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The princess explores the castle, and meets a stranger.


He grimaced at that. "Must be nice being you. All those bitches, and a few guys I'm sure, want you. I know that Connie in accounting wants to catch you alone during the filing days." The company took three days off every twenty-five days so they could catch up on filing. Kind of odd, but it makes sense when you handle accounts for over twenty countries and this was the main office.

"I'd ask if she was cute, but everyone there seems to be hot. You too, dude. I ain't afraid to say you're a good looking dude and I know you gotta be pulling your fair share of bitches." He actually turned a bit darker. "Whoa, did I just make you blush? I did! Oh my god! Not used to guys thinking you're good looking?" I asked jokingly.

"Not used to good looking guys thinking I'm good looking. All I get are the fat ugly old ones." I laughed and thumped him on the shoulder.

"Ouch. Sorry about your luck. Well dude, you just got told by a hot guy you're hot, how does that make you feel?" I asked with a cheesy TV anchorman voice and held an imaginary mic to his face.

"Hot," was all he said and we both laughed. His laugh was like a mix of puppy bark and deep growl and I had to admit it was kinda cool. We shot the shit as we drove into the night to a place he said was great for hiking and some decent climbing where you did not need a rope. Turns out he graduated at the top of his class in college and landed this job right out of it. He was twenty-nine although he looked about twenty-one. He said he had a few cousins who were all my size or bigger.

"Being the smallest guy seems to be your thing." He nodded with a sneer. "Dude, height don't mean shit nowadays. My best bud Troy is like 5'2" and a scant hundred pounds but he pulls women all the time with something you got too. Brains and personality. He knows how to talk to people, how to treat them and no one cares if he looks like he should be back in the eighth grade. You got that too if you'd just look at it. The only place size matters are here and here," I said pointing to his head and his chest. Then I dropped the mushy stuff. "And here," I said grabbing my crotch.

"The first two I have...not so much the last." I played the world's smallest violin for him.

"Poor guy. Has to settle for fat old guys cause he got no equipment."

"You know what, Jonathan, fuck you," he said with a laugh.

"No thanks, my ass is exit only." That made him snap his fingers in an ah shucks sorta way.

"But thanks Jonathan. Not too many people take the time to realize I have a brain. The ones I have slept with were only interested in me because I look the way I do. Or what they think they could wheedle out of me because of who I work for." Being the OA for the layoff guy could be a good place for the more corrupt. I doubt Patrick was that type.

"No problem dude. If you ever need a pep talk, you know where I live and work." He gave me a thumbs up.

The site was too dark to see much past that it had trees and bushes around a decent clearing. There was no moon since it was new and the stars could not get past the trees to shed what light they could. Leaving the Hummer's lights on we set up the tent and everything before turning in for the night. "I'm warning ya, dude. I don't wear skivvies, so if you don't want to feel inferior look away." He rolled his eyes and looked away while I slipped off my jeans and pulled on some sleeping shorts. "There, you can now look and not feel like a child."

"Okay, Jonathan, now I'm curious." He rolled over in his sleeping bag and propped himself on one elbow. "Think you got a big dick? Lets see it." I shrugged and got up on my knees and pulled down the front of my shorts. It was cold but it still hung there five and a half inches long and just over five in circumference. He just stared with his mouth open. "Damn," was all he said. "Women must howl when you throw that thing into them."

"That they do.

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