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A young professional male takes a Gangsta Ghetto sista home.

d of help?

"Daddy, I don't know how to tell you this but, I love sex. Something happened to me one night while walking home from work, and it unleashed feelings that I"ve had. I don't know how to say it, except that I get so turned on by a man's cock."

Her Daddy sat across from her, dumbfounded, not knowing what to say. Sarah has been a very respectable girl her whole life. She would always go to church to worship, and to volunteer. He couldn't understand this.

"Oh my God, Sarah. Do you realize what you're saying? What is wrong with you? What happened to my good little girl, the girl that would always go to church? Sarah, what happened?"

"Well Daddy, I always went to church because of Father Ray. The sick fuck couldn't keep his hands off of me, and I loved the attention. I remember once when I was volunteering to help make pierogies for the sale. He asked me to go into the back room with him and help him bring out more flour for the old ladies. When we were back there, he made me suck his cock. That was the first time ever seen one. He made me swallow it, when he came in my mouth."

"Sarah, I had no idea!"

"Yes Daddy, I know. When we came out of the back room, I was so embarrassed as I walked over to give the flour to the ladies. I kept thinking that they somehow knew what I just did. One thing is for sure, Daddy. Confession was never the same after that."

Sarah's Daddy was getting hard listening to his daughter's story, as he gazed upon her naked body sitting there.

Sarah noticed that he was getting turned on. She could see the bulge in her Daddy's pajamas getting bigger. She nodded her head at his crotch.

"So Daddy, is that because of what I just told you?"

"Um, yes. Yes Sarah, and also because of the way you're sitting there."

Sarah slowly parted her legs, more then what they already were.

"Is this what you like, Daddy? Do you like your babygirl's pussy?"

Sarah slid her hand down and parted the pink lips of her pussy, showing her Daddy the inside of it.

"Does my pussy look wet enough for you, Daddy?"

With her other hand she slowly massaged one of her tits.

"How about my tits, Daddy? Are they big enough for you? I bet you would like to suck on your babygirl's nipples, wouldn't you Daddy?"

Sarah got down on here hands and knees. She crawled across the room, toward her Daddy. She opened his pajamas and pulled them off, tossing them to the side. His cock stood up, hard and throbbing.

"Mmmm, Daddy. Is this for your babygirl? Would you like to have your little girls, hot wet mouth wrapped around it, Daddy? Let me see if I can be Daddy's good little girl."

Her Daddy was to excited to say anything, as Sarah lowered her head and opened her mouth. She took his cock all the way in, as she slowly lowered her head. It hit the back of her throat, and she gagged.

Sarah slowly came back up then back down, starting to give her Daddy one of the best blowjobs that he has ever had.

She was making sucking and slurping sounds, as she gave him a wet sloppy blowjob. Her saliva was running from her mouth, down his cock and coating his balls.

"Ump, ump, ump. Slurp, slurp. Mmmm Daddy, ump, ump. Your cock tastes so good. Ump, ump. Mmmm, who's your babygirl, Daddy?"

"You are. You're my babygirl. You're Daddy's babygirl."

His cock couldn't have felt any better. This was the best morning of his life.

Sarah was sucking like a cock crazed slut. Her head was bobbing fast, as she played with her Daddy's spit covered balls. She could feel his sack filling with cum.

"Mmmmm, come on Daddy. Cum in my mouth. Cum for me. Cum for me, Daddy. Who's your little girl? Say it when you cum, Daddy! Say it as you fill my mouth!"

Sarah continued sucking harder and harder. She felt her Daddy's hands, one on each side of her head. He was holding her head pressed down on his cock, as he began to cum.

"Ahh! Oh fuck! You're my little girl! You're Daddy's fucking little girl! Ahh, ahh, ahh! Swallow me, baby. Swallow all of Daddy's cum. Mmmm, good girl."

Sarah left his cock fall from her mouth after swallowing him.

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