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He finds mother and aunt are pregnant by him. And so is May!

Walking up to him I asked him to dance, smirking at me he said yes and gave his beer to a random person walking by. Giggling I take his hand a walk to the dance floor where an upbeat song was playing, moving my hips I waited for Kyle to join. I knew he would grab my hips and we would grind. It was so hot to I could tell it wouldn't be long before we would upstairs in a room if we made it up there before our clothes were off.

Grinding on him was hot, I had my arm wrapped around his neck and he was sucking on mine as my ass grind-ed against his crotch. Wanting more I turned around and wrapped both arms around his neck and one leg around his waist dragging my crotch against his hard on.

"Baby why don't we go upstairs," he whispered to me grabbing my ass at the same time.

Almost panting I agreed and started my way to the stairs, glancing at Liz I see she was preoccupied with talking to a plant. Perfect!

Most of the rooms were taken but we made our way to one of the last ones and as soon as the door was closed I was slammed onto the wall with his lips on mine.

Grabbing a fist full of his hair I sucked on his bottom lip as he let out a low moan. He picked me up and I wrapped both my legs around his waist feeling him through his jean cladded legs.

"Baby I want you so bad, Liz is always in our way," Kyle said moving his lips down to my neck where he licked and sucked his way to my sweet spot.

"OHH I know, but now we can have our fun," I smirked, I will finally fuck my best friends boyfriend.

Tossing me onto the bed he rips off his shirt as I start to unzip my dress, stopping me he does it himself, kissing every available skin that it leaves in it wake, all the way to my panties where he lets the dress drop to the floor before pulling my under wear with them. Grabbing my ass he straddles me and grind his still clothed crotch between my ass cheeks.

"Fuckkk," he moans, "Baby I want you," standing up he pulls down his pants and his boxers soon follow. Glancing at his size I see that he was big, like really big. Crawling to him I waste no time in taking his cock and putting my lips over the head of it. Feeling to heat of him across my face I started to suck on him, moving my head up and down at a fast pace, I know I won't be able to take him all so I wrapped my hand around the base and squeeze. I used my other hand to fondle his balls. He is moaning, he grabs my head and starts to face fuck me, I couldn't help but moan myself.

I finally pull my lips from his cock. "Baby I'm ready for this monster cock of yours," I say panting rubbing my clit.

Grunting he forces me back and climbs over me, ripping off my strapless he fondles my boobs, before leaning down and sucking one while gently running feather light touches over the other one.

"Please Kyle," I beg, I wanted this so bad.

Sitting up he moved my legs further apart for greater access before putting his head between them.

"Baby prepare to be fucked," he grunted pushing in at the same time.

Gasping I moan and grip the sheets, he goes in all the way and pulls out before slamming back in. Rough was the way he liked it, and I love it rough. Laying his body on top of mine he started at a faster pace, slamming me so hard that the bed creaked. Moaning out loud I grab his ass forcing him faster, harder.

"Ya baby, ya go faster, fuck your girlfriends best friend," I talked dirty to him. I was so turned on right now.

Grunting he picks up his pace slamming into me so hard I could feel his balls against my ass when he came down.

"You like that do you, you like me balls deep in your tight fucking pussy," he moaned as he liked my tits.

"Fuck ya," I scream wrapping an arm around his neck and putting my legs in the air.

Bouncing up and down on me we kept moaning and grunting away, each knowing that there was someone who thought we cared downstairs plastered out of her mind as we fucked like rabbits in a room.

"Baby baby more, I'm almost there," I gasp as I felt it coming.

Sitting up he pou

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