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Heather learns more about her submission.

I became aware that the cooler water on my fevered body, and my extreme arousal, had caused my always-prominent nipples to protrude from my breasts like a pair of erasers. Thinking about them made them stiffen even more. Looking down through the crystal-clear water, I saw his cock had softened, somewhat, but still was quite long and impressively thick. He spoke:

"Habla Espanol?" I shook my head sadly and replied, "Do you speak any English?"

He smiled and answered, "Muy poco. A little bit of words."

He stepped toward me and reached for my hand. I moved a little closer and took his. "Linda," I said. "Manuel," he replied, squeezing my hand slightly as we shook. "En Espanol, Linda es -- how you say -- 'beautiful.'"

"Thank you, I mean, gracias," I stuttered. I think we both had about exhausted our knowledge of each other's language, and there was a moment of awkward silence. Then, Manuel put one arm around my shoulders and drew me to him. "OK?" he asked. I nodded. He wrapped both of his arms around me and pressed my body to his. I felt his penis stiffening against my leg.

He gradually slid his hands down my back and over my ass, squeezing my cheeks gently and lifting me slightly. I put my arms around his neck and thrust my hips forward, pressing my groin against him. A low, barely-audible moan escaped his mouth.

I leaned away from him, slightly, reached down between us, and wrapped my hand around his cock. It was as hard as a steel rod and so thick I could barely touch my thumb to my middle finger. I stroked his cock a few times underwater and Manuel reached between my legs. Now it was my turn to moan, as he massaged my swollen clit.

He moved toward me, crouched slightly, took his cock in one hand, and parted my vaginal lips with his other. I pulled away, shook my head, and said, "Not here, Manuel." I pointed toward the resort cottages on the beach.

"Do you have protection?" I asked, pantomiming rolling a condom over a penis. He understood immediately and nodded vigorously. "Si," he smiled.

I took his hand and led him out of the water. We must have made quite a sight for anyone watching from the shore: Manuel's cock again was sticking almost straight up, as we strolled up the beach. We put on our suits -- although Manuel's hard-on protruded above the waistband of his skimpy Speedo -- I gathered my book and towel, and he led me toward his cottage.

Inside the small unit were a queen-size bed, a nightstand, a small table with two chairs, a TV, a dresser, a small kitchen, and a bathroom. Manuel opened the nightstand drawer and proudly displayed a collection of condoms. We both smiled and glanced, somewhat sheepishly, at the bed.

Manuel came to me and stroked my wet hair. His touch was gentle and I involuntarily leaned my cheek against his hand. He placed a hand behind my head and tenderly kissed me, his tongue parting my lips and exploring inside my mouth. I let my hands wander along his muscular shoulders and back, his skin smooth and warm to the touch.

We maintained the kiss for what seemed like several minutes, our hands caressing each other's head, face, and torso. When we drew apart, Manuel went to the small refrigerator, opened it, and held up a beer in one hand and a soda in the other, silently asking which I would like.

"I'll have a beer," I said. "Gracias." He replaced the soda in the 'fridge, took out a second beer, and returned to my side. I couldn't help but look at the front of his Speedo as he walked across the short span between us. There was a very substantial bulge that told me he was as aroused as the dampness between my legs declared I was.

We both knew, of course, why we were in that little cottage. It was just a question of who would initiate the actual sex .

I did.

When Manuel handed me a beer, I placed it on the nightstand and yanked down his Speedo.

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