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The detectives track down the twins and learn their past.

I did have some restraint in public, after all. I felt a little bit weird that I was looking at my dad's erection, but I was just looking and there was no harm in that. Besides, it wasn't like he was naked or anything. And he was doing his very best not to look at me.

That night, after we had (finally) gotten dressed, I wished my parents good night at the door to their room and went into my room alone. I immediately got naked. I had some unfinished business to do. I sat down on the chair. It felt cold on my ass and I loved it.

Now, I had masturbated a little before. I had long discovered that rubbing my pussy was a good way to relieve some stress. But I had never really made an evening of it. Maybe that's why I didn't do it that much.

That night, though, was going to be different. I had felt excited all day and now I needed to let some of that excitement out. I started by just playing with my tits a little. I had a mirror in front of me and I liked the way they looked. They deserved some attention. So I started twisting my own nipples. I cupped each breast and squeezed them hard. Pretty soon, my nipples were rock hard and sticking out. I couldn't help myself - my boobs looked even better like that. The cold, air-conditioned room probably helped a little.

I slowly snaked my hand down my stomach to my pussy. I wanted to keep myself excited and I knew that patience was needed for that. I just left my hand resting on my pussy for a bit while the other continued to play with my breasts. Then, I started exploring my folds a little bit more. I didn't rub myself or finger myself yet, just explore. God, it got the blood pumping. I couldn't contain myself and I started to rub my pussy.

It was already soaked in my own juices. I made small circles at first and got faster and faster. My breathing quickened. The excitement had built up to a tipping point now, but I still hadn't let it go. I needed penetration. So then I stuck a single, solitary finger into my own pussy. I couldn't restrain a gasp that bordered on a moan from escaping my lips. God that felt good! I let my finger do some work, but I needed more. I stuck a second finger inside and then I really started pumping. My breath was ragged at that point. I tried to bite my lip to keep myself from screaming, but god, it felt amazing.

I started to moan, not loudly, but just enough so that I wouldn't let out a scream. I didn't want anybody in the hall to hear me. I stopped my other hand from grabbing my own boobs and I slipped it down to rub my clit while my right hand did the work pumping in and out of my pussy. Oh, it felt like heaven. It was the best birthday present I had ever given myself.

I was just gushing juices right then. Even my left hand, which wasn't the one I was fingering myself with, was had gotten wet with my juices. A thought occurred to me, even in my semi-frenzy. I had never tasted myself before and now, tonight, my 19th birthday and my naked day, I wanted to do something naughty. I wanted to taste myself. I slowed my fingering pace as I lifted my own pussy juice to my mouth. I stuck one of my fingers into my mouth and oh, I couldn't believe it: it tasted good. At least, it made me feel good, feel excited again. I felt a little more juice come out of my pussy as I sucked on my own finger, "MMMM." I really couldn't help myself.

That's when I heard my door creak open. I froze, one hand still in my pussy, the other still in my mouth and me, still stark naked. The only other people who had a key to my room were my parents.

"Honey?" I heard my dad ask.

I couldn't move. I was petrified. "Honey?" he repeated, his tone softening. I opened my eyes and tried to cover myself, but it really was no use: he knew exactly what I had been doing. I was completely red once again. My dad seemed to be more concerned about how I was feeling than with what I was doing.

"Oh honey, I thought as much.

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