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Duets, homecomings, and farewells.

..the vision was suddenly and violently sucked into the shape of a colossal warrior, before he came back to reality. He didn't know what to make of it, only that it turned him on, much to his shame.

He felt hot inside, and noticed sweat beading down his chest, his body straining underneath her magic as he became lost in her beauty, and found himself levitating across her bed. The soft cushions yielded to his heavy frame, the satin sensually soft as royal perfumes and incense teased his senses.

He looked into her entrancing violet eyes as she crawled on top of him, and screamed inside as he felt his self control burn away. She lowered herself slowly onto his bare chest, before kissing him deeply. The two made lewd sucking sounds as her dewy lips devoured his mouth, her black tongue tangling with his, as she poisoned his mind with unnatural, sinful lust. He groaned as he felt himself slip away, bombarded by the unbearable pleasure of feeling her soft flesh writhe on top of him.

Her outfit rippled as the claws covering her large breasts shifted into her gown, her round, pale tits bouncing free with inhuman perfection. Elric quickly cupped her globes with his manly hands, delighting in their softness as they yielded to his squeezing fingers. Her very skin was intoxicating, seemingly moist and shining with some sort of aphrodisiac fragrance, urging him to squeeze and suck every bit of her. He wanted nothing more than to ravish the sorceress as she undulated her smooth stomach like a dancer, her belly chain shifting erotically with her fluid movements. She moaned as she ground her hips down on his crotch, quickly growing wet.

"You want this don't you? You want to fuck me?"

"Yes!" his voice was frayed and hoarse with lust, his virtues all but gone.

"You will be my slave, good...." she moaned, as he maintained his desperate grip on her massive breasts. "You will enshrine your seed within my flesh, over and over, until our lineage rules the kingdom!"

"As you wish, my lady." he submitted, at peace with his impending damnation.

She smiled wickedly, rejoicing in his surrender, not that it would have mattered, she would have taken him anyway. Slowly she mounted him, his hard cock delicately parting her glistening folds as she finally impaled herself on him. Both moaned in ecstasy.

He was lost and loved it, feeling her love juices seep into his system, already turning him away from righteousness. Her wide hips worked him over at a quickening pace, her suctioning pussy clamming up around his rod like a second mouth, making squelching noises as his cock thrust back and forth.

As she rocked back and forth on his cock, Morgana smirked as she felt him jutting up to meet her, now a willing participant in his enslavement. She noticed some of his radiant blond hair was beginning to darken, and the cross around his neck started to crack. Wonderful. She sighed as she thought to consummate his corruption by bring his head up to her heaving breasts, her nipples already leaking hot, liquid damnation.

Elric felt her hands grip his head, trying to pull him forward to her breasts. The last dim ray of light within his soul cried out, urging him to resist, leaving him the impression there was no turning back if he could not beat her here. The old Elric flashed through for a moment, his eyes widening in righteous fury, as he wriggled in her soft embrace listlessly, having the will to fight, but no longer the body.

Morgana quickly remedied his protests, blowing him a floating kiss, a cloudy lavender sigil settling over his body as she did so. And just like that, Elric's eyes glazed over once more as he stared into her perfect breasts, his soul becoming drunk with lust, eager to lose itself as his conscience howled in terror. She had a predatory glint in her eyes as she slowly pressed his head closer and closer to her breasts with fatal inevitability, eager to join him to her milky soft flesh, enslaving him forever.


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