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Ken accepts his punishment after he disrespects his Mistress.

As well as any other services you might find useful." She found that the more she talked with the Master, the less she noticed her nudity. Was she becoming more comfortable with this new state? Possibly. "I have a few skills that are more for pleasure rather than usefulness Sir."

"Any skill is useful whether for pleasure, support or survival. There is more to living here than just serving me and making the household operate. We also have leisure times and activities to expand our mental and physical state." His eyes moved downward and examined her closely as he continued. "I see that you are fit. Do you work out? If so you will find we have a full gym and weight machines to facilitate physical development."

"It has been my habit to spend at least an hour every day in some form of exercise Sir, not only for my health but also to keep me fit for my dancing."

Smiling his gaze rested on her legs, "I thought you had dancers legs. What kind of dancing do you do? Ballet? Classical?"

Raven smiled slightly in response as she shook her head. "No Sir. Belly dancing."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, belly dancing the Middle Eastern ballet. I would very much like to see you dance. What do you need to perform?"

"I have everything I need already Sir; scarves, veils, bells." Raven was thrilled that he seemed pleased by this. Dancing for an appreciative audience was one of her greatest.

"You need all that to perform for me? So you could not give me a sample of what you are capable of right now?"

"Of course I could give a sample if you wish it Sir." Raven wasn't about to deny this man even the simplest request.

"Fine then, proceed." He smiled as his eyes took in all of her as she rose.

There was a flushed under tone her olive colored skin. She had never danced for someone she'd know for less than a full day. Her exhibitionist tendencies only came out after she'd been intimate with the person for some time. She heard the music of the dance in her head and began the slow sensuous movements, her belly undulating, her body moving gracefully. This was a dance of enticement. Harem girls would dance for their masters to gain his attention and favor. Raven had been taught every technique and knew how to use them well. Her eyes closed as she danced, her natural sexuality exuding itself with every move.

His eyes followed every movement of her body. The fact that she was totally nude made her movements all the more enticing and brought his excitement to a high level. As he gazed at her he lifted his hand and gestured to her to come to him.

She walked over to the Master, her hips swaying gracefully, her breath fast from the dance and desire riding her hard. Performing was always a major turn on for her. She came to stop before him, close enough that she was sure he could smell her arousal.

His hand moved almost of it's own volition, reaching for her and pressing his fingers slowly into her hot, wet pussy. Her juices ran down his hand and dripped onto the carpet at her feet. Her excitement clear to him in sight, scent and feel. The movement of his fingers in and out of her made her moan, the feeling of excitement growing in her to nearly orgasmic levels. Then the sound of his voice cut through the excitement, "Do not come. Hold back as best you can, we will see what you are capable of."

The most Raven could do was nod, so lost was she in the feel of his fingers. Frantically her mind raced, trying to find a way obey even as her hips thrust against his hand to increase the pleasure. She was barely aware of the soft mewling sounds she was making. God, she was so close and didn't know if she could hold back. The more restraint she reached for, the less she found. It was maddening.

His fingers continued to move within her stimulating and pushing her closer and closer to orgasm.

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