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Andrew starts to become more than just a suck toy.

" Once again, I gather courage: "But - what is our purpose here?" The boy laughs, and his dimples curve, "Oh - haven't you guessed? You're for the emperor."

The attendants bathe us and, for the moment, we luxuriate in the warmth. The long days of sweat and sailor and smell are washed off. We are shaved - everything - arms, legs, pubis, armpits. We are given no clothes and, instead, are encouraged to enjoy the cool pool, naked, with our colleagues. I notice, though, that, three by three, the attendants are taking the other women somewhere - they are first dressing them in draped robes and jewels - from the corner of my eye, I see a woman's nipples pinched with ruby clamps. She gives a small yelp, but the attendant merely rubs a finger against her lips, then soothes the reddened tits. I look around, but the other women are engaged in discussion, talking about missed families, talking just to talk. It does not take long. The attendants come to the edge of the pool. They signal to me, my brunette companion, and another, rather shrill-voiced blonde. Of course, we dare not refuse them. We climb out of the pool, hairless bodies glistening in the light from the windows and the sconces burning on the cavernous walls. We are taken to a corner, slightly hidden from the rest of the women, next to a deep closet. From it, the attendants bring white robes, strings of jewels - and then, they smile at us. One drapes the brunette first, than braids her hair with strings of rubies. She is smiling, nodding and talking with the attendants, relaxed. Suddenly, another attendant comes from behind and clips her nipples with the same kind of clamps I saw earlier. The brunette gasps, and the attendant covers her mouth. I watch her eyes widen. They are stringing the jeweled clamps from her nipples - a chain connects them around her neck, to her pierced ears. Whatever she does I think to myself, She will have to pull those clamps - and feel them tug at her nipples. The attendants lead her away - as the clamps pull, she whimpers softly.

It is my turn, and I follow the attendants with apprehension, dread, anxiety, and more than a little excitement. I am given no robes. I hear two attendants speaking to each other in their foreign, clicking language. I am frustrated. What are they saying? One smiles at me, runs a hand over my hair. "A wild child, eh? That's what the emperor likes." No robes, but a tiara of gold, delicately touched with flowers of sapphires and amber. Chains of silver, tinged with rich amethyst, are placed around my neck. More of the same, in miniature, are ringed around my wrist. Bejeweled nipple clamps - this time tinged with onyx - are attached to my tits, then wrapped around my wrist - and - horror of horrors - clipped to my clit. I gasp as the attendant smiles, smoothes my hair, and says, "You have the clit and the cunt for this, don't you? So distended, so large - don't worry - the emperor will like that, I think." I cannot move without feeling the pull of the clamps on my clit, on my nipples. I try not to gasp aloud as the attendants guide me up the steps. I feel the bare stone against my bare feet.

The three of us are led up a steep stairwell, into a hallway - it is bright, here, as the sun shines fully in the windows.

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