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Old high-school friends finally hook up.

But I was off the bus all too quickly and the show was over.

I was so horny I was going to burst. I went straight to the bathroom near the entrance of the mall to masturbate in a cubicle. They were unisex bathrooms in this world and a couple was banging very vocally next to the wash basins. As I walked past them the woman getting fucked commented while laughing "Nice pants, got something to hide?". She was openly making fun of me for wearing pants. I was still getting surprised by this strange world.

I locked myself into a cubical and with the added sound of a woman crying to be fucked harder, I spewed my load into the toilet bowl in mere seconds. My dick ached from being hard so often. I wondered if the people of this world were more immune to this problem. I was feeling game as I left the toilet, the woman's jeers did what the law could not. They had gotten to me, so I tentatively removed my jeans, strapped the money pouch over my shoulder and left them there as I ventured back out into the public eye in my birthday suit.

"Where'd your pants go?" asked the woman as I washed my hands in the basin not 30 cm from her ass. She was laughing softly while the guy she was with continued to pound into her hot box. I could feel myself going red in the face, but I just dried my hands and left without commenting.

I gingerly stepped out into the mall, this time completely naked. It was such a strange feeling being naked around so many people, I actually found it to be a turn on. I wandered around the mall very slowly, keeping an eye on where people where looking. It felt like everyone was staring straight at my cock, but I could see they weren't. Nobody was taking any attention of me, why would they since they were all naked as well. Alas, I couldn't shake that feeling.

One of the first things I noticed about this mall was the sextions in the centre, just like the local mall. These ones however had benches built into either side, like the double sided benches in our own world but with a queen sized mattress in between them. People where using them too. There were people engaging in oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, group sex, all right in full view of the world. My own cock quickly became erect once more, but I didn't worry about it too much as I could see probably 60 percent of the men walking around also had hard-ons. Thankfully I wouldn't stand out in that regard. There were older men fucking young women, young men fucking older women and everything in between, truly a sight to behold.

I walked down random corridors enjoying the shows going on in the centre. About half of the sextions were occupied. I also wandered into a few stores.

The Borders book store was full of pornography mixed in with the usual stuff. It had a small cafe built in, there was only one customer sitting at a table and a waitress was busy giving him a blow job. She was topless with rather small breasts and wore a name tag collar and a grey/blue skirt much like the supermarket employees. Her skirt was lifted at the front due to the way she was squatting and I could see her snatch if I bent over slightly, it was completely shaved.

I went to the counter to order a coffee and when I looked up at the board I saw items on it that I never considered might be available here. In this world perhaps, but not in a book store cafe. On top of the usual suspects, they were selling various sex services as well. They were even cheaper than the coffee. I suppose competition was extreme and that drove the price down. I guess that explains the waitress sucking cock while on the job, she was actually doing her job.

They offered oral sex with optional cum swallowing, swapping with other customers or facials. Intercourse was on the board also but only for men, did they not have male employees in the cafe? Finally I got to the actual beverages. I found the coffee I wanted, but right under it I noticed a cum'uccino. What the fuck, I had to ask about that.

"Excuse me.

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