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The Waters case.

Just before I reached the toilets, Goran came up next to me and warmly put his arms around me. He held my shoulders and remarked that I looked wonderful and gave me a peck on my cheek. Then he said that he wanted to talk to me but couldn't as he was on the job and to meet him in a back room in a half hour, pointing me towards a black door. I agreed and he went on his way.

I was so excited I ran to the toilet which unfortunately was packed. So I decided to come back later and went back and looked around for Derrick. Jan by now had found herself a handsome young man and they were talking and laughing in the corner. At one point I saw the man slide a hand up her skirt and I thought enviously "well she's going to be getting some action tonight!"

Then I turned around and there was Derrick standing right before me. I noticed that he had a new beer in his hand and offered me one, which I gladly took, hoping it would ease the ache in my cunt. As if emboldened by the alcohol, he stood close to me, close enough so that my nipples touched his chest. While we talked, I noticed he brushed his hand lightly over my mound and casually over my tits. Feeling amazingly horny, I reached down to get a cigarette and as I did that, pressed our pelvises together. Through his pants, I felt a raging hard on, and suddenly I started salivating at the thought of having his cock in my mouth.

Feeling bold, I took him by the hand and he asked where I was leading him. I whispered that I wanted to show him a good time. He smiled and willingly let me lead the way. I remembered the door Goran had pointed me to and decided that we could find a spot of privacy there, and to my delight, it was a large store room where the club kept their supplies.

I leaned against the wall and pulled Derrick to me and he started kissing me. His tongue felt like silk as he started kissing my neck and started towards my left breast. He started biting at the nipple through the material. By now, my nipples were straining and threatening to pop out and my cunt was dripping wet! I moaned and he started playing with my other nipple. It was then that I noticed that we were not alone. Goran was standing about three meters away and had an expression of shock and amusement. I smiled at him as if to say sorry but he just came over and pushed Derrick's hand away from my right tit and started nibbling it. I was in ecstasy. Not only did I have two gorgeous men pleasuring me, but my biggest fantasy was actually unfolding. I was close to an orgasm and they haven't even touched my clit, which was now swollen. I could feel my panties getting soaked through and slid one hand down. As if on cue, Derrick got on his knees, and pulled down my thongs and spread my pussy lips apart and bit lightly on my engorged clit.

I moaned, which seemed to spur the men on as they started licking and biting fervently. Then Goran pulled both my nipples together and started biting them at the same time, before pushing them up to my mouth as I started hungrily licking at them. It was amazing and I felt like I was floating! I reached down and pulled the zipper of his suit pants down and his hard hot cock sprang out at me. I started playing softly with the head and rubbed his precum just below the head.

Then I stated to feel my orgasm build and started moaning as I pumped Goran's now almost gigantic cock. Derrick started licking furiously and brought me over the edge as I screamed and orgased all over Derrick's face. He rose up and kissed me as I tasted my own tangy womanly juices. Then I released Goran's cock which was now rock hard and reached for Derrick's dick, pleasantly surprised that he had already been touching himself while eating me.

I knelt before the two men, feeling my cum running down my thighs.

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