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Because I fucking dropped the knife. Idiot! Welcome to Escape Planning 101: Don't drop your damn weapon. I am that girl; the girl everyone hates in the horror movies. The girl who drops her weapon...the girl usually killed at the beginning. Dmitry grabbed her arm just before she reached a vase of flowers. "Let me go!"

Pinning her to his 6 foot 6 inch frame, Dmitry held her to him while she struggled in his arms. "Please let me go! I won't attack you again. I promise, just please let me go. I can't stay here!" Lexi burst into sobs and wails, her body convulsing into his hard torso. Dmitry's chest burned at the thought of causing her this much pain and suffering, shattering his armor of cold indifference and stoic expression. Don't break. "I'm not going to hurt you right now Alex." Please stop fighting me and just let me hold you. Lexi lost it and in a tirade of teary screams she could no longer hold back her words. "YOU LIAR! YOU KILLED MY MOTHER! YOU KILLED MY MOM! YOU FUCKING RAPED ME! YOU FUCKING BEAT ME AND LET THAT DOCTOR FUCKING TOUCH ME! YOU LET RUSSIA'S VERY OWN CRUELLA DEVILLE HIT ME! YOU ARE JUST LIKE THEM DMITRY JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE WHO DID THIS TO YOU!"

That was it, all she had left, every ounce of energy leaving her body attached to her broken defeated words. Her strikes and punches slowly became slaps and sloppy shoves that would never make a difference, she was done. Nothing left.

Lexi ceased struggling and let the tears and pain overtake her mind and body as she leaned into him, allowing him to wrap his arms around her. It had been so long since anyone had held her, touched her, a now fictitious counterfeit foreign gesture only offered by her tormentor.

They stood like that for what seemed like hours, her small body pressed against and surrounded by his enormous cage. Dmitry had been planning this for weeks, wondering what it would be like to be next to her, to hold her, to finally touch her and in turn he fucking abused her, the sutures in her lip and bruised eye proof of his cruelty.

Why didn't he just take Alex when Nadja found her? Why did he keep going back to the coffee shop to watch her? Taunt her? Things wouldn't be this complicated if he would have just taken her. He wouldn't have to force himself to hate her.

Revenge had always been the plan but it was a hostile bitter game and he was no longer confident in his cause.

Dmitry never wanted the moment to end but he had too many questions for Lexi, his impatience causing him to break their contact. "Alex, I need to ask you some questions before you have to take your next dose of pain medication. We have to talk."

Dmitry walked Lexi back to her room after reassuring her that he would not hurt her... for now. She was still very apprehensive and weary but what choice did she have; no energy, no escape, no savior, no guardian angel, she didn't even know where she was. "Sit on the bed Alex." Lexi immediately complied not wanting to give him any reason to change his mind about hurting her. "Alex, I know you don't want to believe this and it will be difficult to accept but you will never leave here. You are mine and escape is impossible. I found you once. I can find you again. Your quality of life here depends on your behavior and actions." Lexi tensed and Dmitry could see the panic rising in her expression, needing to assuage her before the dread and fear consumed her thought process. "Alex, I will not rape you again and I will never beat you like I did last night. But I will punish you in the future for any infractions." Scowling, Dmitry lifted his wrapped wounded arm as an example. "Alex-

"Please don't call me Alex".

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