Ral massaged her breasts. He then poured a large amount of the liquid n her pubic area. Then took his left hand and began to massage my wife's vaginal area.

My mind was racing.

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