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Super hero Goldie uses every power she has to save the world.

I had gotten up around midnight and went to take a piss when I noticed a light on down the hallway in my sister's room. At first I figured she was up late studying for her entrance exams for college but as I finished up and went to walk back to my room it was unmistakable, I could hear moaning and whimpering from my sister's cracked door.

My heart raced as I felt the pent up frustration of my ignored hard on's from throughout the day come rushing back making my cock painfully stiff again. I guess maybe my little sister wasn't all that little anymore if she was sneaking boys up into the house to have a fuck-a-thon in her room in the middle of the night. My conscious urged me to go back to bed and just settle for rubbing one out but all the blood from the logical side of my brain seemed to be in full action elsewhere and before I knew it I found myself creeping over to take a peek into her door. Just one small look I kept promising myself. At least enough to give me something good to whack out my frustrations to. Though the closer I got to the door the more her muffled moans began to become clear and I couldn't believe my ears!

"Hnnnnn!! Oh god! Right there! Suck it harder! Please mommy suck my clit more!" She was moaning between her panting.

My legs almost stopped working all together as I heard her encouraging the one giving my sweet sister so much pleasure. Still my mind would not believe it. Surely I heard wrong, I told myself. Maybe it's some kind of weird fetish foreplay? Once I reached the door though and looked in there was no denying the obvious. My sister's hands were firmly grabbing her own thighs pulling them wider and closer to her chest as she screamed and moaned watching my own mother's fingers drilling in and out of her pussy as her tongue feasted on her swollen clit.

My cock was now beyond the point of willing to wait, I could already feel its excitement seeping out soaking a wet mark through my boxers. It was wrong, god was it wrong but my hand was quickly pulling out my cock as I stroked it eagerly watching my sister rocking her hips with joy as she began to cum. Quickly she let go of one of her thighs and gripped the back of my mother's hair shoving her face against her pussy as she grinded it with joy while my mother's tongue dove deep inside her greedily lapping up as much of her cum as she could get.

This is a dream, this is completely and one hundred percent has to be one of the most fucked up and amazing dream's I've ever had!

After she finished her meal my mother moved up slowly giving my sister a lust drunken kiss. I watched their tongues dance together for a moment as my mother's hands toyed with my sister's pink nipples causing her to squirm about. My cock was about swollen to bursting when I heard the words that gave me all I needed as an excuse to include myself into the situation.

"Will you wear the strap on tonight baby? Mommy's pussy needs to be fucked good and proper. It's been aching for cock ever since I saw Ethan's getting hard today." She begged my sister who was more the willing to agree.

If this was a dream...and surely it had to be...then what could the harm be in just playing along? I reasoned with myself slowly before pushing open the door and looking at the two of them on the bed. "If you want the real thing all you ever needed to do was ask." I said trying to sound as confident as possible with all thick nine inches hanging out for them to see.

At first my mother looked mortified to have been caught red handed, though as my words finally seemed to settle in with her I watched her eyes quickly trail down and sparkle with delight at the sight of the real throbbing flesh she had been craving, "You...You want to join us?" She asked curiously, "You don't think this is disgusting?"

"Fuck no! It looks hot as hell!" I replied with a grin.

My sister was the first one off of the bed crawling closer to me.

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