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She had found passion; now she couldn't let it go.

There is no teasing. You go right for the back of my throat. I don't gag right away but the tears start to fall. You push harder. I swallow and the head goes down my throat. Your other hand grabs my neck, feeling your cock as it moves in and out. I can't help but gag and cough. I can't breathe. My eyes go wide and I look up at you, tears streaming down my cheeks. You are watching me, biting your bottom lip.

You pull out suddenly. More drool down the front of me. You do this a few more times and each time I am able to take you in longer and deeper. The last time you just hold my head, your cock all the way down my throat, my tongue out touching your balls and my head against your flat stomach. You hold me there for what seems like forever. Then you pull away and let me gasp for breath.

You walk behind me and kneel. I am still gasping when you hit my ass with both hands. My nipple clamps jingle.

"Oh, I like that sound." You smack me again. You slide your fingers under my collar from behind and pull, tightening the collar, choking me. I gasp as you hit my ass again and again. You release the pressure on my collar as I start to see stars. You know just when to let go. You know just how far to push me.





This goes on until my ass is nice and red and I am gasping. You reach down and unclasp the chain connecting my wrist cuffs. I place my hands on the floor in front of me and lean my head on the floor. My ass is on fire from your hands. I stretch out one leg behind me, then the other. Being in this position so long has made my muscles cramp. You walk over to the bed as I am doing this. I don't even notice.

You grab my pony tail and pull up, making me stand. You don't say a word which always makes me worry about what you have in store. You turn me around so you are in front of me and stroke the side of my face. I instinctively lean into your hand. You kiss me gently making me moan. You attach the chain to my cuffs in front of me. You hold up the ball gag. It is a breathable gag with holes. We have never used it and I am nervous. I open my mouth and you push it past my teeth. You walk behind me and buckle it in place. You pull on it and it is too loose for your liking. You tighten it more. The strap cuts into the side of my mouth. There is no way I could push it out now.

"There, nice and tight. Now no one will hear you scream." You lean in and kiss me, even with the gag in, I feel your lips on me. There I stand before you, hands cuffed in front of me, collar on, ball gag in and hand prints on my ass.

You grab my hair and lead me to the bed. You push my face down on the bed. My heart is racing. You kneel behind me and take my right leg. You lift it and bend it, working out the cramp. You massage it gently. You work on my leg for a couple minutes. You gently place it back down and lift my left leg and give it the same treatment. I am in shock. You are truly amazing. You are so forceful and dominate and yet so caring and gentle. You place my left foot back on the floor.

I hear you walking around behind me. Then the crack of the flogger as it hits the bed next to me. I flinch knowing what is coming next. The first hit is soft, just a warm up. The next two as well. Then without warning, you hit me hard. I cry out and dig my nails into the bed. You move over to the next cheek. Again, three soft hits then hard. You hit me again and again until there are stripes of red covering my ass.

I was not expecting the hit across my back until I feel the sting. I lift my head from the bed and scream through the gag. You put your hand on my neck and push me back down. More lashes across my back. I roll from side to side with each hit. Tears now stain the bed beneath me. You continue until you are satisfied. Then back to my ass. One, two, three hard. One, two ,three hard. You whip me again and again until my ass is on fire.

Suddenly you grab my hips and move me back so only my head is on the bed.

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