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"You naughty, insatiable, little slut," He growls at me as His fist curls in the silky tresses of my long brown hair. I yelp softly as He pulls me off the couch, pushing me down on my knees in front of Him.

Without another word, He starts walking into the kitchen, dragging me by the hair as I crawl behind Him; stopping in the middle of the kitchen floor. He looks down at me, on my hands and knees, whimpering, panting, skin flushed with arousal, and He smiles at me. "I know what you want, you little whore," He growls at me as He releases His grip on my hair, "You want Me to fuck you, don't you?" A whimpering 'yes' comes from my mouth as I try to calm my breathing. But I can't slow down my breathing, just as I can't stop the growing arousal within me.

He walks behind me; flipping my skirt up and yanking my panties down and off in one smooth motion. I can feel the breeze from the open kitchen window flittering softly against my heated skin. And then, His hands are on my ass, kneading, pinching, grabbing; eliciting moan after moan from me as I press my body into His hands, loving the feel of His touch, reveling in the sensations He is creating. His hands leave my body for a second before I feel the first smack on my ass. "Whose whore are you?" He growls as His hand lands on my already heated skin a bit harder this time. I whimper "yours" as He continues spanking me, harder and harder; each time asking me whose whore I am, whose naughty little slut I am, and each time I say "yours" louder and louder until He has me screaming it as loudly as I can.

He thrusts His hand between my legs, fingers gliding across the freshly shaven skin He finds there. He dips His fingers inside my pussy, first one and then another, moving them in and out as I whimper and moan and push against His hand for a split second before He takes His fingers out of me. I groan at the loss, already so close to the edge that it won't take much to send me over. Of course, He knows this, but He likes to tease me.

He takes a second to rake His fingernails over the still hot flesh of my ass and the first "please" comes out of my mouth. I close my eyes, the desire, the need for release enveloping me, consuming me, until the only thing I am aware of is Him, His touch, His voice, His presence. I moan as He rakes His fingernails over my skin one last time and then the moan becomes louder as His hand slides between my legs to grab the soft folds of flesh there. "Whose whore are you," He asks me again as He tightens His grip and I scream "yours" my body moving against His hand as He spreads my pussy wide open. "Don't EVER forget that," He growls in my ear as His fingers stroke my clit, building me up and up and up until I am so very close, and then when I get there, He stops. He does like to tease me.

"So very, very wet. You ARE my naughty, insatiable, little slut, aren't you?" I whimpered then, telling Him over and over that I was, saying it out loud, saying, "I am your naughty, insatiable, little slut." His hands come around me, pinching my nipples through the silk of my shirt and He whispers "good girl" in my ear a second before He puts my own very wet panties in my mouth, gagging me with them, muffling my cries.

I can taste myself. I can smell my own arousal. It fills my mouth, my nose, my entire being as I listen to Him telling me how wet I am, how He can tell how much I want Him, how only naughty little slut's get THAT wet, and the entire time I moan around the panties in my mouth. My need to have Him inside of me, to be taken by Him becoming so powerful, like white-hot primal energy swirling inside of my body, and inside of my mind.

He pulled my head back then, His hand gripping my hair forcefully, the muscles in my neck straining against the pressure.

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