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Until a playful birthday spanking changed everything.

I saw that Dan and Marty were not touching and appeared surprised, perhaps a bit worried that I had stopped. I told all of them what I had just discovered; my heartfelt love was obvious to them. Then all three of them came together to hug me. Marty was crying. Dan whispered to me that he loved me more than he thought possible.

Marty broke up the moment with her usual exuberance. "Let's move on to the main attraction, me and my ass."
We all laughed, and I even cried a bit. Marty was going to keep us lighthearted, keep me from dwelling on the past few months.

She walked over to a chair, leaned over with her hands on the arms, and, smiling, said to Luke," I'm ready. Are you up to it big boy?"

He didn't say a word, just stepped forward and stood close and to the side of Marty's offered ass. He rubbed his right hand over her cheeks firmly, but not roughly. Then he slapped her several times with a very light touch. Marty bent over more and pushed her butt at him. He spanked her again with more force, then caressed her more.

Finally, he asked, "Are you ready, love?" Marty just nodded.

He spanked her with more force, continuing for about ten more slaps getting harder and harder. By about the fifth one, I could see that Marty was reacting to the pain. She had clenched her jaw and held her lips together tightly. Luke kept on spanking her, alternating with slow caresses. He was obviously using some force; Marty's ass started to turn red. But he was in control of his force and never seemed carried away.

They talked to each other, asking about how it felt and reassuring each other that this was what they wanted. Marty was moaning a bit and taking short, quick breaths. She told him once to spank harder.

Then she started the same "Now, now..." chant she had used earlier. Only a few minutes had gone by, but I was sure that the night's events had been powerful foreplay. Then she screamed, "Yes!" loud enough that I was worried our neighbors might hear it. She shook with a powerful orgasm.

When she calmed down, Luke began to softly caress her ass again, telling her how much he loved her. Finally, she stood up and held him tightly. After a minute, they looked at us.

I was totally unprepared for what I had seen. This hadn't been punishment or an attempt to control Marty; this had been an act of love. Sure, Marty had to like some pain, find it sexually satisfying. And Luke had to enjoy inflicting it. But they had found a way to express their love by accepting their individual desires.

Dan and I looked at each other, but neither of us spoke.

Luke broke the silence, "Well, what did you think?"

"I think that I don't know what to think. All the talking and touching hadn't prepared me for the reality." I paused, thought a bit, and said, "It's an entirely new aspect of sex, of love for me. I'm drawn into the idea that Dan and I could open our lives to this form of sex. I know I'm very aroused and I'm trying to imagine what it must have felt for Marty. But I'm a bit scared, too."

I looked at Dan who nodded his head in a gesture of agreement. I went on, "I don't know if the pain will equate to pleasure like it does for Marty." Marty and Luke didn't respond; they were letting me come to terms with it myself.

My mind was racing. I had told the truth; I was incredibly turned on. But was it because of watching or because I wanted to try it myself? Did I want to expose myself to the pain as an experiment? Did I want to share such an intimate encounter in front of our friends? I am not like Marty; I had been reserved, especially in public, my whole life. I was confused for the first time throughout the night.

Dan spoke up. "You can take as much time as you want, decide whatever you want. I am so happy that you seem to have come back to life that anything you want is OK with me."

Marty said, "Look, this was all in answer to Dan's question about our sex life.

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