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A demon's rage is taken over by an unknow desire for a human.

"I had them change it for me. I happened to see you some time ago while making a purchase in Milin. I inquired as to your status in the breeding lottery and found that you were not even registered. I waited for you to apply, and when you made inquires to get your mother in, although quite aged, I paid a few people to work up the papers. You signed them legally and you are mine to do with as I see fit."

Niadia let the news sink in and closed her eyes, swallowing harshly. "You tricked me into it. Why do such a thing? There are plenty of females that were willing."

Achillien smiled slowly. "Yes, but I wanted you, not them. You should be flattered."

"What about my mother? My shop. Everything I owned went into that place."

Achillien's finger slid down to trace the collar of her dress, making it harder and harder for Niadia to concentrate on the discussion. "She will be taken care of. The shop has been sold and a small house has been bought. She was given quite a good amount to make sure you came along. She will live happily off of it."

"She knew about this!" With that bit of news, Niadia's temper snapped and she tried to shove him away from her. "Get off of me! I want to go home! This is no longer humorous!"

Achillien looked at her, amused. He pressed his body against her tightly and pinned her hands to her sides. "Sweet, I promise you that this is no joke. I wanted you, so I took you."

Niadia's body got hot, whether from him being pressed so tightly against her with his erection pressing so obviously against her stomach or from anger and humiliation she could not tell.

"But I will make a deal with you for tonight, Sweet. All I ask for is a kiss. A kiss and I shall let you go for this evening. You may do as much thinking and scheming to get out of this afterwards once you are alone. Otherwise, I will have to insist that you spend the night with me, for I do not think I could sleep."

Niadia scowled at him. "One kiss?"

"One kiss, Sweet."

She nodded slowly and Achillien released her hands. Standing up on her tip toes she kissed him chastely on the lips, quickly retreating from the contact.

Achillien looked down at her and raised an eyebrow. "Am I so disgusting that I don't warrant a proper kiss?"

Sighing, Niadia stood up on her toes again and placed her hands on his shoulders. Her eyes widened slightly at the feel of thick muscle that chorded beneath his shirt. Bracing herself, she leaned forward and kissed him softly, closing her eyes so she didn't have to watch his expression.

As their lips touched, electricity raced through her. She felt an odd ache settling deep in her stomach as his lips moved against hers. His hands slid to her hips and he lifted her off of the ground, grinding her onto his throbbing erection. Opening her mouth in surprise, his tongue darted in to duel with hers, forcing a moan from her throat.

Holding her against him with one hand, he slid the skirt of her dress up to her thighs then pulled her legs to wrap around him. She whimpered softly into his mouth then arched suddenly as his wandering hand found her breast. Caressing it through the fabric, Achillien quickly pulled the top of the dress open, revealing her corset. His lips left her mouth, kissing and licking a path down her throat.

Pulling her breasts free from the restricting garment, he flicked his thumb across a pert nipple, forcing a soft mewl from Niadia's throat. His tongue circled it for a moment before his hot mouth clamped over the tip, suckling. Niadia clawed softly at his shoulders, her head thrown back in pleasure as his hips started to grind into her aching pussy.

He pulled away for a moment to undo his breeches and she whimpered, her hips still doing small circles in the air. His head lifted from her breast and he slid his hand back to her hip, positioning himself at her sopping entrance.

"You are mine, Niadia.. Do not forget it."

As the sound of his voice started to bring her out of her daze, he thrust forward into her waiting body.

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