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Penny needs new lingerie, & gets a pleasant surprise.

If you'd rather, I can always arrange for one of my gorillas to come and show you how."

"You'll have to stop stuffing around and spank me properly, Bunkum Boy. Don't worry about me. I can cope with a simple spanking and I doubt you can hit me hard enough to worry me anyway."

Both encouraged and irritated by Hoodoo Girl's comment, Bunkum Boy set to with a will, wondering if he'd be spanking some modesty into her for a change.

Hoodoo Girl gritted her teeth as Bunkum Boy spanked her. OK, he was stronger than she'd guessed and those spanks stung, but she could bear it. The trouble was, Hoodoo Girl found, that the spanks were accumulative. After ten, her bottom was smarting. After twenty, her bottom was red and hurting. By the time Dr Dragoon called a halt, Hoodoo Girl felt as though her bottom was on fire.

"That's enough, Bunkum Boy," she called. "Dr Dragoon said you can stop now. Damnit, Bunkum Boy, cut it out. The doctor said it's over."

"That's Bunkum Boy for you," came the syrupy comment from the speakers. "Slow to start and then doesn't know when to finish.

Your personal grooming, Hoodoo Girl, leaves much to be desired."

There was a click as a hidden shelf dropped open. There was a small object on it.

"Bunkum Boy, your next task will be to assist Hoodoo Girl with her personal grooming. Just look at all that fur on her mound. Disgraceful. Use the electric razor to remove it. You'll find that you'll get the best results if you remove most of it with the builtin trimmer and then just run the main razor over the stubble. I suggest you run your fingertips lightly over it after you've finished to make certain that it's nice and smooth.

And Hoodoo Girl, unless you want another spanking, I suggest you just lie on the mattress and let Bunkum Boy work."

Seething, Hoodoo Girl settled onto the mattress, while Bunkum Boy fetched the small electric shaver. Face burning he started trimming Hoodoo Girl's bush while Hoodoo Girl lay there rigid. With the main fur trimmed, Bunkum Boy blushed even brighter as he found himself having to brush it away from Hoodoo Girl's pussy with his fingers before he started on the stubble.

Hoodoo Girl felt like screaming as the buzzing razor sent little tremors deep into her, agitating her sensitive internal nerves. And did Bunkum Boy have to wave his stupid erection so close to her pussy?

Finally the shaving was complete.

"Hoodoo Girl, please put the shaver back on its shelf, and remain standing next to the shelf."

Hoodoo Girl replaced the razor and stood there, glaring at the wall, her eyes trying to burn holes through it. She should have been looking further down. As it was she gave a startled squeal when a hand reached over the little shelf and ran lightly over her freshly shaven pussy. She jerked hurriedly away from the wall.

"Very nice," came Dr Dragoon's voice, "but it's possibly feeling a bit raw."

A bottle popped out of the slot and dropped onto the floor in front of Hoodoo Girl. Picking it up, Hoodoo Girl found it was a bottle of skin cream, and quite a good one.

"Give that to Bunkum Boy," she was instructed, "and lie back down on the mattress. Bunkum Boy is to massage your whole body with that."

Hoodoo Girl wanted to scream at the doctor, but refused to let him see he was getting to her. She stalked over to the mattress and lay down again, handing Bunkum Boy the bottle while she did so.

"Bunkum Boy, remember I am watching," stated the doctor. "I expect that cream to be rubbed all over Hoodoo Girl. Not skipping bits because you don't want to embarrass her."

Bunkum Boy glanced at Hoodoo Girl and gave a half shrug. He wasn't going to admit he was having fun but what man wouldn't like an excuse to run his hands all over a body like Hoodoo Girl's, and having to include the naughty bits? He set to with a will, erection swaying as he worked.

Hoodoo Girl suffered in silence.

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