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Erick exposes his submissive wife to a neighbor.

The time and miles fly by as we caress each other. Hungry for each other's bodies. Each time together is like the first time, electrifying.

We feel the limo slow and then stop completely. Knowing that we have arrived at Mulligans we quickly rearrange ourselves as the driver opens the door. You step out first and I enjoy the view of your lovely ass. Before joining you outside the limo.

Inside the restaurant the Maitre D' leads us to a quiet table in the back. We both order steaks, mine medium rare and yours medium. We chat while waiting for our food, my hand resting on your thigh. I'm enjoying every minute together. Loving the quiet time we can share.

Our dinner soon arrived and we eat slowly, relishing the delicious steaks and wonderful company. After we finish eating dinner you ask me what else I have planned.

"I hear the Martini Lounge is pretty nice." I say. You agree and I settle the bill.

Back in the limo I give you a devilish grin as I tell you how much I liked the picture you sent me.

You ask if I'd like to see for myself. In a flash I'm on my knees in front of you. I kiss my way up the inside of your thigh as you lift your ass and pull your dress higher.

I bury my nose in the red lace, inhaling your intoxicating sweetness. Feeling the moisture, your panties soaked with desire.

I clamp my mouth over your lace covered sex and blow hard, sending shivers up your spine. I don't hear the "whhiiirrr" as you hit the switch for the privacy glass.

You look directly at the driver and lick your lips, knowing that he can see EVERYTHING that is happening. You pull the top of your dress down as I tug your panties to the side.

You caress and tease your nipples as my tongue drives deep into your slick pussy.

Your back arches and you moan loudly, looking right at the driver as you do, his hungry eyes devouring you! I alternate from plunging thrusts to light circles, driving you closer and closer to the edge. I hear your breathing getting faster and deeper.

You have one hand on the back of my head pushing me deeper. I feel your knees start to quiver as your orgasm peaks.

I clamp down hard, sucking, not wanting to miss a drop of your sweet, sweet juices.

You push me away, your quivering clit too sensitive to take anymore. I crawl up your body, pausing to suck on each hard nipple before you pull my face to yours.

Hungrily you kiss me deeply, tasting all of your sweetness. You reach beside you and roll up privacy screen, not wanting me to know about the show you gave.

You pull your dress back into place as the car stops. The driver opens the door of the limo. You exit first and the driver gives you an appreciative wink.

We enter the Martini Lounge and take a quiet table off to the side. The waitress comes over to take our drink orders. We sit and watch the dance floor as a local band belts out some hot songs. I feel your hand gently resting on my hard cock.

"Want to dance?" you say, jumping up and pulling me by the hand. I follow your swaying ass to the dance floor. We start dancing hard and dirty.

Your hips grinding into my hardness. I pull you close, driving my stiff cock hard against your soft mound.

Your arms wrap around my neck as you whisper into my ear, telling me about the driver and how much it turned you on knowing that he was watching.

"I bet he is out there getting off right now." I tell you.

You sigh deeply, that thought turning you on even more.

We dance for a while before you lead me back to our table.

I sit down and you pull the curtain around our booth.

"Just what do you have in mind?" I ask you with a smile.

You don't answer, you just slip down under the table, tugging down my zipper and freeing my throbbing cock.

My head falls back in pleasure as your warm mouth engulfs my engorged head. Your lips wrapping just under the crown as you suck hard. Your soft hand wraps around my stiff shaft. My moans drowned out by the thumping drum beat as you suck harder and harder. Your hand flying up and down.

You feel my cock start to twitch and you p

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