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Maya is asked to punish her Dom.

She tried to control her breathing as Niklas circled the table, knowing that the more she panicked about 'discovery,' the more she would sweat out her guilt.

But as Niklas began massaging the salt scrub into her back, all Sarah could think about was Megan's promises. She had flashbacks of the things Megan had done to her in the cabin, of how she'd masturbated in the shower the night before and then, just now, legs open in the steam room, Sarah's head buried in her pussy. Sarah longed for the scrub to be over because, with every touch of Niklas's firm hands, all Sarah could fantasize about was what Megan's hands would feel like doing the same thing.

As she felt herself fall into a more relaxed state, Sarah's resolve weakened. Her hips began to rock ever-so-gently under Niklas's touch and her ass cheeks clenched and unclenched every time his fingers ventured near, as Sarah's subconscious drifted off into an abyss of Megan-desire. All she could smell, real or imagined, was massage oil, steam and sex.

As Niklas reached her thighs, Sarah wanted desperately to let her towel slip from her ass and feel Niklas pull her legs apart and rub her clit. She wanted Megan to watch while he did it or, better still, get up off her own table and help Niklas attend to her. She imagined what his thick, strong fingers would feel like stroking her pussy and probing inside her, what his cock looked like and if he'd be too big to take inside her mouth. She wondered if he would let her and Megan go down on him together, or if he'd like to watch them as they...

"Am I hurting you? Is this too much?"

Niklas's voice snapped her cruelly back to reality.

"You were arching your back there for a second," he continued. "I thought perhaps I was applying too much pressure? I can go lighter..."

Don't you dare... was all Sarah could think of to say but, instead, she simply murmured her satisfaction.

As Niklas was just about to dig in again, Megan turned to face her as her own therapist, Samuel, a gorgeous black Adonis, reached for more scrub.

"You OK, babe?" Megan called over, smiling. "Maybe the steam was too much for you? I know you get a little light-headed from the heat."

She winked at Sarah, who felt her whole body flush.

"I'm fine, Megan, loving every second." Sarah replied firmly. "Niklas, keep going..."

And she smiled teasingly back at Megan, before burying her head back in the bed and letting Niklas get back to work.

At the end of the treatment, the girls were expertly wrapped in hot, soothing towels as the scrub and oils were given time to absorb deep into their skin. Turning them over onto their backs, both Megan and Sarah felt a slight dizziness, having lain in one position for so long - something Niklas had anticipated.

"Just rest for a few minutes," he said. "And we'll bring you some refreshments. Then you may shower off, just toss the towels out to us, and feel free to jump in the hot tub whenever you're ready. Or you can just wait in here until it's time for your massage. Whatever suits you."

He smiled his Scandinavian smile at both of them before he and Samuel left the room.

"Oh, I feel so good right now," Sarah sighed, stretching her arms up behind her. "You are such a tease, Megan, with that whole thing about the steam room. I'm sure they were onto us."

"I am not a tease," Megan protested. "Teases never make good on their promises. Have I ever not come through for you?"

But before Sarah could answer, the men returned, Niklas carrying a tray of chocolate-covered fruit, sparkling water and more tea. Samuel flipped open a portable table and laid it beside the hot tub as Niklas laid the tray down.

"OK, let's sit up slowly, girls..." he said, stepping over to help Sarah sit back up, as Samuel did the same with Megan. "No rush, take your time."

The girls were led over to the rainfall shower where, once they'd stepped behind the curtain, they let their towels fall before throwing them over the top.

"We will flick the lights when we are ready to come back in,

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