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The next two eventful days of Garrett and Erin's love.

Kathy and Sven were now humping each other furiously and I could tell they were both close, mainly from the noises coming from their mouths and from Kathy's pussy. Kathy's voice began rising to a crescendo, and I could see Sven's thrusts becoming more desperate, then both of them came together, Kathy squealing with delight, as Sven grabbed her hips and forced her onto his cock as his balls contracted, pumping his hot come deep inside her.

They continued grinding against each other as their orgasms subsided, until they finally came to a halt. Kathy climbed off Sven, his come -coated cock still semi-hard. She turned around and sat in his lap, laying back against his chest and spreading her legs.

I could see Sven's come gradually oozing from her pussy.

By this point my cock was close to exploding, despite my best efforts and self-control. Kathy must have been able to tell, and she turned and whispered to Sven, who nodded.

She was across the room in a shot, kneeling between my legs and gobbling my cock into her warm wet mouth. She sucked me so well and so hard I shot my load down her throat less than a minute later. As she stood up and sat in Sven's lap again I thanked her.

She licked a glob of my come from her lips. "No, thank you" she said.

I moved across sat down next to them, and they told me how much they had enjoyed knowing I was watching them and enjoying the show, and I told them it had always been a fantasy of mine to watch another couple fucking. As we talked, Sven's hand gradually found it's way back to Kathy's cum-filled pussy, and I noticed his cock was getting hard again also, as was mine.

They had told me in their e-mails that the big appeal of a threesome was all the extra possibilities an extra person opened up, and I could see that now we had gotten over our initial shyness, the reality of those possibilities was getting all of us super-horny.

Kathy was the first to act, dropping to her knees on the floor between Sven's legs and sucking his cock into her mouth. She sucked him to fully hard, then moved across and did the same to mine. She repeated this a couple of times, then Sven said "let's do this porno style." We helped Kathy onto the sofa, and then stood either side of her, our cocks bobbing in front of her mouth.

Kathy was getting really hot by now and really went for it, sucking each of us for a couple of strokes before changing back to the other. Her hands found her own nipples and played with them, until replaced by Sven's hand and mine, at which she dropped a hand to her pussy and began rubbing herself.

She paused her sucking to gasp "I need some more cock in my pussy, now."

We immediately rearranged ourselves to meet her desperate request, with me sitting back on the couch with Kathy on her knees on the floor, her mouth now wrapped exclusively around my cock, while Sven positioned himself behind her and drove his cock ferociously into her pussy from behind.

His thrusting drove Kathy down onto my cock and she gagged. Thinking quickly she lifted her head off me and moved forward slightly, pressing her tits together around my cock, so that Sven's thrusting drove her tit-pussy up and down my cock.

The novel pleasure of feeling two cocks at once soon sent Kathy over the edge and she began cumming hard, her body convulsing and trembling as wave after wave of pleasure flowed over her. Her excitement was contagious, and as her orgasm subsided, both Sven and I began shooting our loads into her, his further filling her already sloppy pussy, and mine spraying over her tits and neck.

Despite the intensity of her orgasm, however, Kathy was far from spent, if anything she was becoming even more aroused.

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