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"That's fine," I got out finally. It definitely wasn't fine, but it also wasn't horrible so I would just have to deal. "Do you wanna cuddle still?"

Katie nodded and turned her back to me without another word. I tired not to let this action bother me either. I knew she didn't mean it, but somewhere deep in my pool of insecurities it felt like she was turning around so she wouldn't have to look at my face. It would be much easier to pretend I was someone else that way.

Regardless of that and the confusing shit that I was feeling involving Katie, I was happy to be in the position that I was in. I had missed sleeping next to someone in these past few weeks that I'd been back in the States. More than anything though, I had missed sleeping next to Katie. She always seemed to fit to me perfectly.

I was content to hold this girl tight to me and appreciate the little things I was granted despite the situation I had found myself in and all of the bullshit that was bound to hit the fan tomorrow. None of it mattered right now though. The only thing that did was Katie. Feeling her chest rise and fall under my arm, the slight thumping of her heart beneath my fingertips and the tiny sounds she made as she slipped into sleep. That was the greatest bliss I could ask for while I was riding out this sea of emotions.

Chapter Six


It felt good to wake up with Katie in my arms. She was warm and soft and pressed against me in all the best places. It felt so natural and right.

I squeezed her tighter in my arms and placed a kiss on the back of Katie's neck. Even though the last moments we shared before sleep weren't the most pleasant, I held onto the ones that were and nuzzled my nose into her hair. I was convinced that I could wake up this same way every morning for the rest of my life and be happy.

There was a fleeting thought as my brain started to function with some amount of rationality that I should feel bad for what I had done last night. Technically what happened between Katie and I was cheating, but no matter which way I cut it I wasn't able to bring myself to regret anything. Even though I wanted to change the opinion people had of me, I couldn't see this as wrong. Katie and I belonged together. It wasn't anything against Tatum -- well not much against her at least -- I just knew that the two of us were endgame, even if Katie wasn't quite aware of it yet.

Katie was just beginning to stir in my grasp while I swam in my thoughts. She uttered a little moan and stretched out to her full length against my body. If it were at all possible I was even more attracted to her in this moment. Her hair was a mess, she had no makeup on and there was a little trail of drool that was caked against her cheek, but she was still sexy and adorable and absolutely perfect to me.

I trailed a finger down the side of Katie's neck and she tilted her chin up to give me better access. I chuckled lightly at how needy Katie was for my touch, but in now way was I complaining. I enjoyed feeling her skin against mine too much.

This perfect morning was bound to come to an abrupt end with the way my life had always gone, but it didn't stop me from uttering a groan of frustration when I heard the pounding on my door.

"Hey! Get up!" That was the unmistakable voice of my mama hollering from the other side of the door.

"Go away!" I yelled back. I hoped that my loud voice wouldn't startle Katie too much.

Mama threw open the door with an irritated look pulling at her face. "If I got an early wake up call, then you get one too."

Katie opened one bleary eye to look at me and then Mama before closing her eyes again. Mama uttered a sigh and lifted her chin to the girl in my arms. "Someone's here to see you, and she does not look happy."

In an instant Katie was sitting up in my bed with wide eyes. "Oh shit! Tatum!" After another moment of looking between the two of us, Katie sprung out of my bed and ran from the room.

Mama set me with a s

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