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What's hot in art, continued. . . .

He used one hand to fondle her big large firm tits and the other to explore the inside of her pussy. First he slid one finger in and then another into her tight cunt, but he began to finger her pussy faster and faster.

Connie hot with lust and desire humped her pussy harder against his face, and she began thrusting herself against the digits intruding her cunt.

"Oh yes Jason, finger fuck me while you eat my pussy. Oh fuck sweeties I'm going to cum, oh yes I'm going to fucking cum all over your face and fingers." She said panting.

"Fuck me, fuck me, oh yes fucking eats me, oh gods I'm cumming." She said to arch her back upwards in a really intense orgasm.

Jason's cock was now fully erect now, he licked all over her pussy and took his finger out, he continued to lick the rest of the juice up from her pussy her orgasm had just emitted. Then as he stopped and began to climb up between her legs the phone rang and it was her husband.

"Hey, Scott said you were over at nerd central having a swim, get your fat ass over here, Mark and Hank are here and they are hungry." Her husband said.

"Oh so you promised them I would feed them without asking me." She said annoyed.

"C'mon honey, would you get over here and whip us up some food, we are going to watch the game in the living room." He explained to her.

"All right I will be home in a couple of minutes." She said. "I'm sorry Jason, and I really have to go."

"It's okay, but we still have some time left to summer." He sighed watching she gets redressed to go home.

"Yeah who knows maybe in the next couple of weeks you will get more than your moneys worth." She said to give him a kiss on the forehead after she got her tee shirt back on.

He watched sadly as her luscious ass swayed back and forth as she walked out of the yard, it would be a dream come true for Jason if he could get so lucky with her. As she left him slowly stroked his large cock dreaming of Connie and what could become of summer with her.

Connie back to her house and found her husband, his two buddies already sitting in the living room drinking beer. Mark and Hank both were like her husband, big, rough construction workers, whom she loathed, yet she never let on she did to them or her husband.

"Hey guys, hungry?" She asked.

"We sure are beautiful." Mark yelled back to her.

"Well I'll be back out in fifteen minutes with plenty of snacks and sandwiches." She said going out to the kitchen.

"Damn, you sure do have one fine piece of ass there." Said Hank.

"Glad you think so, but you guys are the lucky ones, your old ladies are good looking and they like to fuck." Bill said in disgust that his wife would not do the things sexually he was looking for.

"Maybe we can get her to join us later for a little post game entertainment." Mark said to pull a porn movie from his bag that he brought in with him.

"Well I'll do my part, I'll fix her up some cocktails and we can see if she takes to it." Bill said to take the DVD from him seeing it was a milf collection.

Connie brought the first trip of food in, then she went back out for a tray of various snacks, then she went out and brought them two beers each. She excused herself to go over to the computer to play games, chat with friends and send out some e-mails. She tried not to let herself get distracted by all of the vulgar language and the mess they were making of her living room.

Near the end of the game her husband had offered to make her a whiskey sour, which was strong and knew what he was up too right away. She drank the drink while the game continued, then without asking her he made her another. When the game was over, he made her another and invited her into the living room to sit on the couch with his buddies.

Connie knew they were going to try and hit on her, she knew she would resist, her husband would get pissed and they would end up fighting.

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