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A conservative beauty can resist her sexuality no longer.

"Tell me Bill, what is your deepest desire ..?" Maria asked while rubbing her thumbs over his temples.

Bill, lost in Maria's eyes and spellbound because of all the attention his cock was receiving answered without thought.

"To stay here and be with my mother and my aunt and you... forever..." Bill said softly.

Maria's grin got even bigger and more wicked as she lowered her head and flicked her tongue out against Bills lips trying to gain entry.

Bill opened his mouth and it was covered immediately by Maria as she kissed him long and passionately, her hands tightening their grip on his head when he tried to draw back a moment.

Bill could feel it, the cum was rising in his balls, he wanted to warn his mother and aunt but Maria's hands were like a vise, never relenting even when the moment was rushing upon them.

Bill groaned as he felt himself almost to the peak, almost to the point of no return.

Maria feeling his body shake and hearing her lover groan released his head and suddenly scooted back brushing Susan and Terri to the side as she settled herself directly over his cock with the shaft rubbing between her lips.

Bill, panting now desperately warned her.

"I'm close Maria, Oh god I'm so close..." He said shaking and thrusting his hips upwards to get relief.

"Oh not yet baby, remember the next pussy this cock will be in is your aunt's, you aren't allowed to cum anywhere else but inside her next, I forbid it sweetie..." Maria said as she shivered with pleasure rocking over his shaft.

Bill groaned at the torture his cock was in. He was desperate to cum, his balls felt like they were going to explode.

Maria teased him rocking and then suddenly she moved off him as Terri took her place.

Bill now released from whatever spell he was under suddenly became like an animal. Eyes wild with lust he saw his aunt settle down on top of him with her long red hair and perfect tits leaking milk. Grunting and groaning he rolled his aunt over quickly and shoved all of his 9 inches inside in one thrust.

Terri's breath left her all at once, her nephews huge cock had taken all her air and she struggled to breathe. Then it all came back and she was gasping and moaning as her nephew went wild and pounded her with everything he had.

Bill, not thinking anymore, was drowning in pleasure, desperately striving for the release he had been promised. Pounding his moaning aunt harder and harder he could feel her pussy spasm and grip his cock as it went in deeper and deeper.

"It feels like he's in my goddamn stomach!" Terri gasped out breathlessly.

"He is going into your womb Terri, aren't you happy?" Maria asked as she sat next to Terri and started playing with her nipples.

Susan was behind Bill playing with his balls and ass, gently cupping them and rolling while bobbing her finger in and out of his anal cavity.

"Oh god yes, yes, yes!" Terri screamed out in answer to Maria's question.

Maria laughed softly as she tweaked the redheads nipples, softly pinching and twisting.

Bill could feel it coming, his cum was rising, the liquid fire he had been trying to get out was now going to erupt out of him. Harder and harder he fucked Terri as she started sliding on the bed, Maria had to put her hands on her shoulders to keep her from hitting the headboard as she took all of her nephew's cock.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Bill screamed as he finally reached the point of no return, his cock erupting with baby-making cum inside his aunt, jet after jet going deep into her fertile womb.

"YES BABY FILL ME UP!!!" Terri wailed as she felt her nephew plunge past her cervix with his cock spewing his load.

Susan whispering dirty talk to her son now had 2 fingers up his ass massaging his prostrate as he came.

"Yes baby stay deep in her, make sure you knock her up, do it baby, give her every last drop!"

Maria smiling watched the family cum and cum, still gently helping to hold a bucking Terri to the bed and laughing when an exhausted Bill passed out on top of his aunt.


Maria sipped he

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