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Wife lives out husband fantasy.

. . sensitive about his room.

Taking a deep breath and mustering what courage she had (Which was quite a bit) she opened the door and peeked in. She let out her breath in a deep sigh.

He was fast asleep on his feathered bed, his body sprawled with the covers covering very little of his naked body. Lying on his stomach with drool dripping out his gapping mouth and down on his satin sheets.

His room was sprawling with space, considering the luxury it demanded, for there was only his four poster master bed, a cabinet to hold the cloths he barley wears and the monster of a desk, rubbbled in papers and feathers the like, with a few empty ink bottles littering the ground. Of course there was also the nightstand, which held his record player, booming out scratchy music of Bach, that's been played to many time before.

Lifting the needle of the spinning record, letting the music stop silent, she went to the bed.

"Master!" Thanya poked him with the tips of her fingers. Careful not the stimulate him too much. "Master!"

With a groan and a yawn mixed together he rubbed his eyes and shielded them as he peered up at his maid.

"My god, Thanya, what lovely cleavage you have." He remarked as her dark breast heaved out of her tight corset, exposing just the tip of a hint of nipples.

"Yes, master, I know. But you must awake. You must get up!" she said pulling the blanket under him.

Stretching out his arm he groped her plump buttocks feeling the fabric of her French maid uniform. "I'm already up, Thanya." He said turning over letting his cock spring up to greet his servant.

Sighing, Thanya, rolled her eyes, "No, master. Collect yourself, the help is here."

"Help?" he mumbled.

"Yes," she pleaded, "The ones you requested in Doesberry."

"Doesberry? Never heard of it" He quipped and pulled Thanya towards his bed by pushing her lower back. "Now, though, I have a request for your Black-berry, my love." He slid his hand up her skirt and felt the warm flesh of her thighs. Hoping to find some droplets of her juicy blackberry running down.

"Master!" she yelled in a sterner voice, "They are right outside the door, waiting for you."

Her master sat up and stared up at her, "I'll be quick, I promise."

Pulling up her skirt and finally found the grove of her juicy lips under her panties. Feeling his sexual organ throb with excitement, he brushed it against her thick leg as he dug his fingers up and down her succulent fruit.

Taking another sigh, Thanya gave in to her master. "Alright, but it has to be quick."

"Do I know another way?" He asked as he stood up rubbing his fleshy member, "Now quick, lift your skirt and bend over the bed. I'll bugger you in the ass. Tighter the quicker, eh?" He said with a devilish smirk as He watch his maid lift her tight black squirt exposing her plump black ass. It wiggled in front of him like two cushions made by god, just to please him and collect his goodness. He pumped his erection while he stared at her awaiting orifices. Swollen and wet, open just for him, wanting to grip his pulsing cock.

He grabbed her fatty cheeks felt the tip of his penis up her crack searching for that small hole. Upon finding it he gently pushed in, feeling her asshole tighten and quiver from his attempted entree.

"You know this will go faster if you let me in, madam." He said.

"Just fuck me!" She yelled and pushed into him as he pushed into her. She screamed out and threw her face into the satin sheets, in an attempt to muffle her verbal eruption. She reached around and grabbed her ass cheek pulling it, opening herself more, for his cock.

He felt the warmness of her insides, her body holding his organ.

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