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The bittersweetness of missed opportunity for love.

God damn, but it felt so good!!! If at that point Janie and Marietta or my husband had entered the camp we would have all been fucked. And I didn't really give a shit; it felt too damn good. Jeffrey rode my pussy through two more orgasms. God, he was so good and he pushed in so deep and my vagina just molded and lengthened around that incredible cock of his. When he had quickened his pace so that I thought I would absolutely lose my mind with pleasure, he finally groaned and released about six strong jets of semen that literally bathed my insides in cum.

It was now Rod who gathered me up in his arms, took me to Janie and Jeffrey's tent and laying me on my back proceeded to fuck me hard in the missionary position. Jeffrey and Eretto scrambled into the tent and as Rod expertly moved inside of me they planted kisses and caresses on wherever they could touch me. Jeffrey had released so much semen inside my vagina that I could actually feel it sloshing around inside of me as Rod's cock pushed deeper and deeper into me. Again I sustained multiple delicious orgasms before I felt Rod shudder, groan, tighten, and then release multiple times inside of me. I hugged him tightly and kissed him like he, not Mark, were my man. I wanted to have babies from these men. I wanted to be their sex toy, their children's mother, just as long as they would never stop giving such incredible sexual pleasure to me.

I thought Eretto would have been next, but instead I found Jeffrey with his large, long tongue and full lips kissing my open pussy and licking it until I sustained yet another orgasm. Eretto placed his own cock at my mouth's lips and hungrily as Jeffrey orally pleasured my pussy I sucked Eretto's cock in between my lips. I licked it, sucked on it, and slid my hand along its thickly, veined shaft until I saw Eretto's stomach muscles tighten and shortly thereafter felt his penis jump in my mouth and release copious amounts of salty, sticky semen down my throat. I almost bit into Eretto's hot penis though as I climaxed from Jeffrey's oral pleasuring down below. God, but that man had a gift and the equipment to carry out his skill. His long thick tongue could slide several inches inside of my creamy vagina, and I felt it rimming the opening to that engorged, aroused tunnel. The sensation again was like nothing I had ever had with Mark and not even with some of the wilder, talented college guys I had had sex with.

While Eretto kept sliding his member between my mouth's lips hoping to become erect again and keep the pleasure I was giving him going, Jeffrey tilted my hips up and pushed my legs wider so my little pink anus was now exposed to his lapping tongue. And just like with my vagina I felt Jeffrey's sizable, long, talented tongue work its way past my tight sphincter muscles until it was inside of me.

But this was soon replaced with the index finger of Jeffrey's hand sliding in and out of my butthole and exploring my rectum on all sides while his tongue returned to licking and playing with my clitoris, my labia, and the opening to my vagina which I'm sure was wide open from pleasure right about now. With his teeth he nibbled on my nymphae, tugging on them, stretching them, and sucking on them; this felt wonderful too as he further tugged these inner lips away from the dark pink hole of my vagina.

When I was at a fever pitch and my stomach was repeatedly spasming Jeffrey instead of finishing me off, changed his position over me and drove that incredible thick and long, big black cock of his deep inside of me.

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