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Have you found the Yellow Sign?

She stood up. He immediately stood with her. The club patrons were too busy to notice them leaving. They went home. Inside the house, she tugged him down to kiss him gently.

"I'm proud of you," she said, "and I needed to see, to understand."

He bowed his head. He touched his clothes.

"Yes," she said, "please."

He stripped and put his things away. When he returned to her, she was also nude. His reaction was immediate and obvious. His penis swelled to monstrous proportions. She caressed his massive erection. The soft touch made him burn.

"Come to me," she whispered.

His hands and lips were immediately on her body. She quivered, letting him arouse her. When he finally mounted her, she took him completely in a single hard thrust. Her orgasm was sudden and intense. He thrust into her for hours, giving her what she asked of him, pleasuring her.

"Now! Please!" she moaned and his orgasm exploded, merging with hers, their bodies thrashing and convulsing. He slowly withdrew from her. She signed softly in sated pleasure.

"Stay with me," she breathed as she fell asleep.

He lay awake for a while, thinking. This was a trial of sorts for both of them. He knew that for all of his physical strength, he needed a woman to command his pleasure. Unfortunately, his previous mistresses had been sadists. The first had nearly killed him and she made sure each one he was passed to was as cruel as she was. His stamina had been painfully learned. This woman was different. She did not punish him for being less than perfect, for being human. He studied her sleeping body. Soft. Full figured. His penis began to swell again. He knew he would be massively erect in the morning. With a sigh, he settled into sleep.

Sometime during the night his dream returned. He lay with his hands over his head, held in the invisible shackles of his nightmare, as he twitched and jerked. A particularly violent motion woke her. She saw he was dreaming again. Sadness touched her eyes. He was so beautiful. His massive penis gave her such pleasure. She wished she could ease his pain. She lay back, thinking, as the dream finally released him.

When he awoke in the morning, he was alone. He immediately got up to look for her. She was in the kitchen, sipping coffee. Her eyes were sad when she looked at him. He tensed. She was displeased about something. She set her cup down and slowly stood up.

"You woke me last night," she said softly.

He knelt, head bowed, his fingers asking forgiveness. She placed her hand gently on his head.

"I have not punished you," she said sadly, "but this time, I must. Come." At her gesture, he stood and followed her.

She led him to the basement. The shackles and chains made him tense. She took his unresisting hands and buckled the padded restraints around his wrists. Then she snapped them together and hooked them to a chain. His arms were pulled over his head just high enough to hold him upright. He could not stop a single shiver of apprehension. Severe pain usually followed his being put in this position.

"You will close your eyes and not open them until I tell you," she said. She watched as he obeyed. He could not see the compassion in her eyes.

"You have been punished before," she said.

He nodded then lowered his head in submission waiting for the lash to fall. He felt her fingers begin to trace his scars. Soft, feathery touches that aroused him, made him burn. What was she doing? When was she going to punish him? Her fingers moved over his body, along each scar. He trembled, her soft touch reminding him of the pain that caused the marks on his body. He did not realize that this was his punishment. Memory. Her fingers found and traced every one of his scars, each one reminding him of pain often inflicted for no other reason than his mistress wished it. He began to shudder and twitch as the soft touches continued.

He jerked in shock when her lips began kissing him, going over the marks on his body.

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