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Woman meets her new neighbors.

Roger now instructed angel to undress him as well, which she was only more than happy to do. She had marveled at his body when all he had on was his swimming trunks but now she would get to see it all. She slowly removed his shirt and then his undershirt admiring his chest as she went. She took of his shoes and socks and then unbuckled his pants and lowered them to the ground letting him step out of them setting them aside.

Now it was time for his underpants and angel eagerly unwrapped what she considered to be her present. She was delighted to find his manhood strong and erect. Her lips were only inches from it but she had not been given permission to touch it so she suppressed the urge, pouting inside. Angel stood back up and Dom and sub now stood before each other completely naked and ready for the next step.

Roger went over to his cupboard and returned with two leather wrist bracelets that were equipped with rings at the top and he quickly put one on each of her wrists securing them. Angel had not noticed it before but there were two round hooks in the ceiling about three feet apart with snap hooks on them. He made angel stand under them and lift her hands over her head. He then secured each of her wrists to one of the ceiling hooks. Angel was now naked and secured, unable to get away in the privacy of the bedroom of a naked Roger Benson.

It is always a sobering thought for any submissive in this position. True you have given yourself willing to this Dom but are unsure about what he will do. Angel looked straight ahead and was surprised to see herself in the full length and wide mirror on the wall that hid nothing. Angel could see her naked body on full display and was both bashful and excited at the same time. The nice thing about it was she would be able to both see and feel what her Dom did to her. Who knows if it was lust or desire to submit that controlled angel but at this point, but she somehow felt it would be okay .

Roger now circled her, admiring the secured naked body in front of him. He knew before this night was over that every square inch of her naked body, every delicious curve and cranny would feel his touch.

After looking over her naked body from top to bottom and from side to side he went around to the front side of her, put his arms around her and kissed her deeply; the kiss of lovers. Satisfied with her response he now went to her left side and put his arms around her chest just under her breasts and nipples. Angel was thrilled to feel her breasts and nipples resting on his arm. She was also thrilled by the touch of his manhood pushing up against her bare side.

He gently caressed her bare bottom cheeks and she loved his touch. She wasn't quite prepared when the smack of his hand landed on her left bottom cheek. Her naked body wanted instinctively to lurch forward but his strong hand held her in place. Again another smack of his strong hand landed on her other bottom cheek and again her naked body reacted. No true submissive can fully explain why but angel just knew it was a turn on for her.

He began to land crisp smacks of his hand to her bare bottom cheeks, which started to get a healthy pink glow to them. Angel could feel his manhood throbbing against her bare side so she knew it was giving him pleasure. She did not know what to expect but she was definitely in his hands and under his control.

Roger satisfied with his initial warm up to her bare behind switched tactics.

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