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We've taken a lot of steps to keep something like that from being a problem. Do you have an idea of which of your clients might have given it to you?" Grace asks.

"I can't be certain, but I've narrowed it down in my head to two. They should all be told immediately just in case." Jane says.

"Pete probably is the only one that got infected. He's the only one that you have sex with without using a condom." Jane says.

"Well I couldn't exactly ask my own husband to wear a condom when we make love. That would have been a dead giveaway that something was going on. Besides, I don't want anything to ever come between us when we're making love." Jane says.

"Unfortunately making love to Pete without protection has landed us in our current situation. I'll see to it that all of the clients are informed tomorrow when I go to the office. I want to know which one it is that gave it to you so that I can have him pay for the damages that your husband is doing to my house right now." Grace says.

"I'll pay for all of the damages Grace. Pete knows about what I've been doing and about the money. He's a proud man; even if he doesn't divorce me I don't think he'll want anything to do with the money knowing what I did to get it. I'll gladly pay for all of the damage he does in there." Jane says.

"I won't hear of it Jane. You earned that money, and you might need it. Now that Pete knows about what's been going on for the last 8 years you obviously won't be able to work for me anymore, unless he divorces you." Grace says.

"Which is a distinct possibility; and I won't even pretend that I don't deserve it. As my husband Pete has every right to do to me what he's doing to your house right now after what I have done to him. I have been cheating on him for money for eight years. I could see it in his eyes before he came over here, he wanted to hurt me, maybe even kill me for what I've done. Oh god, how was I ever stupid enough to think that it was okay for me to do this as long as he didn't know?" Jane asks.
"It was an exciting adventure for you at first Jane. You had been married for 17 years at that time and even in the best relationships things tend to get a little boring after that long. Add to that the fact that in your whole life you'd only been with Pete sexually. After having just one lover in your life and being with him for 17 years, you were curious what it might be like to be with someone else. Working for me you got to talk to the other girls and they told you how great it was to have someone other than their husbands find them sexy and want to be with them. The thought of having other men find you desirable enough sexually that they were willing to pay for your company was very appealing." Grace says.

"But it shouldn't have been Grace. It shouldn't have appealed to me; not for one second. I pledged myself completely; body, heart, and soul to Pete. He's all I ever needed, he's all I still need, but for some reason I got greedy and wanted to have more than just he perfect husband and the perfect marriage so I broke my wedding vows and had sex with other men." Jane says.

She breaks down crying again. Grace holds her.

"I know that Pete still loves you, I just hope that he can forgive you. The girls that work for me have a very nice arrangement, they get the best of both worlds, at least until it gets discovered; then both worlds come crashing down on top of them like this. Speaking of discovered, now that you know that you gave Pete an STD I suggest you get to a doctor quickly and get treatment." Grace says.

"That's the second item on my list of things to do; right behind begging and pleading with Pete not to divorce me." Jane said.

"I hope your pleas don't fall on deaf ears Jane." Grace says.

For over an hour Grace and Jane stand in the yard and listen to the sound of absolute destruction can be heard coming from inside Grace's house, then the sound stops, the front door opens and a sweaty, dusty, tired looking Pete

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