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Mistress interrogates her for her passwords.

I gasped and drew off of Lou's cock for a moment when I felt her tongue on my rim. She slowly licked around my hole and slid her tongue to caress the sensitive area just beneath my balls. A steady thick line of precum was leaking from the head of my cock. Cynthia collected it with her finger, then placed her finger at the entrance to my ass.

I gasped again when I felt her gently, but insistently pushing against me. My precum was lubricant enough for her to slide her slim finger all the way into my ass. "Oh, Lou...our baby's so tight. You're going to love fucking this ass, taking his cherry."

She removed her finger and I quickly felt a coldness on my ass. She rubbed the lube all around and then pushed her finger into me again. "I wish I had a cock to fuck your tight little ass, baby." She inserted another finger in beside the first, steadily fucking them in and out. "I'll try my strapon on you later, but Lou gets to go first. You want you Daddy's cock inside you, don't you baby?"

I moaned on Lou's cock, which had returned to its fully erect state. Lou had his hands on my head and was pushing me down, insisting that I take his cock all the way. "Oh, Lou, you have to see this...his little ass is just sucking my fingers in. He looks so cute with his ass in the air, just waiting to be taken like a little slut."

Lou pulled my mouth off his cock. I finally released him with an audible "Plop". He moved around to where Cynthia was fucking me with her fingers. I turned my head to watch them. They kissed as Cynthia took Lou's hand and placed it on my ass. Lou rubbed his middle finger around, lubing it up and then slowly inserted it along side Cynthia's two fingers. "He is tight baby. We definitely have a virgin here."

They continued to make out as their fingers slammed in and out of my ass. I felt like an object to them, a toy, there only for their amusement...and found that I loved being their's to use as they pleased.

"Baby, I want to watch you fuck him." She stroked his cock, then applied a liberal amount of lube to it. Cynthia knelt beside her husband and lined his cock up with my ass. When I felt the tip touch my hole, I immediately tensed. "Relax," Cynthia whispered, "You're going to love this." As I tried to relax, Cynthia pushed the head into me. I let out a gasp. Lou stayed still and Cynthia slowly stroked my cock and balls. "Easy baby, Daddy will go slow, just relax and let him take you."

I nodded and felt another inch slide into me. "Oh, look at you stretching that ass. That is so hot." Cynthia's hand left my cock. She began to play with herself as she got a close up view of my deflowering. Inch by inch, Lou eased his cock into me, each time allowing me to relax to accommodate his thick cock. Before I knew it, I felt his pubic hair against my ass.

"He's all the way in, baby. Are you ready to be fucked?" I nodded again and felt Lou begin to ease out of me. He pulled all the way out then immediately penetrated me again, not fast, but definitely forcefully. He slowly fucked me, in and out, until he started to feel me pushing back against him. The pain faded and was replaced by a feeling of fullness and more overpowering was the feeling of submission. I was giving myself to this man, to use me for his pleasure. Each time, he bottomed out in my ass, my cock jumped and released a fresh load of precum.

Lou held on to my hips and began to fuck me faster. Cynthia knelt in front of me, her ass inches from my face. "Lick me, baby, lick my ass while my husband fucks you." I stuck my tongue and tasted her. Each time Lou thrust, my face was pushed deeper into Cynthia's ass. I rimmed her and then pointed my tongue. As Lou pushed into me, my tongue pierced her outer ring. She let out a long moan and began wiggling against my tongue.

Lou pulled out and turned me over.

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