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Port Charles will never be the same with Mia Thyme in town.

The rope, like the two on his nipples, would pull away from his body when a weight was attached to the hanging end. She secured a hefty looking weight of maybe five pounds, attached it to the rope and released it. He felt the inexorable pull, his sac, trapped in the leather circle, yanked straight out from his body as the weight fell. He felt his nut cords straining. His sac was stinging, but yielded, and the balls were now pulled a good four inches from his body. He saw them darkening. 'The rods, Julia.'

Julia took two steel rods of maybe a foot in length, and a quarter inch diameter. Rick's stomach dropped. Mistress D approached his balls with a rod in each hand, and landed a blow of each rod on each testicle simultaneously. Rick screamed, this time loudly. He had a terrifying feeling seeing his sac way out there, vulnerable.

'I think we will have to help you keep quiet.' Mistress D applied a ball gag to his mouth and continued methodically to strike his testicles. He felt the pain mount for they had been sensitized to start. The blows were not extremely hard, but the effect seemed to increase. 'Test the rope, Julia.' The slave pulled at the taut rope running from his testicles; an explosion of pain. Mistress D decided the rope should be tightened and nodded toward the cabinet; Julia got another weight of two pounds and added it. He felt as if his testicles were being torn from him.

His sac stretched further, almost five inches from his body. His cock started to droop; 'Julia, remove his gag; take off your dress; feed him.' Nude, she took her breast in one hand and rubbed it against his face, and he felt the soft nipple graze his lips. He thought he would get to suck it. As she grazed him, he glanced down at her neatly trimmed, but soggy pussy into which she had inserted two fingers of the other hand. His eyes closed, but heard her fingers squishing inside her.

'Open your eyes.'

He did so; Julia took her fingers from her pussy, dripping wet, and offered them to him. 'Lick.' He smelled her strange scent as she pressed the fingers between his lips, hardening his cock as if by remote control; he took the slimy fingers into his mouth, tasting her, strong, more tart than Isha. He'd not been with any other woman for a while; the new pussy juices made his cock jump in delight.

'Rick, we will now proceed as before; you must let us know when you are close.' Julia began to jack him off again, and at first he resisted. He began to get angry. His balls were getting almost torn off, but she was relentless, squeezing and milking the cock, slick with precum. Mistress D approached Julia and grabbed her pussy. She pinched at the lips, and Julia's sex began flowing. Julia would stop, reach down and take some of the juice onto her own fingers and feed it to Rick. Then jerk his cock. His body began to shudder; he felt an unfamiliar feeling. His sac, being fully stretched could not contract at the approach of orgasm; it could only tighten as his climax neared.

'Near,' he said, as if to prove to himself he was in control of his faculties.

'We will give your balls a slight rest. Relax, take a breath.' She removed the gag, and at her mistress's command, brought a tall glass of cold water and helped him drink it down. It cooled his throat, almost hoarse from the shouts of pain. 'Watch.'

A blindfolded man was led into the center of the room, and his spread arms secured to the large rings in the ceiling.

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