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A Host of Angels destroy the planet Earth.

She waits a little before she enters my room further.

"Why is Teddy over here?" she asks, picking up the plush toy I just tossed away.

I cross my arms. "That's not his name, Mum."

"What is his name?" she asks.

"He has no name!"

Mum shakes her head before she puts Teddy back into my bed next to my pillow. For everyone else, it might seem as if she is going to tuck me into bed. If she suddenly drew out a bedtime story from underneath her robes, it would surely not surprise anyone - even if it is 7 a.m.

She stands hesitantly in front of my bed. Now is not the time for children's stories.

Mum takes a deep breath. She slips out of her robe and stands in her underwear. It still amazes me how beautiful she is. The long, lush hair, the big breasts, the full ass. Dad doesn't deserve her at all.

Mum's voice is uncertain. Something is different this morning.

"I'm very busy, Love. I should have gone to work 20 minutes ago. You have to come quickly..."

I am waiting and wondering what she is talking about.

"That's why I want to try something different today... Something that I hope will make it go faster..."

She gives me a small, expectant smile. "I think you should try to put your peepee into Mummy's lady bits..."

I am speechless. She has never done anything to me other than sucking my coc and I nod very eagerly. I can't even grasp what's going to happen. What if Dad or Peter discover us?

"But this is only for today and it only happens once. Do you understand? "

I nod rather frightfully. "Yes, Mum."

"Okay..." she mumbles nervously. "Lean back into bed, Darling."

My whole world is spinning. I can't believe I'm really going to have sex with Mum. I mean, seriously!? I feel as though I am being consumed by anxiety with the power of an earthquake but strangely enough, I manage to breathe calmly and lie down against my bedside.

Mum gets closer to the bed. I can see she hesitates as if she has not yet fully decided whether or not this is a good idea. Finally, she takes a deep breath and crawls into my bed. She pulls the Manchester blanket off of me so that I am naked again. By reflex, I get a little embarrassed when my mother sees my exposed body but she does not react and I am reminded what we actually are doing. She looks at me and our eyes meet.

"Darling. Do you know what a condom is? "

"Yes," I answer. She may as well have asked me what color the sky is.

"Do you have one?"

I shake my head uneasily. "No..." I mumble. Is this the biggest mistake in my life here? That I don't have a condom when I need one?

"Oh, ok," says mother, as if it doesn't matter. Then she clears her throat. "Usually, Darling, when a mummy and daddy love each other very much, they use protection. It is both to ensure that they do not infect each other with diseases but also to make sure that the mummy does not become pregnant with a small baby. Do you understand?"

I nod slowly. I try not to appear too eager. Still, I can feel that I shake and that I have goose bumps on my arms.

"Right now we don't have a condom, and I don't want to go into Mummy's and Daddy's bedroom to find one while Daddy is still in there. But I also know that neither you nor I carry the risk of infecting the other with something dangerous," she explains.

"But... but what if you... uh...?"

"If I get pregnant?" she asks and laughs lovingly. "Don't worry, my baby. Then Mummy will take care of it. "

I sink a lump I had in my throat. I don't know what she means but right now I don't care. The panties squeeze tightly around Mum's mound and I can clearly see the cunt lips squeeze through the thin fabric as if they are teasing me. I'm going crazy.

"Do you promise you will remember to use a condom when you make love to a girl for the first time?" asks Mum.

I have a hard time talking at all. The fact that I managed to get words out of my mouth still surprises me today.

"Yeah. Now let's just... uh."

Mum laughs. "Are you impatient, dear? Well, I told you I was in a hurry, didn't I?... Mummy shows you her lady bits now, okay?"

I can do

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