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The family circle is finally complete.

Nothing amiss. I changed the password, anyway. Same with the checking, savings, and vacation accounts. I asked for drastically reduced credit limits on the four credit cards and informed the credit card companies that they would be cancelled on May 24th, the last day of school. I also requested that a new account be set up in my name only. I didn't cancel them immediately for fear she would discover that I knew her plans. I would come up with some logical reason if she discovered the lowered limits on the cards.

Then I took a shower and went to bed. I don't know what time she got home.

The next day at work, she called me.

"You must have had a hard day yesterday. You were asleep when I got home."

"It was a day unlike any I have ever had." I responded.

She didn't ask if that was good or bad she just said. "I'm going to Mom's after work and might be home late."


That night was a repeat of the night before.

On Wednesday I met Tony for our usual pizza and beer and I brought him up to date.

"Goddamn, Slick." That about said it all.

When I got home she came to me, wearing nothing but her house robe, put her hands on my chest and asked. "Wanna fuck?"

"Nah." I said and sat in my usual chair in the living room and turned on the TV. When I looked up, she was gone.

I had a quiet evening and she was asleep when I went to bed.

She was gone when I got up and I was asleep when she got home. By Friday, I had pretty well convinced myself that our marriage was over.

I didn't see her at all over the weekend. I did spend time with Tony and asked him to keep his eyes and ears open at work. Rosa, of course, knew he was my best friend so would be careful what she said around him; but maybe someone she might talk to wouldn't be so careful.

On Monday, after they had left for work, I went back to Rosa's house. Candy's new computer was now set up in Rosa's office. I opened it and it, too, had no password. I loaded the software Julie Leigh had given me then went to my office.

On Tuesday morning, Tony called to tell me that Rosa had called in sick and was taking a couple of days off. Right after he called, Candy sent me a message. She told me that her mother was sick and that she would be spending a couple of days at her house taking care of her.

On Thursday morning, Julie Leigh came in to my office and closed the door.

She handed me a single printed sheet.

"This is an email I printed from the computer you installed that software on. They're from Monday. Apparently that was the day you installed it."

It was email between Candy and Joseph Brunel, a math teacher at her school. I had met him twice. He was young and looked like a teenager.

From Candy. "I missed you at school today."

His response. "Yeah, I had a dental appointment. I thought I mentioned it."

"If you did, I forgot. Thank you for yesterday. I enjoyed it."

"You're most welcome. I enjoyed it as well. Can we do it again?"

"Probably; if my husband keeps acting the way he has been."

"Any chance he knows your plans."

"No way. He's just being an ass."

"Speaking of ass ..."

"LOL. I thought you might bring that up."

"Why not? I like your ass."


"Okay. I love your ass."

"You better buster. Or you'll never see it again."

"See it? I want to fuck it again."

"Didn't you get enough yesterday?"

"What do you think?"

"I think you're going to miss me."

"Yes, I am. I envy those Frenchmen."

"They're not French. They're Belgian."

"I'm still envious, whoever they are."

"For a guy who hasn't had much sex, you do pretty well and shouldn't envy anybody. You'll keep getting better."

"I've always been shy ... and now my mentor is moving away."

"Don't worry. There'll plenty of others. Oops. Gotta go. Bye."


I put the sheet on my desk. "Why am I not surprised?"

"Did you know?"

"No. And I get the impression that this is the first time ... at least with him." At first I hadn't been sure what she meant by spreading her wings, but apparently, at least in part, it meant she wanted to fuck other men. "Was there anything else there?"

"Not real

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