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If you defeat him, he come after you.

Panda dropped to her knees beneath Him as her chains were unlocked. "Please forgive me, Sir," she begged. Sitting on her knees, her head hung low as the chain on her neck dangled before her. Her eyes closed tightly as her tears streamed down her face like the creek in the backyard, soaking the dark hair that fell on on either side of her face. "I'll be your good girl. I promise. I'm sorry."

She felt His hand swiftly fall on the top of her head, pushing her to the ground. "Down," He said. As she lay with her chest against the floor, her eyes opened to a glimpse of His clenched fist. He was angry. Rarely did He get angry. Panda knew her Master well, and remembered many of the things He tried to teach her. She knew Him well enough to know that when He used one word commands that He was trying to work through something. He was trying to heal. He had taught her the stages of grief: denial, pain, anger, depression, recovery, working through, and acceptance. Through being with Him for so long, she learned all of these emotions that He displayed, and what His end result would be.

"Stay," He commanded. She nodded and hugged her body to the floor, keeping still. The closer and more quickly she followed His orders meant the sooner He'd be willing to have her in His arms. Oh, how she longed to be in those strong arms, wrapped around her sore body. She wanted His firm hands to ease her pain, let her know that He still loved her, and with each moment she lay naked against the hardwood floor more thoughts of Him ran through her head.

Panda was His good girl. As her lips left His body, her eyes opened to His, looking down at her sleepily. His hand wrapped in the leash had opened, and she quickly pressed her face into His palm. Her hands slipped around His waist as she pulled her body further between His legs. Gently kissing His hand, she whispered, "Thank you, Master."

"For what," He asked softly. She turned her face to look up to Him as He liked and saw His smile. That was important to Him, knowing that even after a punishment she knew that He wanted her to be proud of herself. A simple look in the eye. She was everything that He wanted, and everything that He had trained her to be. If for nothing else, He wanted her to be proud of that.

"For keeping me where I belong." Her eyes closed as her head relaxed in His hand. "For showing me that I was wrong, for making me see where my place is. Everything. Thank you, Sir." She lightly curved her body, softly rubbing it against His. Even the simple feeling of their bodies together sent shivers up her spine. "Thank you, Master."

With her body against the floor, her tears started to soak the hard wood. "Look at Me," He commanded. "Look at Me!" She lifted only her eyes, keeping her head turned low to the ground. His eyes were red and swollen from His tears. Swiftly he slid His forearm across His face, breathing heavy. His stern stare into her eyes, in addition to the redness of His, burned through Panda's heart, making it sink below the cold floor she lay on.

His hand suddenly pointed at her face. "Never. Never! Never, do that again." Slowly, he knelt down next to her head, resting His hand on the floor. "Do you understand Me?" Panda nodded quickly. His voice was still strong and firm. "I've chosen you. I have no others. I don't want another slave. You know I never will. Never ... never imply that I will. Am I understood?"

Her hands next to her head clenched as she nodded quickly. Jesus did this hurt. The whip wasn't this bad. At least when He whipped her, His rough hand would ease that pain, even if it required the oh so gentle touch. "Yes, Sir. Never. I am Yours, to do with as You wish."

Her eyes wept again, speaking the words themselves.

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