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Margaret was a very playful wife.

"Yes! Just like that!" she groaned. Her fingers raked through his hair as her curvy hips moved foward, offering him several more inches. He gobbled them eagerly. Once again, he questioned his own sexuality. Most would call what he was doing, choking on a big fat cock, as gay as gay could be.

He looked up at the gorgeous little woman as he pushed his face closer to her body. Her cock bent in the middle for a moment before he managed to swallow her cockhead. He gagged. He spluttered. He shivered in pain as his throat tried to expel the oversized invader. She swayed her hips and cooed in pleasure as he took more and more into his hot gurgling throat. She was hot as all hell, and if sucking her cock was gay, then he was the happiest queer in town.

"Your cock..." he said, wiping his lip as he pulled off to catch his breath. "Is the most amazing thing I've ever seen!"

"Aww, all the boys say that!" she giggled and shrugged. She was blushing, though, as if unused to such hearty praise.

"Get an earful of it now. You won't hear much from me in the future. I'll have my mouth full." He matched deed to word and sucked her down once more, this time passing the halfway point and letting her huge tool stretch his throat deeper and deeper.

"Joseph!" she squealed in delight as he cranked up his suction. She pulled herself up on her toes, leaning over him as his lips sank ever lower on her pole. Neither paid heed to the thudding footsteps of joggers who passed them on the trail. Nor of the gasp of surprise one of them gave out.

The young engineer pulled his hands away from the base of her cock to squeeze her perfect tits through her sexy bra as he sucked. With more of her shaft exposed, he had little choice. He pushed even harder, his eyes leaking a steady stream of tears as he pushed himself right up against her body.

"You took it all! You're a cocksucking genius!" Rachel exclaimed in delight. Joseph's chest swelled with bizarre pride. If he was going to go gay for this shemale, by God he was going to be the best at it! He doubled his efforts. His lips smacked noisily as he rocked back and forth and sucked her rod. His chin pushed hard up against her massive balls where they nestled in her panties. His nose smarted from pounding her rock-solid abs over and over. He gave her everything he had, but it still took her ages to cum.

"Yes, suck it. Christ Almighty it's so good!" she moaned. Her body jerked against his face, and her cock swelled in his aching throat. Her first blast shot straight into his stomach, and he pulled back. Her spurts coated his raw throat like a balm, and caught the last on this tongue as he swallowed as fast as he could to keep up.

"You taste pretty good," he grinned up at her. He licked his lips and savored the musky, sweet taste of her cock and the tang of her tongue.

"Thanks, Joseph!" Rachel smiled down at him and patted her cheek.

"Wow," a woman said breathlessly, and Joseph and Rachel both gave a start. A tall, skinny blonde woman stood on the path. She was dressed in tight spandex and her eyes looked about to pop out from her skull.

"Get the fuck out of her, he's mine!" Rachel said possessively. She tucked her slowly shrinking cock back into her panties. Still over nine inches long, she had to tuck it sideways along her hip, and her panties bulged out all over the place.

"Sorry!" the woman meeped before running quickly down the path.

"I'm yours am I?" Joseph beamed up at his shemale lover.

"Yep. I was worried you couldn't handle it, but I have a feeling you're gonna do just fine!" she said as she zipped up her jumpsuit.

"I think so. Are you free Friday night?" he asked as he stood on wobbly legs.

"No. A nice engineer named Joseph is taking me out to dinner before I take him home and fuck his big nerdy brains right out of his head!" she laughed.

"Oh, he's one lucky bastard!" he laughed.

"Now, let's get back to work before somebody here calls the cops!"


Joseph had never had a date go so well.

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