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Fun continues with college girl & a stranger.

To the top lace of the garter belt. "I love when you wear this for me."

My smile is my response.

I take your hand and bring the fingertips to my lips. I slip one of your fingers between my lips and suck it in. The sight of my red lips pulling in your finger makes you let out a moan. My tongue teasing your finger. "Come."

I take your hand and lead you to the edge of the tub. The water is steamy and so inviting. I've arranged an inflatable neck pillow. "Lie back."

I kneel next to the tub. We kiss. My hands roam freely over your hard, sexy body. The touch exhilarates us both. I pump some body wash into my hand and soap you with it. My fingers and palms massage it into your skin. I lean over the tub a bit, and you see my breasts just above the water. You playfully splash them and now the sheer bra outlines the nipples perfectly. The moisture makes the sexy fabric transparent. I kiss the tip of your nose and continue my massage.

The warmth is relaxing you. I rinse you playfully with a crystal pitcher. Everything is elegant and thoughtfully arranged for this night.

I spread a small amount of shampoo in my palm. I work it into your hair, alternating with more water until I get it lathered up just right. I work my fingertips into your scalp, feeling the tension ebb away from you. I lean over so my breasts are full in your face and you nip at them with your lips. Teasingly I press them harder into your face and you respond by taking little love-bites.

We are having so much fun.

I rinse your hair and carefully rinse you everywhere. You linger just a few moments and I ask you if you are ready for the next step.

You rise, and I extend the large towel out for you to wrap yourself in. Like I would a child, I dry you off, patting and wrapping you in the soft towel. We kiss again and again.

"Turn around," I ask.

I hold up the robe for you to slip on. I fasten the belt and we kiss again. I ask you to lie on your back on the bed. Pillows have been propped and the comforter turned down.

I excuse myself for a moment and slip into the closet suite. When I return, I have added a long string of pearls, and the satin gloves. I've also tied a black velvet choker necklace on. The effect is overwhelmingly appealing to you. The slutiness of it, as well as the elegance. I know the effect it has on you. My careful planning has impressed you and you love the attention to detail.

Seeing you on the bed like that brings an instant smile to my lips. You've slipped off the robe and are lying on your back, arms folded behind your head. Waiting. I approach the side of the bed, and touch a satin, gloved finger on your cheek. The texture feels fantastic. I trace my finger along your face, over your lips, down your neck. The slow and warm touch makes your whole body tingle. I join you on the bed. I straddle your hips and rest myself atop you. That contact makes us both aroused. You feel the silky stockings along your thighs and the lacy fabric of my panties against your skin.

I lean over you, letting my breasts touch your chest; my hair is let loose and caresses your face as we share another heart-stopping kiss. You wrap your arms around me and pull me down on top of you for a whole body kiss. Neither of us can stop the momentum now, and our kisses deepen. The pent-up passion we have is too great.

Your hands slide under my garter straps, over my ass. I spread my legs wider and you rise up your hips to meet me there. I can feel your hardness and you can feel the heat and my wetness. Your moans thrill me.

The hunger increases; you wrestle us both into the opposite position now -- you are naked on top of me and I am underneath you; and you reach for my panties. Your hand bunches them up and you pull them off me. I ache to feel your touch there on my pussy; and then, I do. Mmmm.

As you slide your fingertips into my lips, I stop you.

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