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Uncle discovers paradise.

"Ahh, shit," He muttered. "This sucks."

Turning on his computer, he pulls up a porno site and finds a full page display of a young girl with purple hair and big tits and begins the ministrations to his wrinkled sack of penile flesh. Just as he manages to produce an erection he notices a movement from the neighbor's house. Barely visible he discerns a still female form lying on the floor just inside the large sliding glass door. Shock freezes his motions. He wonders, momentarily, what he should do. Does he call for help? That would expose his voyeuristic activities. But he has to do something. Doesn't he? Then it comes to him, a scheme of epic depravity.

Charlie rushes to the kitchen's side door, lurches the few steps to the neighbor's door and slowly peers back, towards the street, ensuring that no one is observing, and slides the door open. Once inside, he hovers over the naked form of the beautiful young woman lying there. He begins to tremble. His palms are clammy. His stomach turns from the bile building up from the anxiety of the moment. He shakes his head to clear the fog that has seized his mind.

Slowly he reaches down and places a hand on her bare shoulder, the contact sends a pulse through his body, his penis is rigid and pointing directly outward from the opened front of his robe. He sees the pallid flesh of his penis protruding and is emboldened by its presence. Slowly at first, then with some haste he spreads her legs and moves into position between them.

A sinister smile forms on Charlie's face, a dribble of saliva escapes from the corner of his mouth and traces a path down his lip, over the stubble of his chin, finally dripping to the downy soft hair of the beauty lying beneath him. Pressing forward, his penis trembling with excitement, Charlie places the head of his male organ at the opening of the woman's vagina. Anticipating the warmth of the penetration, he paused, and then proceeded to press against the opening, meeting a slight resistance, and then he froze.

Hearing a sound from the front of the house, terror struck his heart rendering him immobile. But he had to move, escape, run. Lurching to a standing position, he hears someone putting keys into the door lock at the front of the house. In a bound he makes for the door, quickly passes through and races back to the safety of his own kitchen.

Halting, he begins to breathe again in gasps. Clutching his chest, morbid fear alternating with relief that he had escaped, he looks tentatively over his shoulder and sees the neighbor kneeling down to his wife's spread-eagle form on the floor.

It had been several days since Charlie had seen the neighbor woman, it seemed like an eternity. He found himself drawn to the empty window next door, waiting, and wishing for a glimpse that she was alright. Not for her sake but for his. He so wanted another opportunity to have the young woman. He was obsessed, no, consumed by his desire for her. Surfing the net for porn just didn't measure up as it once had. He needed more. He needed, her, his neighbor, and soon.

Sarah woke up in a hospital bed surrounded by flowers sent by loving family and friends. Pete was there too. He was relieved by the doctor's pronouncement that she would be well in a few day's, but astounded when he was told that the cause of the episode was that Sarah was pregnant! Pride made his chest swell. His emotions got the better of him and a tear of joy escaped from the corner of his eye.

"God! I love you Sugar." Pete cried as he finally broke down.

"Oh, honey, I love you too." She returned crying, and consoling him with a kiss and a hug.

Charlie was sitting in the kitchen having a second cup of coffee when he saw her, just a shadow at first, then; there she was dressed in a full length bath robe. Never had anything been so desired as she was by Charlie. Where had she been? Was she OK? Questions unanswered made the intrigue more sublime.

It wasn't enough that she was back, he needed more.

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