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Somebody call the plumber! On second thought...don't!

A small smile crept across his face. She seemed so peaceful, just taking in what was going on. He admired that she didn't have to be the center of attention all of the time, that she could just step back and listen.

"Why are we sitting alone?" he asked. Startled, Lena peeked up at the breathtaking voice. "I uhm, needed a small break away from all the action. It's like these guys are grown Energizer Bunnies, they never stop going. And don't get me started on Mackie."

"Believe me I know. But why don't you sit over there by them?"

"For a few reasons: one, I really like my head, and don't want it to turn up missing because someone decided to spike the ball in the wrong direction. Two, I'm a li'l chilly, and wanted to watch the sun sizzle out into the water. Is there a problem?"

"Oh no, not at all." He smiled at her. She turned away, blushing of course. She could feel his eyes still on her. It drove her insane, but she absolutely loved it. She turned to look at him curiously, when it was Rye's turn to blush away. "You know what's really good? This watermelon. You should go and try some."

He glanced over at the table with a half-carved melon sitting in the middle.

"You're right. I'll go and get some now. Be right back."

She watched him stride over to the table, grab a plate, and cut a few slices for himself. He turned to look at her, curled up and cozy by the blaze, smiling back at him, when he cringed, just hearing that voice.

"There you are baby! I was lookin' all over for you!" exclaimed Nicole. She strolled over from the sliding doors straight to Rye. Sliding her hands up and down her chest, she greeted him with a deep kiss, not meant for everyone's eyes. There she stood, next to Rye, in a too-small jean skirt, with a matching pink too-small tube top. It looked like she was about to keel over, spilling everything that shirt was supposed to hold back.

Rye smacked his lips together as if saying "Oh boy, here we go." Nicole started looking around the area, seeing who was here. She saw everyone that was playing Mackie-ball, and the parents enjoying their peace-time. And then saw little Lena staring into the bonfire. Nicole took note on how she was sitting alone, meaning one thing, someone had to be sitting with her. Everyone else seemed to be busy; all that was left was Rye. But she wouldn't make a scene about it... yet. She'll remember this for later.

Lena sat quietly, straining her ears to hear everything that was going on between Nicole and Rye. She could only tell that Nicole wanted to be somewhere and that Rye was her only way of getting there. She could hear Rye's reluctance to bring her, and then they were gone. Of course Nicole said her Hellos and Good Byes to Mr. and Mrs. Perretti. But as soon as that was over, they were gone.

Lena peered over at the table and saw Rye's helping of watermelon untouched. She started to choke up a little bit. She really liked his presence. She liked talking to him. Even though it was a small chat, there would have been more. She brushed it off, got up, cleared her plate and walked over to the volley ball net.

She was greeted by a tap of the ball to the head, and a sweet hug from Mackenzie. It was as if she knew. And to be honest, she did. She saw it all. She saw the two smiling at each other. She saw the ease in Lena, the comfort the two shared. She even felt the anguish Lena felt when Rye left. 'One day, it will happen. I can feel it,' she thought to herself. She let go of Lena, and the group started up another game.


Rye pulled into the driveway. He was a bit on the irritated side. He endured an entire night trying to calm down Nicole. She was all over the place. Drinking whatever came her way, and bitching at anyone and everyone. He finally drove her drunk-ass back to her house, at 2:30 am. He was exhausted, and all he really wanted was a drink for himself, then to crash in his bed.

He took a shot of some whisky, and headed up to the bathroom.

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