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The second story of my amazing wife.

After Jessie set the coffee tray on a side table, Liz said, "That looks great! How did you do that?"

Jessie told Liz, "Stand up." Liz did. Jessie pulled up the bottom of Liz's dress, fiddled behind Liz for a moment, and then stood aside. Liz's dress was now gathered around her waist, leaving her naked from the waist down.

Liz stood still for a moment. She and Jessie shared a look. "I like it," Liz said. "But," Liz went on, "this seems a little unequal. Harry, get your pants off."

I was wearing slacks and an agency polo shirt that day. The tail of the polo shirt stopped above my waist in front and hung slightly over my ass in back. Without saying anything, I stood, kicked off my shoes, my belt, and dropped my trousers. I knew what Liz wanted, so I pushed my boxers off too.

"Ok," Liz said, "now that we're all more comfortable, let's get back to work. How do we identify the ship supplying the fishing boats?"

Jessie stated the obvious: "Doesn't DOD or NSA have satellite pictures of the Gulf. If we could get a picture of the boat unloading or even in proximity to the fishing boats on the right day and time, that would tell us what we're looking for."

Liz said, "Trying to get anything out of the 'National Security establishment' is going to be nearly impossible. Any thoughts Harry?"

I didn't have any better ideas. After a few moments of silence, Liz said, "Ok. It's worth a try. I'll see what I can do. I'll work in here. You guys can go back to what you were doing. Oh, Harry, leave your trousers and boxers in here."

I needed some time with Jessie to plan our next moves on trying to catch a ring selling opiates at a couple of local high schools. We spent over an hour in her office talking, although, as is my habit when I'm thinking, I spent much of that time pacing around. I also spent much of that time looking at Jessie's nude lower body. There was something very appealing about her noticeably muscular legs and, like Liz; she had a very lovely cunt. Frankly, I was also enjoying displaying my bare dick and ass to her.

Around 12:30 p.m., Liz stuck her head in Jessie's office. "Do we want to get decent and go out for lunch or stay as we are and order in?" Liz asked. The consensus was to stay as we were. Jessie called a local pizzeria and ordered pizza for us. Around 1:00 p.m., our door buzzer sounded. The security camera showed a guy in a cap holding a pizza box.

"Do I answer the door as I am or put my dress down?" Jessie asked aloud. She looked at Liz and me. Liz grinned. Jessie started grinning too. "As I am it is!" she said. I handed Jessie some cash for the pizza. Liz and I watched the security camera as Jessie opened the door. The camera was aimed at a spot in front of the door so we couldn't see Jessie. However, the delivery guy was visibly taken aback and nearly dropped our pizza. We saw Jessie's arms reach out and take the pizza. A moment later, one of her arms came into the picture again holding cash. The delivery guy started to sort through a fat wallet, presumably to make change, but we saw Jessie wave her hand in a "keep it" gesture.

Jessie brought the pizza past our reception area giggling. "That poor guy," she said. "He's going to tell all his friends that he delivered a pizza to a federal law enforcement agency and a woman answered the door showing her bare cunt and ass. None of his friends will ever believe him."

As we were finishing lunch, I heard one of the distinctive ring tones of Liz's cell phone. She got up, dug the phone out of her purse, pressed the screen, and said "Carden." Liz just listened for a long time. She finally said "thanks" into her phone and pressed the screen again.

"That was Beth," Liz said.

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