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Becky after Work.

Also, I had been totally right about the absence of tan lines.

I was in awe. I've had damned good many times, but never perfect. I felt strangely like a virgin, experiencing perfection for the very first time. Damn, Jodie really was. a goddess and my body was dying to worship her. In all the time since, I've never lost that feeling-and I've never wanted to.

This awe didn't keep me from reacting quickly when she playfully took off running, trying to "escape" from my "sinister designs on her body". I took off right after her and caught her next to her queen-size bed. I lifted her off her feet and then ever so gently laid her on the bed with her legs spread wide.

"The Silver Fox would worship his beloved Blonde Goddess. How may I be of service?"

"Eat me until I can't stand waiting any more, then fuck me better than you've ever fucked a woman before" was her prompt reply.

"I never have fucked a perfect woman before. I'll have a lot more fun losing this cherry than I did losing my original cherry to Sally, and that's saying something. You are already so much better than her that I need a telescope just to see her in the rear-view mirror. When we're through, you'll leave the bitch stone cold dead in the dust."

I used inserted the middle finger of my left hand into her pussy as I greedily licked her labia I got it well lubricated with her sweet juices, then I withdrew it and replaced it with two fingers of my right hand. Then I began gently licking her clit, causing her to moan some more. My index finger stoked her G-spot as my middle finger went deep. My licking increased in intensity, and I tried gently sucking her clit. She urged me to continue, saying she was getting close. Then I stuck my carefully lubricated left middle finger into her sweet ass. I started gently then went deeper. I found a particularly sensitive spot and stroked it.

Jodie gasped "Oh God Bart, I'm cumming .... Her body shook with a powerful orgasm, and my face was drenched in girl cum. I licked up all of it I could, God it tasted so good! Then she greedily licked her own juices off the areas I couldn't reach. That was so hot. People don't usually share notes about this, so for all I knew I was unique-I love the taste of my own cum. Jodie loves hers. The magic mirror strikes again.

"I want more of that later, Bart, but I need you inside me now. You made me cum so hard that I'm ready sooner than I expected to be. Thank you, lover, now please flood my pussy with your cum."

"Jodie, I've learned just a little in thirty years, and you deserve my very best. I'm glad I pleased you so much. I'm going to fuck you better than I've ever fucked any woman before."

At that point I entered her for the first time. I won't ever forget how I felt I that moment. It was hotter than the goddamn Big Bang, but so supremely right that it was felt downright holy. I'll remember that feeling at least a million years after the day I die.

The fit was nice and snug, yet she'd experience much bigger much dicks than mine. None of them had stretched her out of shape. Those titanium muscles of hers were showing off to good advantage.

I explored the inside of her pussy with my cock, seeking out and finding her most sensitive spots, while making sure to always stimulate her clit, supplementing as needed with my fingers.

Jodie was moaning and gasped, "oh yeah, that's the spot, oh that feels so good ... OH MY GOD!!!!!! Her first orgasm went off like a 50-megaton nuke. I manged to hold back my own cum as her pussy milked my dick. I was dying to flood her with my load, but even more than that, I wanted to pleasure her as much as I possibly could. I slowed down my stroke and let her catch her breath, then I started working on her orgasm number two. She came a second time and then a third, stronger each time.

"Bart, I can't take any more.

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