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I take a vacation.

I was also extremely apprehensive of what Jenny had planned for me. The last 2 sessions with her had been both painful and ultimately erotically satisfying even though only a couple of hours long. This time she had all day!!!!

At precisely 10 am the door opened and Jenny motioned for me to enter. "You know where to go and how to get ready for me?" she asked in a half questioning, half commanding tone.

By now I was starting to understand my role "Yes Mistress." I answered and went straight down to the musty archive where I stripped naked and tried to remain calm while I waited for her. Looking around I noticed Jenny's black canvas bag lying near the table but despite my burning curiosity I did not dare look inside. I also noticed some odd straps, hooks and metal rings attached here and there to the solidly built book shelves. None of this made me feel any more relaxed, in fact my steadily stiffening cock betrayed my arousal at the sight of these things and what they might be intended for.

Eventually Jenny came down the stairs and entered the archive room, she looked very prim and proper dressed in a smart skirt and white long sleeved blouse. "Well," she sighed looking directly at my erect cock that had jumped to attention for her "I see we'd better make sure you are under control as soon as possible. Turn around so I can put your cuffs on so you can feel more safe and secure."

I turned with my back to her and put my hands behind me. This time she took her time fastening my wrists into broad softly lined leather cuffs connected to each other by a short chain. She tested to make sure they were securely fastened, "Doesn't that feel better?" she whispered in my ear "Now you can relax in the knowledge that your naughty cock belongs to me, no more need to concern yourself about how and when to make it cum." She went to her bag and returned to face me with a collar and leash in her hands, slowly almost lovingly she fastened the collar round my neck and smiled at me. "It suits you very nicely." She said.

"We're going to have such a nice day together." She said "But first of all I really do have to do some work stuff. Do you want me to fasten you to something down here? Or would you like to stay with me?" she asked. I didn't particularly want to stay in the archive by myself so I told her I'd prefer to stay with her. "Off we go then." She said, and with the leash wrapped around her wrist she set off. I found myself tugged into motion by the collar round my neck and followed her as best I could with my hands fastened behind me.

We went up the stairs from the archive the down a corridor then through a doorway where I found myself in the bright daylight of the main library. My shock and hesitation earned me a sharp tug on the leash so that I stumbled forward before catching me step again. "Sam, are you here?" Jenny called. I froze there was somebody else here? Jenny pulled sharply on the leash again and led me to the main lending desk where she tied the end of the leash to the polished brass rail surrounding the desk at about shoulder height. I was still numb inside at the thought that somebody else was here and would see me like this. Jenny left me tethered to the rail as she walked off towards the rows of book shelves calling out again "Sam, are you busy Love, I've got something to show you here!"

From the far end of the library a voice called back "OK Jenny, be there in a moment. I'm just finishing with the H-to-Ks." Jenny set off toward the voice and disappeared behind some shelves. A few moments later she reappeared with her arm round the waist of Samantha, the youngest of the library assistants who worked here. As they walked toward me I tried to pull away but Jenny had tied the leash too well, I could only desperately try to avoid eye contact and hope that the floor would open up and swallow me.

"Jenny," stuttered Samantha "Who.. What...He's naked and he's tied up!!!"

"Yes," said Jenny "and he's still got a monster ere

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