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Four dirty old men make her a true slut.

Part of you wants to reach back and re-position it, but part of you wants him to just remove it. You're confused and your penis begins to engorge again.

He works up your thighs until he is at the juncture of your legs and buttocks. His long fingers slip between your thighs and grasp the large tendon on the inside of your leg, brushing your testicles as he kneads the tendons.



"Y-yeah. Just another surprise."

He chuckles and continues to massage the insides of your thighs and his fingers repeatedly brushing your balls. Your penis is erect and throbbing again.

"Here, spread your legs a little more and cock your hips up just a little."

You do as he says and realize that he can probably see your testicles hanging under your upturned, towel-covered ass.

"Now, I'm going to lift these..."

You feel the warmth of his fingers as they wrap around your testicles and gently pull them away from your body. The tension in your testicles pulls tight the skin on your penis, something you've never experienced before.


"Good surprise?" he laughs.

"Ah, god. Yes!!"

"Well, I'm glad your enjoying it because it's necessary to get to these muscles with you on your stomach."

His free hand works on either side of the juncture of your thighs and testicles. As he increases the tension on your balls, you shuffle your knees and before you know it, you are fully up on your knees with your ass in the air. He continues and as he works the muscles the back of his hand grazes the stem of your erection. Again you gasp.

"Can we lose the towel? It's getting in my way."

Y-yeah," you stutter as your realize that for the last half-hour you've wanted to be naked in front of him, for him to see you. You feel the towel slide away and with it a pause in the massage. He is looking.

You realize that with you up on your knees, he has an unfettered view of your anus between your widespread asscheeks, your testicles held firmly in his hands and stretched back between your legs, and your erection bobbing and jumping with every beat of your racing heart.

"Very nice..."


He has lightly grasped the stem of your erection and scuffed it with his loosely gripping hand. One-two-three slow strokes...The sensation of your testicles being pulled in one direction while the tight skin of your penis is lightly scuffed causes you to rise up on all-fours and buck your hips in pleasure. You groan as he releases your penis and testicles.

"Okay, back down on your stomach."

Again your erection is trapped between your abdomen and the sheets. It throbs and you feel precum begin to seep from the engorged head.

"Okay, in order to do your glutes, I'm going to have to get on the bed between your legs. That okay?"

"Y-yeah...Whatever you think is best."

You hear his shoes hit the floor as he slips them off, then feel the bed move as he knee-walks over between your legs. With one hand on each of your asscheeks, he begins to knead them firmly. As has been the case for the last half-hour, he finds every muscle and works each thoroughly.

"Spread 'em..."

No longer concerned with decorum, you spread your legs and feel his knees press inside yours as he leans in to work. His thumbs press into the juncture of your thighs and ass, just on each side of the base of your scrotum and you feel his fingers separate your asscheeks.

You groan as he repeats the action, once, twice, three times...Each stroke spreads your ass until you feel the skin on your anus stretch tight as it is finally fully exposed. He presses his knees in closer, causing you to lift up on your knees once again and you feel the cool air in the room caress your fully exposed, widely stretched butthole.

He reaches between your legs...


His finger lightly grasp your throbbing penis and you raise up on all-fours again...You drop your head and look down between you legs...He is gently frigging your cock, only lightly grasping it, his free hand is caressing your asscheeks...


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