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An erotic encounter between lovers.

she was guided forward, until her belly touched the edge of the spanking bench, then she was forced over it lengthwise. A strap was placed around her waist and under the bench, securing her torso. she shivered at the sensation of being immobilized. Her legs were next. They were spread wide apart and her knees were bent forward on either side of the bench. kimberlee felt her cunt gaping open and her ass spreading as her ankles and knees were secured. Finally, her wrists were tied straight down to the eyebolts at the bottom of the legs of the bench, squashing her breasts flat against the bench. kimberlee's chin was resting on the very end of the bench, and if she opened her eyes, she would see little more than the floor below her. This complete bondage was one of her fantasies, and the reality was every bit as good as she had imagined it would be. she briefly wondered what They had in store for her, and whether she would be shared with Others. she hoped that she would be able to contain her orgasm until given the instruction to cum. It seemed that she could cum now, without being touched at all, if only one of Them gave the command ....

kimberlee heard Them moving around her, and wondered what was happening. Were T/they alone? Were there Others? How deeply would They take her into her fantasies?

"Open your eyes, kimberlee," ordered her Mistress. "Keep them open until told otherwise, but look straight down. Do not try to look elsewhere. Do not say anything, except for your safewords should you need them."

kimberlee opened her eyes, and saw a white towel on the floor directly below her. On the towel were a tube of lube, an ass plug and a strap-on harness with a large dildo attached. she stifled a moan, as she realized that she was indeed about to be violated. This was one of her deepest desires, to be secured completely and wide open to be violated by Candice and Mikolas in any way They desired. "Violated" - that was the word that she used in her fantasies. Again, a shudder ran through her from her clit to her nipples, and she flexed her muscles to enjoy the security of the bondage. she was once again in the hands of her Mistress and Master.

Then she saw Their feet moving away from her, and heard Them going into another room. It was only seconds when Mistress came back.. her eyes opened even wider as Candice laid a poultry baister on the towel. Then Mikolas was there, laying a pot with a long, thick, black plastic handle on the towel. At first she was confused, then she almost came as she realized that she was about to be violated with the items spread out before her. her pussy pulsed and she felt her juices oozing from her.

her breathing grew more rapid as more and more items were laid before her. A candle, a wine bottle, a long-handled flashlight and ridged dog toy were soon added to the collection. kimberlee was panting now, and her juices were forming a puddle on the leather top of the bench.

Mistress bent down and picked up the flashlight. As kimberlee watched in total excitement, Mistress spread lube over the handle of the flashlight. she briefly closed her eyes, then opened them wide as she felt the handle of the flashlight against the open lips of her gaping cunt. The handle was slowly but firmly inserted into her, the lube and her juices easing its penetration. kimberlee held her breath and strained against the bondage, actually trying to push back against the flashlight in an attempt to speed its insertion. The way it spread her open was incredible. she was being violated in a way that was far beyond - and infinitely better - than anything she had ever fantasized about.

The penetration stopped, and a blindfold was fastened around her head, blocking her vision.

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