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Sexual confusion continues for young Indian student.

"But you knew something like this would be the result." He started fucking me hard and it took all my willpower not to yell or at least cry out. But I kept quiet. "All your customers, all your coworkers, just a few feet away while you take my cock in your ass."

I tried not to think about it and concentrate instead on just getting through this without making any noise. It was a relief when he finished and came in me. We were both panting and sweating as he slowed and stopped.

There was a knock at the door.

"Anyone in there?"

It was my manager.

"Almost done," Steve said.

I reached up and grabbed some paper towels. I was ready when he pulled out and caught all the mess, but there was still more in there that would be coming out. I wadded some paper towels between my buttcheeks and pulled up my shorts. GreedySteve flushed the toilet.

I realized that I couldn't go out with Steve without it looking really weird, it was a single toilet men's room. But it did have a window that led out onto the back parking lot. I quickly opened the screen and climbed out while he washed his dick in the sink.

I was a little rattled and not ready to face people yet. I scuttled to my car and checked the time; I had fifteen minutes left on my break. I checked my shorts, they were good and drove to the nearest McDonalds for a quick Big Mac to calm my nerves.

I wasn't terribly happy with this new development. I liked keeping my work and sex lives separate, a place for each. GreedySteve had intruded rather forcefully into my work world.


After Work

I was looking forward to some downtime. I was a pretty shaken up from Steve taking me at work. This was another part of my life that he was taking over. I had been pretty close to being caught today, I knew he would push things until I did. I needed some way to fight back, to get things under some kind of control.

I was done with my shift and walked out to my car. There was a man leaning on it. Another regular from the coffee shop. I never knew his name, but he usually ordered a latte'. About 5'8", red curly hair that was starting to thin. He looked me very deliberately up and down and smiled.

I had a sinking suspicion about who this was.

"Get in, bitch," he said. "We're going for a ride. I'm driving."

When I heard the voice, I knew it was Jim. He held out his hand and I handed him the keys. He smiled, unlocked the car and climbed in. I took a deep breath and walked to the passenger side.

I got a good look at him as I got in the car. Not bad looking, but I probably would not have given him a second thought sexually.

I was hoping GreedySteve would be here, too. Part of it was wanting to get doubled again, but I also felt safer with GreedySteve there. I knew he would play by the rules and assumed he would get the others in line, but one should not assume when one's ass is getting used.

"I like it rough and I like it rapey," he told me as we drove out of the parking lot. "I also like to suck cock, but Steve said you can't cum. You're in for a rough night."

"The question is," he said and smiled, "how close can I get you without you cumming."


The answer turned out to be an agonizingly close. He licked and sucked my dick, going slow and bringing me ever closer to orgasm. I clenched up, trying to will myself over the edge to a wonderful orgasm.

We were in the basement of a house. I had no idea whose house it was, but it was a house. Jim had parked my car in the alley then led me to the back door into the basement. It was unfinished and Jim only used one light bulb in the corner. He took me back to a curtained off section that was obviously his bondage area. He quickly had me strip then tied my hands spread above me and my legs slightly spread and tied to loops in the floor. As soon as he had me secured, he began sucking my cock and I was hoping for a quick nut bust to get the night going.

But it was not to be.

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