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Tom and his wife Lori succumb to the firm's desires.

I can't risk Adison or the doctor.'

Cunningly she brings the conversation back to that point.

'Ah, the doctor. Aren't you even a tiny bit jealous then, them always being together, cutting up bodies, sitting in the audience watching you play? After he did that to you?'

This last she says looking pointedly at the large white scar on his right temple. Though she fortunately does not touch it, he still gets a physical shock from what she says. How can she know the doctor did that to him?

Seeing his reaction, fearing she has gone too far, she has to check herself from touching him, again, and quickly says, 'He didn't tell me anything, I guessed from his reaction.'

Having recollected himself, but agreeing with the doctor that this woman is way too clever for her own good, he decides to once again be honest.

'You are indeed right, the doctor caused these wounds, but I would be dead without his interference. And without Adison's healing skills, I would have been maimed for life, forever dreaming of being an actor but never able to realize that dream. I trust them both with my life, and with my love.'

Now it is Vanessa's turn to be stunned, she'd have sworn the doctor was still untouched, but this man clearly has loved him, physically. Her view on this threesome needs an update, they are held together by a much stronger bond than just a working relationship. So much different from her own group of three, brought together by their fear of loving as much as anything.

They decide to clear out the nest as a group that night, including whichever Chinese daredevil wants to join them. Victor, still affected by the fate of the poor possessed boy, is glad to be included. He does not look forward to violence and danger, but this needs to be stopped, and he is confident that he can hold his own in a fight.

Adison has had a good talk with Sembene, about his past, his reasons for being here in apparent servitude to Sir Malcolm. She has released his talent for drawing in and grounding magic, with his express permission.

He never knew it was there, but knows it will give them a decided advantage in the coming battle. He agrees with doctor Van Helsing, that Sir Malcolm's daughter is probably lost to vampirism, and knowing what this may lead to, he has added his voice to the doctor's, preparing the determined father that rescue may not be an option anymore.

Back home, they check their weapons. Guns are loaded, swords and knives sharpened. Bruce drops by, to let them know he will meet them after the show with five young fighters from his community. They will bring wooden stakes.

When Bruce has left, carrying some poetry books, they decide to try and take some rest. It will be a long night. Vincent tells Adison about Miss Yves' deductions, amazed at her intelligence, but not at her tact.

'She made me feel very uncomfortable, I'm temped to avoid her from now on. I can't imagine her having any friends.'

Adison replies, a bit sadly, 'I do think she is very lonely, I feel kind of sorry for her. Stuck in a house with that cruel old man. I bet there is a really sad story there, a secret she hides by uncovering everybody else's.'

Then she turns towards the man she loves, straddling him and kissing him fervently.

'I'm so happy we have each other', she says.

In answer, he looks straight at her, letting his eyes speak for him. His arms enfold her, and they lie together, trying to find some sleep. Soon, Adison feels Vincent relax in sleep, and she watches him for awhile, keeping still so as not to wake him. It is so comforting to lie next to someone she loves so much, to see him completely at rest, to feel his warmth, and smell his skin. She is not nervous about tonight, she knows that with Bruce and five of his mates they will be reasonably safe. Also, she has a feeling that she may be immune to vampirism.

After some time, Vincent no longer feels totally relaxed, his body tenses and he gets restles

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