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Mulder & Scully sitting at Mulder's desk.

I moaned with pleasure as his skilled tongue and lips made love to my manhood, and had to pull away after only a few moments so as not to climax so suddenly. He smiled at my reaction to his skills, and gently caressed my cock and then began to massage my anal ring with a finger. I reached down and pulled at one cheek to give him better access to my love hole. His fingers were well lubed, and one finger was followed by two and my body reacted pleasurably to his probings. As he finger fucked me with one hand, his other hand was engaged in fucking himself with the dildo, slowly sliding it in and out of his hole. I took my own cock in hand and used his mouth as my own masturbatory device, letting is lips and tongue work their magic.

We made love in this fashion for some time, probably half an hour. Occasionally I would reach down and run my fingers down the length of his love stick as we kissed, or run my finger in a circle around his engorged anal opening.

Finally, I could hold back no longer, and once he sensed my orgasm approaching, he sucked me harder and greedier, passionately urging me to climax, almost begging me to fill his mouth with my hot seed.

I grabbed the hand he was using to finger fuck me and pressed it against me, pushing his fingers deeper into me as I loosed my balls in his warm, hungry mouth. I thrust my hips hard, just as I would if I was cumming into his fuckhole, and we both cried out with pleasure as spurt after spurt of mancream gushed from my loins.

As my climax subsided, I looked down at my lover smiling back at me, creamy dollops of love nectar running down the sides of his mouth. I sighed at the sheer eroticism of my lover's face slathered with my man milk, and then our mouths were together, sharing the silky warmth and slick muskiness.

As we kissed, I maneuvered atop his body, found his hardness with my hand, and guided his big, thick cock to my opening. I pulled my face from his, and as we stared into each others eyes, eye impaled myself on his rod and buried it deep inside me.

We fucked. Gently, lovingly, slowly, I rocked my hips until his bulbous cockhead was just inside my anal ring, and then slid back down, letting the pleasure of my fuckhole being stretched and filled wash over me.

Our tongues danced, sharing cum and pleasure. Our bodies sweated. We muffled each others' moans with our mouths as our carnal embrace pushed us both towards that ultimate pleasure of orgasm. I placed his hand on my hard cock and poured some lube on it. I took control of our fuck, using my hole as a love tool for us both. I leaned close and whispered in his ear.

"Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me." I whispered coarsely.

His body responded as I knew it would, and as our mouths locked together again I felt the warm gush of of his orgasm inside me.

I used my ass muscles to maximize his pleasure, squeezing him as we rode the wave of climactic lust.

When the wave had passed, I lay on him as we breathed in the smells of man sex. His cock slipped out of me, and a warm dribble of man cream ran down my balls, giving me a pleasurable tickle.

We lay wordless for what seemed an eternity, until I felt him respond to my still hard cock pressed between our bellies.

He rolled me on to my back, and picked up the toy that he had been fucking himself with. I responded by lifting my legs in the air. He pressed it against my pucker hole and it slipped right in. Then he withdrew it, and in the soft light I could see it was smeared with cum. My tongue reflexively licked my lips. He bent down and lapped a tongueful of love nectar from my asshole, and then brought the dildo to my mouth and I deepthroated it before he plunged it back into my waiting hole.

He dildo-fucked me until I erupted once more, and then straddled my chest and jacked off into my open mouth before we fell together kissing and laughing. In not too long we were asleep.

We woke late, and showered together while we waited for room service to bring us breakfast.

An hour later, we were spread out on the floor in the bright sun that streamed in.

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