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"Fuck Dave, I didn't know you sucked cock. That was awesome.!"

"I don't Trent" I said as Sara and I settled back on the loungers. "I've only touched my cock and never even sucked one."

"That's true Trent" Sara piled in. "I'm as surprised as you are but after this session it only makes me love Dave even more than before". As Sara laid back on the lounger I caught a glimpse of Trent's cum oozing out of her pussy. My mouth began to water as if I was hungry. I wanted to suck Sara clean but I waited.

"Dave, do you think I could try and suck you off one day?" Trent asked as if wanting approval to suck him right now.

"Whenever you want to try, go for it" I told Trent.

Sara ran her hand between her legs and brought up a glob of sperm and held it out towards us. "Want to try this Trent?" To this Trent stared as if he was examining it. I leaned over and sucked it from Sara's hand without hesitation. "Dave, you need to share with Trent please."

Trent declined the offer of the cum in my mouth. The texture of his and her juice in my mouth is like none other. I swirled it around a bit before swallowing.
We all three lay on the loungers by the pool for a while to regain our strength. I rose after some time and stepped into the pool to cool off. Trent joined my shortly thereafter and we swam around and talked about his school and him living with us and being naked all the time. He has some really good plans but is now altering them so that living with us is included.

At some point I ended up behind Trent and I was rubbing his shoulders. We were sitting on the steps of the pool, him below me. The water was higher on him than me so I suggested he move his butt to the front of the step and I would ease in behind him. This was to get a better position to really get a good rub on his shoulders. Trent agreed and moved away from the step so I could move down. After I sat he moved in front of me and scooted back against me. I had to spread my legs wide so he could sit and when he did my rock hard cock temporarily blocked him.

He reached down and held my cock down with one hand. He turned and sat on my cock slowly "tell me if it hurts Dave" Trent said. He positioned my cock so that it rested between his ass cheeks and I could feel his butthole on the top of my cock. My cock twitched when it came in contact with his butthole. Trent paused "does that hurt? I felt your cock twitch".

"Quite the contrary, it felt very good" I told him as he settled on down. I began to slow rub Trent's shoulders when I felt a pair of hands start to rub mine. Sara moved in behind me and nestled her wet slit against my back. We have a three way rub going and I can begin to feel Trent rock ever so slowly on my cock. Our massaging slowly turned to each one of us just caressing the other.

Trent leaned forward to stretch causing my cock to push his balls up and ran the underside of his cock. The motion in the water moved his body forward a bit and my cock head landed right on his asshole. He paused for a second then turned and looked at me. I smiled and he raised his eyebrows as if seeking approval. I kept smiling and with his hands now on his knees he pushed his asshole against my cock.

I'm sure Sara was watching this all transpire as she was just behind me and I hadn't felt her move for a few minutes. Trent looked away and continued to press against my cock until the head sunk just inside it. I gasped at the tight feel then I felt Sara's hands reach around me as if to gently hold me steady. I placed both hands on Trent's ass as he worked my cock further inside his ass. Trent continued to impale himself on my cock until his ass was resting on my lap.

The tight feel of his asshole squeezing on my cock was like none other.

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