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A few of author's own personal memories of Halloween.

Now with both loads filling my arms, I followed her clumsily to the kitchen, blind to my surroundings, mesmerized by the vision of her. Her hips swayed temptingly before me, in an almost hypnotic way.

The apartment was cozy, the kind that seemed like it would make a nice retreat from the chaos of modern living. Soft lighting, which I was thankful for...don't know if I could have handled walking in to a place lit up like a 7-11 at this time of night. When I had deposited the bags on the kitchen counter, my aching muscles thanked me for the relief.

"Do you want some hot chocolate? To warm you up?"

Sounded perfect to me. Within minutes we were sitting side by side on the barstools in her kitchen, relaxing and warming our bodies sip by sip. There were some Netflix dvds sitting on the counter that I thumbed through, as much to give my hands something to do as to check out what kind of films she was into. One of the sleeves she happened to have sitting on the counter was "Lost and Delirious," something I hadn't seen in years but had always liked.

"Oh this is a good one!" I said, not particularly expecting an answer, just kind of talking as I read. At least she has good taste in films, I thought.

"You wanna hang out for awhile and watch it with me? I get bored watching movies alone all the time...I'll be happy for the company."

Despite myself, I couldn't help but think "god it's late." She must have read it in my face.

"Oh god I'm sorry, I forgot how late it is! I'm so used to staying up and unwinding after work that I forget other people don't always keep the same schedule I do. I'm sure you're ready to get home."

Was that disappointment I heard in her voice? "Actually, I'd love to stay for a while. I haven't seen this movie in's just...well...even better that I'll have someone to watch it with."

I would have jumped at the chance to watch "Barney" if she'd asked, as long as it meant a few more minutes around her. My only request, I told her, was another cup of hot chocolate. The relief and excitement on her face was unmistakable. It delighted me to no end to know that I was the one who put that captivating smile on her face tonight.

She told me to get the movie started while she got out of her work clothes. I must have blushed again because she grinned-that mischievous grin-and left the room. My heart pounded in my chest as I did what she had asked and sat down on the loveseat. In a few moments she came gliding into the room wearing jeans and a tank top. The tight fit of the tank accentuated her feminine curves and gave me a teasing hint of her cleavage. The sight of her bare arms and more of that gorgeous skin made my temperature rise, and the denim of her jeans clung to her in all the right ways.

Without missing a beat, she snatched the remote and sat down on the loveseat next to me, close, closer than most people would sit. But neither of us seemed to mind...we stayed put, preferring the mutual space in the middle. The movie started, and we watched attentively, laughing together, making comments to one another. Anyone could see that we were enjoying ourselves, but there was an undeniable tension in the air...a suspense. No more than 20 minutes into the film I began to shiver. The temperature inside the apartment had dropped considerably since we had first arrived. Noticing my discomfort, she asked me if I wanted a blanket, saying that she was cold, too...not too hard to believe given her outfit. She ran off down the hall and returned seconds later, blanket in hand.
"Here...we can share this."

I laughed to myself...oh my god, she's bold. She sat back down next to me and arranged the blanket on top of us. Of course, it wasn't quite big enough, so she took the opportunity to close the gap between us. And there we were-together in the center of the couch, our bodies finally together and our body heat combined.

Note: later I would find out that she had intentionally turned down the air in the apartment when she had gone to change clothes, hop

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