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Becoming word trained/getting into the market.

"Annie we have a lot to think about and discuss."

"True Stuey, not least who cleared the bathroom up last night, and the kids offer."

"Right, but firstly how's the head?"


"Me too, do you think they have aspirin or paracetamol in here?"

Later that Day

Anne and Stuart climbed into the hot soapy, bubbly bath and arranged themselves with her between his legs and lying against his chest. his hands found her and they linked fingers.

"So, Stuart, how do you feel about the Kids idea?"



"No, absolutely not, it destroys any authority and trust between us and reduces everything to a purely sexual level, sorry Annie it's a no go for me."


"Hundred percent, we'd lose all moral authority and respect. I love our children more than anything and that's why I can't do it. It reduces us to animals."

"OK, fair point, however, think about us, we've become sexual adventurers after what twenty five years together. We've done it just about every way, every room, every day, like a pair of rutting deer. Is that not morally repugnant to you?"

"No, because we love each other in a very special way, we've overcame some pretty difficult problems and found release in each others bodies, it's very different to just shagging for shaggings sake. I an intimate with you for a reason, I share myself with you for a reason, I take your body for a reason. I love you unconditionally and unwaveringly. You are my soulmate and I have no other friend closer than you. You are my life."

"Wow, Stuart that's a huge compliment, and I respect you for that, but, aren't you curious about how it would feel to have sex with a younger woman, a lively sexual creature who adores you?"

"No, do you have that feeling about Colin?"



"Yes! does that surprise you?"

"Yes it does, why?"

"I don't know, because it seems we lost contact with our children as they grew up and all those little intimate moments when they were so small and we were their only protection and they needed and loved us stopped . When only we could help them out, solve their problems, keep them clean and fed and well everything."

"Oh Annie, they never stopped needing us, but it's changed in how they need us. Alright we don't need to change nappies or feed them, but they still need us."

"Yes, you're right it's just I feel left out of the loop. they're older and more worldly wise, they can think and act for themselves, I suppose I feel like the mother hen when her chicks leave the nest."

"Oh Annie, how sad, how can I help you with this?"

"I don't think you can, although strangely the past few days have helped, I feel so much closer to you now. Like doors have been opened and not just with sex, but.. I can't really explain it. It's as though we have come closer together, but all the really valuable memories are still all there. Colin is special he's my little boy and I think I thought that having sex with him would help keep him close, silly really."

"Not at all, sex with Sue would be ego-flattering for me if you think about it, forty five year old man and eighteen year old girl. Stud or what?"

"Sad really, but the kids must think something of us to even consider it."

"Yes, but, maybe we should include them in this too, see why they thought of it?"

"I love you Stuart, more than I can say or express, thank you for being here for me, thank you for your patience." Anne squeezed his hands and settled against his chest.

"No thank you, thank you for caring enough to fight for us, thank you opening my eyes and my mind. I love you too and no words or physical actions can express what you mean to me. I mean it, you are my life."

Stuart kissed Anne's hair and brought their linked hands across her stomach.

"We need to get out, the water's getting cold and I'm wrinkling like a prune."

"then when we're out I'll massage lotion into you anywhere it's needed."

"You silver tongued devil, you know how to pamper a girl," Anne wiggled her bottom against his flaccid cock, Stuart laughed and hugged her.

"Come on sexy, let's get out and organised.

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