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How Sue plucked Steve's cherry.

You didn't stop me, so my hand continued up, slipping over the top of your very light stockings, onto your warm pliant flesh. I gasped, as my hand touched flesh. I had been convinced you were wearing tights.

I sat up, my hand still resting on your bare flesh, and kissed you once more. My free hand traced its way over the silk top, rubbing over your breasts, feeling the firmness of your nipples. I felt you shiver at the contact, but you carried on kissing me, and didn't push me away.

Emboldened, I removed my hand from your skirt, and grabbed the bottom of the top. Pulling away from the kiss, I lifted the top over your head. You obligingly lifted your arms, to ease its removal. I looked at your eyes, and saw confirmation, that you wanted this as much as I did. I looked down, and saw your dark pink bra, and marvelled at how beautiful it looked.

I reached for your breasts, and ran my hands over the lacy covering, loving the feel against my palms.

Abruptly you stood up, and before I could ask why, you had undone your skirt, and let it slide down your legs, revealing your matching panties. I stood up, and pressed myself against you sliding my hands onto the nakedness of your bum, revealed by your beautiful pink g-string.

Our kisses became more urgent, and you slid your hand to the front of my shorts, and undid them. We allowed a little gap between us, and the shorts slid to the floor. I stepped out of them pushing you away from the sofa, and began to steer you to the back of the sofa. Your hands were busy trying to push down my boxer shorts, as our tongues duelled.

I pushed you against the back of the sofa, and broke off the kiss.

"Turn round." I whispered, my voice husky with lust.

You complied, silently. I slid my hands up the front of your body, cupping your breasts, squeezing gently. You leant back into me, and I pressed my erection against your bum. I moved one hand, and tried, unsuccessfully to remove my boxers. I could hear you chuckling. I removed the other hand, and quickly removed my underwear. I slapped your bum gently.

"What was that for?" You yelped.

"Laughing." I replied, softly rubbing the cheek I had slapped.

My hands began to once more rub your breasts, and I began to kiss the back of your neck. You pushed back against me, your bum trapping my cock against my stomach. You sighed as I continued kissing you. I pushed you forward, and you bent from the waist, allowing me an unhindered view of your glorious bum. I could see the slight dampness of your arousal on the tops of your thighs, and slide a hand between them. You spread your legs slightly, to allow me easier access, and I began to rub over the dampened crotch of your panties. You moaned as my fingers rubbed your swollen pussy lips.

I slowly pulled the damp material to one side, and slipped a finger between your engorged lips. I knelt down, and placed my mouth over your hat, wet pussy, and licked the juices. You shuddered as my tongue snaked its way into your pussy.

"That's bloody nice." You muttered.

I stood up, and leant over you.

"I think we should hurry Babe," I said, "you need to get back to work soon, and I've got to go and give blood."

You nodded your head, and stood up.

"Follow me." I said, taking your hand and leading you into the kitchen.

I sat down on a chair, and pulled you toward me. I reached out, and hooked my fingers into the sides of your g-string, and slowly drew them down over your stocking clad legs. You stepped out of them, and straddled the chair, as I carelessly flung the panties onto the floor. I looked at you, as you slowly sat down, grabbing my hard cock with your hands, and guiding it to the entrance of your waiting pussy. I felt the first hot contact, and then we were connected. You removed your hands, and leant forward to kiss me. Our lips met again, as our bodies became connected in two places.

I slid my hands round to the back of your bra, as you began to move yourself up and down on my rigid pole.

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