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Something to do with my hands.

This whole "Crack Addict thing was getting to me though and I needed a release so I found myself inside her car at lunch hour as we zipped towards a local motel. She pulled into the lot with expert precision. Funny, she kind of ignored me on the drive over, continuously talking on her cellphone.

"Alright, get out." She stared at me smirking.

"You sure you wanna do this?"

"Yup, it's time to get you back on the winning team."

I decided to chuck everything and throw my all into it with Claudia. I leaned over and kissed...

....HER HAND?!!!

"Hold it up Romeo, we're not fucking." She pointed towards a motel room door that was slightly ajar.

"We'll act like this never happened."

I stepped out of the car and watched Claudia speed off before I turned my attention to the motel room obviously meant for me. The door was slightly ajar and I gave it a little push. There seemed to be no one in the room. It was a sparse area with a large bed adjacent to an adequate television.

"I'll be with you in a minute." A voice called out from the bathroom. The door was closed, but only 75%. I could make out a figure in front of the small mirror on the wall. I was a pissed that Claudia obviously brought me a prostitute, but I had to scratch this itch that had been dogging me for weeks.

I walked up to the door and took a peek inside.

The prostitute was applying her makeup. Her back was to me. She was probably about 4'11" in height.

She was definitely a BBW who had a well-defined pear shape and was wearing nothing but a stark black bra and panties. A long mane of raven black hair with highlights hung low at her shoulders, but that wasn't what interested me.

It was that ass.

And what an ass it was, massive, smooth and abnormally round sitting at one of the most defined small waists I'd ever seen. That black thong was barely visible.

I began to drool at the prospect of running my aching, throbbing cock up and down that phat, luscious mad lump of an ass.

Claudia, I love you.

Suddenly, the prostitute turned and faced me and to this day I really couldn't tell you much about what she looked like other than her amazing dimensions.

"Why are you still dressed?"

She didn't have to tell me twice as I was out of my clothing in two shakes with only socks and tie remaining.

"Just relax ... (Double take at my dog-like panting.) Boy, you really like me huh?"

"Fuck yeah baby."

All I wanted to do was lick that ass all day and it showed because she took a few steps back upon gazing at my drooling gaping countenance.

"Sit down!" She suddenly commanded.

I complied as soon as the words left her lips and tried to sit on the edge of the bed but ended up plopping down on the floor.

"Good boy."

She walked over and positioned herself over my eager face. I really wasn't into face sitting, but this was the most incredible ass I had ever seen.

Yes boys and girls, I eagerly lapped up the juices from suprisingly small and chubby pussy with wild abandon. She seemed happy to be servicing me and ground her cunt right into my nose and mouth.

After about fifteen minutes she got off my wet face and reached for my cock.

"Please don't touch it!! I'll cum if you do!! You're that fucking hot!!! I begged.

"Well, what do you want me to do fucker?"

"I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I wanna rub my cock into the crack of that amazing ass of yours. I wanna fill it with all of the cum in my balls!!"

"Is that right?"

She giggled and crawled onto the bed, all the while looking at me with a "Fuck the Shit out of me" expression. She gingerly lay on her belly waiting for me to make a move.

"There's some lube on the bathroom sink."

I was there and back in a millisecond. I emptied the contents all over her magnificent globes and deep into the crack of that ass. I rubbed lube all over her thick rump until it was glistening in the sun light creeping through the drawn venetian blinds.

"Fuck my fat ass cheeks you little pussy."

Shaking I mounted her ass and pushed those

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