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A young woman and her mentor.

I was pursued by guys constantly. A few times it was so bad I wanted to quit. I started seeing my therapist again to deal with my fear and anxiety.

My roommate was great. She did a lot of intervention with guys who hounded the door. Frequent flower and gift deliveries as well as anonymous love mail falling through the mail slot. She thought it was pretty funny and loved that she got first dibs at all the cute guys that came around.

It seemed like forever before the tide turned back to a trickle. Between my job and my homework I was spared a lot of socializing. This is all that kept me from going off the deep end.

My second year was better. By now most people could see I was a nice but shy, reserved person and I was able to make a few close friends. The flood of love sic boys settled again.

My roommate was a real social butterfly but had no problem making our 'home' off limits so I could have the privacy I needed. In return I ran interference for her with her parents and kept her social calendar from the accidental double booking she was famous for. For the first time in my life I could see a good future emerging from the ashes of my childhood.

The inevitable rough patch came near the end of year three. The year had gone well. I had even gone on a double date or two with Carla. The guys were ok and not pushy so I was able to relax around them. Carla always made sure I got home before she did anything else so I would never have to deal with the 'end of the night' issues. I was really starting to relax and come out of my shell. I should have known.

The trouble started when a date with Clara and 'Winston Chandler Everett III' failed to happen. It was my fault. I didn't get a message to Clara from her parents that the hook up was arranged for theThursday coming.

That same night Clara had a hot date with the MVP of the football team. Winston showed up at the dorm but there was no Carla to meet him. To say that he was upset was an understatement. He insisted on checking her room and then on waiting.

He talked the entire night. I was so overwhelmed i didn't hear one in three words he said. More fool me. I was almost a basket case by the time Carla returned.

Now Carla is a pretty amazing person. She is confident, beautiful and assertive. She had Winston turned down and out before even he knew it was happening. So Winston turned all his considerable attention to me.

He came to the door several times a day, called, sent flowers and love letters touting the 'undeniable connection between us' that night. I was scared shitless.

Then he started following me... Everywhere. He waited outside my classes. Stood behind me in the coffee line, food line, bookstore line. He shadowed my every move.

I tried everything I could think of to convince him he meant less than nothing to me but the only voice he heard was his own. He told me I was just confused, that he knew what was best for me and our future. He even tried to have my classes changed for the following semester! After all my major was not in keeping with his ideal!

Finally I was so stressed out Carla spoke to Mr O, whom I was now calling Dad. He spoke to Mr Everett who stammered and carried on for ages but finally agreed to speak to his son.

It took Winston 5 minutes to convince his dad that my dad was just confused and overprotective. That he just didn't think anyone was good enough for his baby girl. And he was right because only he, Winston, WAS good enough and my dad would soon see that too and stop making trouble for us.

My dad made an appointment with the Dean.

It was an uncomfortable meeting. The Dean requested that Mr Everett attend with his son as well as my Dad and I. I explained the situation. Winston refuted everything I said. The Dean told the Everett's that this was to stop and were they clear?

The only thing it changed was how much Winston adored me.

Now he was full out 'hate' stalking me.

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