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Illicit romance profoundly changes two lovers.

She did not see the old woman fall to her knees and pull up her long skirt, revealing a dripping pussy. She didn't even hear the muffled moans as the woman toyed with her clit, bringing herself to orgasm again and again.

It was late evening, so her room was quite dark. Sophie opened the door cautiously, sensing someone inside. "Hello?"

A voice came from the bed. "I hear there's a very naughty, dirty little girl who wants to give an old man the time of his life."

Sophie frowned. This was not what she had expected. Aside from that evening in the ballroom and her visits with Eric, the Master had never instructed her to fuck anyone. Shrugging, she proceeded to the bed. "Yes, sir, I am a very dirty girl."

She could make out a figure lying underneath the covers. Climbing onto the bed, she pulled back the covers and straddled his small frame. "Are you a dirty boy?"

The man chuckled. He reached up and began to squeeze Sophie's breasts. "You have some nice big titties for such a little girl. My wife's aren't bigger than a handful."

Sophie winced. The old fellah was still married! "I bet your wife is a fox in bed."

The old man began to laugh, although it diverged into a wheezing cough. "She's cold as ice. Frigid, I believe you call it. But you...such a dirty little girl. They say that's all you do is fuck, all day long."

Sophie blushed, realizing that his caresses as well as his words were beginning to turn her on. "That's true. I hope you've got a big cock to fill my needy little pussy."

The man laughed. "Oh, I do. Although I hear you like a good ass fucking more than anything else."

Sophie let out a moan. "Yes, sir."

"Daddy," he corrected her. "I want you to call me Daddy, and pretend that you're my sweet little girl. Now how does that sound?"

"That sounds like fun, Daddy," Sophie said, playing along. "How do you want to fuck your little girl?"

"Well," the old man mused. "How about we give your cunt a try first? Then if you're any good, I'll slide my dick into my daughter's dirty little ass."

Sophie felt something push against the entrance to her pussy. She eagerly impaled herself on it, and found herself stretched by a thick if not rather short dick. She moaned a little, rocking back and forth on the man's shaft. "Oh yeah, that feels so good."

"Put those big jugs in my face, little girl," he moaned.

"Oh yes, Daddy," Sophie moaned. She could barely make out his form lying on the bed, but it was enough to know where to aim. She leaned forward and thrust her gigantic tits into his face. She was rewarded with a moan and a frantic licking at her right nipple. She squealed and rutted into his pelvis even harder. Suddenly he grabbed her hips, hoisted her up, and began slamming into her pussy like a jackhammer. Sophie moaned in surprise and pleasure, allowing herself to be fucked by this older man.

After awhile he slowed his vigorous pace and pulled out of her entirely. "You've got a tight little pussy, make no mistake," he murmured. "But I just have to give that ass a try."

Sophie felt a hand between her buttocks, and let out a long, loud moan as the plug was pulled from her ass. Two fingers automatically replaced it, pushing into her anus. "Mmm, just as I expected," the man chuckled. "My little girl's ass is tight and juicy."

He pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his cock. Sophie squealed as the thick shaft penetrated her rectum. The old man moaned, juggling her heavy tits as he pushed into her. His cock slid in and out, making Sophie shudder with pleasure. Her sloppy cunt dribbled all over his pelvis, and still he fucked her.

"Oh yeah, Daddy, fuck my ass," she moaned. "That feels so good."

The old man slapped her fleshy ass. "Yeah, you like that? You like it when daddy shoves his big fat dick in your pretty little butt?"

"Oh yes," Sophie moaned. "I've wanted to fuck you for so long. Just don't tell Mommy what a dirty girl I am."

"Mommy already knows how bad I want to plow you," he muttered.

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