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Two years later, Master and slave are free and very horny.


At around 2.30 another merger was being enacted, although neither of us had our minds totally on it. That would come later, after both of us had recovered from a very long day of negotiations, too much coffee, not enough food and too many celebratory drinks.

We breakfasted at 8.00 on Sunday morning, that is if Berocca and coffee could constitute breakfast. By 9.00 we had showered and freshened up. I walked from the bathroom clean shaven and with my pits smelling like a pine forest. Suzanne was seated, naked, at the dressing table brushing her long dark hair. She looked up as I walked in and stood behind her, from where she sat she couldn't see my cock standing up but she soon felt it as I reached around her and cupped her breasts, it was sticking in her back. "My, aren't you the upstanding man this morning."

"You'd better believe it." My fingers were massaging her hard nipples.

"No fair! I can't get at you from here."

I stood back and she came out of the chair, turned and rushed into my arms in one fluid, feline movement. Her lips found mine, her tongue found mine and we found each other. I don't know whether it was the merging of our companies, the discovery that we had so much in common or just plain animal lust that drove us but we hit the bed running. There was virtually no foreplay, I was inside her in the one movement, my cock driving powerfully in and out of her hungry pussy, our first orgasm a moment of mutual madness, my pumping her full of sperm coincided with her shuddering, thrashing, wet climax.

"My God did we just do that?" We were both puffing and blowing like some out of condition marathon runner, lying in a puddle of the product of our lovemaking, damp, sticky, feral, sexual smelling juices soaking into the bedding, and that was just the beginning.

We kissed, we played tonsil hockey, we swapped spit, we did all of that, we stroked each other, exploring the nooks and crannies of each other's body, fingers entering whatever orifice presented itself, caressing the valleys, plains and peaks of each other, before giving in to our carnal desires. My cock found new ways of pleasuring her, her pussy found new ways of pleasuring me, I took great joy in licking her clit until she had another screaming, shuddering orgasm, her juices flooding out of her in a torrent of lust.

Her mouth enclosed my cock in a sensuous display of cock sucking that left me exhausted and her with a mouthful of sperm which she shared with me in a passionate kiss. We tasted each other often, we fucked continuously and came often, we gave in to our lust so much that after six hours we had fucked each other to a standstill. Everything fitted, my cock was a perfect fit for her pussy, she enclosed me, she caressed me as I moved inside her and I touched her in all the important places, her cunt lips were swollen from her passion, her clit poked its head out of its hood and enjoyed the attention it got from my pubic bone. More importantly we fitted, we were a perfect match in all ways.

At around 7.30 we surfaced. "Do you think we should get something to eat to restore our stamina?" I was willing to get back in the saddle if that was what she wanted.

"What do you have on hand?"

We walked out into the kitchen and I took a selection of food from the refrigerator and pantry. I handed her a bottle of wine and a corkscrew "Could you do the honours?"

She opened the wine and poured us a glass each while I started on the meal.

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