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A woman resists her attraction to her sister's ex-boyfriend.

She felt a delicous nervousness. They toweled eachother off and made for the bed. Lisa expressed her anxiety but told him she was very, very wet and wanted him badly. Paul assured her he would fit but that she would be adequately prepared. With that he lifted her to the edge of the bed. With her assurance that she was ready for his tongue so began a lingering exploration of her pussy. Paul was obviously a man who didn't need to breathe.

The pleasure was relentless but teasing. As she appraoched her orgasm he would move his tongue to her rear and gently rimming her and insert his nose into her pussy. As with Guy he orally violated her most private area. She still didn't get her relief. Slowly but surely she felt one then two then three fingers enter her flower and spread her. Christ - a fourth was in her and his hand was making its way deeper into her. She felt the beginning of an orgasm. He withdrew! This man could read her as a book. She was scooped into his arms and his pussy scented lips kissed her. She was placed open and wanting on his cock. Achingly slowly she allowed herself to be lowered onto him. She had never known such power in a man. He held her completely with one arm and was in utter control of their coupling. She surrendered her will to him.

Her face was burried in his chest suckling on his nipple and she was whimpering. It took five pussy stretching minutes for him to be halfway inside her. He felt big, very big but remarkably as he had promised not a hint of pain. Fullness, satisfaction and a sense being young and learning about men all over again. She was beginning to shudder and this time she wasn't frustrated. As her body gave way to its need she was finally fully impaled on him.

So began an evening that she would rate along with Guy and his love seat and the actual loss of her maindenhead. She was fucked slowly and surely for an hour. She felt her sex become a separate being and live along the length of Paul. His cock was dead straight and its head no bigger, thank God, than the rest of him. She felt possessed by him or it or something. Paul announced his desire to cum. Lisa didn't feel able to suck him as she did most of her lovers. Instead she lay back and placed her heels on Paul's shoulders. Her head was raised in a silent scream as Paul's first spurt hit her. She felt the throb from her lips to her cervix and up into her stomach. She was coming hard and in a body bust that was so strong she thrashed and blew herself off Paul's spurting cock. She hugged herself and rolled about breathing in gulps.

The big arms enveloped her and a light sheet was drawn over her. She curled up not budging an inch.

She was insensible. There was cum leaking out of her. Paul took a soft cloth from the table beside the bed and gently placed it between her legs to dab the excessive sperm. She twitched as her pussy was touched. She so wanted to taste Paul but wondered if his cock would fit in her mouth.

For the moment, wonder was all she could do. She couldn't move. It was like her first time. She wasn't sore but knew that she had had a 'first time' experience. Her pussy had never encountered such a cock. She would not be able to take another fucking like that tonight.

She made to move to the bidet to wash herself. She was unsteady on her feet. She'd not had very much to drink but the combination of tropical heat, a few wines and Paul's monster was unsteadying to say the least. Paul saw her sway and scooped her up. He carried her to wash her pussy and she watched as he carefully cleansed each little fold.

"I wonder if I could suck your cock Paul?"

"I'd love you to try at least" Came his enthusiastic response.

"Let's go back to bed." Lisa smirked.

And so it happened.

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