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Manny's date at an adult theatre.


"I wasn't interested in getting the boys horny. They are always horny and last about as long as fastball down the middle. I was wondering about all the dirty old men who could not stop staring at the new T-shirt" she responded.

Dang, I thought. This little innocent looking girl is just a slutty cock tease. I knew this was going to be my opening. Still not sure how far she was going to go and not wanting to scare her too early, I had to play this just right.

"Well, if I know most of them they are not wacking off tonight. But their wives will not know what got into them tonight after the kids are put in bed." Not wanting to push too fast, I asked "How many of the seniors have put their bats in your upper deck? "

"Of the guys there today, zero. They all are way too immature for me but I did let 2 of them feel me up in the boy's room at school last week. I lost a bet to the one of the girls on the team so I had to let them play with my boobs."

"I don't have much of an upper deck. The boys like to play with them but they would rather let me suck them than titty fuck me. Becky, do you know Becky? She has great tits and the boys all want to titty fuck her" Emily asked.

Not sure if she was trying to sound mature or to shock me but the dirty talk was hot coming out of her innocent looking mouth. It was time to flip the table on this little tramp and show her who was really in charge.

"No I'm not sure who Becky is but I'm sure you'll introduce me after I'm done with you." I said with a bit of malice in my tone.

She looked a little shocked by the my change in demeanor. It took a little wind out of her sails and put a tingle in her shorts.

"You talk big for a tiny soft ball player. How about you use that nasty little mouth of yours on something that will last longer than that fastball? " pushing her to step over the line from tease to slut.

She smirked and I saw a gleam of an idea forming. She could suck her way out of here and still maintain control. She had sucked the boys before and knew that she can control a blow job - make the guy feel good - control the depth, the speed and when they got to the point of no return, control when and where it is finished. She licked her lips and raised the center arm rest in the truck. She slid over to me and reached for my shorts.

Her hand went to the waist band but I grabbed her wrist.

"Unsnap them little girl and then pull it out." I ordered.

She did as she was told. I was not hard yet but growing fast. I lifted my legs and she pulled the shorts and my boxer briefs down. I heard a small giggle then a gasp as she saw my semi-hard member for the first time. Her eyes fixated on the head as it grew in her hand. Her hand seemed to get smaller as she wrapped it around my shaft. Two fast strokes and she was just staring.

"Open your naughty mouth and start sucking little girl." I ordered.

Again, she followed the harsh command. Placing the tip in her mouth, she slowly licked around the mushroom, left to right and then from the bottom up to the tip. She looked up at me and ran her tongue across me pee hole. "Damn," I thought "that's why the boys can't last. This girl knows what she is doing."

Still just working the head, Emily thought, "Yes much better than the boys at school. They all lose it when I lick their hole. I knew older men will be more fun. He is huge and still getting hard. I will not be able to suck much more than the head. I am going to have to stroke him more."

"That's enough of the head. Get to work on the rest of it, my lovely." right on cue.

Emily smiled and slid her lips down the side of the now erect member in her little hand. Her other hand went under the shaft and cupped my balls. She gave them a little squeeze, looked me in the eye and went to work on the tip again. It was time to see how much she could take.

I grabbed a hold of her long ponytail at the base. I pulled on it hard enough to make her look up but not to take her mouth off my dick. She looked a little surprised but very sexy.

"I think you can do better than that, slut.

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