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Jacki is enjoyed by camel drivers during her training.

She did the same with hers.

To be sure there was no confusion, she got out of her car and want round to the boot, bending into it enough to reveal the tops of her hold-up's under the hem of the sweater skirt.

She turned, as if to check for oncoming traffic before returning to her car, and looked straight at the drivers place in the 4-by-4 at the same time.

Returning to her car, her heart now pounding with nerves, she saw in her mirror, the guy get out of his vehicle, lock it and walk to the passenger side of her car.

She opened the door to let him in.

He was gorgeous. Dressed all in black leather, including gloves, he was about 5'10", clean-shaven, with beautiful crystal blue eyes, and a rugged clean-shaven jaw. He smelt of expensive cologne and she knew that he knew and all would be OK.

"Wow" said the man, looking at her as she sat there.

"Wow, yourself", giggled Jacqui.

He leaned towards her and they kissed, their tongues quickly and urgently finding each other, his gloved hand on her knee.

She parted her legs slightly as his hand travelled slowly up her thigh. As it reached her panties, she felt her cock twitch and knew she would come straight away if he touched it.

Squeezing her legs shut, she removed his hand, looking in his eyes and laughing as she did so.

She leant forward and unzipped his leather trousers reached inside and slowly pulled out a circumcised cock that was at least 7" long, quite thick and already glistening with pre-cum.

Looking at him and licking her lips, she moved her head down so that her lips brushed the helmet of his cock. She pushed the tip of her tongue into his cock hole and then eased her lips and then all her mouth round his shaft.

She wanked him with her right hand as her mouth sucked him off. She paused momentarily to let her tongue flick the tiny loose flap of skin under the helmet.

Returning to her task she now sucked him more vigorously than before and she felt his arm reaching round to cup her as cheeks. How her ass felt hot and desperately wanted him to fill it, but that would have to wait for maybe another time.

She heard his breathing quicken as she sucked and wanked, sucked and wanked. Still sucking, she stopped wanking him to cup and stroke his balls, and then returned to wanking, her fingers moving in sync with her mouth to give him the ultimate feeling.

He grunted, bucked his hips slightly and pumped fresh, hot, salty spunk deep into her mouth. Jacqui kept sucking and kept her lips clamped to his shaft so that nothing escaped. Reaching for her dash she pulled two mansize tissues from the box she kept there and moved them into place round and on top of his cock as she slowly pulled her mouth. Only now did she swallow the cum that had collected in her mouth and throat, letting him see her do so, a tiny drop dribbling from the corner of her mouth.

They kissed again, just lightly brushing their lips and she now lay back in her seat, opening her legs again and looking invitingly at him. The gloved hand was there like a shot, and just as she knew she would, she began to cum instantly, filling the condom he had wisely pulled on at his last motorway stop.

At the height of the sensation, she grabbed his hand to stop him going any further. That had been great, but now she wanted to kiss this handsome stranger goodbye and go and clean up.

When he started to speak, she kissed him and with a look made it clear they were done.

The stranger back in his own car, she drove about 3 miles to a roadside caf__, used the ladies to freshen up and dispose of the condom and sat down to a salad and a cup of tea.

As she ate she was aware of being watched. Worried that she'd been found out, she looked up slowly to see a rather rough looking man, slightly overweight and in need of a shave, looking back at her from across the caf__. He smiled, she smiled back.

He came over and sat opposite her.

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