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Jack asks Heidi to lock him in a cage.


The man cracked down on her again only this time she made no sound. Blood and mud covered almost every inch of her thin body. Her naked skin stretched taut over ribs and spine and other bones I wasn't supposed to be able to see.

"How much indefinitely?"

Marcus Cale let's an echoing laugh escape his throat.

"I don't sell my girls Ms.Rose."

"But theoretically if you did sell that girl how much would she be worth?"

"Theoretically, that girl is worth about..."

He eyes her. Bloody, malnourished, nearly broken.

"Three thousand."

That was bull shit. Behind me Eric snickered. Donny looks at me questioningly.

"Shave it off my supply."

"No no no. That's not how this works. I told you I don't sell."

Even though she's down the man hits her again. I keep reminding myself that I can't tell him to stop because he doesn't work for me. But if he hits her again...

He does.

"Can you tell your guy to stop hitting her so I can see her?"

Marcus calls out. "Ziggy!"

Ziggy looks up.

"Leave her."

He backs away from her.

Calmly I look back at Cale.

"I'll pay any price."

He laughs again.

"I do honestly hope it's not because you pity her. I can almost garauntee if the roles were reversed she would not take pity on you. She would leave you here like no second thought and not have one at all."

I glance at her. She's so small. She looks so young.

"How old is she?"

"I believe she just turned nineteen."

"Name your price."

"Tell you what. Because I'm fair I'll do you a favor. You pay a thousand now and I'll let you keep her for a month. After that month if you still want her you come back here, pay the other two thousand and then she's yours. But I can garauntee you will want to be rid of her within the week."

I was curious as to why he had suddenly changed his mind. But if didn't matter.

I put out my hand to make another deal with Marcus Cole.

"Very well."

He shakes it.

"Ziggy clean her up."

I watch as he drags her limp body out of the room. Her eyes are barely open.

"Maybe you should pick her up. She's bruised enough."

I say to Ziggy who looks at Marcus. Marcus nods. Ziggy half ass picks her up but I don't say more. He drags her to an empty stable, throws her in the gets a hose to hose her down. Immediately she screams, trying to get away from the water.

"What did she do that was so bad she got beat like that?"

"She just doesn't listen. She's too stubborn." Marcus says scratching at the thinly trimmed hair around his jaw.

The blood has started to clear and now she looks worse because you can see every cut and bruise. Most on her body. She sports a huge bruise on her torso the size of a dinner plate.

Marcus's men ask him where they put the bricks and Marcus looks at me. I call one of my guys to bring the trucks around.

They start to load up my truck and I'm just praying none spills onto the black seude of my trunks.

After they are done everything is packed except the girl.

"No refunds." Marcus comes up next to me.

"I know." I mumble before turning to see the girl standing, shaking in an oversized T-shirt and flip-flops. She's still dripping wet and hasn't been bandaged so she keeps bleeding too.

I get Donny to ask for a large bag. The boys rip it open and lay it over my seat as a cover so her body never touches it.

I say my respectful goodbyes to Mr.Cale then hop in the car next to the girl. Donny slides in next to me and just before we take off Ziggy knocks on the window. I roll it down and he tosses me the whipping tool he beat the girl with.

"You're gonna need that."

We head home.

I look at her and she looks straight ahead. I wonder if she was conscious when Marcus and I discussed our deal. If she knows how long she's mine for. If she can see that I don't want to hurt her.


We drive a few hours to my home city and I want her to look around at the lights but she's fallen asleep fifteen minutes in.

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