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It's summer and they're in heat.

With that I left him to dress and went down into the basement to prepare for his arrival. After a couple of minutes I heard his footsteps on the stairs. My breath quickened and my heart started to pound, what was I doing

In he stumbled, unwashed, unshaven and still smelling slightly of beer from the previous night. "What's up mum?" he enquired sheepishly. I told him I needed a hand, I would unload the washing, he could put it in the drier. He reluctantly agreed and opened the drier door to await the first handful. I unloaded his piles of tatty jeans and t-shirts and handed them over where he stuffed them into the drier, followed by a second and third load and then he shut the drier door and switched it on. "Oh, I've just found another item John", I said as I reached back to the shelf behind me. "Oh it's too late now mum", he tutted, "Give it here and I'll stick it in with the next load".

laughed a little to myself and said cheekily "Looks like it's already had at least one load!" before handing over the spunk sodden panties I had fond on his floor that morning. John immediately knew what they were. He turned bright red and went to rush out of the room unable to provide a reasonable excuse.

s he went to leave I shouted across to him "Hey John you've forgotten these too" and lifted up my dress revealing the black lacy numbers he had been busy with while at Uni, whispering "They're all nice and clean ready for a new load babe".

You don't mind what I've been doing?" he enquired in disbelief as he stared at me as I tore off the dress and stood before him in the panties and a matching bra. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he eyed me stood there beckoning him towards me.

told him how I was initially angry until I caught a glimpse of his cock when he was in bed and told him to give me a proper look at it. As he was still only dressed in a sports vest and shorts it was merely seconds before his pants were off and he was stood there in all his youthful glory. The glimpse I got was an accurate alright.

Though still flaccid, it dangled manfully between his slender thighs and it was pretty thick too. I gasped at its sheer magnitude and reached out and stroked it gently. As I mauled at it, it grew longer and harder until it jutted straight out towards my stomach. I was amazed, it was twice as big as is father's and fatter too, I couldn't believe a boy his age, let alone my own son could possess such a monster and my cunt grew hot and moist.

As my right hand continued to stroke along John's thick veiny erection, my left as down the front of my panties rubbing at my swollen labia, as the juices began to secrete into the delicate fabric. John could see I was clearly aroused by his big dick and an air of arrogance seemed to build inside him as he asked me if I liked it. I told him it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and it felt really good in my hand. He went and said bold as you please "Just think how good it would feel inside you!", cheeky bugger!! Nevertheless, despite his cheek, he was right I ached to be filled with it released my grip from his shaft to remove the now soaking wet knickers.

He ordered me to give them to him and he pressed them to his face and sniffed before putting them on himself, his cock poking out proudly through the lacy opening at the front. I then realised how he got them so filthy!

He then off his vest and was then entirely naked before me apart from a tiny pair of my skimpy little frilly knickers.

I remember thinking to myself that he didn't look at all odd, in fact he looked really sexy.

I climbed up onto the vibrating tumble drier and spread my legs as wide as I could. "Come on then you dirty bastard, show me what you can do with that beast" I hissed, amazed at my wanton slutty tone.

Maybe it was the faint smell of beer and cigarettes emanating from John or the dank dismal atmosphere of the basement but I was feeling like a whore about to b

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