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Kristanna spices things up with Jeremy.


"Really? what kind of rampage?"

"I'm not proud of it but... I killed everyone involved in their death."


"It was after that I decided not to kill a human ever again. As angry as I was at loosing my parents it wasn't until I saw the crying women and children after what I had done. I had taken their family away from them just like theirs had done to me but it didn't make me feel any better, it made me feel worse! So I vowed never to kill again, it took some time to figure out but... here I am."



"That's the most you have ever told me about yourself."

"Yeah, I guess it is."

"So should I start calling you your majesty?"

"I will rip your balls off!"

"Ouch! Little extreme don't you think?"

"Try me."

"Noted, so they all know who you are then?"

"Well it's kind of an alpha thing, even if they don't know who I am they can sense it! Comes in handy."

"Ok then! So are you in charge of them?"

"Yes but there are those below me who manage everything, I have no time for politics, its like England! I'm the Queen but there is a Prime Minister so to speak."

"Well then, I suppose you want me to sign a prenuptial then?"

"Shut up!"

"Wow you've said that a lot today, I can see this is gonna be an abusive marriage."

She stood up and walked around the table before putting her arms around his neck and sitting on his lap. "I hope this doesn't change things. I always loved how you looked at me like I was just a regular girl."

"Nothing you tell me will ever change the way I look at you!" He said before leaning his head against her chest and looping his arms around her.

She rested her head on his for a moment before she looked at the beautiful diamond ring on her finger. "Hot damn, do I want to know how much this cost?"

"Had to go to a loan shark, they beat the crap out of me, see the bruises?"

"How about I take care of him for you?" She said giving him a wink.

"haha! I put it on my credit card, 10 more payments and this baby is yours."

"10 more payments? Good luck to whoever tries to take it back from me."

"Yeah well, you're wor..."

"Stop saying I'm worth it! Its getting annoying."

"Ok... then... I love you."

"Better." She said and gave him a kiss before saying "ready to try the hot tub?"

"Ready when you are."

She led him to the master bathroom where the tub was in a room off to the side. He had seen the door before but had just assumed it was a closet or something. She grabbed the first aid kit and started to clean up his wounds. She poured hydrogen peroxide on his back and shoulder as he clenched his fists in pain. She always bit him below the neck line so he could hide it under his shirt but the bites were a little larger this time. Luckily none of his injuries were too severe, the tub was more or less to relax his muscles so that they wouldn't hurt later.

He stepped in to the tub as the warm water and jets relaxed his muscles. She slid off her robe and stepped in with him. She had him move forward so she could get in behind him and rub his shoulders but she was careful not to touch his scratches as she helped him relax.

"Ben can I ask you something?"


"Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if I ever did lose control?"

"What do you mean?"

"Like what if something happens and I lose myself and attack you, maybe even kill you?"

"Has that happened before?"

"Well no but I'm a Vampire, haven't legends or movies of my kind made you a little ...afraid of me?"

"No, Twilight ruined that for me."

"Seriously! mention that film again and I will kill you."

"To be honest I was afraid, the first night we met and you revealed what you were I was scared to death."


"Yeah I thought I was gonna die for a second or two."

"Then why were you so kind to me?"

"Because when you showed me what you were it took me only seconds to realize you could have killed me whenever you wanted. If you were evil or couldn't control yourself I'd be dead."

"Well that's true I guess."

"Plus another thing.

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