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Eric gets a tour of some of the resort's unique features.

She reached her hand right underneath him, grabbing his balls, squeezing them, feeling them jump in her grip. Her left hand found his, and she interlaced her fingers with his, as the onslaught of his shaft continued.

She turned her head further to the side, so his tongue could reach further into her mouth, and it began to thrust inside that orifice in perfect rhythm with the trusting of his cock and the pace with which she squeezed and manipulated his balls with her well-practiced hands. His fingers were running circles around her already swollen nipples, sending waves of electrical excitement throughout her body.

The dark god whispered once more in her mind, telling her again what she must do. She began thrusting her ass in time with Tommy's movements, impaling herself up to the hilt of his cock with each thrust, faster and faster as Tommy's panting grew stronger and stronger. He was close now.

"Breathe me into you," she said, as he entered the final throes, squeezing her hand in his, as he arched his back and opened his mouth wider against hers. She felt her whole body convulsing as she came and squeezed his balls tightly, feeling them jump as Tommy came, pouring his seed into her like water from a high-pressure fire hose.

She breathed herself into his mouth with all the lungpower of a ten-year-old blowing out the candles on her birthday cake and felt her self leaving her body even as Tommy collapsed upon her. She rolled the weight of his dead body off of her and onto the wet sand. Too bad, she thought, what a waste of a perfectly good hunk, even if he was a working-class lowlife.

She felt her body disappearing, dissolving into thin air, and then she found herself floating in the water, the riptide behind her now. See, she told herself, the past can be changed. She began swimming happily to shore.

Tommy looked down to see his own corpse. He found himself in a second, translucent body. He was a ghost now. He watched Joni's body disappear. So she was a ghost too, he thought.

That's when he saw Megan Lieberman, kneeling in the surf, then standing up, her magnificent breasts shedding droplets of water, her pleasantly plump nude body gleaming in the moonlight.

Megan breathed a sigh of relief. She was glad to be on solid ground once more after the terror of the riptide. She wondered if everybody else made it safely to land.

That's when she saw Tommy lying in the sand. On no, not Tommy, she thought. She had always had a crush on Tommy. He was so brave and so caring and friendly, not to mention studly. However, she was always too timid to act on her feelings, never threw herself at Tommy the way that many of the other girls did. She just felt too homely, too shy. Tommy probably suspected her feelings, judging from the warm smiles he cast her way in exchange for her own longing stares.

She rushed over to him and quickly began CPR, clearing his mouth of water, breathing air rhythmically into his lungs, frantically pounding on his chest trying to restart his stilled and lifeless heart, but to no avail.

Tommy watched Megan's attempts to revive him. It didn't matter now. He was no longer interested in the soon-to-be-decaying flesh that comprised his former body. The human body was just an inert prison of meat, its corporal needs a distraction from what truly mattered: the life of the spirit freed from its carnal chains, its vision unclouded by biological desires. Perfect bliss.

He knew that Megan had always had a crush on him and she was a sweet sensitive person, but he wished she would end her useless attempt to reunite him with his body.

Soon, Megan did just that. With tears in her eyes, she collapsed on Tommy's chest. Absently, her fingers strolled down his abdomen, until she found the tip of Tommy's cock.

Tommy began to ascend toward the light, towards spiritual perfection unclouded by carnal desire.

Megan lowered her head to Tommy's groin.

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