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Fortunately, Mark Hunter just finished a training session with a client a few blocks away, he had a key just in case of emergencies. Matthew sobbed uncontrollably and tried to calm himself down by sipping his tea. He curled up in his chair and embraced himself closing his eyes and dozed off. He didn't hear his father open the door, but heard his name being called and got off his chair taking his tea cup and sipping it while he met his father in the living room.

"Matthew, how did it happen?" asked his father nervously as he took Matthew's tea cup set it down, examining him lightly from head to toe then embracing his son warmly thankful that he was okay. They sat down on the couch together, Matthew was sore and needed to lean against his father; his father put his arm around him and Matthew rested his head on his shoulder. His father was stroking Matthew's hair as he spoke,

"He took me by surprise," said Matthew blankly.

"Who raped you?" asked Mark surprised.

"Richard, I knew him for six months, he traveled a lot, I wasn't steady with him. When he was in town we would go out, then he would stay here. Yesterday afternoon was the first time I allowed him to penetrate me and after it was over, I just didn't want to continue seeing him, it didn't feel right, so I told him I didn't want to see him anymore and to return my key," said Matthew.

"Why the fuck would you give him a key, I thought you were more intelligent than that?" asked his father annoyed. Matthew shook his head wearily.

"I told him to sleep on the couch, in the morning while I was asleep on my stomach he climbed on top of me, pinned my arms down then plunged his cock in me then raped me, it happened so fast, I couldn't fight him off," said Matthew in tears.

"You're a light sleeper, didn't you hear him come into your bedroom?" asked Mark.

"No, I think he put something in my drink last night, I'm still feeling the effects of it," answered Matthew.

"Did he hurt you?" asked Mark.

"The pain as he entered me in the position I was in made me pass out, he didn't use any lube" said Matthew wearily.

"Did he harm you down there?" asked Mark.

"I don't think so, I just checked before, I'm terribly sore now. I think he pulled my hair because my head hurts," answered Matthew. His father handed him his tea cup and Matthew sipped it slowly.

"Did the creep use a condom?" asked anxiously.

"Yes, thank God!" exclaimed Matthew.

"Matthew, he could've killed you! How many men have you slept with?" asked Mark.

"I hook up very infrequently since I broke up with Steven," said Matthew in tears.

"It appears that it hasn't filled the void that Edward's death left. This is happening because you miss Steven," said Mark.

"I'm working on some things to help him, you're right, I really do miss him," said Matthew.

"That's good news! Have you told him yet?"

"No," replied Matthew.

"Tell him soon before you totally screw your life up, I hope it works out for you two!" exclaimed Mark.

"Please don't tell Mom and Caryn about this," pleaded Matthew.

"I'm not that stupid, they would be devastated," said his father in tears. "Where's my Matthew, what happened to you?"

"I'm so very tired of waking up alone," said Matthew.

"Be thankful that you wake up! Make sure you change the lock on your door in case he made a copy." Matthew nodded. "Would you like me to call the police?"

"No, like they'll believe my story! My condo wasn't broken into, he used a condom remember!" exclaimed Matthew.

"I see your point, however, I'm relieved you're okay! Do you have any plans today, we can send out for lunch and hang out for a while? I don't want you to be alone," offered Mark.

"I have an informal interview today, I was handpicked to partner a firm, it's at 1:00 p.m.," said Matthew.

"Congratulations, Matthew, are you alright now? Can you call and postpone for a couple of days?" asked Mark.

"Yeah, I just needed some comfort, I can still make it," said Matthew.

"Matthew, I react the way I do because you'll always be my special little boy, the th

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