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Her husband is out of town.

"May I propose a toast?" she asked solemnly. He nodded carefully. "To a wonderful summer!" He nodded again and they clinked glasses. She climbed into the hot tub and sat across from him. The water level was slightly above her breasts and he relaxed. He didn't have to see her wonderfully round globes. Or her bare midriff. Or those long legs that he ached to have wrapped around him. He took a sip of the wine, leaned back and closed his eyes again. They sat in silence again, but it was peaceful this time.

"Sam?" Jenny asked quietly. "What happened to Jess? You never mention her anymore."

He opened his eyes and could see her clearly with the full moonlight. She had genuine concern on her face.

"Bob Matthews." Her face fell. "Electrician on one of the jobs in KOP. Jess started coming out to see me at the job site last winter. Brought coffee and doughnuts for the guys every morning. They'd sit outside in the cold, drinking coffee and eating the doughnuts while she and I were inside the warm trailer. I got a blow job a day for about seven weeks straight." He scoffed as he remembered. "I think she was feeling guilty even then." He closed his eyes and recalled the day his world came crashing down. "Bob came into the trailer in March one day. Blurted out that he was leaving the job. He'd found a replacement. God, he was so nervous about telling me, and I thought it was just because he felt guilty about not finishing the job. Said he was getting married... So I congratulated him and even gave him a big fat fucking bonus as a wedding present. He'd done the job well until then and we were never behind. I drove home from work that evening to find Jess gone and all of her things moved out of our apartment. I found the note from her on the mantle. Just like in those damn classic movies." His voice was raising now and he was getting angry all over again. He'd never talked about it to anyone. So now it felt kind of good to be getting it all out. "Dear John, it began. No, not really, but that's exactly what it was. It was a fucking Dear John letter. She'd left for Vegas with Bob that afternoon. Right after he'd left my trailer. She was pregnant." He sighed heavily and didn't notice that Jenny had moved over to sit right beside him.

"I'm so sorry, Sam," she said with her voice cracking. She reached up and placed her palm on his cheek. "I'm so sorry," she repeated. She moved even closer to him and he wrapped his arms around her. He wasn't sure who was comforting whom at that point in time. She began kissing his cheek lightly and then his eyelids, his brows and his forehead. She moved to his nose and then his chin. They were soft, feathery kisses meant to comfort. Her soft lips finally found his. Very softly and very tentatively she kissed him.

His passion erupted. "Oh God, Jen," he moaned loudly. He captured her lips with his own and forced her mouth open with his tongue. A cry of desire caught in her throat as he embraced her tightly. He kissed her as passionately as he'd never kissed a woman before in his life. "Oh my god, Sis. God, how I want you." He felt her nod her head in agreement, just as the words that had escaped across his lips were branded into his brain. Sis His own sister.

Sam pushed her back and climbed out of the hot tub just as he heard her starting to cry. "Jen, don't please." His voice was filled with disappointment and horror. He hated himself.

He saw her nod slightly as the silent tears streamed down her face. He turned towards the house and he heard her whisper into the night, "But, I wanted you too."

* * * * * Sam wandered out of his bedroom around 3 AM.

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