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Unsuspecting man gets more than he expects from a new friend.

And then there was the giant member Courtney held in her hands. Only now she was holding it with both hands, almost cradling it as if to feel its weight. The fake giant was pretty life-like in look and feel. I glanced one more time before walking into the adjoining bathroom and I think I imagined a wicked smile on Courtney's face as she held it. I could swear that she actually started to stroke it but reminded herself a split-second too late that I was present. My cock was dangerously close to quickly becoming a raging hard-on now but I couldn't resist chirping over my shoulder as I walked away, "Nat should be up shortly. You can ask her yourself when she gets here."

Very casually she tossed back, "Oh, I intend to."

That about did it for me, I needed to get in the shower and fast. I closed the bathroom door. I thought about locking it but decided against it. I never did and Natalie might find that somehow suspicious.

As I gazed at myself in the full length mirror mounted behind the door, I debated about which appendage I would sacrifice to be a fly on the wall in the bedroom when Natalie finally arrived. My sexually overactive mind was reeling with scenarios of all the possibilities. I stripped off my shirt and did the normal once over of my upper body in the mirror. I unsnapped my jeans and pull them off my legs, along with my boxers and socks. I stood naked in front of the mirror. I felt extremely horny; I would even go so far as to say I felt sexy. My cock was pointing straight out, a very respectable length if I do say so. I looked pretty good I thought. And Natalie thought so also, and that's all that matters. I stand at about 6'1" tall and weigh in around 200lbs. I don't work out a whole lot but do enjoy the benefit of an athletic youth and good genes. I wouldn't win any posing contests but I had managed to avoid the love handles and beer bellies all my friends seem to have gained.

I enjoyed these moments being naked and alone. I grabbed my cock and gave it a few gentle tugs as I imagined in my mind's erotic eye what could very well be going on in the bedroom between those two girls at this very moment. I continued stroking myself as I opened the shower doors and turned on the water. I could almost picture it, the two girls sitting on the bed giggling about sexy secrets as they perused our naughty toy collection. I imagined them passing the toys, pausing when they came to the big one. I stepped under the hot water. I was stroking with a bit more urgency now, my thoughts of the girls getting hotter and sexier. I started a lazy back and forth motion with my hand. I had to control myself for several reasons. The foremost that Natalie might be walking in any second. While she knew that I regularly jerked off alone she understood that it was a private thing and she generally left me alone as I would do the same for her. We have caught each other accidentally a few times and it almost always ends up in mutual masturbation or we get so worked up we fuck our brains out. But we both have high sex drives and sometimes we just want the peace of a little self-pleasure. I know you understand...

Anyway, I also wanted to save myself. After a few beers and a night out with our friends I knew we would both be tearing off each others clothes when we got home again. Who knows? Maybe that huge, rubber cock would be seeing some action tonight?

I continued with the task at hand and finished washing myself, lingering on my genital area a little longer than usual. I love when I'm in this aroused state and I gave my now dangling cock several soapy tugs before resigning myself to the act of getting clean.

I was just rinsing off when Natalie walked in. She said hi and I could discern through the foggy shower door that she was undressing. "You coming in, honey? The water's fine today."

"Yeah, I better.

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