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The transformation from Sara to Angel.

We will fight you to the bitter end, not because it pleases you to conquer us so thoroughly, but because we are being true to ourselves. We won't give you the satisfaction of just giving in. You can take our bodies, but you will never take our wills!"

"My dear," Lust calmly replied, "You still don't understand that I don't want your wills until you choose to freely lay them at my feet. I would never TAKE them from you. I will only RECEIVE them from you as a gift. Until then, I want to enjoy The Game. Oh, look, I think Lance is getting ready for the final lap. Get ready to explode my precious First. He is going to blow your mind! Hahahaha!"

"GRRRR!" I growled in frustration at the Lord of Lust, but he was right. Lance had been working me over slowly and thoroughly, but now he sensed it was time to press home all of his advantages. He smiled at my squirming and moaning before saying, "Val, Amy, Kim, Lana, you will now witness the power of Lust. It may seem impossible to you, but all four of you will now share your orgasms through the tentacles of Lust." At that moment, the tendrils from Lana's and Kim's laptops wrapped their necks as well. He looked into my eyes and then leaned in to kiss my neck, then my cheek, and then he forced his lips against mine.

"NO!" I thought, but I could not twist or turn away from him. He forced me to take his hungry lips and satisfy them with my own soft, full lips that he could taste for as long as he pleased. He was now grinding his Lustbringer into me as we kissed. I simply could not get away from him. There was NO escape! I felt myself growing more and more aroused by how he was dominating me. I was his to toy with, and my body seemed determined to betray me into enjoying every second of my subjugation.

The Lord of Lust now added his own chilling news, "Val has already been gifted this way, but once I take a toy and shoot my seed into her, you are marked for life. No longer do I need a separate conduit to enter your world, though, of course, I may still use them. YOU become the conduit. The merest thought of Lust will bring to birth in your reality all manner of fantasies. When you wonder why your dreams seemed so real, it will be because they were. Will you dare to indulge a flight of fancy while in the shower? Suddenly you will not be alone, and I will assume one of many forms to visit you. Such is the power of imagination. But for now, let this round of the game end, as always, with my victory!"
Lance began pounding into me as he still forced me to kiss him. I tried to glare at him in anger but my eyes closed as the sensations overwhelmed me. Finally, in order to lift up his body and really drive into me, Lance broke the kiss. I felt my lips pucker with yearning for him and my head lifted up as if trying to maintain the kiss. He merely smirked and gave me one body-rocking, to-the-hilt impalement after another after another. My breasts jiggled wildly as my whole body shook. He was going for the win now and I was helpless to resist, all his for the taking.

He impaled me again and again and again. I arched and rolled my head from side to side. It was only a matter of time now. He kept going and going and going. I was on the edge of a precipice of pleasure, dangling by my fingertips. Finally he dropped his weight on top of me and used his left hand to run his fingers through my hair and cradle the back of my head to meet his kiss as his right hand cupped and groped my left breast, relentlessly teasing my sensitive nipple. Then he drove into me to the hilt and impaled me as the flames of his Lustbringer became white hot against my g-spot. He had wanted me so badly and now, in this moment of total satisfaction, he finally had me.

My fingertips lost their grip and I fell into the heights of heavenly bliss, in over my head and drowning in desire. He released the kiss to cry out in triumph, "YESSS! I've got you now. You're MINE!"

My sensuous lips parted as I moaned in defeat and orgasmed for him, "AAGGHHH .

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