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Daddy takes Rosemary to the ball.

After awhile we went for a swim, and when we returned to the lounges she said "I hate sitting around in a wet bathing suit," and with that she slid the bottoms off and was completely nude, as I was. She looked at me funny then, and said "what?" I said, "nothing, that's fine. I think it feels great to go without clothes so you'll certainly not get any complaints here," I teased.

She laughed. "Oh, you are so sweet. But you can see this anytime, so if I were you, I'd get in whatever looking you can at everyone else today. Remember, we're going home in a few days."

She didn't seem at all uncomfortable anymore. My mind flashed back to her dream. Well, maybe Lori was a bit of an exhibitionist, after all. Even though she always pretended to be reluctant or uncomfortable, I always felt that she enjoyed showing off her body, and I think she liked it when I told her, when we went out, that all the men were looking at her, checking out her body, imagining themselves in my place and going back to the room with her for a night of passionate sex. And it was no lie; I'm sure they were.

That night at dinner she was wearing long buttoned sleeveless sundress, with a long skirt to her calves but very light and gauzy. Under it she wore no bra and the outline of her tanned breasts were very evident, as even the waiter was checking out her cleavage so obviously.

I was cursing myself as we walked along the beach that night, for suggesting a romantic moonlight walk instead of an immediate return to our room. Although we had made love every day that week, three times most days, I wanted her so badly, right then and there. When we neared the end of the beach, I put my arms around her from behind and kissed her neck softly, and whispered that we ought to head back, and when she coyly asked why, I told her, "because I want you naked in our bed, underneath me, pulling me into you, now, right now."

She said nothing but just pulled my hands to her breasts, and I began to fondle and stroke them, as I continued kissing her neck and cheek and hair. She was pushing her ass back against my crotch hard and sighing softly, pressing her hands on top of mine on her breasts. And then she took one of my hands, and unbuttoned the top of her dress and slid my hand inside over her breast. "Mmm, I love it when you play with my tits," she said, and I realized that she wanted me to have her right there on the beach, not in the room, no waiting but doing it right now. "Someone might see us," I said, as much to turn her on as warn her.

"Well, that's a risk we'll just have to take," she replied, her voice suddenly very husky and sexy and low, not frightened but obviously excited.

I looked around to see if there really was anyone. No one there. I went back to finishing the buttons on the front of her dress and pulling it open, both hands gently squeezing and stroking and finding her stiff nipples and teasing them with my fingers. She was pushing harder into me now, and I slid my hands up to the open sleeves of her dress and pulled her arms through, and the dress fell to the sand.

She turned and faced me, wearing nothing but her Victoria Secret bikini panties. I had seen her, undressed or partly undressed, a thousand times, but at that moment she was the most erotic, exciting sight I ever had taken in.

She sat down on the edge of a rental lounge chair used for sunning during the day. Her breasts naked and exposed now in the moonlight. She reached up and ran her fingers through her short, reddish hair, her breasts thrusting out as she arched toward me.

I fell to the sand in front of her and embraced her, clumsily pulling my own clothing off as we explored each other's bodies urgently and passionately. This was easy for me as all I had on were my silk walking shorts sans underwear and a Tommy Bahama camp shirt.

I reached between her thighs and felt her soaked silk thong.

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