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Is Amram going to get healed or what?

You've been involved in some really big projects for your age. It's quite impressive."

"Thanks! It might not be an equivalent compliment, but I noticed your name at the top of the charts while coming in. You're no slacker too," replied John immediately.

"Gee...thanks!" No one had ever complimented Sophia so nicely about her scores before.

In a world where most people bullied or made fun of her for being studious, here was a guy who actually admired her for it. "I guess I've just had a lot of time on my hands. All I do is study and play tennis."

"You play tennis!? That's awesome. No wonder you're!" John fumbled as he gave Sophia a nervous look.

She burst out laughing. She had an infectious laugh, John thought to himself.

"You can say whatever you want you know," Sophia winked. "You play tennis too? We can actually play in the university courts."

"Yeah! I used to at least. Professors can play right?" John questioned as they headed out into the lawn.

"Of course! You wanna go now? It's right here!" Sophia grabbed his hand and guided them into a pathway that lead to a large sports complex.

"Wow! It's amazing!" exclaimed John as he scanned the lush green courts.

He was more amazed by how excited he felt by the girl holding his arm close to her chest.

They changed into their tennis gear. Sophia carried hers around in her bag while John loaned a tennis racket and one of the men's gear from the shop beside the court. As they took to the court, John couldn't help but stare at the sight in front of him. Sophia was wearing a really short blue tennis skirt that barely covered her thighs and a tight sporty white t-shirt. John couldn't help but feel excited. They played for a good hour. John was surprised at how good Sophia was. She was giving him a run for his money which reflected quite poorly on John given the difference in their physiques. She had sublime technique and grace which left him in awe of her. He couldn't help compliment her as they finished their game.

"You're a really good player. Outstanding technique! Who coaches you?" John commented as they sipped some Gatorade.

"My dad! He's my inspiration," Sophia beamed. "You're not too bad yourself. Just a little rusty I guess."

"Well, if I keep getting this kind of practice, I might just get back to my college form."

"It's settled then, Mr. Longstone! Every week after class, you and me, right here!" Sophia took another sip and wiped her lips as she took out her hand.

"It's settled then!" As John shook her hand, he felt joy - the kind of joy a boy would feel if he was asked out on a date by his crush. "And...please call me John."

That night, John lay in his bed alone. Susan had gone to her mother's. John couldn't get the image of a certain sweaty college babe in a short tennis skirt. He could imagine her black hair flow each time she ran and her skirt raise each time she hit a shot. John felt himself get hard in his boxers as he lowered his hand to touch himself. It's not like it he hadn't masturbated about other people after his marriage. But this felt different. It was like falling for someone all over again. A feeling he hadn't experienced in a long time. It felt nice. John fell asleep with a smile on his face for the first time in many years.

Ch 4: Love all

"I've been waiting for 15 minutes!" Sophia glared at John as he approached the tennis court.

"I'm sorry. I had to get household chores done coz it's a Sunday. I'll treat you after this to make up for it," apologized John.

"Great! Mission accomplished. Free lunch!" Sophia wheeled away towards the court. "Let's play now! I'm in a good mood."

It had been 2 months since they first met. Other than the weekday on which they played after the class, they decided to meet on Sundays as well at the tennis court.

"I can't wait a week to play tennis" Sophia had said at the time. I can't wait a week to meet you, John had thought to himself.

Sophia was returning shots well that day.

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