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I am visited by a Ghost Transsexual

Your theater is closed on Sunday. Go figure. So every Sunday noon, you're going to be over here on your knees doing exactly what we want you to do, understand?"

Daryl's hand, the one that had been stroking her hair, curled within her locks and gripped them tight, holding her head in place. "This Sunday," he began, "You get to savor the pleasure of my new girlfriend's pussy firsthand. I can tell from the look on your face that's going to be fun. Of course while you lick her cunt, that ass you never let me touch will be conveniently available to accept my cock."

Daryl licked his lips. "Yeah, what more could any guy want than a babe like you to suck his cock and take it up the ass; all on demand. I'll have to figure out some way to get you over here more than once per week."

As the man expanded his plan, his cock expanded too. Soon the shaft was leaking a constant stream of pre-cum. Madeline knew the moment she dreaded was near. Like most women, she had experimented with a man ejaculating into her mouth and, like most women, she didn't care for it. The mere thought of soon having to swallow Daryl's semen made her stomach wretch. A tear emerged from the corner of one eye and made its way down her cheek.

"What, are you crying?" asked Daryl, "I'll give you something to cry about." With that, he increased his grip on her hair and forced his cock as deep into her throat is it would go. As he had expected, her gag reflex tried to expel his member. Her eyes overflowed; tears began streaming down her face.

"Yeah, you like that? Too bad, because I sure do. Oh yeah!" Daryl released her head. "But now I'm ready to fill your mouth. Finish me off like a good little cum-drinking, butt-fucking bitch."

Cum-drinking, butt-fucking bitch? The words ricocheted within Madeline's head. A look of grim determination gripped her features. I am not going to be your bitch, she resolved. Even if it means my job! Clenching her jaws, she brought her teeth to bear on the unwelcome invader.

"Yow!" Daryl shrieked as the shock and pain registered simultaneously in his brain. He tried to pull away, but Madeline's teeth held his member tight. "Let go!" he cried, almost begged. Hands that had moments before pulled her head now tried in desperation to force it the opposite direction. "Get off!"

As much as Madeline wanted to sever his cock, she decided she didn't care to be the topic of a thousand sleazy morning radio programs. She released his throbbing member, backed away, and stood. "What?" the brunette queried in a tone dripping with both spite and sarcasm. "Did I give you something to cry about?"

"You bitch!" screamed Daryl, cradling his wounded cock as he tried to assess the damage. "Say goodbye to your acting career!"

"You had it right the first time," Madeline retorted. "I was a whore to make those pictures. But I'm never going to be a whore again; that's the career I'm saying goodbye to."

Madeline threw on her pants and blouse, barely fastening them before heading for the door. She wept as she drove home, knowing that Daryl was most likely already sending the porn site link to, not only her boss, but also to her family and anyone else he could think of that they both knew.

I wonder where I'll work now, the young woman mused. Fast food again, maybe? Her face seemed to melt as she considered that possibility. Oh, I hate what that does to my skin, nevermind the hours and the pay! What have I done? Can that possibly have been worth losing my career? The ends of her mouth began to curl upward as she recalled Daryl's surprised yelp. Yes, she concluded with a nod. Whatever happens, my pride is worth more than my job.

The answering machine was flashing when Madeline arrived at her apartment. With heavy sigh she pressed NEW and got ready to hit ERASE so as not suffer Daryl's sadistic ranting.

"Message 1. Wednesday. 09:13 P.M. 'Hi Maddy. It's Bryan. I think I fixed your problem. Give me a call when you can. Bye.' "

"Message 2.

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