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Hank shares Jean with an office intern.

"You're friend has quite a mouth on him."

"He's usually the strong, silent type."

"Look. I can do this all night." Brian said. "So maybe you should just take the hint and leave. Nobody wants you here."

"I've never been spoken to in such a way."

"Just wait until you're homeless, you buggy whip salesman."

At that comment the man actually bore his teeth for a moment before trying to regain his composure. He adjusted his tie and then without ceremony just walked away with his date. As they left Brian and his aunt heard the man and his date begin to argue.

"Was that true what he said?"

"No. He's an idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about."

"But what about ...?"

"No. No. Now stop asking me about it."

Brian's aunt laughed. "That was awesome. How did you know all that stuff?"

"I did a paper on the UN report last year. I got an A. What's funny though is that in my paper I had to take the other side."

"Can I read it sometime?"

"I might be able to get a copy off the school server."

"Is it true that diamonds are about to go down in value."

"Oh yeah. They're doomed. When a teenager can make a diamond in his kitchen with some sugar and some acid you just can't sustain those kinds of high prices."

"You can make diamonds out of sugar?"

"You can make diamonds out of anything. You know. Anything that has carbon in it. Ashes, paper, gasoline. You just have to find a way to strip away everything but the carbon and find a way to tell the carbon to make diamond cubes instead of graphite flakes."

"And you know how to do that?"

"Oh yeah. It's easy. I was reading a paper about this one guy working on graphene super capacitors who used his lab equipment to grow a diamond in the shape of his girlfriend's name."

"Wow. If you propose to me with that I'm saying yes."

"Now making gold, that's a bit more difficult but it can be done."

"Can you do it?"

"No. Well, not without an atom smasher."

"How much does one of those costs?"

"Millions of dollars."

"Then maybe we'll just stick with making diamonds for now."

They had a very enjoyable meal and when it was over Brian thought they were going to just go home but his aunt wanted to take him to the place with dancing that she'd mentioned to her friend.

"I don't know how to dance." Brian protested.

"That's ok. I'll teach you. It's very good exercise. "

The dance hall was fill with couples of all ages and there were even a few families there that brought their kids. Brian couldn't keep up with most the others even after his aunt gave him a few pointers so he found himself being instructed by a 10 year old girl for most of the night. Most of the dances that night were for couples but they weren't romantic in nature, just fun. Before every dance number everyone changed partners. There were a few dances that required four people in a square and there was one the kids called the maggot dance that made everyone in the room make one big line. The last dance of the night was a return to the one big line model and it seemed like it was everyone's favorite.

His aunt was wiping her face. She'd gotten very sweaty and her cheeks were flush and red. "How'd you like Walls?"

"Excuse me?"

"Walls of Limerick. They say we've all got a little Irish in us somewhere."

"You mean the dance? It has a name?"

"They've all got names."

"I didn't know that."

"You did really well for your first time."


During the taxi ride home Brian's aunt started to lose her energy and she leaned over onto her nephew's shoulder. Brian didn't know exactly what to do about that so he just let her stay there. It was that moment when he first noticed it.

It might have been there before, waiting under the surface until now but he was feeling it stronger and stronger. His aunt was a very attractive woman. She was smart and capable. She was energetic and fun. Even though she had a career her house was clean. She just had so many good qualities and Brian could not help but be attracted to her.

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