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They continue their exploration of BDSM.

ying that?"

He heard her suck in breath.

"Say something Melissa."

"I love Uncle Bruce and Aunt Penny."

There was a pause.

"I can come and give you something that should make you sleep till at least midday."

He could hear her smothering a laugh. Well that was encouraging.

"No thank you. Would you come here for lunch tomorrow? I need to apologize properly because you've done nothing to me except to try to help me and yet in return I've been horrible to you."

"Will I be safe," Hogan chuckled.

She snapped, "Obviously I've made the wrong decision to invite..."

Hogan rallied quickly. "No you didn't. You're doing the right thing and you know it. Give me the directions to your place."

It was just a small farm, the smallest in the region she'd said as most operations covered tens of thousands of acres and were called stations. In more difficult areas there were stations that had simply been abandoned because of changing weather patterns plus over-stocking. Melissa had said she had 22 horses and fifty-three stud breeding cows and made her best cattle income by selling yearling bulls. The horses were very profitable because she was the only ranch in her area that hired out horses. She had two gay guys helping on the ranch and two women with four others on call to work the horse-riding operation.

Hogan arrived and two guard dogs emerged and watched him silently. He was nervous, thinking they looked hungry.

But Melissa arrived from the house carrying a picnic basket and snapped, "Bruno, Cilla!" and the dogs walked off and into the shade.

"Uncle Bruce told me you rode horses. Is that true?"


"Well you'll have a sore ass if it's not because it's a hour's ride up to where I wish to picnic."

"That's fine. I have my jeans jacket, Akubra and boots with me, knowing we could be doing anything out here in open country."

"What else did you bring?"

Hogan tensed but no way would he back down.

"Condoms just in case."

"You live dangerously Mr Harrison."

"You'll decide the place, day or night and time when you've decided to get lucky."

He saw the faint smile but kept his face set. "Get in after placing that basket in the tray. You'll see a fitted dustproof box that's empty."

"What no gentlemanly attempt to impress me by doing that for me and then opening the door?"

"I have no intention of being told to fuck off you creep."

She laughed. It was the first time Hogan had heard her laugh unrestrained and it was musical and it pierced him. He patted his dick affectionately and thought well it was perhaps fifty-fifty he's sink Mr Ace as he called his dick into Melissa because she ought to be getting used to him by now, aware he didn't back down and more than aware she was on familiar home territory.

She got in and said, "Is this a Ford Falcon?"

"Yeah, I've had it two years. Holdens are crap."

Her eyes shone at the challenge (her year old ute was a Holden) and he leaned over and said, "A hello kiss?"


He still kissed her and kidded himself her lips might have opened slightly.

"Go out on to the track and head inland," she said.

"But we are inland," said the confused guy from the coast.

"Turn right at the gate and head west," she giggled. "God you people think Sydney is the center of the universe."

They came over a brow and Hogan looked down into a slightly green valley, obviously irrigated, and the huge expanse of the U-shaped stables.

"I stable each of my horses separately because they have a hard life being ridden by amateurs over stones along river beds and being ridden two close to trees off defined tracks. My horses know at the end of the day they will be treated queenly by being hosed down and then taken to their own quarters where a mix of fare awaits them in their feed box. Of course they don't receive such pampering on days when they are not ridden."

"So horses, being intelligent, are keen to have riding days?"

"Good boy, who did you say was intelligent?"

"I'm getting to like you Melissa."

"Thanks. You're okay. Did you think of sending flowers to Aunt Penny?"


"Good boy, that gets y

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