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Skeptical of Jim's abilities then skeptical of reality.

Didn't get a chance to talk to him alone. But when I asked from nobody in particular if they could water some of the plants we had planted as a hedge, he volunteered at once.

26/04: Went late in the evening to the site alone as V was away and wanted me to see what work had been done. I pretended to fuss before agreeing. I managed to park with a bit of difficulty as it was getting dark. The site was deserted as expected. Didn't see the lights on in the area he usually works. The old watcher also didn't seem to be around. I walked around with a bit of trepidation as it was lonely there. Just as I was about to leave, he appeared from the workmen's shed. Was even more cordial than usual. Was in jeans and with a towel around his shoulders - obviously after a bath. Explained that he was trying to go to town get some dinner. I offered him a lift and he stammeringly accepted.

He was painfully shy to talk to. But I realised that he was eager to talk with me. I asked if he could do some work on our furniture at home and he agreed readily. As i dropped him off i gave him some money to get some dinner. Though he declined initially, when i forced him he accepted. Our hands touched as i gave him the money. Did i sense that he lingered on when his fingers touched mine as the money passed. He didn't remove his hand as he thanked me profusely for being so kind. I also didn't withdraw my hand. I love the way his stubbled jaw juts out giving him a stubborn look.

(I know i should have sensed that something was amiss when my wife suggested that we should get our furniture re done by Gaam. It involved in him coming to our home when time permitted to get the work done.)

05/05: He started work at home. He was picked up by V from the work site and dropped home after we set off for work. I returned home about noon without telling V. He was busy at work as usual stripped down to his shorts. Looked very surprised but pleased to see me. I went and got a drink for him. We chatted while sipping the cool drink. As it was very warm i asked him to take a break. He said he didn't mind the heat and wanted to go on working.

I let him get on with the work and went to get some lunch for him. When i came back in about an hour, found him perched atop a ladder busy at work. I went very close without him realising. He's got strong legs which are quite hairy. I put my hand on his calf asking him to come down for lunch. The hot sweaty calf feels like iron to touch. Must be very strong.

He immediately came down the ladder. As i was standing very close his thigh brushed agaist my face. As it was quite sweaty it streaked my face with sweat. Gaam was quite concerned and wanted to wipe my face. I laughed and said its ok. He looked at me in a strange way. We sat in the kitchen and had lunch together. I feel he is now quite comfortable with me. Doesn't stammer that much. When i asked him to have a shower before leaving he agreed readily. Asked him to use the visitors bathroom

07/05: Gaam was not there when i got back around 12.

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