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Kid and wild mom head to friend's party.

The power I had over him was really going to my head now, and I think he too sensed a shift, an upping of the tempo. This wasn't something we had discussed before, and we were both entering new territory.

"Have you ever eaten your own cum before? " I asked. He shook his head. "Have you tried to? Have you wanted to? You pretend you don't like the idea but why has your little dick suddenly become so hard?"

He didn't answer but he couldn't hide the hardness of his cock, and so I pushed on, going into an area we had not previously ventured into.

"I think the idea must excite you, even just a teeny weenie bit" I challenged. "Did you chicken out of doing it on your own previously? Would you like me to make you eat your cum instead? Would that be easier if I 'make you do it', so that it's not your decision, you won't have a choice and you can't change your mind?"

He still didn't answer, but there might have been the faint sign of a nod of agreement, - or had I imagined that? He continued to watch me intently, presumably wondering where I had gotten this idea from, and just how far was I going to take it.

"Would that be humiliating for you? I would then call you my kinky, little dicked cum eater, my sissy little cum slut. Perhaps I'll make you wear a pair of my knickers at the same time. You liked it when I made you wear my knickers before fucking me one other time didn't you? I know you've tried to get me to make you do it again at least a couple of times, but I keep pretending not to have picked up on it. Why don't you just put a pair of them on yourself, without getting me to make you do it? Show me what sort of a man you are. One that wears the pants alright, - my pants, or should I say panties." I chuckled out loud, then tut-tutted, disapprovingly.

I guessed that by his short, rapid breathing and the far away look in his eyes that he was excited beyond belief. The site of his cock straining and twitching did nothing to dispel this assumption. I might have just opened the door on something that neither of us previously knew existed.

"What a little sissy boy you really are. First you wear my knickers when I tell you to put them on, not really expecting that you would, and then you confess that you like to be mocked for having a small dick. Now you want me to make you eat your cum?" I exclaimed loudly.

He moved his head, though it wasn't clear if it was a nod or a shake. I knew he wasn't entirely comfortable with how loud my last comments had been, for fear of the neighbours hearing, but I could also tell from the lust in his eyes that he was thrilled by the naughtiness of it all.

I took his indecisive head movements as a sign that he wanted to be seen shaking it, but that he was actually subtly nodding, and so I continued, making sure I spoke clearly and a little louder than was necessary.

"Well alright, if that's what you think will turn you on. We can pretend it was my idea if it helps you get over the guilt of eating cum - at least it will be your own cum. I know you will probably be all excited and up for it before hand, but that as soon as you cum you will probably try and change your mind. I've read about that sort of reaction by guys before - it's quite common apparently - so I'll be ready for it. However if you have asked me to make you do it, you won't be able to back out. There will be no changing your mind at the last moment. I'll make you beg me to make you eat it before you cum, and then you'll just have to go through with it, whether you want to change your mind or not."

"Perhaps I could make you cum in my pussy then lick it all back up again straight away - you know, a proper creampie for you to eat? Is that what you want? With you tied down there will be no going back.

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