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And the game begins.....

.. "... and I think I would like to see... it would be a confirmation of..."

"So you think this would prove that I submit to you?" Anita said, hesitantly...

"Kind of...but, for me... you don't have to prove anything for me; we don't have to do this. But it's your dream; you told me you want me to dominate you. And then, I think this should be something we could try... On the internet, this is often presented as one of the easy things; something a slave likes doing, as it pleases her Master... But maybe we should skip this for now; get to know each other first, learn to trust each other, before we continue..."

Anita took a deep breath; sighed; shrugged. "I don't know. It's true; I want this... I can try, and if I'm uncomfortable, I'll stop!"

"Let's just leave it for now; I don't want you to do anything you're not comfortable about... Maybe we can do this another time."

Anita straightened up a bit and sighed "What do you want me to do?"

"Are you sure? - you don't have to..."

"Just let's give it a try, ok?" Apparently Anita made up her mind, and now all of a sudden she sounded impatient again; apparently she wanted to get over it...

I stood up and moved to the chair opposite to the sofa. From there, I had a good view on Anita.

"Ok then; put your feet on the sofa!"

Now, Anita obeyed, slowly; but still appearing reluctant.

"And now start playing with yourself!"

"What do you want me to do?"

"Do the things you normally do. But tell me - tell me what you do and how it feels."

Anita remained impassive.

"Stroke your pussy for me!"

She swallowed, but finally her hand moved between her legs, where it remained impassive.

After a while, I told her to start stroking. She did, and after her hands stroked her pussy a few times, she asked me: "Do you want me to make it wet?"

"Is it dry?" I replied, redundantly and then, after she confirmed, "Do you normally make it wet?"

"Normally I don't have to..."

"So maybe you should stroke the rest of your body first - warm yourself up a bit! You're the expert of your body; you know better than me what to do!! That's why I want you to show me! Do it, and tell me what you feel!"

Anita started stroking her thighs.

"Tell me what you feel!" I reminded her.

"I'm feeling cold!" she complained.

It wasn't that cold in the house, so I told her to continue. "What else do you feel?"

"I am feeling nervous; uncomfortable. Very tense."

"Ok." I replied. "And what else? Does it turn you on?"

"I don't think so. I am feeling a bit nauseous."

Perhaps I should have stopped her there - she had demonstrated that she was willing to follow my orders, even though she opposed them. However, I felt like she needed just a little more pressure to be pushed over the edge. But is she didn't soon...

"Ok, keep stroking yourself."

Silence again.

"Good... Can you use one hand to stroke your breasts now?"

"Can I take off my shirt and my bra?"

I hesitated, but decided against it. "You may push it aside, but don't take it off."

Anita complied. She pushed up her pull-over up as far as possible, and then one of her hands moved over to her breasts.

"Can you push your bra away, so you can touch your nipple? And can you tell me how it feels?"

She complied - she pushed the fabric down, and brusquely let the palm of her hand rub the nipple.

"Be sensitive!" - I commanded - "You know this is not what I want! Stroke it with your fingers; be gentle!"

She hesitated, but then started stroking her nipple with the tip of her fingers.

"What do you feel?"


"Your nipples - how do they feel? Are they hard?"

Anita nodded; her body still very tense.

"Speak to me! Are they hard because of the cold, or because you are getting turned on?"

Another flush of red moved over her cheeks. "Both, I think..."

Perhaps that was the start of a change I was waiting for.

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