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After a fetish photo shoot, I get fucked at a swing club.

She looked positively radiant, even in this dreamy lighting, almost like the glow of a pregnant woman- but without any of the belly. Hmmm, kind of like Rick the Dick she thought. What was in this food?

She handed Boobs the credit card and asked if there was an order for Rick Thomlinson.

Boobs made a quick review in the computer and swiped the credit card, while softly tapping a bell that made a soft "dinnnng" sound. Another woman appeared, clearly Boob's also endowed sister in the same pink dress that Boobs was wearing, with a small cooler. She handed it over to Gertrude, looking her up and down and smiling over to Boobs.

Boobs, giggling said to Gert, "Since you are new to us I will explain a few important details. This is Mr. Thomlinson's order, which was prepared fresh for him just an hour ago. It is important that this container be given directly to Mr. Thomlinson, without any delay. The container will continue to keep the meal warm for up to 2 hours, but after that the meal will begin to spoil. Every time this container is opened, warmth is let out and that window decreases. This meal is formulated specifically for Mr. Thomlison, and therefore is not yours to have. Do you understand?"

Gertrude stared blankly at the cooler shaped container. What the hell is this guy eating? A still beating heart? Honestly- what a lot of fuss, and very odd. Does have someone do this every day? Where am I?!?!

"Additionally," Boobs said, "If you should ever feel like another means of employment, your uncommon physique would make you very desirable here. It's certainly gotten our attention. Mr. Thomlinson can escort you in for a tour and interview."

Still staring, Gertrude could hardly begin to see why her meek in comparison DD tits would even warrant a blink from these two who were beyond busty. Some sort of strange steakhouse? Why would she leave her 401K to be a glorified waitress to spoiled men who could only eat perfectly warmed food? Rolling her eyes, she snapped up the cooler and left.

Back in the car she was surprised how much heat the container gave off resting on her lap- not enough to burn her or even make her sweat- but like a little kitten cuddled on her. She thought seriously about looking inside, and decided that maybe she rather not know what kind of freak Rick the Dick really was. Get back to the office, deliver the lunch, and keep busy until it's time to go and wash off this odd and annoying day.

After closing the door to Rick's office, Gertrude placed the container on the corner of his desk. Ending his call he asked her, "Did you look inside Gertrude?"

"No Sir," she said in a condescending tone.

"Oh, not a curious girl by nature Gertrude?" Rick the Dick retorted.

"I couldn't care less how you eat you prefer your ridiculously overpriced Kobe beef fillet cooked Mr. Thomlinson."

Rick's eyes gleamed, and a cocky knowing smile grew across his face. "Please Gertrude, feel free to grab your lunch and join me. I'd love to talk about your professional ambitions while I take my lunch."

There was something about his mouth. His lips. His lower lips specifically, larger than the top, thick and pouty and pink...and Gertrude staring at it while he quipped at her suddenly found herself with no argument. The perfect titty sucking mouth she thought. Mmmmm.

Seated in front of him with a salad, Gertrude tried not to look too interested as Rick cleared his desk and cracked open the container. In her head, Gertrude half expected the Arc of the Covenant to appear and light to begin to pour out of it, but instead Rick produced one simple item- a medium sized glass bottle of Milk.

What the hell?!? Gert thought. That's all he's going to eat for lunch? And it's so special that I had traipse all the way to the lower east side to procure it? And why is it warm- gross.

Hmmm. Warm. Like out of a breast...Prepared for Mr. Thomlinson within the hour...milked for him? From what?

Rick smiled, twisted off the top with a p

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