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He found out and took more than advantage.

Please sir, your little slut is sorry and she will do anything to make it up to you.," she stuttered out.

"Anything?" he asked, relenting in his punishment.


"Good girl, let me think," He said, stroking her inner thigh with his finger tips; moving them up to her very wet pussy and teased her clit.

"Yes sir," she responded as she spread her legs apart slightly, to allow him better access. His touch was driving her crazy but she managed to contain herself so as not to distract his thoughts. She loved the things he came up with for her to do.

He pushed his fingers inside of her and stroked her on the inside; the other hand played with her hair. Time passed as he played with her and after a while she was unable to repress a moan of pleasure as his fingers toyed with her pussy. Carl looked down at her in surprise as he pulled his fingers out of her and ran them lightly over her ass, both of them still dripping her juices.

"Sit on my lap baby, I have to whisper this to you," Carl told her.

She climbed to her feet and quickly sat on his lap; wrapping her legs around him. She was excited because when he whispered things to her they were always the naughtiest things that someone could do to her.

"Okay sir, I am ready," She informed him.

He kisses her lips, softly at first but with growing passion. His fingers slide back into her little pussy as she sat in his lap. Wrapping her arms around her neck and returning his kiss, she moaned into his mouth as they kissed. They both got lost in the passion and lust behind their contact with each other. Finally, after time had passed, Carl broke the kiss and his fingers stopped their playful exploration of her body. Holding her tight and nuzzling her neck he began to whisper in her ear.

"Your sister is listening again baby."

"Really sir? I told her not to do that any more."

""I heard her bump into the door baby; she is being a sneaky little wench."

"Oh, I will go tell her to go away," she said as she started to climb off of him.

He squeezed her tight in his arms and held her in place before she could finish that action.

"Oh no, I have a much better idea for someone being as naughty as she is," Carl said in a tone she recognized very well. It was his controlling side coming out.

"Oh no sir she wouldn't be interested in this ... she is a good girl, not naughty like me."

"She is naughty enough to listen and probably peek in at us so I would say she is naughty enough to punish for her actions. Or are you arguing with me baby?"

"No, sit, I will do whatever you say but if she wants to stop you have to let her, please. If you do I will do anything and everything you want, I will bring you a friend of mine if that is what it takes to spare my sister."

"I promise I will let her go when she tells me to stop," Carl promised.

"Okay...," she said, hesitantly.

"Take off all your clothes and lay down on the bed and I will play with you for a bit but I want you to be loud baby. Can you do that for me?"

She didn't reply as she spread herself out on the bed and waited for his attention.

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