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The hotsy next door gives him the best treat he ever got.

She finally agreed with Wes. She told him that from now on, condoms were required with no exception, Wes agreed. They met several more times and nothing happened to jeopardize their secret. Her guilt finally subsided and at home, she began to initiate love making with Rick again. He seemed pleased and they soon got back to their normal frequency. But while it was good, there seemed to be something missing. She told herself that once she returned, she was going to make some changes. Rick would come first again in their marriage. She had let that slide too much.

This trip was a chance to spend some time alone with Wes, free to be with each other outside the office. She had refused to go to a motel with him or to be alone with him anywhere other than the office, which was her way of restraining herself and not doing what she considered a planned affair. She convinced herself that since this trip was work related, it continued to be just a workplace dalliance. She accepted this trip, knowing Rachael couldn't go, and that Wes was the next in line. And even though she felt guilt and fear of being caught, the guilty pleasure was too much to let go. As an added bonus, she and Rick were having sex much more often now and they had begun to experiment more. Rick was benefiting as much as she was. Justification. Rationalization. All excuses to continue.

In San Diego, Judith checked in, went to her room, called home and talked to the boys for over an hour. When she asked to speak to Rick, the boys said he was upstairs doing something and hung up without giving her a chance to tell them to find him. She sat there, confused. Why was Rick acting this way? Why had he been so quick to get her out the door? She wondered again, not for the first time if he could suspect anything. But she had been so careful, so controlled. She and Wes had only been together four or five times. And those times were carefully hidden and no one had ever caught them. There weren't even any rumors at work. She worried some more, convinced herself that it was just a guilty conscience, then shrugged her shoulders and went down to meet Wes in the lounge.

They had a nice dinner on the company and had a few drinks, but they were both too excited to stay. They went up to her room as soon as they could. They almost shed their clothes in the hallway in their excitement before falling together into the room. The rest of the night was spent in non stop sex. They finally fell asleep just before dawn, sated and satisfied. Judith slept soundly until just before she woke, and it was in that twilight between sleep and waking where the subconscious ruled, she had an overwhelming feeling of being alone and so sad. It was such an intense feeling, it woke her, hearing herself say over and over, "No, no, no." She found herself drenched with perspiration. She shook it off, saw that Wes had gone to his own room and rose to stood in the shower until the water made her forget.

The three days went very fast and the nights were filled with sex.

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