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Somehow, inexplicably, as his panic rises, so does his level of excitement. Oddly, the more he fears penetration by Lance's huge cock, the more he craves it. His anal sphincter keeps trying to clamp closed, but he struggles to relax it open. "Yes," he tells Lance, do it, please, take me."

Lance presses forward firmly. The pink wrinkled entrance to Neal's insides puckers slightly outward, as if kissing the lips of Lance's cock and suddenly, Lance's fat cock head pops into Neal.

"OW!" Neal screams in pain.

Lance pauses. Now that he is in, he leans over his lover's back, gently stroking his back and arms and thighs. He whispers softly, nibbling the lobe of Neal's ear as he speaks. "I am in you. My cock is inside you. Feel me Neal. Feel my cock throbbing in you. I want you so bad. I never thought . . . but never mind. I want you, I need you, Take me into you, Neal"

Neal presses his firm ass back against the intruder as Lance pushes forward. The pain increases to a white-hot intensity as the huge cock penetrates deeper. "Oh god, oh my god," Neal cries.

"Ssh hush, hush, it's okay, it'll be all right. Try to relax. Oh damn Neal I hate hurting you."

"It's okay, I'll be all right. Just, just pause a sec, let me, let me . . .Hoo."

Lance waits and waits, not moving is hips, but moving his cock, caressing, as it were, Neal's ass from the inside. He waits. When he believes Neal is ready, he leans over him once more, whispering as before. Suddenly his teeth nip painfully at Neal's shoulder.

"Ouch," Neal cries, drawing his shoulder away, but his ass toward Lance, who takes advantage of the reaction to plunge his swollen cock the rest of the way in.

"Oh Neal, oh god Neal, feel me in you, take me in."

"Yes. Yes. Take me. God you are so big. I feel like my whole body is filled with you.

Lance pulls out a few inches, then back in. He knows the resumption of movement will cause Neal pain. . . His mind flashes back to that single defining moment on that Florida beach so long ago. That road not taken and now revisited. He did not take that chance and lost that love. He would not forgo satisfaction again. He would seize the day, seek fulfillment, gamble on love. Reluctant as he is to hurt his new-found love, lust begins to overtake him. He pulls his hard hot cock nearly all the way out of Neal then slides back in. Neal is moaning and thrashing under him, crying out in fear and pain, but he goes on.

Lance soon sets up a steady rhythm. Neal's reluctant rectum still seeks to reject him, still tries to form a tight barrier to hinder his penetration, but he will not be stopped. His pace quickens.

Neal's world is filled with a brilliant white pain, so searing it transcends all thought, all passion.

Not only in his ass now, it seems to emanate from an inner source, to define his being. Not just a huge cock, but a tremendous, overpowering force possesses him. Inherently, instinctively he knows that his pain is borne of resistance, but he cannot let go. He struggles, not with the pain, not with the force of the massive cock impaling him, but with the competing forces of power and liberation within his own soul.

Lance, too, empowered by Neal's resistance and by his own towering need, is rapidly losing control. His cock, so tightly confined, aches with the painful need for release. His mind, his heart, seeks its own relief. Grief and fear and doubt flood up from within him, demanding release. Emotions mix and surge and drown one another until need and lust and want and grief and pain all are one. On the verge of losing consciousness, he plunges past all physical, emotional and mental barriers. Like a man gone mad with passion, he begins to slam harder and harder into Neal.

On and on it goes, pummeling, battering until all defenses are breached, all walls crumble.

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