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Krow and Lez return in a dark game with even darker stakes..

He had given her face a recently fucked look that she was sure the photographed would expand on.

"Do you like it?"

"I love it Bill, I wish you could do me every day."

"We can work that out, Janna" he chuckled.

Bill was a man of his late 40's early 50's, tall and quite thin. He was a pleasant looking man, with deep blue eyes and blond hair. He wore tight chinos and a loose fitting shirt. She wondered if he might be gay, but didn't bother to ask him.

"Get out of those clothes and get over on the exam table. We've found we can pretty much do the rest of your body on that and it's more comfortable for the models."

Janna stood up, removed her tank top, unbuttoned her skirt and folded it and put it next to her tank top. She slipped out of her sandals, and then she asked, "Do you want me to remove my thong?"

"Yes, please."

Janna pulled her thong over her hips and stepped out of it, then went over to the table and lay down on it. Bill took his time, covering any places he thought would be a problem for the lights. When he was finished he looked at Janna's pubic area, and asked her, "Would you like me to trim you, or do you want to shave your pubes?"

"Why don't you go ahead and shave me. I want to surprise Mary."

Bill pulled the stirrups out and told here to put her feet in them, he helped her put her legs up and into the stirrups. He told her to scoot down to the edge, and pushed the stirrups wide. Then he started the water running and heated a towel.

Janna watched him and she also knew that this man was looking directly into her cunt. She didn't actually mind it, but at the same time, she could feel her clit getting hard and the lips of her pussy open wider.

Bill wrung out the towel and told her, "This is hot, Janna" then he lowered onto her pussy. It was very warm, and actually felt good she thought as she lay there.

"Does that feel okay, Janna?"

"Feels great, Bill."

"I'm going to let it soften you up before I shave you. That way, the stubble won't show for the camera and you won't chafe as easily."

Janna felt comfortable laying there with her body exposed to this man she had just met and knowing he was going to shave the most private part of her body in a minute or two. She thought to herself, "It feels strange to be this close to someone without having sex with them."

Bill reached down and picked up the towel, and brushed his hand against her pubic hair. "Look's like we're ready. Now don't move too quickly while I'm shaving you." He picked up a can and pushed some preheated lather onto his fingertips, then applied it to Janna's pussy, working it in to cover deep into her hair. Then he picked up a straight razor and pulled a strop that was attached to the wall so he could sharpen the razor. He stropped the leather a few times, then held it in his hand and started the task at hand. He moved quickly and each time he cleaned his razor on the towel around his neck. When he finished, he warmed a towel and cleaned the entire area he had shorn. Then he dried her and put on an astringent and then dusted her to make sure there wouldn't be any glare, then he took a mirror and asked what Janna thought. She looked and said, "It looks very smooth to me, Bill"

Bill took her hand and said, "Feel" She ran her hand over her pussy and she giggled, "It is very smooth Bill."

"I'll bet you have never been shaved with a straight razor before have you, Janna?"

"I can definitely tell you, that was the first time."

He helped her out of the stirrups and told her, "Grab a robe, and go into the studio, I think that Jennifer is doing your shoot today."

She walked back into the studio after putting on a black satin robe that had been hanging in Bill's office, and she saw a women with a camera checking the lights, she also noticed that there were six or eight different men working with the props, and positioning the lights as the woman was directing them. She walked over to the woman and said, "Jennifer?"

A woman of about thirty turned to look at her.

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