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Jennifer Aniston proves once and for all she's not Rachel.

Brittany, funny enough, wasn't as interested. She kept her eyes to the screen, but she took her hands down my pants and reached for my cock. Good thing I wasn't that wet from looking at their feet, or she would have noticed. She stroked my cock and put her head on my shoulders, giving me a quick, naughty look.

"I could get used to this," I thought to myself. I gave her a quick smile and continued watching the movie. Brittany continued giving me a handjob for quite some time. It was really hard to keep my cool, seeing as I didn't want Erin noticing. At one point, Brittany went faster and stroked the tip of my cock. I let out a moan, much to my surprise. Erin looked over, looked down at my where my crotch was under the blanket. I also looked down, and there was a let bump sticking out. She gave a quick smile and returned to watching the movie. Brittany continued for a bit longer, then stopped suddenly. She wiggled out of my arms and laid down on the couch. She put her legs on my lap.

"Baby, could you give me a massage?" she asked with an innocent look on her. "My feet hurt from walking around all day."

I thought I was gonna gag for a second. She just asked me to massage her feet. It was like I was a little boy at Christmas opening up a present. I took her feet from under the blanket and examined them. They were very sweaty and white as can be. I began massaging her right foot immediately. I guess it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. I did tell her that I knew how to massage feet. Her soles were nice and smooth, much like the rest of her skin. Her long toes, painted a light red, made me want to stick them in my mouth right then and now. I concentrated on a circular motion on her soles, then I took her toes and spread them out, relieving the stress walking around had done to them. Brittany tilted her head back and closed her eyes, giving off a dreamy sigh.

"That feels so good, keep doing it," she said. Brittany's body was totally relaxed at this point and I could definitely tell I was doing well.

I continued massaging her divine feet, but also noticing Erin from the corner of my eye. She was sitting up, watching us with interest. I don't think any of us really cared about the movie at this point. I went to the left foot, with much the same results. Brittany gave out a small moan, which sounded more sexual than it did relaxed. I was loving this more than Brittany thought and I never wanted to stop. I just wished that Erin wasn't here, watching this. This was supposed to be a private moment for Brittany and I, but Erin kept watching as though the movie was nothing compared to this. Maybe she was envious? Or maybe she was annoyed? Whatever it was, I ignored it and continued my work,

After a while of massaging her, Brittany looked up at me with a devious smile. "Are you enjoying my sexy feet you dirty little boy?"

I blushed as bright red as one can get. I had made it too obvious. How could I not though? I was loving this, and my boner had not dissipated since I started. Erin started giggling, with Brittany joining along.

Erin got out of her seat and moved over towards us. "I noticed you were checking out my cute little feet, you dirty footboy," she said teasingly.. "You're so naughty, to be looking at my feet. You shouldn't be looking at your girlfriend's friend's feet. You need to be taught a lesson you silly pervert." The girls both giggled even more.

"Do you wanna smell my delicious soles baby?" Brittany asked Erin seductively, sitting back farther in the couch.

Erin replied giggling. "Sure baby-cakes, I would love to." Before I could say anything, Erin took Brittany's right foot and started feverishly sniffing it. Brittany started giggling uncontrollably. They were being really immature I thought. Those were my feet, and I wanted them in my face. The whole time I had been massaging them, I had noticed the faint smell of sweaty feet and wanted them for myself.

Erin took her left foot and started sniffing that as well, barely able to do so because she could

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