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Enter the world that is called Antar.

My manhood thick and stretching her wide open. Then I moved in and out of her again, this time pressing my hips against hers and getting my entire dick inside her aching vagina. Holding myself inside her tremendous warmth, I bent to kiss her. She kissed me back eagerly and earnestly.

That was when I decided to really begin fucking her.

Her arms curled around my broad back, clinging to me, as her legs opened obscenely wide for me, and curling up into the air around my naked thrusting ass.

Another truck full of guys could see us as they drove by on the opposite side of the strip. I didn't recognize them so they must have been from a neighboring town. Their shouts of encouragement followed us along the road, but we lost them intentionally as Steve drove back to the field from where earlier in the evening we'd started this little adventure in getting laid.

We kissed as we fucked. Christy opened her mouth and allowed my tongue inside repeatedly, kissing me back enthusiastically. She placed her feet on my ass as she ran her hands up and down my back. I was grinding myself against her, manipulating her clitoris as I kept my massive rod buried inside her. I was kissing her hungrily, with passion. Something deeply primal within me wanted her so badly. My driving urge was to fuck the shit out of the poor girl and shoot bullets of cum inside her. It was all I could do to attempt to make love to her slowly, so as not to hurt her with my spear. My long, thick dick glided in and out of her tight, needy pussy at a steady pace loosening it considerable in the process.

"Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!" she moaned into my mouth, feet bouncing off my thrusting ass.

We kissed sloppily as I continued to feed Christy my big cock. She took it so willingly. I could feel my pole drive into her even faster; I could feel my hardness bang off the back of her pussy over and over. She was forced to break our kiss.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" she moaned hurtling towards an orgasm.

I looked down on her as I fucked her, watching her struggle for control. Her eyebrows were raised and her eyes were closed. Her face was so beautiful.

Then it washed over her like a crescendo. She cried out cumming. Her cries were high pitched, and very loud. The look on Christy's face just made me want to fuck her even harder. And fuck her I did. My ass bounced up and down lightening-quick between her legs, pounding my rock hard dick into her body as fast as I could. Her face was flushed, her tits were bouncing around, and I could see below her smooth stomach where my big cock disappeared into the triangle of her bush.

Behind me I was vaguely aware that my buddies were taking this all in. I looked behind me, not breaking my stride, and saw that Greg and Todd had their dicks out, stroking them off. In the cab, Steve occasionally checked us out in the rear view and Harrison was still groping Marci. Marci's bra and shirt were off now. Harrison might be clueless in most respects, but he was no slouch when it came to getting laid.

It's a good thing it was late and there weren't any cops around.

The hot air of the summer day had turned into a warm summer night breeze. I could feel it blowing along my naked back. But the temperature of Christy's pussy was so high, I felt like I had a fever. She was so hot inside, her pussy wrapped so tightly around my dick. I thrust inside her and each time it brought a moan to her lips.

Christy was loving this. I could tell by the expression on her face. She looked down between us to watch my cock disappear again and again inside her mound.

"Oh my God!" she moaned into my ear, "This is so fucking good!"

I grunted my agreement.

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