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Will wants to watch Jessica play with herself.

"I should help you clean all this up, Bill. Dinner was so yummy. You can cook for me any time," I told him.

He filled my wine glass and set it on the counter, pulling out a bar stool.

"Move over here, Nanc, and keep me company while I clean up. Tell me about the internship," he insisted as I started to protest.

I figured there would be plenty of nights where I would be home first and make him dinner so I sat and told him everything he wanted to know. My work building was two blocks down from his and he said there were a few great places nearby where we could meet up for lunch. I laughed and he paused in his work to look up at me.

"You'll get sick of me really quick if we do that," I chuckled again, the wine clearly beginning to affect me.

"I could never get sick of you, Nanc. I feel like you've isolated yourself from me the past few years. I was so happy when Eric told me you were moving in while he was gone. I've missed you," he said, wiping down the counter.

"You walked away from me," I whispered, not fully believing I said it out loud.

Bill came around the counter and sat next to me. He spun my stool towards him.

"That killed me, Nanc. Do you think I wanted to walk away from you? I had wanted to kiss you for so long and you were only 18, still in high school. I felt like I was taking advantage of you when you were so vulnerable," he brushed my hair behind my ear.

"You weren't, Bill. And besides...what's so wrong about being vulnerable in front of people you care about and trust?" I asked. "I trusted you and I wanted you. I thought you just felt sorry for me."

"Nanc, I was 21 and I had never kissed anyone like I kissed you that night. I'll never forget that kiss...your soft lips, sucking on your tongue, feeling you shyly and sweetly give me your whole mouth. When I realized just how very much I wanted you, it terrified me. I can't even imagine how much I scared you when I attacked you like that. You were so innocent and I had no right," he shook his head, clearly in battle with what he had been feeling.

"You didn't attack me. You were my first kiss," I said softly.

"Baby..." he reached for my hand just as his cell went off, playing "Give it Away." It had to be Eric.

"I didn't call or text to tell them I arrived," I told Bill.

He went to grab his phone and I headed back to my room, to try and get my bearings. Night one and we had already had an intense talk about our feelings. He thought he had attacked me?!? I had thrown myself at him and that's probably what I would have done again if Eric hadn't called. Bill made me feel alive and safe and so damn wet. I checked my phone and sent a group text to Mom, Dad and Eric to say I had just had dinner and was unpacking and getting settled. I then plugged in my phone and laptop on the nightstand just as Bill appeared in the doorway.

"Eric got your text as we were hanging up," he said. "I figured I'd come back and help you unpack before dessert."

"Dessert?" I asked.

"Mom's chocolate mousse. One of my specialties," he grinned.

"It can't possibly be as good as hers," I kidded him.

"Yes, it is. I've perfected it," he laughed as he picked up a box and started to rip the tape.

"NO!" I yelled and lunged across the bed to grab the box.

" I'm intrigued. Whatcha got in there, Nanc?" he pulled it back and I went up on my knees on the bed to pry it from his hands and toss it behind me. Bill grabbed my hips to steady me.

"Tell me..." he pouted, pulling me towards him.

"Nope," I shook my head.

"You know I could make you," he teased.

"By tickling me? You wouldn't dare," I said, running my hands up his arms, his solid chocolate arms.

"Keep provoking me, Nanc," he squeezed my sides.

"I will, Bill. I think I'd love your reaction," I looked down between us, staring directly at his crotch.

He bent and smelled my hair, his lips brushing gently against my forehead.

"I came in here to help you, sweetie, but I think you've had a bit too much wine," he stroked my hips.

"No, I didn't," I practically swore.

"Nanc, it was a fat bottle and

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