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New Master gives punishment for the first time.

'Oh Shit' I thought.

"Uh, hold on a sec!" I took a deep breath and knelt on the floor to pick up the papers. I was in such a panic I didn't hear her come through the door, and then there I was, living that clich__ moment as her saddle shoes came into sight before me. My eyes climbed those luscious legs and held for a moment at the point where they disappeared under the plaid uniform skirt. Then I noticed goose bumps jump up, texturing the flawless skin of her thighs and my eyes jumped to hers. She stood with her books clutched to her chest.

"Hi Mr. S.", she said looking down at me sheepishly.

I struggled to my feet, being careful to keep the papers in front of my now leaking hard-on. Then I sat in my chair trying to look calm.

"Hey Chrissy..." my dry throat betrayed me and it only made it half way out before crackling. I cleared my throat. "Hi. Why are you here now? I mean, last period isn't over yet."

"I have a study hall last period so I got a pass to come here. I thought I could study with you." With that she held out her pass in front of me. "Could you sign it for me?"

"Uh, yeah, sure, great", I said and as I let go of my dick shield to take the pass from her I dropped the papers again.

"Oh sorry, I'll get them." she said as she quickly set her books down on my desk and bent down in front of me to get them.

My erection was making a very noticeable tent in my khakis and it was now completely exposed. I realized this just as she grabbed the last sheet and looked up right at my aching bulge. She froze there on her hands and knees looking at it, then up at me with her mouth hanging open nervously. Then the lust drug took control of me again.

"What do you want, Chrissy." The words oozed out of my mouth in a hoarse whisper.

"I...I..." Her eyes returned to the burning bulge outlined by the fabric of my right pant leg. "Oh", she gasped as her tongue found its way behind her teeth and she bit her lower lip. "Oh my god."

'She is mine', I thought. There was not doubt in my mind, now. I could see the desire in her eyes, a confused hunger that still had her frozen on her hands and knees in front of me. I stood up and her eyes stayed locked on my trousers. I walked over to the door, slowly pushed it shut and locked it. Then I walked back over to her, stood directly in front of her and held out my hand to help her up. "Come here"

She took my hand, looked me in the eyes, still with that open mouthed stare as she rose. I bent and kissed her full on the mouth as I placed her hand on my aching member and circled my arms around her, engulfing her with the kiss. She sighed her surrender into my mouth and I felt her hand tighten on my lurching cock. This kiss was hot. She smelled of flowery perfume and her soft lips tasted of sweet lip gloss. It started slow but quickly built up steam as our tongues began to tease. I kept my embrace on her and ran my hands up and down her curvaceous frame, down the tight skin of her thighs then up under her skirt to her soft round ass as my mouth left hers and inched down her chin and neck.

"Oh my god", she gasped, like a she was blowing off pressure as my mouth left hers.

I reached down to where her cheeks met her legs and slid a couple fingers up under her panties, then gripped her ass and picked her up off the ground, pulling her tight to me. She wrapped her legs around me and gasped as I buried my face in the cleavage presented to me by the top buttons that were undone on her blouse. Now she was running her fingers though my hair and twisting her hips, grinding into my cock. I set her down on the desk and proceeded to undo her top. She looked up at me and her eyes showed excitement and fear at the same time.

"You are so hot", I said and kissed her again. "Are you alright? Do you want to stop?"

She just looked at me and started undoing my shirt.

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