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She finally gets the guy she's been pining over.

You watch me, your hips still moving to match the rhythm of my mouth that was there just a few moments ago, and hope I will finish what I started. I move around to the side, and you turn your head, extending your tongue, hoping for my cock on your lips, and moan as I lean forward, my cock getting almost within reach. You let out an audible yelp when I instead slap your inner thigh, then your pussy on the second slap. By the time the echo of the slap has left the room, you are moaning loudly, and I can tell you are on the border of orgasm.

I rub my hand along your pussy lips, letting your juices coat my hand, and give you three loud, but quick slaps right on your lips and clit, which pushes you over, and you begin bucking against the bindings as your first orgasm takes you and throws you about. Your screams echo off the walls as the pleasure washes over you, racking your body with ecstasy while your pussy gushes the sweet juice you have described so often to me. The orgasm only lasts a short while, and then your body stops writhing, my cock still just inches from where your tongue would reach, making you let out an exasperated growl of displeasure that you cannot help me cum too.

I move away, down to your ankle on the left foot, and I slowly rub the muscles of your lower leg. Your body relaxes, settling in for a nice, relaxing post orgasm massage, enjoying the princess treatment that you have hoped would come sometime this weekend. I move your legs, spreading you wider, and massage higher, moving up to your inner thighs. You lean your head back, enjoying the pampering, and don't even notice a missing hand until you feel the sudden slap of my hand on your inner thigh, which shocks you out of your relaxation.

Tears well up at the corner of your eyes at the sudden interruption of relaxation and change in flow, as you look up at me surprised.

"Who said it was time for relaxing, my little cumslut?" I say, my voice even and frightening.

You simply stare up at me, saying nothing, until I raise my hand and bring it down hard on your thigh with a sharp crack. You close your eyes tight, your breathing coming uneven. I look down at your pussy and see your cum start to flow again, and smile, slapping your thigh a couple more times, each time a little closer to your pussy. Your noises change from yelps of pain to moans of pleasure, as my hand slowly advances one slap at a time towards your pussy. I pull your legs wider so that my next slap lands right where at the edge of your pussy, with the following ones being square on your pussy.

You are moaning loudly with each slap and muttering quietly in between them, forcing me to move my ear closer, only to hear you mutter over and over "Thank you Sir, more please Sir, please spank me Sir, beat me Sir." My next slap lands on your lips again, but instead of pulling back again, I gently rub your lips a few times and then slide my fingers up your lips to pinch your clit. You moan even louder at this, muttering that you are going to cum, and then almost on queue your body starts twitching as you build towards it. You let out a scream as I give your clit a hard pinch, clearly about to cum, and then I take my hand away, breaking the building orgasm as it was about to wash over you.

You feel me get up off the bed, and let out an anguished scream of frustration, feeling the orgasm slip away from you, leaving you panting and soaked. You almost start sobbing, not even noticing me, until suddenly you feel my tongue slowly sliding up the side of your pussy again, exploring the texture and taste, until I circle your clit with my tongue and give it a short french kiss. Your sobs transform into moans as your pussy begins to gush again, but the sobs return as I stand up, your eyes looking at me warily, suspicious of what I plan to do next, and unhappy with the quick shifts between pleasure and the lack of it.

I smile, licking my lips, and t

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