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Winners and losers.

"Are you taking any medication or allergic to any known drugs?" "No."

"Have you had any problems with erectile dysfunction in the past?"


The doctor started to prepare a needle. He had Jeff lean over while he poked him in the buttocks with it. He repeated with two more shots.

"Please stand on the scale for me and we'll get your weight Mr. Hopkins."

Jeff weighed one hundred and sixty pounds. He waited while the doctor wrote it down.

"Just sit back down on the table for me again."

The doctor handed Jeff two small jars. "I want you to give me a urine sample in one and I will need you to ejaculate into the other for me."

Jeff looked at the doctor a little surprised. The doctor was writing on the pad again than looked up at Jeff and said.

"I need you get ejaculate as quickly as possible. I have you a relaxant that might make it difficult for you to obtain an erection soon."

Jeff looked nervous as the doctor walked toward the door.

"I'm going to check up on Katie right now while you work on those samples for me."

Jeff watched as the doctor left the room. He started to play with his cock. He stroked it slowly. He began fantasizing so he would make himself cum faster. It took him several minutes until he finally made himself cum.

He put that jar on a counter and started to pee in the other jar. He sat back down and waited. The doctor entered the room a few minutes later. He handed Jeff a hospital gown.

"Put this on until they fit you for your uniforms."

Jeff slipped on the gown as the doctor opened the door and smiled. He shook Jeff's hand.

"You can go and see Paula now. I'll be doing a follow up in three days to see how you're coming along."

Katie was standing in the corner of the room being attended by Paula and another black woman. Kat had changed. She was wearing high heels, black stockings that were attached to a stain blue garter belt.

Paula turned and smiled at Jeff. "I'll be with you in a moment. Just take a seat while I work with Katie."

Jeff took a seat as he was told and watched as the women worked with his wife. As far as he was concerned she was still his wife. They were trying on a bra now. Jeff watched as the women smiled and made comments.

It was a half cup bra that only held up Katie's large boobs. Katie was well endowed. She had nice wide hips with a full round ass and long tapering legs. Jeff thought she resembled a pinup girl in that outfit.

The women were adjusting the bra and pushing on Katie's boobs until it fit nice and snug. Katie's log amber colored hair cascaded down over her shoulders. Paula walked over to Jeff smiling.

"I called one of our attendants to come and get you Mr. Hopkins. We'll be working on Katie for a while so maybe you should take a few moments and say goodbye to her before he arrives."

Jeff looked a little surprised. "When will I be able to see my wife again?"

Paula smiled as Jeff walked toward Katie. "We'll make arrangements for you two to have time together."

Katie reached out to hug her husband as Jeff kissed her cheek. Her heels must have been five or six inches long. She was taller than him wearing them. He gave her a passionate kiss as the door opened.

"Bobby is here to take you to your dorm now."

Jeff turned and saw a bald guy waiting near the doorway for him.

"I'll see you a little later honey."

Katie smiled as she gave Jeff another kiss. "I love you!"

"I love you too."

Paula walked toward the door with Jeff. "Bobby here will explain all our rules and show you around. You're probably hungry as well so he'll make sure you eat a hearty lunch."

Bobby extended his arm out to shake Jeff's hand. "It's a real pleasure to meet you Jeff."

Jeff smiled at the man. "I'm pleased to meet you as well."

Paula put her hand on Bobby's shoulder. "Make sure you explain all the rules to Jeff. Get him fitted with his wardrobe. Make sure he has all his personal hygiene needs."

Jeff turned back one more time and looked at Katie but she had her back turned as the other woman worked on her clothing.

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