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The true tale of Sleeping Beauty.

I deliberately swing my hand up in the air - watching your eye follow the brisk movement.

"I know you are wondering if I am going to repay the punishment you inflicted on me earlier - but trust me ...I have a torture all my own." This said in lazy drawl that only spikes your curiosity. Was that disappointment or relief I saw in your eyes? Maybe it was anticipation... I place the pads of my fingers on your skin - painting - making a masterpiece with the strokes of my digits. The tracings send you convulsing on the bed.

"You will cease this instant or there WILL be hell to pay later," you whisper through clenched teeth. Desire already seething violently below the depths of that haggard voice.

"Do be silent Master," a mellow purr "or I will have to gag you. Which would be a pity because you know what your sweet moans and taunting sexual word images do to me." Just to prove my point I straddle your bound leg and let my dampness trickle out and caress your skin. You must find this an amazing turn on, because squirming beneath me you respond..."Grrrrrrrrrrr LET...ME...UP,"short and nasty sounding then switching to a soft lure..."and I will give you what you want... you want cock - you always want cock - let me up and I will fuck you into submission."

I bite my bottom lip trying to resist that thirst inducing vision. "You're right - I do want that...But not yet. Now quite..." almost as an after thought - "Pleeeease." I stretch out over your body and place my finger on your lips to silence any more protests that might come tumbling from your sexy mouth. Oh but that sly tongue darts through your smiling lips to flick hot and wet against my finger. Stifling a moan I begin my assault on your body. Using the fleshy pad of my index finger I follow the alluring lines of your form. I try to memorize every liquid curve, every appealing patch of skin. Wanting to learn every contour to keep as an imprint in my mind to feed on at a latter date. You become warm malleable clay when I concentrate on your straining cock. Teasing you, fondling you, I make love to your burning silky flesh. I glide my cool knuckles over the delicate rough lose- skin texture of your testicles. I feel them retract and firm under my care. I am so addicted to touching you. When they pull up even tighter I chortle low and deep, feeling you shiver at my caress. You are moaning my name repeatedly now. "Dela, Dela, God I want you. I want to FUCK you. You want it too - I can feel you shake. Free me. Free me and I will take such good care of you."

I want you too, but I am willing to suffer to make sure you pay... Now I really begin to toy with you by placing my heavy breasts around your throbbing cock and leisurely begin to tit fuck you. On the down strokes I slip the tip of your cock in my mouth and on the upward strokes I make you withdraw with an ear cracking 'smack' from the suction. "" Has now become your familiar chant. Every word precise and forced out of a body racked with moans.

The higher octave sounds you are making let me know you are climbing that pinnacle of exquisiteness. I stop my pumping at the instant I know it will only take a single air blow from my mouth to send you plummeting over the edge to your climax. A wispy laugh escapes me when I pull halfheartedly away from your tempting body. You lay whimpering for a few moments. ALMOST making me feel bad for doing this to you. But you ruin the effect with."FUCK! Dela let me lose." Now you rage, thrashing to be free of your bonds. An animal caged, hungry and seeing it prey - just out of reach. "Damn it- I want you. I know you want me. FUCKING free me! NOW!"

My whole intention was to excite and arouse you.

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