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Seventh heaven with two girls.

This interest really impressed Ivan - he'd attended the farewell of the previous editor and no community leaders had inquired about attending his send off. This interest in Jenni was without precedent

He phoned the newspaper company's sole owner, Victor Henchman, a virtual recluse.

"Sir I thought perhaps you ought to know that some of the city's big guns including the Mayor are coming into the office at four on Friday to the farewell of one of our reporters.

"A reporter you say, that's rather odd."

"Yes sir and actually a fairly junior reporter."

"This is damn strange; what's his name?"

"Name sir, you won't know her."

"Jenni Giles, she spells her first name in an odd way."

"Yes sir - she's Jenni Giles.

"She's the only decent reporter on the paper."

"If you say so, sir. I'll advise staff that you are coming in at 4:00 on Friday. Many will be thrilled, having been here for several years and never seen you sir."

"That's being bloody impertinent."

"I'm not been impertinent, it's the truth."

"Well Monk that took guts to say that to me."

"Thank you sir, my wife also says I am courageous."

"I didn't know you were married. How long ago did you make an honest woman out of her?

"I've been married for fourteen years to Bella."

"That name also strikes me as being silly."

"It's a shortened, familiar version of her real name, which is Isabella."

The sole proprietor of the newspaper sounded very interested and asked where the editor had met her.

"In Spain, sir."

"I once met an Isabella in a Spanish brothel. It could be the same woman."

"I've never been in a brothel in Spain or anywhere else for that matter sir. My Isabella trained horses for riding establishments."

"Women who ride horses are immoral."

Perspiring as he felt under pressure, Ivan said, "I don't think you can say all women who ride horses are naturally immoral sir."

"Hmmm. I'll be the judge of that."

"Yes I understand and you'll come to your own conclusion when you meet my Isabella on Friday."

"I didn't say I would attend."

"Good afternoon sir; I'll introduce you to my wife on Friday."

Ivan muttered to himself, "What a nasty prick, assuming I had first met my Isabella in a whorehouse. The guy's positively evil but at least knowing about Jenni Giles through her by-lines proves that he reads his newspaper. Sometimes I have wondered if he read the news pages. At our infrequent meetings, he's occasionally mentioned mistakes in the financial and racing pages."

Ivan recalled one surprising incident: the near-blind prick pointed out his newspaper had just published a race winner under the caption naming it as Captain Courageous when in fact the horse pictured was Captain Court. Nobody else had reported the goof.

At the farewell, so many people wished to speak that Ivan was forced to declare a time limit of three minutes.

The manager of the production department jumped to the microphone first - a first in itself as people in that department generally were intolerant with journalists and the feeling was mutual.

Ross Mullins described Jenni's immaculate manners, recalled within her first week she knew everyone in his department by name and everyone knew her, and always welcomed her walking past in her exceedingly short skirts.

Next up was 'Moaner' Adams, the circulation manager, who never spoke at farewells. He revealed that when Jenni was driving past a delivery girl one afternoon she saw the girl was bailed up by a mongrel of a dog.

"Jenni jumped out of her car, kicked the dog up the arse and it buggered off howling. She then put the girl into her car, stuck the bicycle in the boot, and delivered the papers according to the instructions of the girl. The girl's father came in to find out who this Samaritan was and I knew that if it was someone from this outfit, it would only be Jenni, and she admitted to helping out the girl."

"She accepted the father's thanks but refused the offer of the monetary reward, asking that it be donated to the SPCA.

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