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When the slippery stuff started to get sticky, I decided I'd better quit before he went over. He told me that I was getting very good at teasing him and keeping him close to coming. He warned me, though, that if I let him go just the tiniest bit too far, there was no turning back. Once he started to come, he had to continue until he was finished. I've got a lot more to learn about him, but I've never studied anything that was so much fun. I think I'd better quit, before I accidentally make him come. I have other plans for Herman, and they don't include him coming in my mouth. At least not right now.

I held Herman's tip in my mouth and milked him, and I got the inside of my mouth nicely coated with a mixture of slippery and sticky stuff. John slid back down into the tub, and he kissed me before I even had a chance to wipe off my gooey lips. He didn't seem to mind. We washed and played with each other until I started to get cold, then I got dried and my nipples kissed, just the way I had learned to like it.

I went to my bathroom to put on my robe and apply some Vaseline to my pussy. I wanted Miss Kitty to be ready for whatever 'punishment' big, warm Herman wanted to give her. We had been making love so much that I was always just a little bit raw, right at my entrance. When we were out in public that little irritation kept me reminded of what we had been doing and what we would soon be doing again. I liked that. I think I'm going to be a little sore for as long as John and I are together. I hope so. The Vaseline seemed to sooth the raw places and keep me ready to do it again without getting any sorer. I brushed my hair into shape, put little dabs of White Shoulders behind my ears, and went to join my lover in bed.

John wasn't in bed, though. He was out in the living room or whatever you call it in a hotel. He was sitting on the couch, sipping Grand Marnier, and flipping through the channels on the TV. I joined him on the couch and got a nice kiss. I was pleased to find that he had brushed his teeth, and I couldn't taste beer on him anymore. As he channel surfed, it looked like the usual stuff.

He quickly passed through a channel that looked like it was showing naked people, and I asked him to go back to it. He laughed and said it was pornography, and I was too young. I said I was old enough to do it, so I thought I was old enough to watch it. Besides, I'd seen that porno VCR tape of Dad's.

He found the porno channel, and ........ well, what they showed on there made the porno video of Dad's that I'd sneaked a peek at seem pretty tame. There was no attempt to make any kind of story, it was just a bunch of short segments showing different people having sex in different ways. I was absolutely fascinated.

As we watched, I wanted John and me to be doing the same things, but I also didn't want to miss anything. I would ask John a question, and as soon as he answered, I would have another one. He seemed to think most of my questions were kind of funny, but he didn't ridicule my ignorance. He had told me the difference between ignorance and stupidity and that I was definitely not stupid. I was very serious about my questions.

D: Is this on regular TV, or is it just in San Francisco? We sure don't get this stuff at home.
J: No (laughing). San Francisco's very liberal, but I don't think this sort of thing would be broadcast even here. They have something like this in some big hotels, but you have to ask for it. I didn't ask, so I guess they forgot to turn it off after the last guest in this room. I'm sure it's a closed circuit thing with video tapes, shown only in the hotel. I've never seen real hard-core porn like this in a hotel, though. It must be something new. I still think you're too young to be watching this stuff.

D: Hah! You won't think I'm too young when I get you to bed. Was there really someone there with a video camera there taking those pictures?
J: From the looks of it, there was more than one.

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