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An afternoon between two fine people.


I mulled this over, trying to sort it out. "So, are you like this all the time? I've done a little bit of research in to BDSM relationships and read some about Dom and Sub relationships."

She shook her head. "No. That is not our type. Not per se, anyways. I'm assuming that you mean a total Dom and Sub relationship. Where he does not speak unless spoken too, he does the majority of the chores, he always kneels around me at home, that sort of thing. Well, why I can see the appeal for that kind of interaction, it does not appeal to me. I much prefer to give Sir Alexander here a much wider range of freedom. In fact, to any of our friends and neighbors, we have a perfectly normal and equal relationship. My version of Dominating is much more subtle."

"What do you mean?" I asked. What she had said had sparked a curiosity in me. I wasn't sure, but I thought I might have found something. Something incredibly important. She thought for a moment, and wiggled her toes idly. I glanced towards them instinctually, thinking that they had a lovely, round shape to them. When I looked back up at her face, I found myself looking at a knowing gaze and a sly smile. She had caught me staring. I gulped and hoped I hadn't offended her. Sir Alexander, who had been silent this whole time, cracked a smile as well. Oh God, I thought. They know. They definitely know. But if Lady Nails had any thoughts about my obvious admiration for her feet, she kept it to herself.

Instead she began to stroke the side of Sir Alexander's face. "Sir Alexander comes to me for the final say on any big decision. He also frequently pampers me, such as caring for my hair, giving me massages and other things along that line. And, though he is confident, relaxed, and more than bit prideful, he knows that he serves me. Not in the way that most of the Subs here do. They consider themselves servants, slaves, or some other such nonsense. Sir Alexander is much better than that. He is a knight. And not just any knight. My knight in shining armor. My champion and hero. He does amazing deeds for me, and slays all evil that dares come my way. He conquers all that I set before him. He would seize the world, just so he could lay it as well as himself at my feet. He does all this... because I am his queen. I am the noble Lady Nails, and I deserve to have this marvelous man worship me as he does. And he deserves to be adored in return, because he serves me so well."
She suddenly grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled back, exposing his neck which she then nuzzled against. He made sharp intake of breath that I know from experience was in pleasure and arousal. She continued. "He also knows that this applies tenfold in the bedroom. I am a goddess, dictating the fate of his sex life to suit mine. Luckily for him, mine is quite insatiable, so he is dictated quite often." She gave his left nipple a pinch with her free hand. "Every decision that is made involving sex, big or small, is made by me. I fuck him. Never the other way around. Even when he is on top of me, driving his lovely cock into my pussy, I am the one fucking him. Isn't that right darling?" She ended that question by biting his neck.

"Yes, Lady Nails. You are empress supreme in bed. And I live to serve and please you." The fact that he managed to say that without stuttering impressed me. I would have been barely coherent in his situation. I blushed a little at her words, and shifted my position in my chair, trying to alleviate the sudden lack of room in pants. What she had said spoke to me. Spoke to me on a level that had rarely or maybe even never been spoken to before. A newly discovered part of me raised its head, and urged me to learn everything that I could from these two. Lady Nails sat up straighter, so I guess she must have sensed my great interest.

"Umm. Th- There's another thing that I wanted to know." I said, my hands almost shaking.

"Go ahead. Ask away. Always happy to help those starting on their journey."

"Well, it's about.

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